Sights of Mexico

Apparently, the same Demiurge that shuffled his feet in the Mediterranean and gave us Sardinia, decided to continue and, without looking, began to sprinkle the ground benefits from its cornucopia. But, whether his hands trembled Demiurge, or whether he was tired from the labors, but it so happened that he had dropped his cornucopia of North America, and so they left him lying there. Horn he was probably not the only one, and laid down it is very beautiful. So he decided to finish with the decoration of the land and see what all happens.

This story is hardly proven historical fact .  But she explains the abundance of World Records, with which Mexico is known .  Then you and the most populous city in the world Mexico City, and the world's largest pyramid of Quetzalcoatl, and the strangest ancient deities with the longest and the most difficult to pronounce the names, and even the thickest tree - and it is growing in Mexico .  By the way, if you look at a country with a bird's-eye view, it really looks like a horn! And if you start counting the attractions of Mexico - natural, cultural, architectural, esoteric - fall away the last doubts in Divine Providence .  Only from bounty soul could bestow so small, in fact, the area of ​​land .  And if you have a desire to feel like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones, make a couple of discoveries for himself, and combine all this with the ability to have a good rest - Welcome to Mexico!

The mixing of cultures

You can, of course, once again name the capital of Mexico mired in the teeth of the phrase - open-air museum. Or embark on a lengthy discourse on the influence of Spanish culture in the architecture of Mexico, but we'd like to in your journey you avoid common template views on Mexico and Mexicans. And try to see what can not be seen on the surface: the harmony with which the intricately intertwined various cultures. This applies both to the architectural monuments of Mexico, and the local residents themselves. Most of the Mexican population - mestizos. It is impossible to imagine that a centuries-old Spanish expansion has not had its influence on the culture of the country. But, surprisingly, in art, poetry, literature, shows the influence of centuries-old traditions of indigenous people who inhabited the land in those days, when the Spaniards still had not thought of conquering the ocean space.

By the way, founded Mexico City is not the Spaniards and the Aztecs in the 12th century. According to legend, the sun god Huitzilopochtli had commanded their children to live in these lands and founded the city of Tenochtitlan. In his notes first conquistadors appeared in the city with admiration described the majestic city. They called it the Venice of the Aztec. But as we know from history, the simple delight Spaniards were not limited. Soon Aztec city fell to the Spaniard army, and at the site of Tenochtitlan was founded Mexico City.

Unfortunately, the history of the conquest does not end there. Too lure was Mexico, it did not try to bend under him the first France and then the United States. But the spirit of the rebellious Indians could not put up with it, and as a result, Mexico became independent. While many cultural treasures were destroyed. But it is not lost forever. They germinate in architectural masterpieces, festivals and music.

For example. In Mexico City, is the area of ​​the Three Cultures, where at the base are the remains of ancient buildings from the time of the Aztec civilization. Above them stands the Catholic cathedral, and surrounding this controversial composition modern skyscrapers. Or Constitution Square, where to this day the ancient Tenochtitlan were built adjacent to the Cathedral. Feast of the Dead in Mexico - a combination of the Christian traditions of All Souls and ritual dances of North American Indians. If the European culture to remember the dead made with a touch of sadness in Mexico that day feast.

Treasury of Mexican Art

One of the main attractions of the capital of Mexico is the National Museum of Anthropology. So many enigmatic artifacts relating to the pre-Columbian era, can not boast of no museum in the world. Altar stones with an incredible amount of obscure characters, jade skull (not crystal, it is not necessary to believe Hollywood movies), the Mayan calendar, which predicts the coming end of the world in December 2012. And, of course, figures of the Aztec gods. If the language of their names rolled into a tube, then certainly the images may enter into a state of mild shock. Imagine Quetzalcoatl - the feathered serpent, and now try to mentally portray the appearance of the feathered reptile. The most real miracle in the feathers. And these gods in a pantheon of Aztec mythology. So you will have to be surprised, looking at the anthropological museum exhibits.

 Mexico attractions

Quiet hunting giants

For tourists from all over the world Mexico - attractions, one way or another connected with the mysteries of ancient civilizations. Masterpieces of architecture related to a particular school of architecture, we can see without going to another continent. But the pyramids and cities of the Aztecs, Mayas and those unknown artists that have left their gigantic city long before the Indians began to build their temples outlandish deities - unique. So, go on the hunt for secrets.

The pyramids of Teotihuacan

Do not freeze in admiration, realizing his own insignificance, looking at the Pyramid of the Moon and the Sun, just as hard as to utter the names of the Aztec gods. And with a broad "road dead" breathtaking. This road leads like a straight man in the background of the solar disk on the horizon. A little imagination, and a wide channel the dead road is filled with water, before the mind's eye appears shining the way in which the Aztecs sent their dead in the best of all possible worlds.

Stairs Teotihuacan clearly hinted that the pyramid was built not for people. How else can one explain the fact that the lifting of this ladder to get up on all fours and crawl, overcoming the distance in human growth. It would be interesting to look at the people who walked these stairs without difficulty. And then the scientists are talking about acceleration? Yes we are, in comparison with the ancient tsivilizatsiy- trifle!

