This part of the Netherlands known as the highlight of Europe. If you try to list everything that is known world-Holland, surprised to discover that on a relatively small plot of land raised an incredible amount of natural, historical and architectural curiosities, each in its own interest. Lest you think that this is a publicity stunt, here's a dry statement of facts: only in Amsterdam has more than four sites, but this is not the only city in the Netherlands, worthy of your attention. Add to this the lack of need for long air travel, the best in Europe, the airport "Schiphol" ease visa and hospitality of the locals - and get a perfect place for trip.

Based on the best-known attractions, Lewis Carroll could write about the inhabitants of the Netherlands this: go to the people of Holland wooden shoes, ride bikes, decorated with tulips, looking at the world through the holes in the cheese, and stroked the wings of the wind windmills.

North Venice

Amsterdam - a place of worship of advanced youth, romance and lovers of architectural masterpieces. This town, with its narrow cobbled streets and most unusual creations of architects of different epochs, tried to copy itself in the construction of Peter the Great in St. Petersburg. And this city, rugged romantic canals of the 17th century, without false modesty, can be called the Venice of the North.

There sublimely romantic mood will give you not handsome gondoliers, and decorated with flowers from around the world on the barge canal Singel. This makeshift floating market exists in Amsterdam since 1862. And if you need a Red Flower - this is the place where there is a chance to find it. The price of living works of art will be pleasantly surprised: a bouquet of 50 tulips, due to which the Netherlands is known the world as a country of colors, costs about five euros.

Oriental shipyard - the kingdom of Bohemia. Every third resident here or artist or writer. Cozy cafes, art galleries and the incredible architectural constructions are combined with award-winning restaurants. On the quay-speed yacht abundantly diluted the old boat. Only here on the background of houses decorated with fresh flowers on the water pretentious luxury yacht is clearly losing this artless and natural beauty.

Lovers of museums and exhibitions area channels as will appeal. Here you can see a lot of things that can not be found in any other city in the world. For example, the street has a museum Leydzestraat instruments of torture, and one of the buildings along the Herengracht canal - Theatre Museum with a large collection of costumes and photos of famous actors and divas.

One who prefers to study the monuments of architecture, a long time not let the streets of Amsterdam, where at each step there is something to see. Stroll around the Leidseplein, where you will see the majestic building of the City Theatre "Stadsshhouburg", but rather a US hotel, whose facade looks more luxurious than the interior rooms. And be sure to visit the heart of Amsterdam, to admire the Royal Palace, where to this day are the coronation.

In Amsterdam, there is one very special attraction: Tuschinski. The opening of the theater took place in 1921, it features an architectural mix of styles of "art deco" and the Amsterdam School. The theater is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. On the main stage at different times were celebrities such as Edith Piaf, Josephine Baker and Marlene Dietrich.

 Holland attractions

The Kingdom of Flora

Almost all of the attractions of Holland are somehow connected with flowers. That Keykenhov park that is situated close to Amsterdam, it could become home to the goddess Flora, covet it choose residence mortal earth. Such beauty does not exist anywhere, it can be asserted with absolute certainty. Keukenhof Park, founded in 1949 - not only the most photographed place on the planet, but also the most visited in the Netherlands. Eight weeks of the year, it is a vivid picture of flowers. 32 hectares of the living canvas. Most importantly, every new season in the park is dedicated to an event. And this means flower, and pictures every year is different. Just imagine that this beauty is never repeated!

Not only famous for flowers Keykenhov but statues and sculptures of famous artists of different eras. Along the alleys of the statue exhibited Vermeer Koning, chervil, Bruning and even the Russian sculptor Alexander Taratynova. Here, in the "Garden of Nature", visitors can feel in harmony with nature, in a "historical garden" to move to the Middle Ages, in the "Music" to hear the music, colored with a rainbow of colors. And the children can stroll through the maze of floral and even pull a harmless flower lion whiskers.

On seven winds

Netherlands - homeland of windmills. No wonder they have become one of its symbols. Rank in Holland Don Quixote, it is unlikely that there would be a desire to compete with so many "giants." Most of the employees of "winged" facilities located in the Historic Area in the open Zaanze Schans, near Amsterdam. The buildings are beautifully narrate about life in the Netherlands during the period from the 17th to the 18th century. Residential buildings, shipyards, craft shops, where manufactured the famous wooden shoes - Klomp, and most importantly - the mill. Take a look at them and attracts tourists from different countries.

De Gekroonde Poelenburg - one of the few surviving, windmills, which processed wood without the use of electricity, a wind force. De Kat - mill for mineral processing. It can not only see the outside, but also to get acquainted with the internal device. De Huisman - mustard mill, De Zoeker and De Bonte Hen - oil, de Hadel - drainage, it was used to maintain the water level in the nearest pond. Netherlands - the only place in the world where such a concentrated number of windmills.

Outside Zaanze Schans there are several mills with a very "talking" names. The grim death, Stork, Hero of Joshua, and of course, the world's only surviving paper mill - teacher. For centuries, this mill produces the best paper in the world. By the way, the American Declaration of Independence was written on paper manufactured at the mill teacher.

But the largest concentration of mills became the town of Kinderdijk. They are exactly nineteen. And they are all included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Not only that, most of Kinderdijk windmills, as they are also the oldest in the world. Unfortunately, all the mills are of interest for tourists, and had long been used for its intended purpose. But judging by age, "old lady" and worked his deserved retirement.

 flower exhibition in Holland

Tale written by colors

The annual exhibition of flowers in Holland (Blumenkorso hits) - the most anticipated event. It takes it to the end of April, during the flowering tulips. Parade procession from Noordwijk to Haarlem to the delight of locals and tourists who choose to travel it is time to admire the most spectacular flower show. Millions of roses, tulips, hyacinths and other flowers become designers and florists in bright sculptures on special platforms that will drive the forty kilometers.

Some tourists come to the town in advance Sasenheym where collect these incredibly beautiful, but are short-lived and fragile sculptures, to hand in creating compositions. Collect sculpture of flowers - quite a complex work that requires concentration. Moreover, such a composition that lives a couple of days, and we need to do everything. So, the volunteers help in this matter is appreciated.

After sculpture collected platform hit the road. Throughout the route runs along the edges of the crowd lining the audience ecstatic sighs and applause greeting every song. Reaching the Haarlem platform with flowers set in the central square. Festival continues until the evening of the next day, when a parade of colors solemnly closes with fireworks, music and fun.

All of Holland, like colored carpet strewn with tulips. Blumenkorso - not the only exhibition of flowers, which can be reached. Flower shows are rolled across the Netherlands, from Haarlem to The Fox. Exchange tulips can be visited in Almere and Hillegolme. And if you prefer to admire the tulips in the wild, here you are free to travel all over Holland from edge to edge - it's all paved with a beautiful carpet of tulips.

"The country of tulips" Holland, enigmatic and mysterious, becomes clearer and closer if to go and discover the history of that quiet whisper of water canals in Amsterdam, the wings of windmills on the outskirts of Rotterdam, Kinderdijk and melodic tinkling of cups Deltfskogo blue faience.

 The most striking sights of Holland

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