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New Year in the minds of people is inherently associated with a certain magic. Pass the century, but nothing changes - all with bated breath awaiting the moment when the arrow on the dial will converge at one point, as if adding up to a mystical code that opens the door to the unknown, but certainly a better tomorrow. In preparation for this holiday, everyone is trying to come up with something special to make a New Year's party in its own flavor, which may become a tradition. I wish that every member of the holiday, whether your family or friends, remember this magical evening.

And you never wondered how to celebrate the New Year in different countries? Then why on the eve of the New Year a little dream and to imagine that you can for a moment to go to every house, where is the clock frozen between past and future, at the highest point of the dial. New Year's Eve may be any miracles!

Bommm !!! The clock strikes midnight in England.

 how to meet the new year

New Year in England

In England, however, as in any other country, more than all the New Year happy children. How else? Children sincerely believe in miracles and Santa Claus. All theaters Albion these days put the submission based on the old English fairy tales, the streets are fun and colorful carnivals. March Hare, Mad Hatter, Tra-la-la and Tru-la-la pace the avenues and streets prim ladies of England. Improvised toy bazaars and unsuited trays sold masks, whistles, balls and all sorts of sweet treats.

A little before midnight, as though warning that it is time for tradition to open the back door and let the old year, all the bells start ringing. But call they just heard a muffled whisper - they are wrapped with a blanket, so as not to offend the joyful ringing of the outgoing year. But at midnight bells "stripped" and then they, like shrill-voiced boys announce the arrival of the new year. Lovers, following the ancient custom, are under the branches mistletoe kisses and exchange, and the front doors of all the houses swing open wide to the New Year has not passed.

Bommm !!! Southern Hemisphere - Brazil!

 World welcomes New Year

New Year's Eve in Brazil

Perhaps the New Year in Brazil can be considered the most vivid and colorful. Just imagine: large crowds of people dressed in white out on the ocean to bring Yemadzhe, the goddess of the sea depths, plain gifts. Small boats, decorated with candles and filled with makeshift gifts: aromatic oils, pocket mirrors, flowers, beads made of shells and precious metals. So thank Yemadzhu Brazilians in the past in peace and prosperity year. And ask for protection in the coming year. By the way, if you noticed in the crowd someone dressed in the clothes of a different color, do not think that it is the tourists, just every color means some additional request. People in the pink dress asked about health, red - love, green - the hope, and yellow or gold - on welfare. A studded coastal waters beckon for a boat to Spain.

Bommm !!! We are in Spain.

 How to meet the New Year in Spain and across countries

New Year in Spain

Thorough proud Spaniards before the new year going to the town square in front of church, long and thoughtful talk from the podium on the achievements of the past year. And continues to this "rally" as long as someone does not remember certain sdohshego ass. It's the start to "divide" between the neighbors themselves, remembering each other minor and major faults and the pronouncing of minor weaknesses. "Windy" Signora gets tail boastful talker - language reveler and dancers - hooves and bully - a donkey skin.

But not only this distinguished Spaniards. In the New Year's Eve on the streets and squares of cities all the locals go, and at midnight, happily hugging each other, unwilling to friends and strangers luck and happiness in the new year. A young girls in New Year's Eve decided to issue "marriage." Of course, the marriage is a sham and in the morning she ceases to be a "wife", but on the night it acquires fallen by lot "husband." An amazing example of a piece of paper happiness! But the most interesting, or rather to say - wonderful, that some young people do find their own happiness, and mate for life. Yet, the miracles in the New Year night is not uncommon. Anyway, the Spaniards.

Bommm !!! And in Italy?

 how to meet the New Year in Italy

New Year in Italy

Charismatic, passionate Italians and New Year celebrations have something peculiar to their fiery temperament. At midnight all the houses swing open the window and onto the street flying end-of-century chairs, couches, tables and chairs. So wander around under the windows of houses at this time is not safe. But the Italians sincerely believe that a seat in the new year is sure to be acquired by a new thing.

In the provinces of Italy decided to start the first morning of the new year with a donation of "new water" and an olive branch. Friends and go from house to house, presenting each other's vessels with water, symbolizing happiness. And it is very important for the Italians, whom they will meet the first morning of the new year. Best of all - some old man, but the most successful meeting will mark the hunchback. Then the new year will definitely be successful and prosperous.

Bommm !!! Netherlands.

 the world celebrate the New Year in the Netherlands

New Year in the Netherlands

Their point of view on how to celebrate the New Year, have in the Netherlands. Tables "bursting" of all kinds of eatables and gracious hosts to spend the whole day doing nothing. And it is not that people are lazy - not at all, just not accepted in the Netherlands on the first day of the year to start some business, to borrow money. If you strictly follow this custom, the whole year will be to rely on luck.

