Ideas for a party


  • How to prepare for party
  • Choose a theme for the party
  • Pajama party: Down formality
  • Black and white party: retro style
  • Party in the Soviet style
  • Bathhouse party: someone will be hot
  • Costume party or masquerade ball
  • African party: hot passion
  • Oriental Party: looking for his Shaykh
  • The city goes to sleep, wakes up the Mafia
  • Party "Find a soul mate"
  • Madhouse: for those who know how to have fun
  • Casino: unlucky at cards, lucky in love

Who among us does not like a party? Every person at least once in your life present in the cheerful company of collecting a bunch of different people. Laughter, noise, noise, cries, scraps of speech, dance until the morning - all this contributes to a very high spirits and filled with positive energy. Of course, you can arrange a noisy drinking bout with or without cause, as they say, "make a holiday for the holiday."

It should be noted that it would be much more interesting if people combine some common themes. Therefore, this article is offered to talk about some ideas for parties can be used for the organization of festive events. Plus, you'll learn how to carry out at home celebration, from which everyone will be delighted.

How to prepare for party

  • Spot

First we need to determine the place of the party. If all will take place at home or at the cottage, it greatly simplifies the preparation process. In the case where it is assumed that the company will hold a large, ask some of them to come in advance. There will be nothing wrong if one of the guests will take a direct part in cooking festive table or home decoration.

Firstly, it is very fun! It turns like a mini party with a discussion of interesting topics, and you can just chat. After all, in our lives, unfortunately, not much time is left for communication with friends. And secondly, it will be fair if each party will assume part of the costs. For example, in Europe today is - a normal practice. However, you can all take over and have a party in the home, if you want to load the effect of surprise.

  • Guest list

The next thing you need to consider - is the one who will be present at the festival. Agree, it makes no sense to invite everybody: and son, and the matchmaker and godmother and brother. If the party will be present, for example, ex-spouses, the scandal is certainly not avoided. Do you want to spoil the evening clarifying someone's relationship. So be sure to make a list of, well thought out every detail, and then send this invitation.

  • Subject

The important role played by the fact what style will be a holiday. Of course, you can just get together, chat and go home. But in this case, and there will be nothing to remember. Party in your pajamas, in the style of the 80s, costume theme party - is unlikely to forget. Plus, video and photos will last a lifetime.

  • Attributes

If you decide to organize a theme night, pay attention and decoration. Decorate the room, courtyard, restaurant hall attributes that would help you to feel the festive spirit. If you do not have free money, you can draw your own posters, cutouts, print pictures.

Choose a theme for the party

So what are the theme parties will have one hundred percent success in modern inhabitants of our planet? It all depends on who you are going to invite. Age, sex, presence of the second half - in this case plays an important role. Agree, solid people (staff and colleagues) is not convenient to portray scantily clad African tribe. Therefore, always take into account such nuances.

 Ideas for parties

Pajama party: Down formality

This is perhaps the most popular method is now excellent leisure facilities. From you in this case, almost no organizational capabilities is needed. The main thing - to invite the most friends and relatives. Guests bring with them pajamas and everything in them dress up. Of course, you can just put them on, even before leaving your home. But then there is a risk that such person will not be able to get to the venue. At best, they zagremit the police, and at worst - even far away. Therefore it is not worth the risk!

So the guests in their pajamas, and now you can do whatever you want! Fooling around, like children playing forfeits, board games such as Monopoly or the Mafia. And you can pay off the lights, light candles and whisper to tell scary stories. It's incredibly fun, try it! We all need to feel again, sometimes small children, who every day is full of new experiences. In addition, these parties are very remove the accumulated stress in adult life.

If guests will be only a girl can make pajama party with elements of mysticism. You will need a deck of cards, a board with letters, a large bowl, and other attributes. All of these things will be useful to you for the "real" divination. It is not necessary to be a witch or a witch, has predicted that all participants happiness, love, success, luck, etc. But the bad this evening all should not even talk.

Black and white party: retro style

The implications of this party is that all the guests are dressed exclusively in black and white colors. Please note: this type of leisure is more appropriate to meet at a club or cafe. It looks very stylish, many stars of show business like to arrange such events. And do not forget to take care of the stand, which must be photographed next to all incoming person.

