Cream cheese soup with Tostik


  • All the taste and benefits of cheese
  • The basic recipe of the first dishes based on cheese
  • Minor tweaks and little tricks
  • A variety of cheeses and how to prepare

What can you imagine a more delicate, refined and at the same time with a piquant twist, the aroma that can please even the intractable gourmet, bringing it to a complete delight? The recipe is simple - of course, this cheese cream soup, and rightly so. Easily digestible, rich, season, colorful - no doubt it can be called a favorite within any restaurant menu, not to mention the home kitchen. Cheese, being a delicacy, is irreplaceable, because it is a source of beauty and health, and the content of a large number of trace elements and vitamins once again proves that its benefits invaluable.
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All the taste and benefits of cheese

For all the variety of exceptional in its composition included in the recipe components unites them soft and creamy texture, which is achieved by prolonged grinding of all components of the soup with the addition of milk or cream.

The main components and spices for cream soup

The main ingredients in this soup are vegetables, can add beans, mushrooms, pasta, vegetables, smoked meats or seafood.

Recipe broth neprintsipialen well, and then it is possible to experiment endlessly. This chicken soup, broth and vegetable broth, meat, mushrooms, fish, or just water. At the same time in different recipes and recommend different varieties of cheese, processed cheese until soft and moldy cheese. Here, the choice of cheese, it is necessary to take into account only the personal taste preferences.

For true connoisseurs of cheese, perhaps, the main advantage over other soups is just cheesy taste. It is dominant in this dish, and it is not necessary to save this product (it's not just the cost of the cheese, but its number), but the rest is only set off and complement it. The quality of the cheese must be acceptable to the density of the soup was decent names cream soup. Yet one of the most piquant spices are the highlight. The best here are: nutmeg, garlic salt, black and white pepper, thyme, basil, turmeric, almonds, ginger.

 cream soup with croutons
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The basic recipe of the first dishes based on cheese

Among the soups in this category have a small list of obvious leaders, one of them is the cheese cream soup with mushrooms and chicken.   The basic recipe of the dishes are not complicated and involves:

2 potatoes, medium onion, 1 carrot, 150 gr. grated cheese (preferably solid grades, for example, "cheese"), 300 gr. melted cheese, 1 cup of cream (preferably 33%), a few sprigs of parsley, celery, white pepper and, of course, salt.

Without a doubt, the most delicious soup - the soup is cooked broth, so you must take a small saucepan, cook in advance 0, 5 liters of your favorite soup, add chopped potatoes, put on the stove and without wasting time, do saute onions and carrots. First, put the onions in the pan, a little later - carrots. Carrots are best cut into small cubes, and then again a little trick. It was after a small roasting carrots becomes very unusual and pleasant aroma, and useful vitamins (especially carotene) fall into the soup.

For carrots and onions can add finely chopped celery, when everything is ready, add them to the broth. Now is the time cream. It is necessary to boil the soup for 10 minutes. and you can start whipping. It is desirable to all beat blender and only then add the chopped pieces or, if possible, shabby grated cheese. Cook all slow stirring until complete dissolution of cheese. Add spices and salt, all on taste preferences. Here and ready a fabulous cream cheese soup on the basic recipe.

Before you entertain the guests, it would be appropriate to decorate the resulting dish with grated hard cheese and parsley. Taking as a basis for this recipe, you can add the mushrooms and chicken fantasies hostess simply has no limits, and it is quite natural, because you always want to see on his desk is something unusual, tasty and very beautiful.

 Delicious cream cheese soup
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Minor tweaks and little tricks

It should constantly look for options and experiment, but you should not forget about the compatibility of products. And here's another little secret recipe that is sure to come in handy when preparing your favorite soup. To make the soup thicker, to add to the recipe in advance fried flour, it will give the soup and density, and a beautiful caramel color. If the soup preferred light color, then the flour fried in butter.

Finally, when applying if you want to make soup more hearty, it adds slices of roasted meat or fish, depending on the composition of the recipe. Pre-made small croutons of fresh bread just as rightly be called the cunning, by which the first course will be even tastier.
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A variety of cheeses and how to prepare

Yet all the different cheeses, like we are all different, and when, at what point and how to put the cheese in the soup, it has not yet been mentioned. So, if you look at the recipes of chefs, it appears that for processed cheese this time - just the very preparation, when the cheese must be carefully add the broth and achieve its complete dissolution. Soft cheeses are first dissolved in a small amount of cream and then added to the soup. Hard cheeses are added at the end of the preparation and, as an option, when the dish is already on the table. The main thing is not to let the cheese curled or exfoliate, as it surely will spoil the look of the soup.

