cake with cranberries and apples


  • "Lazy pie" with fruit
  • Cake "Fruit Paradise" with cranberries, cheese and apples
  • Cottage cheese and fruit cake "Miracle"
  • Pie kefir "Vitaminka"

Especially for our readers assembled a library of mouth-watering recipes. Here everyone will find a lot of useful and interesting for yourself. Do you want to prepare a light summer soup? No problem: go to the relevant section of the site and pick enjoyed the first meal. The ceremony certainly can not do without salads, canapés, sandwiches and other snacks. We'll show you how to create and bring to life the festive menu. Do not be left without a "Gift" and sweet lovers - for them compiled a list of instructions for cooking desserts. Now a closer look at school and, indeed, summer dishes. We offer to bake a cake with cranberries and apples.

"Lazy pie" with fruit

In order not to scare off novice cooks, we decided to start with a very simple recipe. This dish will not cause any difficulties - just buy in the local supermarket ready-made puff pastry and a stock of fruit. Cake with apples and cranberries are surprisingly lightweight, and most importantly - delicious. What else is necessary for fans of sweets? For dessert on the table looked more appetizing and beautiful, we offer to take care of its submission form. For example, you can sprinkle each serving with whipped cream or ice cream to decorate the white ball combined with fresh berries. Agree, it sounds incredibly tasty. This dish is not only satisfy hunger, but also guaranteed to lift your spirits. Do not believe? Then be sure to try to bake it!


For the cake:

  • 320 grams of fresh cranberries
  • tablespoon vegetable oil (to grease the dishes)
  • pyatisotgrammovaya ready package puff pastry
  • two large, juicy apples
  • 35 grams of flour - for dusting
  • Ten grams of potato starch
  • slightly less than half cup sugar

For decoration:

  • 70 grams of ice-cream sundae
  • a few berries fresh raspberries

Cooking method:

Since cranberries itself is quite sour, it is recommended to choose for the filling enough sweet apples that are perfectly set off the flavor of berries. Recent good wash and fold in a colander so that they drained. Then loop through, removing rotten and spoiled. Now sprinkle the table a little flour and place the dough on it. Roll it with a rolling pin into a thin layer, give future product rectangular or circular in shape depending on what dish you plan to bake.

Pre-washed apples with a knife, divide into two halves, remove the seeds from each, as well as the core, after the rub on a medium grater. Connect in a deep bowl, fruits and berries, as here, add specified in the recipe amount of starch and sugar. By the way, instead of the last, you can take a powder. Mix the ingredients that they form a homogeneous mass.

Getting the most responsible and the final stage of cooking - to assemble the cake. For product is not burnt, it is recommended to use a special parchment - they cover the dishes inside. If that is in your house is not there, just lubricate the sides and bottom of the form of oil or butter. Then here is lay out a layer of dough and filling. Smooth it with a spoon to apple-cowberry weight completely cover the bottom surface of the future pie. If you wish, you can sprinkle the fruit with cinnamon, it will give a savory food is incredibly delicious and spicy flavor.

If you have a little dough, cut out from his thin strips and place them crosswise on top of the filling in the end turn out original grill. Slightly lift the edge of the dish with your fingers, gently by bending them. Put the dishes in the preheated oven. Note that the temperature should not exceed 200 degrees, the product may burn. After about fifteen minutes, it is ready. Once the dish has cooled, cut it into pieces and arrange on plates. Garnish with a slice of ice cream - fruit or regular ice cream - and fresh raspberries.

Cake with cranberries and apples, the recipe you just learned, very simple in execution. Bake this dish under the force of each. If a novice cook to cope with them without any problems, what can we say about a professional with experience! We shared the secret of making the open pie, but there is another option.

We suggest the following method to evaluate the assembly dessert. Take 700 grams of puff dough, divide it into two parts and roll each of them on the table. Then prepare the filling, following the above instructions. Now the first layered sheet, sprinkle with sugar, put on his apple-cranberry mass cover with the remaining dough and Pinch the edges. To the product came out rosy and appetizing, lubricate it on all sides yolk and pierce in several places with a fork, then bake in the oven.

 pie with apples and cranberries

Cake "Fruit Paradise" with cranberries, cheese and apples

If the first prescription can be safely attributed to the "lazy" dishes, then on the next cake will have some work to do. At this time, from shops to replace the dough homemade products. Mixing procedure for future mass cakes are not too complex, you see for yourself in this, if you still decide to bake bread. To the dish turned lush and beautiful, adding a couple of pinches of baking powder. You can certainly use quicklime soda, but it is better to stay on the first ingredient.

