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We all love to give gifts, especially loved ones. But before each occasion arises a serious question: how to please a loved one and teach him something totally amazing? After all, a gift to the beloved to be special, it needs to show how tenderly and gently, we treat him. Therefore, give up the familiar idea of ​​foams, gels and other shaving accessories - these gifts have long been a subject for jokes. Now we talk about how to surprise a loved one and make it memorable, valuable gift.

Choosing a present, should take into account the character of the man she loved. What is suitable for romance, do not always like the person restrained emotions, and vice versa. I'm sure you know all the subtleties and nuances of the character of his men, his secret dreams and desires. Well, to a gift turned out to be a truly valuable and necessary, we offer you a small list of things that will delight the person you love.

If the husband has a hobby

Often we laugh at our little men from the fact that in a respectable, like, the age they have their little weaknesses and hobbies. Someone can not live without fishing, someone just blows the roof of the rare icons and brands. What if it's time to make a gift for the beloved to the celebration, it is the knowledge of his enthusiasm will save you from long and painful reflection. No man in his right mind will not give up a couple of additional attributes of their interests - whether spinners for fishing and a flashlight or a magnifying loupe to scrutiny of brands. The main thing that the gift was made from the heart. So, what to give your favorite?

  • If your man can not imagine my life without fishing, then you may it please the following gifts

    This may be a box of fishing gear, a flashlight for night fishing with fastening to the head, rubber boots, tools for cutting fish, GPS-navigator in the end. In short, everything depends on the breadth of the imagination and your monetary opportunities.

  • What did not collect our men!

    Some people collect stamps, others - old coins, others - edged weapons, and the fourth - already pinwheels of copper or retro phones. In order to bring happiness to a collector, you need not only well versed in the subject of his passion, but also have a certain financial capacity, as rarities are expensive. But if you have kindled a desire to make exactly the kind of man a gift - that is, there is nothing impossible. Please be patient and paper bills in your wallet and go in search of a new exhibit for the collection of a loved one. While on the other hand, it is possible to manage and related accessories, such as a nice stamp or stamp-album box for storage of coins.

  • If your husband is a football fan, just a sin not to take advantage of it and not to please his thematic gift

    Again, it all depends on your financial capabilities - you can buy him a ticket to visit all football matches of the season or just to buy their favorite team's jersey number and name the best player. Perfect chair in the form of a soccer ball and a case of beer into the bargain - it seems such a gift is not just valuable, but still fun.

  • If your man loves adventure tours, then give him the adventure as a gift

    This can be a skydiving or bungee, or ballooning. Moreover, you can combine business with pleasure, why not organize a fun trip for the two of you? We are not talking about expensive ticket to the tropical countries - it is clear, such a pleasure can not afford most of the women, but the climb to the nearby cave or rafting on the river you may well be able to!

The main advantage of such gifts (besides the fact that on them is not necessary to puzzle) - is that the man will appreciate that you are attentive and careful attitude to his inner world. No matter how absurd and stupid it may seem to you his passion - it makes him a gift, pushing it from his passion, and he will adore you even more.

 a gift for the beloved

Gift for romantic men

If your man is able to assess the pleasant things that show how much you love him, then you have plenty of opportunities to make him happy. Try to keep the gift was unusual, beautifully packaged - so you "get into the top ten" and bring happiness to her man. What is so you can come up with? Record:

  • Treat your loved one set of bed linen with a huge print - your joint photos

    So you hint to him that regardless of the circumstances, would spend every night with him. Not bad would be after the presentation of the gift to bring happiness to his night of love, fulfilling all his sexual fantasies on the underwear.

  • Sit for a couple of hours on the Internet and make a stunning selection of music for your favorite

    Download all this wealth to disk and decorate the box with your photo sweet declarations of love. If your man is a music lover, and even romantic - you can be sure he will be happy to hear from you such a gift. In addition, the drive will constantly remind him of you - whether it is listening to music in the car, or relaxing, lying on a couch.

