how to celebrate Valentine's Day


  • Tradition, omens and superstitions of Valentine's Day
  • Modern Valentine holiday ideas
  • A romantic dinner on Valentine's Day
  • Office version of Valentine's Day

All lovers are waiting for Valentine's Day. It is clear that for the manifestation of sincere feelings special reason is required. But if it is - Valentine's Day, why not mention it? Once again I say about his love, to show affection, confirm feelings. Yes, and just spend the day not as the rest of the secular holidays. How to celebrate Valentine, so it was a special and memorable? Holiday for two.

Tradition, omens and superstitions of Valentine's Day

This winter festival traces its history back to Roman times. When by decree of Emperor Claudius II was banned to enter into new marriages. But the imperial edict to the human heart? Is it possible to ban love?

People continued to fall in love in spite of all decrees. The young priest Valentin took the liberty to marry crossed lovers. Alas, it was the price to pay for freedom and the life of Valentine. The penalty for the secret wedding priest was imprisoned and sentenced to death. Overseer to learn that the disgraced priest also involved doctoring, asked him to cure his blind daughter, Julia. Valentine and Julia love each other, but they could not be together. On the eve of the execution, February 13, the priest wrote his lover a letter and signed it "Your Valentine." Julia was able to read the message only after the execution of Valentine on February 14. And that day became a symbol of the all-conquering love, Valentine's Day.

Naturally, all the traditions and signs of Valentine's Day related to the search of its second half with a romantic relationship with a marriage proposal. All of them, as the holiday came to us from Europe. Something stuck, something altered, something triggers a smile.

Here is one of the oldest beliefs. The first man who met an unmarried girl in the day, it becomes Valentin (he wants it or not). Another common belief that St. Valentine comes down to earth and tells the names of the constriction. Therefore, young people wondered the name of her lover, pulling the leaves from the cup with the names. Or this sign. If February 14 will see the girl in the sky robin, then her husband would be a sailor if a sparrow - that she be the wife of a poor man, and if the goldfinch - destiny to marry rich.

It was believed that Valentine's Day, any woman can easily make an offer to the man. He has the right to refuse and agree. But if he does not accept the proposal, it is obliged to give in gratitude lady silk dress.

If the proposal makes the man, then he should give her a piece of clothing. The assent woman receives a gift. That's how it is interesting, in the first case, the lady received or husband, or a dress. And the second - all or nothing.

Of course, such practices today nobody observes. But in our time there was a tradition to appoint to the day of the wedding, engagement and wedding. And if not so solemn and important events, it really romantic dinner, a walk, a little trip or noisy party necessary. How exactly mention Valentine's Day, everyone decides for himself. Today, this is more than enough opportunities.

 how to celebrate Valentine's Day

Modern Valentine holiday ideas

The easiest option - it is a romantic dinner in a cafe or restaurant. Tasty, warm, not burdensome. But, alas, is not original.

If you want something unusual? Arrange the photo shoot for two. Surely the day will take place bright and emotionally. Yes, and a romantic picture in the memory will remain.

And why not celebrate this holiday trek to the beauty salon? And also together. Change image: color hair, a haircut, a piercing or tattoo. Of course, the idea for the most daring. But why not? Try - bring together such experiments.

Surely not leave you indifferent, and spent the evening at the rink, or horseback riding, or tobogganing. Beauty can be replaced with a spa treatment or a sauna, restaurant and water park. In the end, you can apply to holiday agency. They will have plenty of ideas that will seem interesting and original.

But even in our crazy time nobody canceled the prevailing traditions of this holiday. And most traditional was and still is a dinner for two (home and candlelight).

A romantic dinner on Valentine's Day

This dinner does not have to be reduced to the banal "drink, a snack and ... (you know)." Waves situation, which is located to the affection, trust and candor can be completely set up at home. How? That suggests that the decorator Lisa Échevannes, Côte-d'Or.

For table use roses and candles. You can put in the middle of the table with a vase of roses. Can pink buds or petals to put a glass of water. The table is also decorate the candles. You can arrange a lot of different candles in candlesticks. You can place candles on a large platter, covered with decorative stones. Gift intended for the beloved can also decorate a rose and a ribbon.

To lay the table, it is desirable in the traditional colors - red, white and black. For example, the use of black and white plates with red napkins or towels with traditional symbols: cupids, hearts and roses. You can spread out on the table cut from red paper hearts. A special marker on the plate, you can write love letters.

Romantic dinner menu should be fruit and chocolate. The dishes prepared for such a table it is necessary to add aphrodisiacs (love energy generators). The most accessible of them - pomegranate, pineapple, vanilla, cinnamon, coriander. For example, the recipe for a simple dessert with aphrodisiacs. Bananas, cut lengthwise into two halves, pour honey, sprinkle with cinnamon and nuts.