Incidentally, the tone is selected not only clothes, but also dishes on the table, and flowers, and decoration. All guests for a while forget about the colorful and vibrant world, remaining outside the door, and plunge into a parallel dimension and color without color, where there is only black and white tones. If someone thought to be declared a holiday, not adhering to the dress code, it will have to be sent home. Of course, change. This lady is not necessary to let the room, otherwise the next time it will neglect the rules.

What better clothes to appear at such events? Let us first recall that even some hundred years ago, people had no idea about this TV. Who would have thought that after quite a bit of time on the screen will display color films with 3D effects. Then it was a favorite of black and white film. Invite your guests to wear a suit every kinogeroya those years: Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Vera Cold or Marlene Dietrich. Guests will dance to the sound of tango, foxtrot, twist and jazz! Invited to a party of a professional photographer, so he could capture interesting shots. Your friends will appreciate this evening and it is unlikely it will be forgotten.

Party in the Soviet style

Very useful to organize a party in the style of Soviet symbolism for those who have somehow found the time. To decorate the room ideal red balloons and flags. For entertainment, you can show films of the era, among which are simply masterpieces. You can also organize a competition for the best folk song, to come up with the competition on the following topics: who recalled more revolutionary songs, who knows such and such a date, who was Lenin, etc.

The undoubted advantage of this thematic party is that you will not have to rack their brains over the question of what to entertain guests. Perfect jacket potatoes, sauerkraut, pickles and salad. The dress code is tied at the sleeves or burgundy red ribbon bow on a dress. Men can attach a red bandage on a lapel.

 party ideas

Bathhouse party: someone will be hot

As you have guessed, this party should be organized in the bath or in the sauna. A suitable refreshments will crackers, chips, olives, cheese. In short, you can bring along all that is perfect for beer. It is worth stock up kvass and herbal tea. From clothes - just swimwear and sheets. If the sauna has a swimming pool, then you can make a team play with the ball. And if you have a karaoke bored and do not have to!

The only thing - be sure to ask guests if they have any health problems. Some individuals (pregnant, lactating, suffering from varicose veins, the core) is strictly forbidden to attend such institutions. If any, try to find a sauna or bath, where there is additional entertainment - billiards, chess, checkers, etc.

Costume party or masquerade ball

On such a party it is best to warn friends in advance so they have time to come up and pick out the perfect costume. Ideal is to organize festivities to celebrate the New Year. But if you want to stay Cinderella, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood, you can organize a similar event at your birthday, wedding. By the way, whether or not to have fun need a reason?

Invite as many friends and acquaintances, because the whole affair will be to exactly who is behind the mask. You then will be treated with a laugh photographs of the Bok (boss) is in the arms of Koshchey Immortal (programmer) and Carlson (lawyer) runs for Snow White (accountant).

On such a party must necessarily be leading. By the way, your company's main plant can also take this role. Start the evening with the fact that each will present your character and tells how he came to this party. Then the time comes to food, but then begin a masked ball! Be sure to consider how best costume award-winning, what songs to use as background music.

African party: hot passion

Start by preparing the original invitation to the party. They can make your own by cutting out colored paper footprints of different animals and writing them text messages. Warn about the dress code. Clothing should be bright, with lots of jewelry. Huge beads, wooden bracelets, earrings to his shoulders - all are welcome.

Next it will be necessary to design the interior African style. As you will remember, Africa - very colorful, colorful country, so the more bright accents you make, the better will be your unusual and extraordinary party. Put a tablecloth on the floor with leopard pattern. This will be your makeshift table. Scattered on the floor cushions with animal themes. Turn on the audio CD with the voices of wildlife, light fragrant spicy sticks.

From treats must be present bananas, oranges and other exotic fruits. Appetizing fry meat dish, cook the unusual snacks. You can even make the guests eat with your hands. Hardly anyone would be offended at it! If your home has the usual darts, attach the image of a lion and arrange a competition for the title of best hunter. The winner is the marksman.