Incidentally, in the Netherlands, the first day of the year can rightly be called the day of children. Children long before the holiday cook all kinds of scenes, festive write letters, intricately decorating them with ribbons, learned songs and poems to please their parents. The adults on the night of the new year under the pillow children put all kinds of sweets.

Since ancient times, there is another tradition - to choose the King holiday. The most skillful hostess bakes a huge cake, which is baked in a bob. Those who got a piece of cake with bean and becomes king of the holiday. Retinue the "bean" king chooses itself. Incidentally, such a comic homage to the king have not comic.

Bommm !!! In Tibet combat hours, we will not hear, and yet ...

 How to meet the New Year in Tibet, as well as in different countries

New Year in Tibet

The philosophical approach to the celebration of the New Year showed on Tibet. Losar, or the Tibetan New Year does not have an exact date. It specifically calculate, but what is definitely not going into debt calculations - that is what the celebration will last exactly two weeks. And is it possible to celebrate the less if preparation begins not with the usual New Year's eve cleaning and painting a house. Even the earth in the courtyards painted images of the sun, stars and moon. Trees and walls are decorated with lanterns and altars strewn with all sorts of offerings to the gods.

During the festival the streets are transformed into a kind of stage. Bright costumes and theatrical performances on subjects legends unfold before the eyes of the public. Ritual dances of animals and skeletons, symbolizing the eternal struggle between good and evil, black hats and dance sword dance - a little creepy, but very colorful action.

Small cakes with predictions - the traditional feast. But apart from the usual, rolled-up sheets of rice paper, guests are also some quite exotic fillings. Hair, chips, salt and even manure. If the visitor has got a pie with the filling - it is wealth.

On the morning of the first day, the whole family is carefully cleaned. Women hang on all the jewelry that is in the house, and the family starts a hearty meal consisting of no less exotic dishes.

Are you still wondering how to celebrate the New Year in different countries? Well, then ... Bommm !!! We leave for Scotland.

 how to meet the New Year in Scotland

New Year in Scotland

The most striking part of New Year celebrations in Scotland can be called famous torchlight processions. But let's start from the beginning.

Loudmouthed Scots begin New Year celebrations on 31 December. And, to celebrate New Year taken on the street. Merriment flows like water, interspersed with loud talking and singing. From different corners of the streets can hear completely different songs. The only time the song repertoire becomes one - it's midnight, when all traditional folk sing Auld Lang Syn, and after a friendly hug and kiss each other. It does not matter who is there. Those who were not familiar with each other, after the occurrence of such warm feelings necessarily met. Meet people and in the performance of folk dance Kylie. It is performed together for a festive night.

The tradition of setting fire to a barrel of tar and roll them through the streets of the city has long been considered a mandatory ritual of the New Year. In this way, Scots burn the old year, and the tracks of tar droplets remaining on the ground, point the way to the new.

It is very important for the Scots who first come into their house in the morning of the first day of the year. On this depends the welfare of the family. It is best if the first guest will be brunette with a piece of coal in your pocket or in your hand, always healthy and flawless. This guest house will bring health and wealth.

Bommm !!! Mysterious Japan.

 the world celebrate the New Year - Japan

New Year in Japan

For Japanese New Year begins with the letters and postcards. Moreover, it is not electronic, as you might think, and most of these, e-mail. Colleagues at work, you can send an ordinary card bought at the store, and numerous relatives and close friends they have to do manually. The Japanese are sensitive to their traditions, each card is almost a work of art. Since Japan decided to thank all those who one way or another influenced your life in the past year, and everyone should be blessed with such a greeting, the number of cards that send ordinary Japanese, several thousand.

But the preparation for the New Year is not finished. The traditional flower arrangements are placed at the doors of homes, becoming a symbol of prosperity and well-being of the family. Various amulets ("boors" protection from evil spirits, "Kumada" - bamboo paw brings luck, "takarabune" - boat seven gods of good luck) purchased in special shops and stores in the house throughout the year.

Feast of the Japanese, too, is built on specific beliefs and superstitions. For example, the Japanese eat rice cakes to pep caviar - for wealth, beans - health and noodles - for longevity. At midnight the bell of the main temple has ... no, not twelve, as many as one hundred and eight times. It is so much evil passions counted Japanese people. And each person cleans a bell on them.

After the prayer, the Japanese are coming home to sleep and be sure to dream sacred Mount Fuji. A wake is necessary before dawn to witness the first rays of the sun cut through the horizon.

If you try to compare traditions of the peoples of the world are different from each other as well as the people themselves. But, despite all the differences in tradition, character and taste, the whole world celebrates the New Year in the same waiting for a better, more kind, more happy and more successful future. It does not matter what language you speak, what food you eat at the banquet table which songs you sing and what signs feel happy. The main thing - to close to you had a close and loved ones, and in the house sounded joyous laughter. So let all your dreams come true in the New Year, his eyes filling with joy and gratitude of the heart, love and faith in miracles!

 As the New Year in different countries

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