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Today's our hero was Tsvetaeva's apple pie. Significant origin of the name of the dish is still no one knows, in this respect there are a lot of assumptions. It is believed that their guests were treated to a dessert in Tarusa sisters Anastasia and Marina Tsvetaeva. They were intelligent home evenings devoted to poetry, literature and music. Often gathered were talking about politics, which sometimes escalated into a heated debate. Sipping hot fragrant tea with a piece of fresh charlotte, guests feel at home Tsvetaeva.

Why do not you create in your apartment intimate atmosphere of love and warmth? Bake the pie and invite your friends. You can use imagination and come up with a special program that no one was bored. Stock up on vintage plates, decorate the room accordingly, put on the table several works Tsvetaeva and serve guests a fragrant hot apple pie. Find the right recipe is simple. We specifically picked for their readers the most tasty and simple in execution cooking instructions. Let's look at each of them in detail.

Cake name Tsvetaeva sweet apples

The first recipe can be safely attributed to the "Classical cuisine". Tsvetaeva apple pie prepared as margarine and butter. We'll look at the second option. To the dish is well risen, it came out beautiful and appetizing, before embarking on his cooking, be sure to double sift wheat product. Flour sated air, causing the dough will turn out incredibly lush.

If your family does not like cloyingly sweet desserts, take a few grams less sugar than indicated in the recipe, or buy a juicy, slightly sour apples. Cake will insanely delicious, you'll see. This recipe is very simple and perfect for cooks of all levels. Newbie and especially a professional will be able to prepare a dessert for just 40 minutes. And now proceed to offer cooking lessons.



  • 1/3 tablespoon (no slides) baking powder
  • half cup of fat sour cream
  • 160 grams of fresh butter
  • 180-190 grams of sifted flour (choose only top grade product)

Sour cream filling:

  • 220 ml cream
  • homemade egg
  • slightly less than a small box of vanilla essence
  • 175 grams of sweet sand (if you use sour apples, be sure to change the recipe slightly, adding to the dough a little more sugar)
  • 20 grams flour


  • 450 grams of juicy apples

Cooking method:

As you can see, in this recipe contains only fruit, but if desired, can a variety of dishes, such as adding a few pinches of ground cinnamon. It will give the product an incredibly delicious, specific aroma. There is another option: try to bake a cake not only with apples, and raisins. Only the first is recommended to soak the berries for a few minutes (ten to fifteen will be enough) in warm water. After the excess liquid will merge, be sure to dry the raisins with a towel or paper towels to stuffing has not turned too wet.

The recipe for this dessert dough is very simple and accessible understanding of even the novice cook. So, first chop middle-sized pieces of butter and melt it in the microwave, but rather on a steam bath. While it cools, thread it through a sieve flour, then type in the number specified in the instruction of baking powder, mix well. Take a deep bowl and pour the cream into it, here it is melted, add the cream product.

Left a little; pour into the mixture of flour. To avoid unnecessary lumps formed, add it gradually, in small handfuls, while not stopping work spoon or whisk. Grind all the bumps and lumps in the end you should have a perfectly homogeneous and elastic mass. Put it in shape, covered with parchment and gently stretch your hands around the bottom of the cookware. The edges of the articles raise a few centimeters up. If you can not find a special baking paper, a processed form conventional oil. For this purpose, suitable not only cooking, but also butter, in extreme cases can take margarine.

A few more steps, and the recipe will come to a logical conclusion. It remains to cook the stuffing and fully assemble the dessert. So, washed apples dry well, divide them into two parts with a knife, remove the seeds, and each core. Pulp chop into thin slices, then place them evenly on the dough. If you want the filling has turned softer, rub on a medium grater apples. For flavor can add cinnamon and raisins make the dish more appetizing. Of course, you must follow exactly the recipe, but sometimes it is not a sin to deviate from the culinary recommendations. Perhaps in the course of these experiments, you will create your unique dish.

To prepare the filling is best to use lukewarm increased fat sour cream. Connect it with the vanilla essence and sugar and stir. Then, in a separate piala Loose egg with a fork and pour it into sugar sour cream mass. Work whisk that it has acquired uniformity here after the Sift the flour.

A few times turn fill the spoon, taste, make sure that it is sufficiently sweet. Now pour the fruit and its shape a little shake to evenly distribute the weight of the entire article. Cake with apples ready for baking, so put it in the oven, preheated to 190 degrees. After about 40-50 minutes, after you hear the characteristic aroma of fresh baking, reach for a dish. Cover it with a clean towel and cool.

