what to bring from China

Imagine that you were asked to derive a formula for the perfect holiday, woman. Without specifying age, financial solvency, and areas of interest. Compile components that can make a vacation memorable modern woman. Take the beginning of the most obvious: the sea or ocean coast with sandy beaches and clear azure waters. Add a rich history and attractions, it is desirable teeming mysteries and secrets. Priplyusuem to this spa-treatments and multiply on shopping. Here it is - the standard! And amazingly this exactly corresponds to the standard Celestial!

Every province in China is able to satisfy your cultural hunger, even the most demanding lovers of historical treasures. Hainan Island is called the Chinese Hawaii. And in answer to the question, what to bring from China as the production is very quiet and not shopping hunting can no palter answer - EVERYTHING! Starting from straw mats and ending with a sable coat. Slowly moving from province to province, you will see that it is China - a place perfect holiday.

7:00 to dream

That's how long it takes to get from Moscow to Beijing, a city with centuries of history and modern appearance. Architectural monuments, skyscrapers and shopping. It can be described as Beijing. It is quite possible to do two things simultaneously: to enjoy the monumental works - the Great Wall of China - and to think that you can bring from China as a souvenir for his beloved girlfriend. Fortunately, the souvenirs in the form of dragons and traditional straw hats are sold here at every step.

Dreaming of exclusive souvenirs? Then you are on the street Wangfujing Dajie. 820 meters dreams and lovers of antiquarian antiquity. It is the oldest (it more than 700 years) and the most crowded shopping street in Beijing. Content showcases vintage shops - figurines of jade (stone emperor), unique handmade jewelry jewelers old school and old tomes and scrolls - will make you forget everything. The main thing - do not get confused and choose which souvenirs to bring from China, so that they constantly remind you of moments spent in China.

From Armani to Cavalli

But do not think that you have to spend all the money on souvenirs. It is difficult to call, and shopping. Do you want to plunge into the luxury boutiques and fine fragrances? Then go to Qianmen. 570 years of history and architecture of the building era of the Qing, but as a harmonious look in the windows of the architectural masterpieces of the work of Parisian couture! The latest collection of famous fashion houses. As if at the same time you're standing with one foot in the past, and the other - in the present. And do not think that everything is fake. All the best quality and suitable for the high prices. However, clothes and copies of famous brands too, can buy here. And if your wallet is not able to withstand the raid boutiques, keep in mind that you can bring copies of costumes from China Prada - very high quality and at an affordable price.

From architectural gems to the pearl necklace

Right in front of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing is the famous Pearl Market Hongqiao. Even Margaret Thatcher once stepped out of the multi-tiered roof of the temple to the stalls of jewelry shops. Everyone knows that girl's best friend - diamonds and pearls are complemented them. White, pink, blue, black, pear-shaped, round. Eyes run up, but credit cards are served meaningless signals SOS. None of the signal does not keep a woman from buying pearl necklace or bracelet with jade and pink pearls. Nowhere else you will not find these prices on pearls. And if you appreciate the unique beauty of the depths of these children, this is the place where you realize that you can bring back from China as an exquisite decoration and a souvenir in a "face."

One can endlessly talk about the shopping streets of Beijing, each of which is worthy of attention as an architectural and historical relic, as well as a place where women of all ages expect a dizzying shopping. But the idea of ​​China would not be complete without a visit to the Chinese Hawaii.

 What to bring souvenirs from China

Save to health ...

The Chinese say that "spit on the past can only be a barbarian," and falling on the skeleton of Hainan to understand the truth and depth of this statement. You see with your own eyes, the Chinese carefully honor their own history and traditions, without disrupting the harmony habitat mindless race for achievements of modern technology. The beaches, first-class hotels, shopping malls and traditional Chinese medicine. So you can in a few words to describe the Chinese Hawaii. And certainly need to come here just for the latter. If you are traveling and think that you can bring back from China - bring a little bit of health. Especially if you have problems with the musculoskeletal system. There is a chance to forget about them forever. A couple of weeks of traditional acupuncture or herbal medicine and you are healthy.

Library of aromas

Yes, do not be surprised, there are libraries. Only here you'll find locked in a bottle the smell of rain, the scent of a rose petal with dew or odor svezhestrugannogo tree. If you find that you can bring back from China, it does not have to be something material, but only the impressions of historical and architectural masterpieces not enough for you, then go to Shenyang. In the library of fragrances. More than 800 different and equally unusual flavors will leave an indelible mark in the memory. And maybe you'll find my grandmother's fragrance brand buns, which she regaled you for breakfast. And not only find, but also to buy locked in a bottle childhood memory.

Drink Emperors

Another resort city of China - Shandzhou. Relax with a capital letter. But not only attracts leisure travelers. Plantations of fine Chinese green tea. All that can be brought from China - pearls, silver, jade - pales before the aroma and taste of the tea. Not in vain before a small box with tea leaves was considered a gift, worthy rulers of the world. This fact has been used successfully by the Chinese ambassadors. Indeed, in the Russian tea I got it as a gift to Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich. And the tradition of a family tea party in our country, too, comes from China. If you decide for yourself that you can bring it from China green tea, try to get into a tea house in Shandzhou. There you can choose as many varieties of green tea, so you can drink every day a new and never again for a month.

 that can be brought from China

Shopping - the city of Shanghai

Shanghai, a unique city rich in history, in its originality and a desire to create a paradise for shoppers ahead of the rest. Not only that, in the Shanghai three big market where you can buy anything and everything, so also it is here that the city is a shopping - shopping malls, where all conditions for endless shopping. By the way, this is where you can buy real Chinese silk, without which a list of what you can bring back from China, will be incomplete.

This hand-painted, silk can be purchased at a ridiculous price. Do you have a desire to buy clothing from silk? Rush to the shops on the street Nanjing Road. National clothes, modern models of silk, hand-painted, even on your patterned fabrics, silk carpets. Have time to count the growing expense and make sure that you have enough money to get to the hotel. The main thing - to stop in time; and it is very difficult, given the ability to persuade, finishing and polished to perfection at all sellers in Shanghai.

In Harbin for a fur coat

And, perhaps, the most desirable answer to a question that can be brought from China to any woman would be - a fur coat. Moreover, the market in Harbin can be purchased as a brief-style avtoledi coat and long, floor-fur dream. There can and should be traded, choosing exactly what suits you for price and quality. It is difficult to resist the shimmering in the sun fur: fox, sable or mink. And when you consider that depending on the length of the product, its price varies from 35 to 70 thousand, if not the impression that you are in paradise. But do not fall for the hype and try without any fuss to choose a quality worthy of your beauty thing.

Discover China as a place perfect holiday of a modern woman. Soak up its history, its beauty, its unique flavor. And he will reveal his arms, gently take you prisoner, never to let go. And maybe then, thinking to bring from China, you ask to wrap your statue of the snub-nosed lions, black and white panda, three halls for audiences of the Emperor of China, the mountain "Elephant drinking water", Jade Buddha Temple, the Cave of the reed flute and Flower Pagoda . All this is to tie a bow of yellow water of the Yellow River and flowers decorate the Garden of orchids, to keep the memory of the China with which it is impossible to leave, and that is the real world the eternal values. However, you also do on arrival album of photographs of all these miracles and friends will rejoice stories with illustrations.

 A paradise for shopaholics, or that can be brought from China