  • Most of our men - are adult children who still enthusiastically looking at a toy store and a radio-controlled helicopter Tanchiki

    If your guy belongs to this category of people - give him a little thing, and fortunately no boundaries. In the end, it may not be a hand to buy himself a toy airplane, flying in all directions from a single button press, but if such a gift to you, it is with a clear conscience will frolic, running around the apartment and chasing modelku from corner to angle.

  • Another romantic gift for men - a gala dinner in a nice restaurant with a "continuation of the banquet" at home, in an intimate atmosphere

    You can please its erotic striptease, his favorite sex game and all those engaged in what he likes in bed. Believe me, such a luxurious gift of dreams almost every man, and your certainly no exception.

Practical gift for men

But what if your man is so practical that we launched only those values ​​that can bring concrete benefits? Such a person is in life not appreciate any kulonchiki with your photos or songs, sounded in his honor at a local radio station. He just is vital, they say, "touch it" thing and make sure that she did come in handy at home or in other situations. So if your man - a seasoned web pragmatist, we offer you the following options for gifts:

  • A man with a practical turn of mind has always closely followed the technical innovations

    He knows exactly what model of e-book came out a few months ago, there were some additional features in the new GPS-navigator and why there is a projector in a mobile phone. If you want to surprise and please a man of such a precious gift, it is necessary fairly to fork out and buy him the thing, whose technical characteristics it is so long and carefully studying. Remember that your holidays are not far off: after such a gift to the man, willy-nilly will have to buy for you something out of the ordinary and necessary expensive.

  • A perfect gift for a practical man - this new appliances in the house

    Here you catch two birds - like, bought him a present, and will use them together. Coffee machine (to him beloved in the morning delicious coffee brew), Steamer (to feed him only wholesome food) juicer (sea vitamins favorite) - is all that will not make your man happy and assured him that you care about him and about his health?

  • If your man is building a career, it does no harm to give him something that will emphasize his status among colleagues

    It may be a luxury, expensive pen, stationery set of precious wood, luxury cufflinks on a tie. This gift not only to his delight, but will be proud of you as clever, shrewd woman who helps him build a career.

  • Most of our men actively uses computers and laptops, and almost every time there with the same problem: not enough space on your hard disk!

    Give him a portable external hard drive, and your man will be happy. Such a gift will not take up much space, it is easy to carry, and most importantly - he is no longer a headache that your computer does not have enough space for work files and new toys!

 Send flowers

Gifts with their own hands

It is not necessary to spend a fortune to please his beloved precious gift. You can make it with your own hands, showing that spent a lot of mental and physical strength for a loved one. He will appreciate your gift and will be proud of it, because you tried just loved it!

  • If you know how to knit or sew a particularly long time to ponder the gift you do not have

    Tie her favorite guy warm sweater or sew new trousers - any husband would be happy in such a new thing. In addition, you can embroider his portrait and paste it into a nice frame - such a gift would be adopted by "cheers" any man.

  • It will be good to give her husband a sweet gift with declarations of love

    This can be a cake you bake and decorate yourself a big heart, and perhaps a collage, laid out candy and other sweets. In order to realize the latter idea, you will need a large sheet of paper on which you are using candy, chocolate bars, and other goodies marmeladok create a picture with a declaration of love.

  • Surprise and delight the eccentricity following gift: Make up for your beloved crossword

    Questions should relate to your relationship. For example: "The place where we met," "In a cafe we ​​had lunch for the first time" and so on. Believe me, your man will not start unpacking a present to the other as long as your not solved a crossword puzzle to the end, and the memory of this unusual gift will remain for a long time.

  • For some people it might seem very romantic next gift: presented beloved .... Globe! There you can write: "You are to me - is the whole world! "And the words" I love you "in all languages ​​of the world. Such a declaration of love to melt the heart of any man and make him even happier.

Whatever gift you did not dare to present to the man - the main thing that it was from the heart. Show that you love and appreciate this man - this is the main component of a successful gift.

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