What to give for February 23


  • The best gift - made with their own hands
  • Gifts for February 23 for couch potatoes
  • Gift "for himself and for him"
  • Gift for men businessman
  • Gift sportsman or traveler
  • Gift February 23, young and modern guy
  • Gift on February 23 to a friend
  • A gift for a true gentleman
  • Packaging and presentation of gifts should be beautiful

The end of winter is around the corner, will soon come spring, and with it - and our beloved festival, March 8. Day, when men give gifts and surround us with their care and love. But ... Stop! During this time, when the last month of winter still lyutuet its frosts, we are waiting for a serious test - male festival on 23 February. And how we can prepare for the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland, will largely depend on the progress of our men back. It should be in no matter what was to prove to the man, he fervently and sincerely love. So give February 23 close, a loved one?

Of course, you can not be original - nice sets with shaving foam and shower gels as always crowded store shelves in anticipation of the holiday. And, contrary to popular belief, men do not mind these gifts. Just because it used to them and do not expect us to do new and original. It may not be very happy and did not squeal with happiness when giving gifts, but calmly react to a present once and put it on the shelf in the bathroom next to the battery exactly the same tubes and gizmos that we gave him last year. So maybe it's time to think about how to please his beloved is really valuable, unusual and pleasant gift?

What is often presented? Surveys say that 43% of women presented as a gift to representatives of the stronger sex perfumes, 23% - clothes and various accessories, and 11% - electronics or appliances. Before the holiday still have some time to think, but we must hurry to estimate, ask the price and decide what to give the man on February 23 - this mother, loved, loved one. Let your loved one will receive a gift that will give the opportunity to feel the approach of spring and summer joyful emotions, mixed with enthusiastic views of beautiful women, fresh aromas of the newly awakened nature. After all, if our families well, then we definitely will be good.

The best gift - made with their own hands

All the girls firmly believe (and vain) that the best gifts on February 23 - the ones that are created with their own hands. And it does not matter whether it is a piece of borscht or knitted sweater, the main thing - that it was from the heart. And, of course, the uniqueness of original gifts for February 23 with nothing to compare, because they are always invested part of the soul of the one who spent so much time and effort on your creation.

If you needlewoman and you do not "little" something to sew or tie for your loved one, here are a few interesting ideas on the note. In the nomination among the surprises from the category of "Do It Yourself" today beats the idea of ​​creating his own hands cute hats Budenovka designed for hiking in the bath or sauna. The second place among of gifts made by his own hand, took a stylish and warm knitted sweater or vest. Another good option - the color of the scarf, or, conversely, in contrast jacket. This pleasant trifle perfectly complement your wardrobe favorite.

But what if you are not friends with the child or with knitting needles or a needle and thread? Do not worry, you can make for your beloved something original .  Let us assume that the inability to do needlework in your case perfectly replaced mastery of a hammer and nails .  Oddly enough, but the phenomenon is fairly common: today many housewives can easily operate the male housework .  So, try to make the faithful for your small wooden box .  Inside put as many pairs of new socks, all you like, decorate your Present inscription "second sock always available" or something like that .  So you decide to stroke one of the main problems of men - find a normal pair of socks in the morning .  Well, I think, how can a man refuse such luck: not jumping all morning in the apartment on one leg and not to seek "the damn second sock?" Because the box with a year's supply of socks are always at hand .  Agree that such a gift and helpful and quite funny .

If hammered with nails and you do not want to hear anything, and nothing heavier than a computer mouse in their hands did not hold, then his delicate hands, you will find it easy to use. We will tell you a great idea of ​​what to give your loved ones on February 23 without leaving your computer monitor. Try to create a video with his pictures, funny video, and apply to all this beauty cheerful music. Add captions, notifying how deeply and tenderly love your beloved. Believe me, this gift will be appreciated by your chosen appreciated, because it will show that you have invested a lot of soul and effort into this work.

 that give a man for February 23

Gifts for February 23 for couch potatoes

In the section called "Everything for Home" or "Home Gifts for February 23," the very first violin can be a fun and funny slippers "for the favorite leg" or comfortable, soft and at the same time trendy and modern bathrobe. In these things your man will feel the care and warmth, always remember how much you love him. Another stylish gift from the series - a shirt or T-shirt with your photo. Such a subtle hint that you are always there, all you can see and know everything. Now your choice certainly never forget that you are in his life. These things make the photo studio, where, incidentally, may be up to you to add also an inscription with the words love.

