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  • The child reaches 8 months
  • My daily routine for the eight-month baby
  • The emotional and intellectual development
  • Physical exercises with a child of eight months

The child is hyperactive in 8 months and shows a conscious interest in the world around them. The ability to crawl allows the baby to learn new things that come across his path. Crawling on all fours is also the training of the leg muscles and back muscles, which helps to strengthen them for further skills walk. At this age, the child learns to balance and stand holding support. The kid is already well seated, it takes the desired toy items shifts from one pen to another.

The child can consciously show adult toys, to which he must reach.

In 8 months the baby is already clearly and loudly pronounces syllables expresses joy and anger, screaming at the same time, recognize the photographs of familiar people. At the request of adult clapping, waving goodbye to handle. Closely watching moving objects on the TV screen or window.

The most interesting occupation for eight months the baby is throwing toys on the floor - so he studied the sounds of falling, and the reaction of parents to the action. When the adults returned to the place of toys, baby throws them again, thus attracting the attention of adults to themselves.
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The child reaches 8 months

At 8 months of life the baby is gaining weight 500-550 grams and grows 2 cm. On average, it weighs 8100-8500 grams, while the growth of 68-75 cm. At this age, the child acquires these skills:

  • Actively babbles, trying to say something;
  • Understand and respond to simple requests: "Give me your hand", etc .;
  • Playing simple games "Ladushki" and reacts to the music, "dancing";
  • Distinguishes between "us" and "them." Fear and anxiety in the absence of my mother;
  • Surely she sits, stands and walks from the support (in the arena);
  • It improves physical development resulting from the active crawling;
  • He is able to bite and chew soft foods. Goes to puree food for grinding.

Good development of the baby is formed with proper care: regular outdoor exercise, gymnastics, massage, air and water baths.

 child nutrition in 8 months
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My daily routine for the eight-month baby

At 8 months old baby is eating 5 times a day every 4 hours. For infants breast milk is still an important food, but the non-core. The first and last feeding - breast milk or infant formula for the "bottle-". The third feeding - lunch should consist of vegetables and meat: chicken, beef or lean pork. The total volume of the main feeding should be 220-250 g, from which the meat should be 40-60, the second power supply (about 11 hours) must be frayed cheese and fruit. At lunch you need to prepare baby milk porridge with boiled egg yolk.

If the baby already has 4 teeth, then you can proceed with frayed food on crushed. You can give crumbs soft foods such as cookies, apple, carrot, so he learned to bite and chew on their own.

At 8 months, it is already possible to teach it to the pot. If the baby is sitting quietly, then planted it on the pot should be after every meal and sleep, but no more than 10 minutes, even if nothing happened. In this procedure, it is not necessary to give crumbs toys to avoid distracting. If you get a positive result of planting, you should be sure to praise the baby. He must develop a clear understanding of what it planted in a pot.

If a child resists and does not want to sit, it is better to postpone this skill to 1, 5 years. At this age, kids begin to have more consciously perceive the pot and its purpose.

The baby of 8 months should sleep at least 14-15 hours per day, of which 8-10 hours - night's sleep. At this age, the baby is sleeping through the night quietly, almost without waking up. Happy toddler sleeps 2 times for 1, 5 - 2 hours morning and afternoon.

Good health and normal development will provide a permanent sleep and nutrition. Of course, all children are different, each has its own biorhythms and the need for food and sleep. Here, the main rule - to stack and feed the baby at one and the same time.   Adherence to shield them from digestive problems, as well as provide a good mood and calm the baby.
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The emotional and intellectual development

Eight months of life brings the emotional development of the baby to the next level: the child feels a strong attachment to his mother and clearly divides people into "us" and "them." The kid is very sensitive to the separation from his mother, that for him at this age is the "center of the universe." But this fact must not become a lever by adults, so mom should be particularly flexible in the education of the child, not to develop its capriciousness. Mommy should not only be on time to feed and put to bed their babies, but also give them enough attention in communication. When the baby will be enough attention, then he will not so much worry about the temporary separation from his mother. And the mother should not be completely "dissolved" in your favorite Chad, it is necessary to find time for yourself.

Kid 8 months not only distinguishes between strangers, but also responds to facial expressions, tone of voice. On bans adequately responds by ceasing its activities for some time. Eight-children very emotional and sensitive.

A small child has with interest examines himself in the mirror, smiles at him, touched. The mood at this age is changing very rapidly. Young children are easily expressed as a pleasure and displeasure. To bad mood is not delayed, it is necessary to switch the attention of the baby on a nice object: toy, watch, cartoons.

The intellectual development of the child is formed in 8 months has been particularly active. The kid in this period of life is very curious. His actions start to occur any more on an instinctive level, and lucid. The child receives the information, analyze it and draw conclusions. He thrives memory, observation. The child remembers the last event and actively respond to the new thing in the apartment. He already knows how to compare objects, to assess their quality. However, the rate of development of mental abilities of the child depends on the speed of his adaptation to the environment. This means that parents need to talk more with the baby, talking about a new, helping to acquire new skills.

Tot enjoy simple request: "Weave a pen", "crawl to her mother," etc. He easily finds the right things, and he can point to the object that interested him.

Some kids are already starting to say the first word, "Baba", "mum", "dad", "give". They continue to babble, while trying to imitate the sounds, the voices of adults. Using the syllables of children are able to express their requests, desires and emotions. Using gestures "communicate" with adults. At this age, the child begins to distinguish between his name and respond to it. This fact is a very important step in the development of the little man.

 Games for children eight-month
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Physical exercises with a child of eight months

Good physical development of an eight-month baby is characterized by its ability to crawl. Before you learn how to stand up, stand and walk, the baby must first learn to stand on all fours. The absence or change the order of the basic movements may indicate a violation of the nervous system. These disorders may themselves go, or may remain, to show later in reading and writing.

Crawling - it is also training the muscles of the body. If the kid got up early on the legs, bypassing the stage of crawling, as a result he can get curvature of the spine, crooked legs, lack of mobility of the muscular system.

So crawl - a very important point in the development of the crumbs. To the child began to crawl well, it should be with him to engage in a certain set of physical activity:

  1. Exercise in the bath. To do this, put the baby in the belly bottom of the bath and gradually fill the container with water. As a result of filling the water begins to raise the kid under his belly, making him thus to stand on all fours. It must be very careful and cautious, that the child drowned!
  2. Classes at home sports center with rings and slide. Exercises with these devices are a good trainer for the muscles of the arms and legs.
  3. Exercises with a slide. Holding the baby, we have to put it down on the head of the slope and begin the descent. The child instinctively get up on all fours.
  4. Walking "on hand." For this we need to raise the baby by the legs, so he took the pen. He really liked this activity, provided that it is still jiggle back and forth. The floor should not be slippery, but not soft (fluffy carpets).

Showing your child of love and attention, its development and education can give excellent results in the future.

Thus, the child's development 8 months characterized by the onset of a new phase, not only physical but also emotional and intellectual. At this age, the little man is actively acquainted with the surrounding world. It is very important part and the attention of parents. Only a loving mother is able to feel your baby and give it the necessary attention and care.

 Features a child's development 8 months