Similan Islands

Thailand ... Can you think of a place more fit for year-round recreation? Hardly. And it will confirm any tourist who has visited at least once in the country of eternal summer. Green forests, rich fauna, mild climate, abundant attractions, exciting nightlife, shopping, spa and discreet service. There are too vague, you might say, and will require evidence. After all, the same thing every day talking about thousands of other resorts. Well! It is necessary to say the three magic words, and even if you've never been to Thailand, for you it will be a weighty argument: Pattaya, Phuket and Similan Islands.

Chasing the dream

About the Temple of Truth at Pattaya and nightclubs of the island it said and written so that it is easier to remain silent than to repeat once again superlatives that succinctly and truthfully characterize the level of comfort, relaxation, which you get to the beaches and resorts of Pattaya. About Phuket and stammering is not necessary. Every woman dreams once in my life to visit the spa capsules, get a full range of exotic massage and the world famous mysterious treatments that can restore youth and beauty. And this is not an advertising slogan, but the truth is the very last resort.

About beauty and solitude white beaches not even mention the need. It's no wonder Thailand - or rather its part of the island, chosen for the honeymoon couple. Where else can you feel the most real Adam and Eve, walk around the gardens of Eden, if not here? And one more important detail, which makes Thailand a place of rest, thus appealing to women of all ages - shopping. Convenience and varied. From exotic souvenirs and ending with the latest collections of designers of world renown. After all these transfers it becomes clear that Thailand has all the qualities to become a haven for holiday-maker.

Not for everyone, you might say, meaning fans of secluded relaxation, and as an example to introduce saturation beaches. Yet, no one is clear to you that Thailand - a dream of tourist, and therefore of no privacy and speech can not be. All long been studied by visitors. Wherever you step into, benefits and achievements of civilization and shouting about themselves, untouched nature can only dream of. Though run to the edge of the world to open yet another America for himself. And once again you are wrong. Thailand and are able to surprise you.

 Similan Islands

Every whim for your money

No wonder they say that Thailand - a place where the tourism business put on stream. And every whim satisfied tourists here, one has only to voice their desires. You will be able to see this, if you choose holidays on the peninsula of Phuket. Place, I should say, is not the most lonely, but very beautiful. But that's not why you come to Thailand. You want to stay, if not Eve, at least Robinson of our time. And you will have the opportunity, we just need to go on an excursion to the Similan Islands, which are located on the border between Thailand and Burma.

However, to enroll in the two-day trip would have long before the beginning of the season. And he is at the Similan Islands is not round. From November to May, eleven islands are inaccessible to tourists. Huge waves make the trip excursion boat not only impossible, but also dangerous. So, the remaining time is painted on the clock. And if you do not take care of pre-recording, you will lose a lot. About the beauty of the Similan Islands archipelago can write stories. What actually did Jacques Cousteau, has chosen almost virgin underwater world of Thailand's National Reserve to explore.

 Thailand Similan Islands

Similan Islands: a journey into the wild

So, take a tent rental, diving equipment, if that's why you go to the National Park, and speedboat go away from comfort of hotel rooms in the treasury of wildlife and fount of true values, at the Similan Islands. Just two hours by motorboat from the peninsula of Phuket is a place where relaxation turns into a real adventure on a deserted island. And these words, no exaggeration. Of the eleven, only two granite islands are inhabited temporarily. It temporarily. They are not to disturb the ecosystem of the island, built a few bungalows, where you can dine and take a shower. But no tourists and rangers of the reserve. That's all. You'll have to spend the night in a tent. After all, that's exactly why you're here?

You will not for a moment regret the choice. Eucalyptus trees make the air in the islands wonderfully clean and fresh. You will be able to try the fruits of the breadfruit tree, rattan. The melodious rattle of bamboo groves able to plunge into a state of prostration, even Buddhist monks, and the unusual traveler realizes that the sounds of nature - the best music for tortured hearing noises of civilization.

The fact that there is some other world at the Similan Islands instantly forget. If you cross the invisible line and find yourself in the midst of wild nature. Here, fish and animals are not afraid of man, and the beach is possible and necessary to wander barefoot without fear of stepping on garbage. And make all undressed, this is the internal law of the reserve. This pristine paradise! Palm forests, jungles and a host of monkeys, flying foxes and flying squirrels. By the way, a valuable piece of advice: if you have a light sleep, no harm will grab birushi, because otherwise the volume of sounds impossible to subtract wildlife.

Nicobar pigeons, which are found only here, fearlessly roam the beach. Hairy crabs excavation, holding claws hidden in the grass beside the paths. And rats also rightful indigenous inhabitants of these islands, they should not be afraid, because they - the pristine ecosystem of the island.

Walking through the forests and jungles and monitoring of wild gray monkeys - not all that is worth to go to these islands. This fairy tale is hidden from you water column. So wear a suit and scuba gear - and forward, to conquer the coral forests and familiarity with underwater fauna Similan reserve!

 Similan Islands Thailand

The best diving on the planet

Underwater World, varied terrain, and the bottom of the crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea have made this place a paradise not only for nature lovers and those who prefer a spartan rest, but also the sweetest dream of divers from all over the world. Otherwise, it could not be. As soon plunged into the water, you find yourself in another dimension, a different world, beautiful and fascinating. A world where there are no human laws, and where you can observe the natural course of life.

Medusa continuous cloud hangs in the water, doing their intricate dance of death for the neighborhood fish and crab detail. A couple of barracuda, do not fear you, recklessly driven the fish and coral grotto moray periodically shown to capture the next meal. Cuttlefish funny sometimes move back and allow yourself to stroke. Although, if you make a sudden movement, then charge ink in the face - or rather, in a mask is provided to you.

And, of course, huge sea turtles. These clumsy on land creatures with an enviable grace swim in the clear water. You can pat them on the carapace-grip or ride in an embrace. As a last resort, to arrange a competition for high-speed diving. But do not forget to look around and be as cautious as wildlife around you, and all kinds of surprises are possible, which are capable of a few spoil your vacation.

Similan Islands in underwater caves eaten. If you are a long time diving, you can make a short trip through the underwater caves. Fortunately, visibility is excellent and additional lighting is required. And coral reefs and underwater caves - a haven huge number of anemones and sponges. They multi-colored spots dot the bottom, and the tentacles disappear, then are dismissed as fantastic flowers. Here you can remove one of the most colorful films that can be proudly displayed to friends and which will remind you of an exciting journey in an almost parallel world.

 where the Similan Islands

Stonehenge Thai

The Similan Reserve you can see something resembling English Stonehenge. However, unlike man-made attractions of Europe, these black boulders of natural origin. At the time, the eruption of their emissions on the surface of the island, now they're black shadow hanging over the white sand beaches. If desired, they can even crawl. However, this is best done in the shoe. If the white sand beaches is almost not heated, the huge boulders, as if to compensate for the cool sand, warm up as the pan. So grab away your shoes, without the need to walk alone on the beach. Please note under each clump as props stacked sticks and twigs. According to local legend, the stone backing, you help keep him from falling, and hence he can count on.

Nine-hour flight separates you from the real paradise on earth. If you decide to visit Thailand, do not miss the opportunity to go to the Similan Islands. On the ground, there are not many places where a person can become a part of nature. No conqueror and conqueror, and polite, curious and welcome.

 Similan Islands: a journey into the wild