apple pie recipe


  • Pie "slothful"
  • Honey and apple pie without yeast
  • Walnut-apple pie with raisins, cinnamon and lemon

Agree, the best day of the week - the day off, because you can do whatever your heart desires: watch movies, read books, to invite guests close friends and have a party. By the way, it's a great excuse to bake something delicious. We offer to cook an incredibly sweet apple pie. Fruit filling gives the product a fresh and truly summer scent. The great advantage of foods is that it can be done at any time of the year, after the apples are sold in stores all twelve months.

We will help you to choose the recipe: if you do not want to mess around for a long time with the test, we recommend baking dish without yeast and spice lovers enter advised him a couple of pinches of cinnamon or vanilla. Options apple pie, there are many. You can make a product with double filling, for example, add raisins or berries. Insanely delicious dessert obtained with honey and nuts. Talking about its virtues can be very long, but it is better to decide and prepare their own meals. Easy Apple Pie - a versatile dessert for any time of year. Try baking dish and enjoy its advantages.

Pie "slothful"

For a start, we offer to try out in practice the easiest, but, nevertheless, very tasty recipe. Some housewives prefer to make an apple pie with yeast, but the procedure kneading and proofing takes a lot of time and effort. Modern women occupied home, work and study, can not always afford such "waste". In this case, the best option - to make a delicate dessert, acting in accordance with the following instructions. You'll see, bake a delicious fruit cake very easily, and we can help you with this.


For decoration:

  • 150 grams of ice-cream
  • cocoa or grated chocolate - on request

For apple pie:

  • three large apple (the dish is best done with a sweet fruit)
  • three home eggs
  • 0, 5 small spoons of baking soda
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • glass (no slides) sifted flour
  • a small piece of butter
  • Five milliliters of lemon juice or vinegar - to quench soda

Cooking method:

Simple apple pie, which now will be discussed - the best option for busy housewives. To make a dessert, it will take a little time, besides it is not necessary to be a professional in the manufacture of confectionery. The dish is very simple and quick to prepare. Therefore, if you have free time, we offer to bake a juicy dish of fruit. Indulge in a fragrant apple pie my family! And to make it look more appetizing, decorate the product ice cream and chocolate.

First you need to make the dough for this lay in a deep bowl of eggs, cover them with sugar, turn the mixer on low and start whisking. Cook the mixture should be at the lowest speed, gradually increasing it to the maximum. The only way to get the perfect homogeneous mass and lush. Once the sand is completely dissolved, get the rest of the ingredients for apple pie. Well, sift the flour, then type in the slaked soda. Now, should gradually pour the dry ingredients in a bowl the eggs, mix the dough obtained.

It remains to prepare filling: washed apple peel, get rid of the core and seeds. Pulp chop thin strips, but the most luscious dessert is obtained when fruit grate on medium grater. At some of the options to stop, decide for yourself. If desired, sprinkle a lot of sugar. Quick is recommended to cook an apple pie on parchment - they Cover the dish. The paper will prevent the product from the burning, also you will be much easier to remove it from the mold.

Grease the parchment with oil, lay out here as apples, pour the batter on top and gently flatten it with a spoon or spatula. Preheat oven to 180 degrees, then put him in the dish and wait fifteen minutes. When you hear the characteristic aroma and notice that the cake was covered with a crust, open the door and pierce it with a match. If it stays dry, reach for the dish.

To make the cake even more appetizing, you can cook the chocolate frosting or serve it with melted honey. However, this takes time, we offer a simpler, but no less delicious option: cut dessert cooled into portions pieces, sprinkle them with chocolate shavings or cocoa next to each put a ball of ice cream. As you can see, to make the treat was not so difficult. So experiment with recipes and enjoy homemade apple pie.

 Apple pie

Honey and apple pie without yeast

If you want to quickly and easily bake a delicious fruit dessert, offer to do it on the dough without yeast. Indeed, in the latter case, you will need about 40 minutes to the mass sufficiently risen and present. We recommend that you examine the simple recipe lush apple pie. Thanks honey product gives a very aromatic and sweet, if you want to add spice stuffing three or four grams of cinnamon. This delicacy is not ashamed to apply even on the holiday table.