In short, use all opportunities for this romantic holiday. And not just at home. If you and your sweetheart to work together, you start Valentine's Day right in the office.

 how to celebrate Valentine's Day in the office

Office version of Valentine's Day

How to celebrate Valentine's in the office? Create a festive atmosphere, using the symbols of the holiday. Decorate the workplace (as their own, and it). On the computer screen, set the theme screensaver or wallpaper. Suppose that there is not only a beautiful picture, but the greeting text, poetry, love confession.

The table also can be decorated with images of angels or a couple in love. Or your joint photo or valentine or flowers or balloons. Send an e-mail or voice beautiful card congratulation. Leave on the table made a gift or a treat.

Incidentally, the mark on the St. Valentine's Day has become fashionable, even if no one in someone not in love. The general atmosphere of a romantic holiday to a pleasant conversation and friendly relations.

The offices are held not only corporate gatherings, and fun contests and games. Employees offer to compete in singing songs of love, composing love letters, bouquets and Valentine. And arrange competitions compliments to colleagues and holiday desserts. And, of course, give unpretentious souvenirs and flowers.

This holiday - a good excuse for a declaration of love, if your beloved (and colleague in combination) does not know about your feelings. Believe me, the best case is not found. And even if all of a sudden he does not share your feelings, you can draw in all the festive fun.

So even working on Valentine's Day can be a real holiday and the beginning of a romantic relationship.

And if your passionate relationship has moved into a more comfortable and stable phase? If you have a family and children? Anyway Valentine's Day - it's your holiday! Spend it with your family. House can also arrange a gala dinner, sing karaoke, watch a good movie or play exciting board games. You can walk or take a family outing on a skating rink. Declaration of love to the relatives - spouses, children, parents. Remember that this holiday - Valentine's Day. Everyone!

 How to celebrate Valentine?

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 gift girlfriend birthday


  • Birthday girl practitioner
  • Birthday girl romantic
  • Birthday girl-Extreme
  • The perfect gift: a combination of functionality, beauty and new experiences!

That's the question, is painfully familiar any of us. This is a problem faced by everyone, and not once a year. Sometimes it is a gift itself, with minimal effort on our part, or simply create your own hands. And sometimes forced to undergo kilometers near the shop windows, but did not make the right choice. Gifts for a friend's birthday? How to please her taste, if it is very unusual? We will try in this article to give some tips that may help you easily identify with a gift.

To pleased the birthday gift, try to gently ask her in advance that would be able to give her the most pleasure. Which present was the most memorable in my life? What she never received this much and regret? These probing questions to help you determine what type of birthday is your companion

Some people prefer practical poda.rki, such as a new element of the interior of an apartment or new clothes. Others - funny or souvenirs to put them on the shelf favorite. Still others - will be delighted by a present that will bring new experiences and emotions. Fourth is always pleased that made their own hands because they see in it a bunch of love and effort invested in the show. But how to determine what type of people is a friend? Only on the basis of what you know about it.

You have already conducted exploration? Excellent! Then start

Birthday girl practitioner

If you are coming birthday birthday gift choice practitioners, do not doubt that your direct question, "What do you give? "I will be perceived absolutely normal. Most likely, you will get enough public response to the needs of man. And these requirements will be functional and rational. All the better! You will still be a place for the manifestation of his own imagination when choosing and absolute certainty that the gift would be out of place.

What to give the best friend a birthday, if she loves functionality? It can, for example, to appreciate a comfortable house shoes such as fashion ugg boots made of natural wool. Other options of practical gifts: means for skin care, beautiful bedding set or a set of cutlery. Those things are relevant and useful to any woman, whoever she was.

And if a friend is interested in all sorts of men's "tricks" and is a typical example of a steep business woman? It is likely to remain happy, for example, high-quality leather strap or a portfolio that will remind you every day. Classic gifts for all time are also cognac with a long exposure, expensive perfume, the status cell phone organizer. This friend does not make sense to give the cute little things made with their own hands because they are likely to be perceived as a little dust.

Do you want to be more original? Not a problem - prosherstit market technological innovations in search of a good idea. You'll be surprised how many new and unusual out lately! For example, the robot vacuum cleaner - agree that any woman would be glad to have such a gift, and it will bring enormous benefits in the household.

Gifts adult friend-practice birthday? Any woman will appreciate a new cosmetics or perfumes. Knowing her tastes and preferences, you can easily pick up a set in the perfume and cosmetics stores. Good idea can become a gift certificate for a certain amount of money. So a friend can enjoy not only quality products, but also on the process of its choice.

Of course, almost every woman - the mistress of the house who wants to quickly and cook for her family. So take a look also to the kitchen such trifles, as a device for squeezing pitted cherries, which on the one hand, is not a necessity, but, on the other hand, is much easier life housewife and saves time.

 birthday gift girlfriend

Birthday girl romantic

And if your favorite friend - romantic? It is likely that it will evaluate the original photo frame with their hands decorated specially for her birthday. Or it could be an electronic photo frame, but definitely with prepared for her photographs, as a friend, romance is more important than the meaning, which brings a present than its cost.