The name "fruit paradise" speaks for itself: Pie promises a heavenly pleasure to those who will dare to bake. Gentle and soft taste of the product gives the cream cheese mixed with berries, apples and cranberries. If you are afraid that will sour dish, take a little more sugar than indicated in the recipe. Vanilla essence added to the stuffing, make the dessert more spicy and incredibly fragrant. If you want to fully enjoy the beauty of "Fruit of Paradise", read the recipe and get your hands on it in practice.


For the cakes:

  • 20 milliliters of the fatty cream
  • 85 grams of butter
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • small spoon (no slides) baking powder
  • 320 grams of sifted flour
  • egg
  • vegetable oil - for internal walls ware

For filling:

  • a small cup of ripe cranberries
  • two medium apples (choose sweet fruits)
  • egg
  • five-eight grams of vanilla essence
  • 70 grams sugar
  • 160 grams of tender cream cheese

Cooking method:

The basis of any confection - a good test. To do this, knead it properly, so to speak skillfully. For the uninitiated in the subtleties of culinary skill note: to cook whatever flour dishes you may have started, always start with sifting flour. With such a simple procedure, the product is saturated with air, as a result of the output is high, a magnificent dish.

So, as soon cope with this task, enter into the flour baking powder or baking soda, depending on what you use. Then chop the middle piece of butter and put it on a steam bath. When it melts a bit slightly, pour into a bowl of sugar, then pour the cream here. Mix well and set aside a lot of her for a few minutes aside. Now, in a separate piala whisk, beat the egg, then enter it to the above products. Work with a spoon, the mass gained uniformity, add the flour and knead a flexible, moderately viscous dough.

Professionals recommend to bake the product in the form of coated special paper or parchment. This protects against overcooking, moreover, in such a case, remove the cake will be much easier. If you do not use such "helpers" just lubricate the inner walls and bottom of the oil - is suitable for both butter and vegetable. Set the oven temperature to 200 degrees, and while it is warming up, pay attention to the filling.

Put the cream cheese in a bowl, pour the sugar and rub until completely dissolved with a fork. Whisk egg fluff, then enter it in the resulting cream for flavor, add the vanilla essence. Mix the ingredients to get the ideal weight of a smooth, lump-free. Cut the apples with the peel, then remove the core, and the very flesh grate or chop into thin strips. Dry thoroughly washed cranberries, excess fluid will only spoil the cake.

Well, ready to assemble product? Then let's get started: in the form of processed oil pour the dough, gently flatten his shovel. Top evenly lay cranberries and apples, sprinkle with sugar and pour all the delicate creamy mass. By this time the oven is well warmed up, so put it in bowl and note 40 minutes. After this time, check the product, it pierced with a toothpick. If the dough does not stick to the tree, then the dish is ready. Let it cool, then cut into portions and serve. To dish looked appetizing recommend decorate it with fresh berries.

Today, the world knows countless recipes fruit cake. Lighter desserts - say, from kefir dough or cakes made from the store - perfect for novice cooks. In addition, these fast food should be in the arsenal of every housewife - they always help out in an emergency. For example, if the house suddenly descended on the guests, you will always be what they treat - just half an hour, and a delicious cake already steaming on the table.

Cottage cheese and fruit cake "Miracle"

When planning to spend the weekend with high quality and fun, should take care not only for leisure, but also about the future of the menu. Scientists have proved that there is nothing that improves mood, like sweet treats. So why not relax on Saturday or Sunday with a cup of hot tea in the company of loved ones, friends or a quiet family circle? An excellent occasion for the meeting will be the preparation of an incredibly tasty and tender cake called "Miracle", the recipe of which we are right now and share.



  • 220 grams of cottage cheese average fat content
  • Packaging good margarine
  • 210 grams of powdered sugar
  • butter (need to process forms)
  • homemade eggs - two pieces
  • a small packet of baking powder (if necessary, you can replace it with a small spoon of soda)
  • yolk - for greasing cake
  • two cups (no slides) of white flour sifted

Fruit filling:

  • 0, 5 cups breadcrumbs or biscuit crumbs
  • sugar - optional
  • four red sweet apple
  • 190 grams of fresh or frozen cranberries


  • a little less than a cup of fat sour cream
  • sugar - to your taste

Cooking method:

Let's start with a little culinary advice. These nuances will help you quickly and easily to bake a delicious cake. So, to the cake has risen and the dish came out beautiful and lush, you will need baking powder. Some housewives make the mistake of adding it to the liquid ingredients. This is not entirely correct - powder must be administered directly into the flour. If you can not find the product, replace the baking soda. It is not necessary to extinguish, this does not affect the taste of the product.

As for the cheese, the dairy product should be adjusted average fat content. If you bought a home, keep in mind that it will have to pre-chop. Since usually this cottage with large lumps, from which you want to get rid of, just mash them with a fork. In addition, choose a gentle and not too acidic ingredient, otherwise the risk to spoil the dish. If the weight seems too dry, add a couple of spoonfuls of it sour cream or cream.