We hope charlotte "by Marina Tsvetaeva" will appeal to you and your loved ones. This simple and relatively economical recipe is perfect for everyday use. Now there is a great occasion to gather the whole family for tea. As decoration, you can use powdered sugar or cocoa: pass them through a sieve and sprinkle with bread. Another good option: in each serving, place a piece of ice cream Sundae and two mint leaves. We guarantee, this fresh and delicious recipe will appeal to all: adults and children.

 Tsvetaeva apple pie

Charlotte fruit in margarine

And here's another version of a delicious cake, the recipe of which, according to some sources, was written by the great poet Marina Tsvetaeva. Usually meals are prepared exclusively with apples, but we decided to depart from tradition by adding stuffing golden raisins. He will make the product more appetizing and satisfying. If you have got too dry berries, be sure to pre-soak them in boiling water.

Ten or fifteen minutes later, when raisins are soft and juicy, drain the excess fluid, and the product itself fold in a colander. Then press the berries well and only then add them to the stuffing. If you are not a fan of this ingredient, simply discard it. Prepare dessert with apples and spice can lead to the dough a couple of pinches of vanilla. So, here's the recipe - learn, remember and bake with the soul. Only in this case, the cake will come out well.


For filling:

  • ground cinnamon - optional
  • 700 grams of sweet apples

For the cake:

  • a few drops of fresh lemon juice - to quench soda
  • 160 ml cream average fat content
  • vanilla - at your discretion
  • 1 1/2 cups sifted flour conventional
  • 145 grams of softened margarine of good quality
  • 1/4 large spoon (no slides) of baking soda (you can fix yourself a recipe for replacing said ingredient baking powder)

For the cream:

  • homemade egg
  • 210 milliliters of cream or sour cream
  • little more than a cup of powdered sugar
  • Fifteen grams of white flour

For decoration:

  • fresh berries - on request
  • whipped cream
  • fresh mint leaves

Cooking method:

If the first dough recipe consisted of oil, that this time Tsvetaeva simplify a little apple pie and make it more cost - take margarine. In order not to spoil the dish, choose a good quality product, make sure that it was a lighter shade. The dough will rise by a lush and well, if you add a few pinches of baking powder. If that is not found in your home, take an ordinary soda. Just remember to repay it in advance. For these purposes fit vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice.

And now let's look at a recipe in detail. The first step is to knead the elastic, smooth and elastic dough. It is in any case should not be liquid, but at the same time make sure that the weight went to the extent of thick, otherwise the cake will be hard and dry. And that, you see, not decorate any one dish. The proposed recipe is quite simple: sift the flour through a sieve, then pour into her soda, slaked with vinegar or lemon nectar, or baking powder. It all depends on what product you prefer.

When you manage, set aside the dry ingredients to the side and do chop medium diced margarine and melt it on a steam bath. This also add the sour cream and vanilla note, the latter is said to be an amateur. Though he gives a special flavor flour products, not all relate to it positively. So decide for yourself, use the product or not. In the event of force majeure - for example, the lack of some ingredients - do not be afraid to break the little recipe. After all, this apple pie is almost impossible to screw up.

Thus, the dough is almost ready - pour into it the flour and mix thoroughly. To get rid of lumps, action active movements, working from the bottom up whisk. When weight gain uniformity and becomes more dense, cover it with a lid or cling film and store in the refrigerator. While the dough is infused, you have a few minutes to make the cream, which will subsequently be watered cake.

In the bowl of the blender Put the cream, here is specified in the recipe, enter the amount of powder. Turn on the device and whisk food two or three times. Then, connect them with flour and egg mixture. Stir until the cream is not acquire fluffiness and uniformity. By the way, you can use a different recipe: replace sour cream. You will see that the sauce will come in the same tender and delicious. If it will seem sweet enough, add a few tablespoons of powdered sugar.

And Now for apples: after the wash out and dry them well, cut the fruit with the peel. When they remove the midway and the extra bone, and the remaining pulp grate on medium grater stripes. And if you want, you can try another option: chop the fruit into thin slices. Sprinkle of ground cinnamon and mix well. Getting assembling dishes: remove the dough from the refrigerator and put it on a floured board, roll out with rolling pin. The insides of the form in which to prepare the dessert, treat margarine. For these purposes, you can use any oil - vegetable oil or butter. Put the dough in a bowl, flatten his hands and gently lift up. So you should have original bumpers.