Another great gift for the couch potato - a book of his favorite writer. If you managed to get an autograph of the author, is to bring happiness to a close and loved one for a long, long time. It will consider the inscription enthusiastic and brag about it to your friends. But such a gift without an autograph not bad: you can sit quiet winter night with a favorite book in his hands! If you read it firmly once, you can make him happy series of audiobooks favorite author. The main thing - make sure that the text was well read by a professional, or listening pleasure he gets.

Gift "for himself and for him"

What to give the man on February 23 when he - an incurable romantic? Many guys are just happy to be invited to dinner at a chic restaurant. How often do they call us in cute cafes and restaurants just in order to please their attention! So why not answer them this courtesy February 23? Do not forget to book a table in advance and make sure that the institution offers exactly the cuisine that prefers your favorites. After dinner, a holiday does not have to end with a home, in a cozy environment you may well make him happy passionate striptease and the fulfillment of all his erotic fantasies. Gift on February 23 narrowed remember your long time!

In addition, you can give him a rather piquant and unusual surprise: sexy underwear men's underwear. You can choose anything from the usual high-quality knitwear, and you can fork and funny thong from a sex shop. That's just give up the idea to give beautifully packaged lingerie, and then threw her arms around him, shouting: "This is all for you, my dear! ". Many men of this "right" gift can be regarded as customary disrespect.

But it is not alone erotica man alive, you can please yourself and loved very different way. What to give to her husband on February 23 when he was in the shower - a real adventurer? Give him and yourself ... adventure! If your favorite long dreamed of a ride on a hot air balloon or a parachute jump, in this day, you may well be able to present him a gift. Believe me, this idea of ​​it will come to a complete delight. You may want to join in and experience the thrill of jumping from a height, and can just shoot his heroic exploits on camera. Just do not forget to take into account the health status of their Blessed: if that heart problems, such a gift may not be his most enjoyable in life.

There are specific firms animators who specialize in organizing all sorts of adventures: you can together go in search of the treasure, or to become heroes of some romantic tale. You can invite them to your own ideas, or use any suggestions. Just try to make your adventure does not turn into a regular lottery - men do not really like when they take for a ride, especially in the celebration.

Gift for men businessman

Sometimes it is difficult to find a gift for a holiday the man who is seriously engaged in business. Just because he had "already has everything." What to give to her husband on February 23 if he is able to buy whatever he wants to surprise his extraordinary Prezent is difficult? But do not worry, sometimes the simplest ideas are the most faithful and win-win. The main thing in the present for such a man - show that you are a worthy companion of life, which is to emphasize the status of the power of the elect.

If your lover has been in business, the gift must surely be a prestigious and solid, that is, the same as he did. Business people often give card holders, cigarette cases, wallets and various branded stationery. I do not want to give the same as that of his colleagues? Then discard the idea and gave his beloved businessman in an expensive shirt that day. Excess she will not be exact, and given his preference, which is better than you, no one knows what is best for gift ideas male February 23, you will not find. Also, an additional tie, which is always stylish and men's fashion accessories, it never hurts to business men.

Gift sportsman or traveler

First prize in this section referred to as "For the active lifestyle," definitely get sportswear. It can be branded fashion sneakers or tracksuit. If your man likes to sweat in the gym, then entertain his new pair of white T-shirts - a priceless gift for any macho. A great gift would be an extension of the subscription to a fitness club, where does your beloved. If you can afford the luxury, the gratitude in the eyes of the elect is guaranteed!