But to visit relatives and always admired cooked dishes, cheese cream soup is not worth re-reheat before serving. It is not necessary to prepare it for a couple days as cheese plenochka on heating will simply pieces and can again spoil the impression of the application submitted to the dinner. Recipe - unusual, and every time a kind of creation, the more taste and the more appetizing result will be.

 Secrets and tricks of these chefs in the preparation of the first dishes based on cheese

 recipes of different vegetable soups


  • Features vegetable soups
  • Vegetable soup and especially cooking
  • The main varieties of vegetable soups

Every time thinking about what to cook for dinner, we iterate through a huge number of recipes for all kinds of dishes. And if you or someone else in your family has and digestive problems, most recipes or discarded or reworked at the discretion of the hostess. The most common lunch dishes in our country is a soup. His and we ate in kindergarten, it is cooked in the extended group in the school, and of the house can not be avoided dinner menu is definitely the first place is a particular kind of soup.

Among them are such varieties as meat soup, vegetable soup, mushroom, fish, seafood, and even fruit. This classification is given in accordance with the main components of the recipe. However, they are difficult to classify as highlight the main component is very problematic. To the right and the soup was delicious, the main rules must be observed in its preparation, namely the fact that the liquid in it should not exceed 50% of the total weight of the prepared dishes. Although much depends on your needs, tastes and opportunities stomach.

 ofoschnogo cooking soup
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Features vegetable soups

Without vegetable soups or in our or in any other country, it is impossible to do if only because that several times a year, Orthodox Christians, fasting, refuse from eating meat. Another factor influencing the distribution of vegetable soup in Russia is that the population is still even more with the development of agricultural activities. Precisely because of this Russian citizens prefer the recipe to which you want to cook his own grown products.

Well, the question regarding vegetarianism, also contributes to the development of this category of soups. But, nevertheless, do not forget that vegetable soup may be cooked meat broth, and even with the addition of meat, and wherein the main component of the food will still remain vegetable that will need to cook the meat broth.

Thus, soups, main elements of which are such traditional central Russia vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, carrots and onions are an excellent basis for a soup with beef or pork. For the best combination of leguminous plants would be bacon or sausage. Well, for soups, which contain herbs (sorrel, nettles) are required dietary soup with rabbit meat, poultry.

As additional components in the soup recipe includes cereals, pasta, crackers, eggs, dumplings and more. For the filling soup used the cream, all kinds of sauces, cheeses, sour cream, olive oil. You should not lose focus and such factors as the decoration of dishes, which are rarely included in the recipe. For this purpose, use sprigs of green, curly sliced ​​tomatoes, lemon slices, halved olives or chopped nuts and seeds. As an accompanying products are often prepared cakes, toast, toast.

So, there are more than 200 varieties of vegetable soups. And it's only officially registered data. If we add to them a recipe, which is used mistress, you get a very big list.

 especially cooking vegetable soup
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Vegetable soup and especially cooking

In order to prepare a soup, required primarily broth. It can be cooked as vegetables themselves, and on any other products. As with any food, it uses only fresh products, which should be carefully washed and peeled.

Since all vegetables have a different composition and thus react differently to thermal processing, when the cooking time is necessary to consider the preparation of each vegetable. Otherwise it may happen that the undercooked potatoes and cabbage, on the contrary, be digested. Despite the fact that the soup can have the same name and to cook it in different countries may vary.
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The main varieties of vegetable soups

As the main component used in the preparation of a dish, you can select not only a variety of soups, but their subspecies. They depend on what kind of taste characteristics are crucial.

Borscht - vegetable soup with beet taste

Many may oppose such a definition of borscht, but soup is classified as vegetable soups. In fact the main determinant here is a taste of vegetables like beets.

The history of the origin and etymology of borscht

On receipt of the names of dishes influenced by several factors. The most basic is that of which it is composed. According to some sources, in ancient times, the main components of the dishes was a parsnip. This should not be confused with the cow parsnip Sosnowski cow parsnip, which appear burned. This cow parsnip, whose leaves are used as food, added to soups, which are called borsch. According to others, the word "brsch" was called before the beets, but in any etymological dictionary of data on this. But in some Slavic dialects are vernacular name beet - Buriak.

On the origin of borscht no data is available. But according to some sources, this dish appeared on the territory of Kievan Rus. That is why in this region, it is most prevalent, and diversity. The Russian borscht mentioned documents from the time of 16 in., And, according to some sources, it was soup was the favorite dish of Catherine II, Alexander II.

