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Today we will learn to cook pea soup in multivarka. Happy owners of this miracle technology certainly has long mastered all the wisdom of such a preparation, but knowledge are not redundant. But those who are only going to get this useful kitchen assistant, we also tell you about all the wonderful opportunities that have our clever saucepan.

Multivarka - compact instrument, but its range is very broad skills. She bakes, cooks, hovers, extinguishes. This food is cooked in multivarka, it's just a sample of a healthy diet. Moreover, even the most careless hostess never spoil any one dish if she prepares it in multivarka, it is simply impossible: it is not prigorit not wither. Thus no special knowledge and skills are not necessary. In order that the result has always been excellent, only need to choose the right program - the rest clever pot will do for you.

I guess everyone understands that multivarku every family should have. As for beginners housewives - the issue is not discussed.

What multivarku choose? By and large, the principle of all these instruments (regardless of manufacturer) is the same. If there are differences, they are not significant.

One of the most popular models are considered multvarki Panasonic. With this small helper, you can always cook delicious porridge, rice, cakes, pastries and, of course, cook a tasty pea soup in multivarka. The device is simple to use and, as already noted, is compact, easy to clean, in a word, is good in all respects.

Now, try to make soup in a multivarka.

 pea soup in multivarka

Pea soup with meat in multivarka


  • 300 grams veal brisket
  • 200 grams of dry peas
  • 150 grams of bacon
  • onion
  • carrot
  • tablespoon vegetable oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 bay leaves


Peas in the evening wash and cover with cold water. Wash meat and cut into pieces. Onion and bacon cut into small cubes, carrot peel and grate.

Fry the onion, carrot and bacon right in multivarka on the regime "baking". Then add the meat, bay leaf, peas and pour all the water (can be hot). Cooking in the "quenching".

Note. The soup turns out very tasty and flavorful, the meat is very soft. If desired, add the potatoes - it is laid with all the food, but it does not turn into a mess, despite the relatively long cooking time.

Multivarka has such a nice option as a delayed start. In other words, in the morning you can lay all the necessary products, set the right time and get to his return to work hot rich soup. This saves time for more enjoyable activities than standing at the stove after a busy day.

Another simple soup recipe in multivarka.

Pea soup with smoked ribs multivarka


  • 300-400 grams of smoked ribs
  • 200 grams of peas
  • 2-3 potatoes
  • 1 medium onion
  • carrot
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Bay leaf
  • greenery


Peas Rinse and soak for several hours (preferably overnight)

Ribs Wash put in multivarku, add onion whole, grated carrots, washed and soaked peas, sliced ​​potatoes and pour all the water. Season with salt and pepper, put the bay leaf and cook mode suppression of 2.5-3 hours.

Before serving, remove the ribs, cut meat with them. In each plate put the meat and greens.

 Pea soup multivarka

Pea soup with bacon multivarka


  • 2 cups peas
  • 200 grams of bacon
  • onion
  • carrot
  • white roots (parsley, parsnip, celery)
  • tablespoon vegetable oil
  • salt pepper
  • Bay leaf
  • greenery
  • cup croutons


Peas rinse and soak for several hours. Vegetables clean, onion cut into cubes, carrots and grate the roots. Fry in multivarka mode ("baking") with bacon bay leaf, onion and roots (a few slices of bacon to leave for decoration). Add the peas and pour all the water. Cooking in the "stewing" about 3 hours.

The remaining slices of bacon in a frying pan fry until crisp. Before serving in each plate to put a piece of bacon, sprinkle with herbs and drizzle with olive oil. Separately submit crackers.

Preparing the first meal multivarka not be afraid to experiment. Only by experience, you can choose a mode that you feel best. By the way, it multivarka in many cases to achieve the taste, which previously could only be obtained in the Russian stove.

Cook with pleasure! Bon Appetit!

 Always an excellent result: pea soup in multivarka

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 pea soup with mushrooms


  • Pea soup with mushrooms
  • Pea soup with dried mushrooms
  • Pea soup with frozen mushrooms

You still interested in the possibility of an extraordinary cook soup from ordinary products? Then try to cook pea - mushroom soup. Or pea soup with mushrooms or mushroom soup with peas. As it is not called, but the essence remains the same. An amazing combination of seemingly incompatible products provides a stunningly delicious result. And this is only vegetarian dish is also extremely useful, especially if you limit yourself in meat products (such as fasting).

Rich in vegetable protein and peas, and mushrooms. So it turns out the soup hearty and nourishing but not greasy, and light. Prepare it can be virtually any mushrooms: if you want, take a fresh oyster mushrooms, or want to, put into the soup fresh-frozen mushrooms, but want to cook it with dried wild mushrooms. Incidentally pea soup with mushrooms can be both lean and cooked with meat, that's the way you like. So, we offer you a choice of recipes for pea soup with mushrooms.

