Carnivals of the world

The time when any conditionality lose their power, when the holiday is felt in the air, when the rules are somewhat small, but the heart of the world beats in the same rhythm with the hearts of millions of people - this time carnivals. In these days of the week and dull grayness of everyday life are prohibited by law. Yes, and how you can think of something, if your heart echoes the rhythms of samba, the blood in the veins of crackling explosions of firecrackers in unison, and dazzled by bright colors similar to works of art masks and costumes! And everything that you've ever dreamed of thinking about this holiday, a holiday without borders, becomes real. I want to plunge into the world of carnivals all at once, in this riot of colors and sounds, a few days to become part of merriment, one with the people of different countries, are now rejoicing in the same as you, with the immediacy of the child.

It so happened that almost all carnivals are held in the same time in the last week before Lent. Change the date of implementation, depending on the timing of the Passover, but the heart beat faster of the planet begins in one day. Here involuntarily come to mind the idea that our planet is alive. And it is from her desires and well-being depends on the behavior of entire nations. Otherwise, how to explain this simultaneity of events and the following posts. And as we would like to go everywhere: in Venice the most romantic carnival in Spain for the most unusual, and in Havana at the enchanting holiday. Let's say that today you have the opportunity - to visit different parts of the vast globe once. You are ready? Then forward to the carnival!

Crossing carnivals in Europe

Discreet and thrifty Germans and against carnivals to be smart. It was in Germany passed the longest carnival. It lasts for three months. However, the main festive processions are held in the last week before Lent - tradition is tradition. But small presentation and bright colorful parades rolled across Germany long before the main event. In the streets of Düsseldorf at the weekend crowds of bizarrely dressed musicians, street performers, ready to share with all citizens a good mood. But this is only the preparation for the main characters. And for him have to go to Cologne.

Usually reserved burghers dress up in colorful costumes, face paint, painting faces on them or hiding faces behind masks in dirty Thursday. On this day, everything falls on its head. Women in the day all you can. They choose the most revealing outfits and cut ties to all oncoming men. And no one dares to object to them. Such a local matriarch for one day. There are no rules of decency, Domostroy away, a woman in this day get whatever they want.

A Clean Monday cobbled streets of Cologne converted into Piazza del Polo Sambadrome in one bottle. Masks, fireworks, stunning costumes and confetti. Hot rhythms of the samba in Europe and frank cool costumes consisting of sequins and feathers. The mix of European romanticism and Brazilian passion. How else to explain the fact that in this day adultery - not a cause for scandal and divorce? Just the fact that the Germans turned the carnival head.

Then comes the Ash Wednesday when the carnival participants adorn the forehead with ashes and stuffed redemptive sins are released. After all, like other nations, burning effigies of carnival has a redemptive character. And ash mark everyone who atoned for our sins, and with a clear conscience can be fast.

 the best carnivals of the world

Carnival with a French accent

Even the best carnivals of the world can not compete in this aristocrat of breeding among the carnivals. Carnival in Nice, beautiful pearl French Riviera, has a long history and a truly royal lineage. In 1294 the Duke of Anjou (and you remember that he was the brother of the King of France), came to rest, he decided to brighten up your stay in the province of colorful balls and masquerades. And the streets of Nice, like a fire swept celebrations and festive processions with fireworks. As always, the carnival has erased all boundaries and differences, blending into the crowd celebrating the aristocrats and common people. Princes of the blood and took to the streets, forgetting about etiquette, eating is not the noble cheeses, washed down with a simple meal sour cheap wine, flirted with a commoner and danced folk dances.

However, the tradition of the presence at the celebration of the king and his entourage, even the king of Carnival, survived. Every year it is chosen from among the celebrities of France. And as every year, the feast has its own theme, and the kings of each year titled differently. That His Majesty the King of the dance, his Majesty the King of the kitchen, his Majesty the King of laughter. Giant puppets, costumes and carts decorated with flowers, procession through the streets of the city. It is worth noting that at this carnival costumes created with true French sophistication and style. A beautiful girl on a flower chariot appeared in the form of fabulous flower fairies, who present bouquets of flowers celebrating crowds. Or rather, they throw flowers. It's like the most beautiful and sophisticated battle in the world.

The most generous Carnival

Gourmet Spaniards seem, judging them on their carnival. Not only is the main character of "face" of the carnival - sardines, so also at the carnival organized competitions, who have the most delicious tortillas. And not only Spanish sausage and wine, seafood became an integral part of this holiday. After all, to participate in the carnival allowed only their best representatives. But not only this famous carnival in Spain.

Imagine a sultry beauty, temperament and openness to feelings and emotions of the people, and you can get a distant view of what is happening on the streets of Spain during the carnival. Here everything is mixed: men in women's dresses, women in men's clothes. Funeral procession, following the sham of Sardinia. In the role of inconsolable mourners, of course, disguised as a man. Behind them in the procession of monks are mummers, all participants of the carnival poured memorial cups to sardine resting in peace. Completing the costume procession of people in pigs, which by tradition should feed and sing them a lullaby. All of this is sure to bring the house participants in the carnival abundance and happiness. But the most important and colorful show satisfied with the professional troupe of actors.

And much of the Spanish dance can talk endlessly. While they talk about themselves, and not only about themselves. Here and there in the squares of cities in the Paso Doble rhythm, flamenco and fandango are told the whole story of life. Dance bullfights, romantic love stories and tragic stories of forbidden passion.