Thinking about what to give a friend a birthday note and on both functional and beautiful things. For example, any good hostess will appreciate the original vase for fruits, which is able to decorate the holiday table. Each girl also needs a spacious and at the same time a beautiful casket for jewelry. By the way, you can just as photo frame and decorate it with his own hands - romantic girlfriend loves aesthetically beautiful things, so even with embedded in their soul.

Girlfriend, indifferent to romantic feelings, will appreciate wall paintings, lovingly written by their own hands ... or ... you have selected. Pleasant relaxation after a day will be able to deliver the lamp anti-stress - the bulb, which is filled when the great lot of colorful bubbles, constantly changing its shape. And if your budget allows, you can give a friend a small indoor fountain with a nice flowing and bubbling water.

Another good idea can become a gift certificate to a spa, where professionals will of the birthday girl can offer different services of skin care products: facial and décolleté, foot massage and body, various wraps, saunas, baths, douches, pool and much more. The best part - that's what a friend she will be able to choose those procedures which it considers necessary and useful, but within the gift amount.

And if you want strong, but surprise girlfriend note on gift photo shoot. Or to gift a candlelit dinner in a trendy restaurant, which she can spend with her boyfriend. All of these things, in addition to a certain degree of romance, are also a great surprise for your birthday girl.

Birthday girl-Extreme

Such a person will not exchange vivid emotional shake anything in the world! Knowing about the features of your birthday girl, do not miss it fun to fool around in their own birthday and get a powerful stuffing adrenaline!

What a gift to the girlfriend's birthday in this case will be the best? This name-day is sure to be delighted with the rope in the air of the city, where it will be necessary to show dexterity and ingenuity, choosing for himself a feasible route. Typically, these services are provided with all sorts of sports clubs and associations, athletes in your city.

Although water parks appeared in major cities have long been this kind of gift is still very popular with both children and young people, and older people. What attracts many people here? Spectacular slides, swimming pools, various water attractions, saunas, and, of course, the possibility of a tasty snack after a pleasant exercise. We are confident that your girlfriend will happily receive such a gift.

One of the most popular entertainment in the world for cautious adventurers, who recently appeared on our open spaces - a zorbing. It is a soft ball inflated with the camera for one person inside that rolls at a rate of thirty to forty kilometers per hour from the mountains. The feeling of falling and weightless, as this extreme, the birthday Guaranteed!

And if a friend is not so extreme, but does not recognize the banal things? Idea! Gift subscription to a fitness club! Do not worry, she will not be offended, because he knows that her favorite girlfriend absolutely without any hint wish her good health and cheerful mood.

You want something more serious? Then try to give her friend a flight on a plane or helicopter. Many companies offer not only enjoy the flight itself and the beautiful views but also teach them to manage their own hands, giving a feeling of total control over the aircraft in the air! Believe me, such a gift from a friend-Extreme will simply love it!

What is more unusual gift is possible in such a case? A friend will be satisfied if you choose as a surprise paratrayke extreme flying, hang-gliding or skydiving. From these experiences is simply breathtaking! Not everyone is under force. And the only real daredevils can accept such a gift and get pleasure from it!

To see all the ideas, selecting options on the theme gift for a holiday, you should learn more about the opportunities that exist for extreme rest is in your city. Look around, find out the opinions of experienced people and bring the thrill birthday loved one!

 original gift to a friend for his birthday

The perfect gift: a combination of functionality, beauty and new experiences!

Answering the question of what to give a friend a birthday, regardless of its facial features, look for such gifts, which combine and functionality, and beauty, and new sensations. "Is there such a gift ?! "- You ask. Of course there are!

Thinking about how you can choose a good and inexpensive gift cheerful friend, get the producer of images on T-shirts, for example. Gift-shirt with a picture of a memorable and exciting moment of her life, of course, will please any girl. And if you still managed to make it with their hands, the price she did not!

When choosing an original gift, think about what you can do with your hands. The best ideas do not exist, if your girlfriend is interested in collecting bright or unusual items. But what if you do not know how to do with his hands? Look for simple and straightforward things. It may be a small cross-stitch kits, which are sold in any store goods for needlework. Or a beautiful collage made with their own hands, which displays the most striking moments of your life. Or you colored bottle in technology "decoupage" - these are just some ideas that make an original gift with their own hands can make each person.

Whatever gift you choose and what would be the amount not spent on this, remember that the most important thing that you can give to a person dear to you - this feeling, which is selected and awarded a present. And much more important than what you give, and what the thoughts and wishes to invest the gift. That is why many people are so valued gifts made with their own hands. After all, as the English writer John Peter Walcott, "every gift, even the smallest, it is a great gift if you hand it with love."

 Choose the best gift a friend's birthday!

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