Pea soup with mushrooms

These fresh mushrooms can be purchased in the market or in the shop at any time of the year. Therefore, in both summer and winter this pea soup cook easily. However, the proposed solutions can not be called diet, and in this post do not eat soup. But in the rest of the time ... Believe me, it's very, very tasty!


  • Dry peas - 1 cup with a slide;
  • Mushrooms - 100 grams (about two to three large mushroom);
  • Celery root - 50 g;
  • Carrot - 1 piece;
  • Onions - 1 medium head;
  • Potatoes - 2-3 things;
  • Smoked Ribs - 500 g;
  • Spices (salt, pepper, Lavrushka) - at your discretion.


First we shall weld a broth of smoked ribs. Bow for him to prepare a very unusual way. Clean up the bulb, we cut it into two halves and place them (cut down) on a dry hot pan to lightly browned. The three-liter saucepan boil water, add the onion halves and sliced ​​smoked ribs and leave to cook for half an hour. Thirty minutes later, we shall take out from the broth onion, put in a pot of well washed peas, again bringing it to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until tender shall peas (about one hour).

While cooked peas, let us vegetables and mushrooms. We will wash and clean the roots and they shall cut thin strips. Carefully washed and obsushennye will cut mushrooms into thin slices (flat mushrooms). Then pour into the fryer oil, it is red-hot and fry the vegetables first, and then the mushrooms (individually). While we were out of fried vegetables and mushrooms, peas had almost cooked. Now we add to it the sliced ​​potatoes, let the soup simmer for another ten minutes, and put fried mushrooms, carrots and celery. At the end of cooking the soup shall salt to taste and put spices. Our pea soup with mushrooms will taste even better if you give him a real (at least half an hour).

 Delicious pea soup with mushrooms

Pea soup with dried mushrooms

This recipe is especially good for fasting food. Dried mushrooms possess an indescribable flavor. Common mushroom soup with them turns out very tasty, and even pea soup with dried mushrooms simply beyond praise. For the preparation of vegetable soup with mushrooms and peas we need the following ingredients:

  • Dried mushrooms - 50 grams;
  • Pea dry peeled - 1 cup;
  • Parsley root - 1 root;
  • Bulb - one little thing;
  • Carrots - one little thing;
  • Vegetable oil (unscented);
  • Seasonings - at your discretion.


For this soup peas must be pre-soak. This is best done in the evening, leaving the peas in water overnight. Mushrooms also need to soak, but it must be done within two hours before the soup. By the way, as well as dried mushrooms and fresh, you must first wash. So mushrooms that we soak two hours removed from the water, and it was poured into a three-liter pot. Herewith the volume of water up to two and a half liters (adding net) and put it in peas and chopped mushrooms. Put the soup to cook on a slow fire.

While peas cooked with mushrooms, wash and clean the vegetables and cut them into small cubes or cubes. Then fry the roots of onions in vegetable oil. Add the fried soup when the peas will be almost ready, and cook until tender pea soup. At the end of cooking (about five minutes) and season with salt soup spices. Served to the table with croutons and fresh herbs.


If this pea soup you are cooking in the post when you can not use any oil, then the onions, carrots and parsley to the soup place (not obzharivaya) twenty minutes before it is ready.

 How to cook pea soup with mushrooms

Pea soup with frozen mushrooms

Try to prepare soup with wild mushrooms that you can hardly buy fresh. But they are often sold frozen in our stores. For this soup we need the following ingredients:

  • 1 package fresh-frozen mushrooms;
  • 1 cup peas;
  • 1 head of onions;
  • Butter for frying;
  • Salt and spices to your taste.


We sorted out, washed and soaked for about three hours of dry split peas. Then merge with pea water, fill it with two liters of fresh water and add it to the mushrooms (not even defrosting). Put the peas with mushrooms and cook to full readiness finally peas. Meanwhile nashinkuem onion finely and fry it in butter (flavor is indescribable!). When the peas are cooked with mushrooms, wipe the soup through a sieve, or converted to a puree with a blender. Once again, boil the soup, season with his fried onion in butter, salt and spices (to taste).

By the way, do not get too smart with spices: the taste and aroma of fried onions will be better than any seasoning. But black pepper and a little leaf soup lavrushki not interfere. Just put a bay leaf into the soup just a minute before the turn off the heat. Dill or parsley and not spoil the taste and aroma of this pea soup with mushrooms.

By the way, pea soup with mushrooms can be cooked without potatoes. Since potatoes are far dietary product, such a soup can be included in the menu of those who care about the harmony of the figure. After tasting this magical soup, you will not add a single gram of excess weight, but will feel well-fed and contented. And yet - no remorse! Therefore, try, experiment and cook with pleasure.

 Pea soup with mushrooms: no harm, but usefully