Oriental Party: looking for his Shaykh

Have a party in the eastern style simple. Enough to have a home hookah and a CD with suitable music. Girls can wear the tops and wrap scarves around the hips, and men do recommend a turban on his head from a towel. All, of course, have to be barefoot. You can entertain guests pilaf, mantles, oriental sweets and green tea. You can arrange a competition of belly dancing. If guests will be shy, do not embarrass them. After all, you can just sit and talk, slowly smoking a hookah. You will be surprised how much will this soul party!

The city goes to sleep, wakes up the Mafia

Nowadays, almost every second knows that this game - Mafia. Or at least I heard of such. So imagine, men and women, dressed in the style of 30-ies. Girls - in long dresses with bright makeup, a mouthpiece (a thin tube, which was used for smoking cigars), representatives of the stronger sex - in gangster suits with suspenders and gun (toy, of course).

All participants sit at a round table, where nobody knows who is who. Plus there will be one master, who knows everything about everyone (in this case, of course). The principle of the game is quite simple: there are citizens and the mafia. The first bored chaos that's going on in the streets, and they decided to imprison these. But, as always, bad guys do not want to spend his life behind bars, so decide to remove civilians.

Each player gets a card, which will indicate that, whose role in the evening he will perform. Previously on each sheet of paper prescribes a leading position and responsibilities of a hero. For example, citizens are designated red, black - the Mafia. The main one is the commissioner, assigned to the blue or green card (you can draw or buy a ready-made).

This game is divided into two phases: the day and night. The first step - familiarity. Players call their office, of course, bluffing. Then comes the night, during which all need to close your eyes (better use of bandages). There remains only the Mafia, which is a gesture of greeting each other. Then, these participants fall asleep. Wakes Commissioner. This is to ensure that the position of the leading knew all the players.

Then there is the discussion of the day. Speculate, selected by a vote of the Mafia. At night the bad guys inflict a blow. And who has more left is the winner. And if the participants were enthusiastic, will be included in a role, make every effort, something of a theme party everyone will be delighted.

 ideas for theme parties

Party "Find a soul mate"

In the movie "Sex and the City" Charlotte threw a party, to which were invited the couple. And every girl should lead a good, nice guy. The same was true of men. There was one condition - they must be completely blank. Such an option for those who can not find a soul mate. Here you can meet with your prince, who is just looking for a princess tridesyatom kingdom.

To organize such an evening, you will not need to exert much effort. The main thing - to invite completely free from any obligation to the people. In the evening you can make a game "Love at first sight", which will help to get to know you liked the guy. And who knows, maybe he will be the only one with whom you associate their destiny. Plus, thanks to the formation of your party, and other couples.

Madhouse: for those who know how to have fun

If you decide to organize such an unusual outdoor party, all the details will have to take care of you. So, sign the card, which must indicate what role entrusted to your friend: tea, cup, Napoleon, Penguin, etc. Guests should arrive in costumes that fit their role. The main thing here - do not overdo it. Agree, plump woman is not very nice to be portraying the role of Thumbelina.

As for the scenery, then here it is useful all that comes to hand. Toilet paper is used as garlands, upended chairs - beautiful hangers. Instead of seats used mattresses laid out in a semicircle. In the middle of the tablecloth stele on which the food is placed. No normal utensils should not be. All they drink and eat plastic. If a party takes place at home, then even the hostess stand at the sink does not have to. Dirty plates and forks just throw in the garbage disposal.

Casino: unlucky at cards, lucky in love

To organize a party in style casino, you will need the following things: alokshahmaty, checkers, roulette. In this case, the principle is simple games. Who wins, who drank the contents of the glass, which is both a figure. Can not do without such an event card, where they play on the strip, the bottle, which should twist to choose a partner for kisses.

Also, do not forget to organize interesting competitions and events, which need to be involved without exception. And be sure to require of all those present to turn off mobile phones, remove the watch from the room. Everything must be exactly the same as in the real casino.

As for drinks and food, it is all easy. It is enough to arrange a buffet. For visitors to take their favorite dishes, and as much as they can eat. Periodically, do not forget to come to the participants of the party, to pour it into a glass of another batch of wine.

Did you come up with some other party more original and interesting, made in his own style.