And one more feature. It turns out that all the pyramids of Teotihuacan are located as well as the three stars in the constellation of Orion's belt. So, you find yourself at the same time between two mysteries: Aztec pyramid mysterious and alluring space. And it gets interesting, as not having telescopes, people were able to repeat the pattern of the constellation?

battle of gods

Pyramid of Cholula, unfortunately, is a prime example of mindless vandalism Spaniards. Moreover, vandalism, with the permission of Church authorities. This is an example of the battle of the gods through the foolish fanatics. The fact is that the pyramid of Cholula - the largest in the world. Its design resembles our nested dolls. Originally the pyramid was much smaller, but the Indians loved to build the new without destroying the old, and over time has turned out a layer cake of the pyramids. Layer all three, but it did not detract from their dignity. The walls of each pyramid ornaments bedecked with great care and love.

Apparently, it is not haunted Catholic priests who decided to fire and sword to drive the Indians into the bosom of his church. And because Cholula pyramid filled with clay, after looting, and built a church on top. Even modern Indians, long ago became Catholics, called the church on top of Cholula crown of thorns. A pyramid - a martyr.

Chichen Itza - Red Square Mexican

To visit Mexico without seeing Chichen Itza - almost the same as that to come to Moscow and did not walk on the Red Square. This city is not even built the Aztecs and Toltecs. An unfamiliar name, is not it? But it is considered the first Toltec tribes inhabiting the territory of Mexico. They even managed to found an empire. Scientists are still struggling with the mysteries of this civilization. Need confirmation?

Here they are. Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl. Standing at the foot of the pyramid may seem that the width of all levels both at the bottom and at the top is the same. However, this is an optical illusion. Steps are made so that you are looking at them, they lost all sense of perspective. And you can return it, but climbed up the steps to the very top of the pyramid of the feathered serpent.

And one more detail. During the equinox the shadow of the pyramid slowly slipping down the steps. As a real snake. And disappears in exactly three hours and twenty two minutes. In the shadow of the disappeared can even synchronize the clock. Now think what amount of knowledge had to have the Toltecs to the nearest minute and centimeter calculate all? Centuries pass by, but not for a moment lingers the shadow of the pyramid, flowing down the stairs.

Bird Island - the down-feather and Aztecs

Cultural attractions of Mexico - is not just a stone idols, or pyramid, but also the people themselves. To verify this, you should go to the bird island - Mekskaltitan. Legends, explains the name of the island, so many that they possess real weight, an island just would have gone under water and would be the second Atlantis. But, fortunately, you've come here not only for legends. So, let us rather accept the simplest explanation that the island is named bird because of the abundance of herons on it. By the way, they are on the island is really very much. Beautiful graceful birds roam the island, not being confused by the presence of people. Become accustomed.

But do herons Mekskaltitan attracts tourists. And do not even Aztec structures. They are there simply does not. And the fact that the island is home to the Aztecs themselves. On Mekskaltitane no single machine or an asphalt road. Police here, too, there is nothing. A minimum of creature comforts and a maximum of life of the indigenous Aztec. No frills. Almost no secrets. But here you can look at traditional festivals. So you will not see them anywhere else. Island birds can be called voluntary reservation. Like locals deliberately dissociated ourselves from the world, to save their own legends, traditions and customs.

 cultural attractions of Mexico

There is no limit to perfection

Abundance on Mexico woke up not only architectural monuments and mysteries, but also the beauty of nature that is no exaggeration to call the attractions of Mexico. After all the races of the pyramids would be nice and relaxing. Especially as the Caribbean coast provides all conditions for this.

Resort Acapulco, Manzanillo and Cancun are known worldwide. White beaches, plenty of entertainment for the fans to relax in a big way. But the unique and Mexico, that no matter where you choose to relax, as a nice addition to the usual set of services, you are sure to get a couple of attractions since ancient civilizations.

The attraction of unprecedented waterfalls

Those who came to Mexico for the beauty of its natural parks, will certainly have to go to the park waterfalls Basachechi. Sam Falls, gave its name to the neighborhood, it rushes down from a height of 246 meters in a deep canyon. The roar of the waterfall drowns out any sound. Unrestrained element of water, rainbow, sparkling at the bottom of the canyon, fascinating and always admired. By the way, if I can see where the rainbow begins, try to find the treasure.

Falls Reserve Huasteca Potosina will conquer you with its color. Just imagine, it varies from transparent to milky azure blue. And look at all the waterfalls can be, floating on the present Indian canoe. Tired of the noise and cutting eye predatory perfection indomitable water falls from different heights, you can go to the waterfall of Minas Viejas. Someone will say: Well, again, waterfall. Nothing like this! No aggression, slowly flowing streams of water over the rocks do not cause the primitive fear of the elements and bring peace. The main thing is you admire waterfalls, not proshlyapil his hat. All around the jungle crown giant trees inhabited by monkeys, spiders. And they are the people curious and pushy. And the love of fashionable headgear is not alien to them.

Cenote - mysterious wells with a transparent ice water. As a result, they appeared difficult to answer. But the Mayans believed bathing in these wells almost sacred ritual. And you can not only swim, but also diving with an aqualung. All the more so since, according to the underwater tunnel you can reach hidden caves. Some of them can be studied only by swimming. That is, from the outside in such a cave is no input. This is where you entertain your instinct pioneer! Especially in these caves is something to see and take pictures for amateur film.

Describe the sights of Mexico can be long. But best of all, of course, to see their own. Even if only to learn how to drink tequila, wearing sombreros and salsa dancing. Although, frankly, Mexico is not just a country. It is a way of life. And, despite the apparent availability of its mysteries and secrets, it will always be for you a mysterious, incomprehensible and attractive.

 Mexico - the sights and secrets of ancient civilizations