Who is where, and we are in Tenerife

You can imagine what a holiday can be combined with first-class holiday? Or stand with one foot in Spain and the second in Brazil? If not, then you urgently to the Canary Islands. Or rather, in the Canary carnival, which incorporates the tradition of the Spanish carnival and carnival in Rio de Janeiro. More precisely, here, as in Spain, it decided to bury the sardine, but his passion for dance steps, costumes and unbridled joy - a true Brazilian.

Canary carnival the most peaceful, so to speak. No competition, no, even comic, battle scenes and no spectators. Full democracy. It does not matter whether you are a native of, if you have a suit or a colorful mask. If you are in the days of carnival in Tenerife, you - part of it. Fighting only confetti. And dance, surrendering to the mercy of the hot music and the warm sun. In the days of Carnival it seems that every time have forgotten how to walk and talk in words. Just dance steps become the universal language of the people. And most importantly in this language that it becomes the same family, both for locals and for the many guests from around the world.

Not all cat Venice

About Venice carnival has not yet laziest. But in Italy these days takes another, equally colorful carnival. And if the Venetian Carnival is probably the most romantic, the carnival in Putinyato rightly bears the name of the longest in Italy. He held up a little German, only a month. And continues from Christmas to Lent. And this carnival is associated with the Knights of Malta.

Back in 1394 the Knights of Malta was transferred to the city of the relics of St. Stephen, who became the patron saint of Putinyato. Today, the holiday begins with the transfer of the ball to the king symbolic candle. This kind of asking for forgiveness for the sins and excesses of the future, who can afford to participants of the carnival. And at a time of indulgence, as in the last days before Lent poprazdnovat need of the soul.

This carnival in Italy is somewhat revolutionary. Most of the figures at the carnival represent local or world politics, so that the figure can easily understand the political predilections and preferences in the country. And the poems and songs at times very tough ridiculed government policy. Read them in the local dialect right from festively decorated platforms. Peculiar days of full transparency.

In the last days of the carnival procession in comic robes of priests released to everyone sins. However, do not be surprised if you make them the scapegoat dance half-naked or portray chicken. This is a joke. Here, too, it was not without its comic funeral. Just bury at the end of the Master of the Carnival holiday. But his widow receives condolences; Of course, if convincingly portrays the universal "mountain."

 the most famous carnivals of the world

Carnival with Russian roots?

Where only did not have time to celebrate our compatriots! Here and in the history of Mardi Gras in New Orleans "heritage." Originally a holiday like everyone like him, had a purely religious nature. And there is a Russian and not heard. All grandly and nobly. Celebrated currently planters week before Lent, even slaves Creole was given permission to discreetly and quietly celebrate dissipated week. Of course, temperamental Creoles brought to this festival their pagan dances, so at the behest of ecclesiastical authority Carnival was banned.

But it is not so simple. It must be remembered that America began to settle adventurers, pirates and convicts, and with them not to be trifled. In whatever clothing they are not dressed, whatever the titles for a modest fee is not overgrown, but freedom-loving character and exuberant temperament so simply is not going away. And the authorities, gritting his teeth, pressure had to return to the carnival to the masses. But before the holiday I was given a plaque of some nobility and royalty. Here in the history of our people there.

In 1872, Ball was appointed honorary king of Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich, and the colors of Mardi Gras in New Orleans become colors of the Imperial House of Romanov. This circumstance is related small scandal in the imperial family. King ball Aleksei Romanov, and did not, because he received an urgent message from the emperor what buffoonery casts a shadow on the house of Romanov. But the guest of honor to him to be allowed, which means that a semblance of belonging to a member of the royal family could be considered a carnival held.

Even such a small part of royalty in the Mardi Gras carnival has left its mark on and give it a true Russian breadth and boldness. First, walk on a holiday month and a half, and secondly, there is used instead of confetti candies, dried fruit, toys and small gifts. Wasteful, compared with the modest paper roundels. And thanks for the confetti is made in Russian, stripped to the waist, regardless of gender. Makes you, of course, no one will, but it would be nice tradition and observe.

Argentine tango

Argentine carnival will be enjoyed by both adults and children. For the first here the mass of colorful carnival processions and dances, and for the second - the most delicious Argentine ice cream and a special children's procession fabulous and cartoon characters. So if you're going to the carnival in Argentina, you can take with you and the family. However, the evening carnivals and chief hits - catcher, not a child warm.

Argentina whole lives to the rhythm of Latin American dances. The graceful dancers and dancers, sequins, feathers, and with nothing comparable passion. It seems that Carnival is designed for those couples that are looking for opportunities to add spice to their relationship. Sparkling festive celebrations, catching dance moves are forced to take off the general emotional background, blending the crowd of participants and guests. Here it does not matter to be able to dance, the main thing - to be able to feel the rhythm, given the holiday, the fun, pick up the mood of the crowd, forget for a moment the dance on the scope and boundaries. Here it is, the true Argentine carnival! Boiling blood. What is striking in this carnival the most is the lack of a certain artificiality and affectedness. Not a single false note. The smooth operation carnival people can join the crowd of guests, and to adjust to the rhythm, to give the PA is not worse than professionals.

During the week, the world lives in rhythm raznoyazyky and discordant tunes. Streets of cities, where the most famous carnivals of the world, whether in turn the fair, whether in the scenery come to life to pompous or deliberately simple performance. People forget their differences and everyday worries. Which do you prefer: the passion and unbridled joy, romance and mystery, and perhaps even the refinement of entertainment? In the world of a variety of carnival, you just have to choose the one that is right for you, take part in it, and let your heart beat to the rhythm of a festive single planet.

 The most famous carnivals of the world: a life in the rhythm of holiday