Amateur travel will be happy to gift in the form of a backpack, as admirers of active recreation can be presented down mittens or leather shoes. In the arsenal of "free cowboy" will never be more than a spare and spectacular fashion leather belt with a beautiful titanium buckle or a stylish cowboy hat. It all depends on the preferences of men and of your violent fantasies.

 what to give the man on February 23

Gift February 23, young and modern guy

If you are painfully wondering what to give your loved ones on February 23, then carefully read on - we will throw you a couple of interesting ideas. Cheerful and active party-goers can buy a gift on February 23 some stylish thing to emphasize its image. Here the choice depends on factors such as social circle and activities of the young man. If he is closely following the fashion, then you can please his favorite brand of designer clothes. Such a thing he would always carry with pleasure and remember you every time she wears.

Today's young people are carefully watching the various technical innovations. You can give him a new phone model, the e-book or glasses to watch movies in 3d-quality. Just watch that so carefully consider your boyfriend in a shop window or characteristics of any e-news is constantly studying. Of course, such gifts are not cheap, but you'll know exactly what your offering is not lying around on the far shelf of your beloved with different stuff. In addition, you will emphasize that interested in new technologies that will enhance your status in his eyes even more.

Gift on February 23 to a friend

Sometimes we've been thinking about what to give to a friend for February 23. I would like to present was important and interesting, and at the same time not too personal. After all, you are not loving couple, just friends. For such a case it is best to make a gift, starting from his hobby. And it's not only an avid collector, as a hobby are quite different. Someone "is turned" on a fishing trip, someone - a violent sports fan, well and someone cherishes his car more than all the women of the world. It is important to note the passion of his friend and draw appropriate conclusions.

Let's say your friend - an avid fisherman. If you know nothing about fishing - it does not matter, you can give something that is useful for any fan to sit with a fishing rod. For example, a new set of spinners or flashlight for night fishing. For a sports fan, you can get a T-shirt with the name and number of a favorite player, or to purchase tickets to attend matches of the season. Motorists will be incredibly time massage chair on the seat and a pencil from scratch on the car. In short, the options - weight. The main thing - carefully watch his friend and understand what his hobbies.

A gift for a true gentleman

The older a man becomes, the more irksome to the classics of his style in accessories and clothing. For example, such a man hours particularly appreciate leather strap and easy dial. Absolutely nothing superfluous, things just have to be good quality and meet the taste and personal preference. Watch the best buy in the audited stores, or plucked a fake. And as this year is very fashionable gray color, pay attention to the garments in which it is represented in all its shades and variations. White is also in vogue, though it is never banal. And even if he has enough white trousers only one exit, then delight the fair half of mankind, he charmed, it compensates for all the costs of dry cleaning with a vengeance. Therefore pants or other things white - Gifts for February 23 original, for this gentleman.

 what to give to her husband on February 23

Packaging and presentation of gifts should be beautiful

Gift Packaging, too, is an important point, because we do original gifts for February 23. You can turn it "pear" in a transparent wrapping paper, and it is better to pack an unusual gift in paper, with fabric strips. Usually wrap gifts for men contains no frills and bows, it has a clear and neat shape. Handing it must, of course, beautiful, with warm words, congratulations, histories of choice. For example, tell your dear about what you love and appreciate, what qualities of character inspire you to commit deeds for the sake of love.

Invite your friends in common and go to the theater, to the restaurant, and most of the evening just dedicate yourself and loved ones. Do everything to make the holiday memorable for a long time your man special attitude to it, not just gifts. Then you can be sure that the rest of the year he did not get tired to be surprised and to admire such a wonderful and intelligent woman who always gives him a holiday. Make this holiday more often, not just once a year!

And most importantly - the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, you should look at 100% good to impress his beloved. It is actually the most desirable and best gift for every man can become only she - his beloved woman. Neither leather belt or the latest model of the smartphone will not replace your love and warmth. Give yourself, then you will not go wrong with the choice!

 Gifts for February 23: The original idea

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