Now came the turn of the filling: Sprinkle grated apple harvesting, spreading their hands on the entire surface of the product. Remember, the more fruit, the mouth-watering dishes - it pour sour cream. To the sauce evenly flowed across the dessert, gently shake the dish. Then send it in a hot oven for 40 minutes. To the dish does not burn, watch the oven temperature - it should not exceed 190 degrees. Before you take the cake, check for readiness - prick the dough with a match or wooden skewers. If it stays wet, it means the product inside is still raw. Wait for about ten or fifteen minutes, until it reaches.

Agree, this recipe is available understanding of each cooking, regardless of their experience and the availability of the practice. If you observe and follow the instructions described in the regulations which will certainly dish very appetizing. When it is ready, remove it from the oven, cool and then remove from the dishes, or else run the risk of damaging the product. To do this was much easier, we recommend using a split form.

It remains only to apply the cake on the table. Cut it into small portions and arrange on plates. Just one glance at the dessert your guests should flow salivating, and this dish should be properly decorate. This is the easiest recipe: using a strainer, sprinkle the cake need sugar or cocoa powder. Some prefer the chocolate, then rub the product in advance (black, milk or, for example, white) on a grater.

And if you want to make creation of greater zest and finally impress guests with his culinary skills, put on every piece of the pie pattern of whipped cream. Then slide them a few mint leaves and sprinkle with fresh berries: raspberries, red or black currant. Serve dessert with coffee, green or herbal tea. Dish equally well in both hot and cold. Bon Appetit!

 apple pie Tsvetaeva

Dessert with cream and apple stuffing

The recipe for this delicious cake - a real godsend for fans of pastry. The dish is good because it can be safely attributed to the universal desserts. All the necessary ingredients are available for sale twelve months, so the oven dish can be in cold and in hot weather. Of course, in the summer it is recommended to make the stuffing of fresh plums - and useful and tasty. But winter is not a sin to replace them with frozen fruit. As for apples, there is better use of sweet and juicy variety. To remove the sour, tart, add a few grams more sugar than is offered in culinary instruction.

Dessert recipe, which, according to experts, has become known thanks to the great poet, has several "disguises". In one embodiment, the dough is kneaded butter in the other - in margarine. The same happens with the cream, for example, for its preparation you can take cream or opt for a homemade sour cream. The culinary guide - it is certainly a specific procedure that must be followed to get a tasty meal and lush. However, in the event of force majeure - for example, there was no baking soda or unable to buy cream for pouring - do not be afraid to deviate from the rules and change the recipe for themselves. Let's look at one of the existing types of Tsvetaeva cake - add a sink.


For the cake:

  • vegetable oil (it lubricated inner walls of utensils)
  • sifted flour - 255 grams
  • half-ounce fresh packs of margarine
  • 1/2 small cup of cream (you will need about 140 milliliters)
  • 16 grams of baking powder to the test

For the sweet sauce:

  • Two selected eggs
  • increased fat sour cream - 320 ml
  • 180 grams, or a little more than sugar
  • Eight grams of potato or corn starch

For the fruit filling:

  • 120 grams of dark juicy plums
  • five or six small apples


  • white ice cream or powdered sugar - optional

Cooking method:

Pie, question itself turns out incredibly delicious. But we suggest to make it more tasty and juicy. It will have a little "refresh" the classic recipe: along with apple stuffing add some fresh plums. We recommend choosing dark sweet varieties, and the fruit should not be too thick - try to buy a ripe, major products. Enough talk, let's get straight to the point.

To prepare the dough will need a soft margarine, therefore please - somewhere for 20-30 minutes - remove it from the refrigerator. Then chop medium pieces, and combining in a deep bowl with the sugar, mash thoroughly with a fork. This also enter the sour cream, pour it in small portions. In a separate bowl pour the flour (do not forget to sift through!) And baking powder. By the way, the latter can be used instead of vinegar, slaked soda. The dry mixture was stirred, and then send it to the previous ingredients. Actively working whisk, give the mass of uniform consistency. As a result, you should be formed to the extent of dense, elastic dough.

When the deal with all the preparations, a little rolling pin roll the dough into a round layer of medium thickness. That he did not stick to the work surface of the table, sprinkle it with a small amount of flour. The resulting blank for future transfer to a special cake split the dishes treated with oil.

Good luck!



  • Two large eggs
  • two large tablespoons flour

Cooking method:


  • salt - optional

  • eggs - two pieces
  • vanilla - at your discretion


  • 40 grams of butter

Cooking method:

Do not believe?

Enjoy your tea!