Technology of preparation of borscht

This soup is a fairly complex multi-dish. At its preparation should be very attentive to all of its stages. Properly cooked vegetable soup - delicious, beautiful and rich. The main component of this is the beet soup. That it is able to give the dish a special color and flavor. With beets in the ground and associated difficulties in the preparation of borscht. Before lowering the beet soup, it is necessary to properly prepare. To begin with it should be washed and cut into small pieces (some of it rubbed on a coarse grater).

Quenched chopping vegetables in a pan, while in addition the oil should be added to it acid (which may be citric acid, vinegar or lemon juice), which prevent discoloration during cooking beet. Separately, the rest fried vegetables - onions, carrots, greens. Near the end of them added tomato paste or fresh tomatoes, cut into small slices, you need to cook for no longer than 5 minutes.

This kind of filling soup. It remains an open question as to what kind of broth used for such a "nice" meal. First, nutritionists and cooks are advised to be guided by your own taste. For example, you can use a vegetable broth as where before the fry need to boil the carrots, onions and other vegetables. It is necessary to observe the basic rules - to the finished soup was the most nourishing, requires as many vegetables, because no plant can not be compared on the effect of satiety with meat.   In the different regions, meanwhile, as the broth used not only ordinary water, but with the addition of meat brew. Even dairy products can be added to vegetable soup.

 simple vegetable soup

Pickle as a main dish of Russian cuisine

Oddly enough, but the recipe is unique rassolnik. It is primarily in the simplicity of its preparation, in the absence of the need to involve a large amount of ingredients, and also in that it has several varieties, depending on the "target" audience dishes. The main element of rassolnik in any of its form remains a pickle. And then, depending on extra pickle products can be traditional and vegetarian.

The first option is to pickle the meat, which is usually used so-called "by-products" such as pork, beef or chicken leaver. Add to it, you can and meat, and many other vegetables and grains, and spices, and even greens. While the recipe rassolnik includes pickles, it should not be too spicy and salty. So during the preparation of the soup is best not to add salt at all, and even during each meal to your liking Ambassador or add some more spices.

Recipe and technology of preparation rassolnik

Cooking vegetable soup such as pickle, is not very difficult. To get a delicious meal, its members need to add the following ingredients:

  • carrot,
  • bow,
  • potatoes,
  • cabbage,
  • greenery,
  • cucumbers,
  • cucumber pickle,
  • vegetable oil,
  • seasoning to taste.

In order to prepare this vegetable soup, you must first prepare your soup. To do this, boil in a saucepan 2-2, 5 liters of water, clean the pickles from the skin and throw it into boiling water. This will be the basis for rassolnik broth. After you wash all vegetables and herbs, you must cut them and cook. The first step is tackling the greens and onions.

Their shinkuem strips and fry in oil. So we have on the plate is large pots and pans. We need another small saucepan (or bucket). It pour half a cup of broth and put it chopped pickles. A boiling water diminish to a minimum, and closing the pan lid, leave to languish until the cucumbers are not softened.

At the same time, until the broth is cooked, cucumbers and onions are fried with herbs, we cut into small cubes potatoes, cabbage shinkuem. Roasted vegetables can be switched off immediately as soon as they acquire a nice golden color. First, the broth is added to the potatoes, cabbage later. Cook them about 15-20 minutes to join them sauteed vegetables and poached cucumbers.

Approximately 5 minutes before end of cooking, add to the soup with salt, pepper and any other spices. For 1 minute before the end of cooking pickle need to pour cucumber pickle. So delicious soup is ready. In addition to this, there are other prescription its variants. For example, you can cook pickle mushrooms, millet, oatmeal or other cereals. This option is a traditional, vegetarian.

Another way to prepare is a recipe rassolnik containing in its composition of meat. For example, the recipe for "Leningrad rassolnik" is based on a meat broth. This meat, which we cook should be without bones. It is taken out after it is cooked. Beforehand you need to cook grits, the time it takes from half an hour.

All vegetables are prepared and used in the same way as in the traditional version, but here at the beginning into the broth laid cereals, and in half an hour you can proceed to the vegetables (in the same order - potatoes, cabbage, fried onions and greens). This tasty pickle served with meat, which pieces can be put directly into the bowl of soup, and can be expanded on a dish from which it will be easy to get each and add to the soup.

 The main types of traditional Russian dishes: vegetable soup recipes