And now we can get down to business - let knead the dough. To do this, pass through a sieve the flour, then type in the baking powder. Please note if you have decided to use baking soda, it must be added directly to the curd mass, then the taste of an ingredient will not be felt in the dish. Now chop pieces softened margarine and connect it with powdered sugar.

If the first product is too frozen, melt it on a steam bath. Thoroughly rub a lot, then pour it into the pre-beaten eggs. Well knead hands and start adding the flour in a bowl, emptying her a handful. At the end, enter the crushed cheese, ready-made dough should not only come off the hands, but also be moderately dense. When the deal with all the preparations, to shift ground in a deep bowl, cover with a plate or cling film and store in the cold.

Now go to the stuffing: first of all, rinse berries and apples, let them dry. Dividing the fruit into two parts, remove them from the midway. Then with a knife discard peel and chop the pulp very fine strips. Connect products with cranberries and optional pour all the sugar. Note that without the sweet ingredient cake will almost sour, so it is still worth adding. Two to three tablespoons will be enough.

The recipe is almost over, so it's time to start assembling the next cake. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and divide it into two parts, which need not be equal. Now a large place on work surface floured and lightly roll it. Attention, curd may stick to the table - in this case, simply knead it by hand. Add the flour to the dough above the norm in any case it is not necessary, otherwise it will too tight.

Put the resulting layer in the form of the laid parchment. The dough should stretch so that it completely covered the bottom of the dish. Gently lift the top edge of the article, thereby forming bumpers. By the way, if you want a cake baked with a crust, sprinkle the dish with breadcrumbs. It will also help hold the extra juice, so dessert is not "flow". Now I will put the apple-cranberry dough mass. The more toppings TEN delicious dishes, so do not skimp on the fruits and berries. When you manage, stretch your hands and cover with the remaining batter them his creation.

Stayed finale - Pinch your fingers gently edge cuisine. Then whisk the yolks and whisk with a special brush, lubricate them with a cake on all sides. With this dish will turn out crisp, ruddy and incredibly beautiful. Put it in the preheated oven. The higher the temperature, the faster the cake baked through, but at the same time in this case is very easy to miss the moment when it begins to burn. Therefore reheat furnace to measure up to about 180 degrees. At this temperature, the dessert will be ready in 40-45 minutes. Before you apply it on the table, cool product. To permanently combat guest spot, each serving pour whipped with sugar, cream or sour cream.

 delicious cake with cranberries and apples

Pie kefir "Vitaminka"

Every housewife in her culinary activities selects her favorite recipes. So, certainly, many have left a couple of original holiday salads, several kinds of snacks are always popular with guests. Perhaps try to cook this or that cake, you can safely say already, some of them easier and more appetizing. Thus, each chef creates for himself a small reserve of useful tips to help make life more delicious and varied.

Perhaps the next meal is also perfectly fit into your "piggy bank" recipes. Kefir pie with sweet apples and a little sour cranberries turns out very juicy and tender. Just right for a hot day! In summer, the oven dish with fresh berries is recommended, but the winter will have to do ice cream. This vitamin delicacy instantly lift your mood and positive charge for the whole day. If you decide to make a cake for the first time, we offer to call friends, who will appreciate your efforts.


  • 210 milliliters of warm yogurt
  • Two large eggs home
  • 55 grams of butter
  • 0, 5 cups sugar
  • Ten grams of vanilla sugar
  • Three grams of salt
  • three pinches of baking soda
  • 120 grams of powdered sugar (it is added to the dough and stuffing)
  • 160-200 grams of juicy sweet apples
  • cranberries - 0, 5 cups

For the glaze:

  • 40 milliliters of milk
  • sugar - at your discretion
  • Fifteen grams of butter
  • five tablespoons (heaped) tablespoons of cocoa
  • ground cinnamon - optional

For decoration:

  • whipped cream
  • Three leaf of fresh mint
  • raspberries or blueberries - on request

Cooking method:

Each recipe, even the simplest, if desired, can be converted into a real masterpiece of culinary art. To do this, not only the right to prepare a meal - although, as you know, if it is simple, then there are no problems - but also apply it in a special way. Agree, lunch and dinner in the restaurant is much nicer. And it's not because there offering original dishes - plays an important role as the surrounding atmosphere and, of course, the appearance of foods.

Let's now look at a simple recipe for a delicious fruit cake. But give it a piquancy to help chocolate glaze, which watered the dessert before serving. Do not get ahead of ourselves, and focus on the preparation of the test. All products must be at room temperature, so be sure to get them out of the refrigerator in advance.