Dough for apple pie:

  • 210-230 grams of wheat flour
  • eggs - three large pieces
  • 1, 75 cups sugar
  • 85 grams of butter
  • a small handful of breadcrumbs

For filling:

  • cinnamon - optional
  • 20 milliliters of melted honey
  • sweet apples - 300 grams
  • powdered sugar - for dusting

Cooking method:

To the question - to make the cake or not - you never bothered, we recommend to choose a couple of interesting and simple recipes, not time-consuming. After all, in practice, it proved delicious dessert does not have to be complicated to prepare. We offer to explore just such a dish. "Highlight" of foods is honey, which is added to the stuffing. With this product, it turns tender and incredibly flavorful.

Thus, we begin to prepare the dough: flour skip through a fine sieve and set aside a couple of minutes it aside. Meanwhile, combine in a bowl of sweet sand and egg yolks, carefully grind ingredients using a halo when they acquire uniformity, add the diced butter. By the way, it is better if it is softened, therefore please remove it from the refrigerator. Now pour in a bowl the flour, then knead the mass of active movements as long as it will go all the lumps and bumps. You should get an elastic dough does not stick to your hands.

Quick apple pie is almost ready, it remains to collect it. For this process the form of butter and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Because of breadcrumbs on the product formed appetizing crust. With apples, remove the peel, remove all superfluous - bones and heart - then chop them into thin slices. If you want to open an apple pie, pour the dough in a bowl, spread on top of the fruit and send it in a preheated oven. Otherwise, put in a bowl just half the mass, then apples and pour all the remaining batter. This way you get a quick apple pie closed.

Now you need to bake the product hold it in the oven for half an hour at 180 degrees. Doing the dishes, and filling for it can be different, we, in turn, offered one of the easiest options. We hope it is to your liking. You have only three protein from which to prepare a sweet delicious cream. Put them in a deep bowl with the sugar and beat with a mixer or a whisk in a lush lather. The resulting mass is put on the open apple pie (or closed, whichever you are doing), and then another five to seven minutes to put it in the oven. When the product has cooled, divide it into portions pieces with a knife, sprinkle each with powdered.

 apple pie recipe

Walnut-apple pie with raisins, cinnamon and lemon

Who in childhood did not spoil an apple pie? I'm sure many of us still remember the nice, sweet flavor of the dish, its tender and juicy taste. We offer at least a few moments to return to childhood - it needs to bake a dessert. The easiest way - to do it with filling, consisting exclusively of fruit. Agree, it is too simple and standard, for a delicious dessert to be rich and fragrant. Therefore, we recommend to spare no effort to prepare and open apple pie with walnuts, cinnamon and raisins.


Dough Charlotte:

  • sifted flour - a little less than glass
  • one egg
  • 0, 5-ounce package of butter
  • 50 grams of powdered sugar (you can make the pie and the usual sugar)

The filling for apple pie:

  • 800-1000 grams of sour-sweet apples
  • medium-sized lemon
  • 90 grams of walnuts or other nuts (a delicious dessert is also obtained with peanuts and almonds)
  • ground cinnamon - at your discretion
  • the middle two handfuls of raisins

Cooking method:

Apple pie recipe is very diverse, so every fan fragrant baking can pick up the product to your own taste. Perhaps this dish take root in your family. First you need to cook the dough, the procedure is fairly simple: Put the butter out of the fridge when it melts a bit, cut into pieces and connect it with powder, here is enter the egg. This follows previously beat by a special halo. Now, slowly, emptying several tablespoons, add the sifted wheat product. Note dough for apple pie future not to do too dense, it must be flexible and resilient. When you manage, wrap it in plastic and store in the fridge for half an hour.

For the filling, clean the apples and chop them into thin slices, lemon rub on a small grater or act differently: with a knife, remove the peel from it and pass it through a meat grinder. Raisins Soak in warm water when he softened, drain the liquid and squeeze the berries themselves. Mix all ingredients, add them to the ground cinnamon, as well as pre-fried and chopped nuts.

Let's go back to the test: Put it on a floured table and roll a rolling pin. Note that the diameter of the cake should be slightly larger than the form, so that later you can create ledges. Treat the walls of dishes with oil and send it to her dough. Smooth out his hands, spread evenly on top of the filling. Slightly lift the edges of the product to apple-nut mass in the baking process does not fall out. Remove the dish in preheated oven, about a half hour reach for it and set the table.

As you can see, even the usual apple pie, if desired, can be given the original appearance and taste. It is enough to add some new stuffing ingredients. For example, a suitable flavor cinnamon or vanilla and softened golden raisins, ground walnuts or peanuts can help prepare a hearty and juicy dish. Making a cake, you just want it.

 Apple Pie: Recipe good housewife