proper development of the child in 5 months


  • Eating five-month child
  • Walking with children, toys and swimming

Many young mothers are interested in child development 5 months. The feed him and how to care for it? This material will help them in this difficult matter, because it is often even experienced moms do not know how to introduce solid foods, as you need to walk, as well as how to bathe a five-month baby.
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Eating five-month child

The development of the child in 5 months is very important for his future life.   Let's start with the fact that it largely depends on whether it receives power from the mother, that is, when my mother feeding her baby with breast milk, the lure of themselves, and not required. However, if your baby is bottle-fed, you should start giving other foods since five months.

You can begin to give fruit purees and juices. Mostly it has to be apple, pear juice. You can give a little carrot. From mashed potatoes can recommend the cabbage and carrots. Giving must first one spoon, so that the child felt the taste. It is possible that a new taste to it he did not really like it, then you should stop for a while to give this product, but then be sure to try again.

Another important complementary foods are cereals. You can gradually accustom the child to the ladle. Boil it should be very liquid so that the child she choked, then you can give thicker and, when the child is already accustomed to eat porridge from a spoon. It is also very useful porridge of cornmeal. It is brewed in the same way as semolina.

 bathing the child in 5 months
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Walking with children, toys and swimming

For the development of children in the 5 months are needed daily walks. Better, of course, if the weather is good and windless, but if there is little rain, do not sit at home! Take the stroller, umbrella, do not forget to cover the carriage, and go into the street! The fresh air during and after the rain is very useful for lung development in children. Do not wear a lot of clothes on a child, when you go with him on the street - the child may sweat and then catch a cold. Better warm jacket to take along. See for yourself: if you cool himself, then the child will be cold, and if you get hot at least a little bit, and then the child would be uncomfortable if he dressed like a cabbage. Walk with your child every day at least one hour.

If you find it hard constantly to lower the wheelchair in the doorway, then arrange with the neighbors that they have helped you. Encourage your husband to walk, he is at home, not at work. You can put the baby to bed, pull the wheelchair to the first floor, and then by the rise of the baby. So you spend less strength and gymnastics exercise (walking up the stairs - great gymnastics) and accurately be sure that no damage to the road, because there will not be much physically stressed.

Baby in the five months already asked to sit. To put its own is not necessary. Let time pass, and the child himself will be able to sit down. And if this is to start with five months against nature, it is possible to hurt him back. Do not worry if the baby can sit up myself - so its time. You can obkladyvat baby pillows so he could try to get on their own, but did not fall out of bed. At that time, children usually become active and can roll over on the back, and then again in the stomach. These rifts can and roll to the edge of the sofa, so be very careful.

In 5 months baby become interested in many subjects. Should buy him a variety of rubber toys to develop fine motor skills of hands and fingers. Let them tell their rattles, lying in bed. You can buy him a pyramid, with time he will collect it, to fold so that its parts fit correctly. In addition, it will be a lot to swallow, so before you give a child a toy, it should be boiled for 15 minutes in a large saucepan. At this age, it is already possible to start reading fairy tale little child, showing bright colored pictures. He will remember the spoken language and learn to speak a little, even in his own words, but it is very helpful for its development.

Bathe your little 5 months, it is already possible in a large common bath and do not add to manganese. Soap need to take baby, neutral. It is best suited liquid soap in a jar with dispenser, for out of it is very easy to pour the soap into his hand, if the other hand holds the baby. Of course, the best - it is to bathe the child with the father.

Let dad sit in the bath and control the process, support the child under the belly. Normally, at this age, the child swims well, especially if practiced swimming since diapers. Wash baby together better too. Let Dad keeps his hands, as he has more strength, and my mom just rub baby soap soft sponge. The bath can be run bath toys, let them shine, squeak - toddler would be better to swim in a large tub, and fear of the soul and the suds he never will, because he would be interested.

In conclusion I would like to add that no toys and colorful book will not replace the love, care and affection of parents. So follow these tips and do not forget to consult a pediatrician. At the slightest cold, contact your doctor, because the body of the child is still fragile and any cold can cause serious illness. And most importantly, pay your treasure a lot of attention, do it with pleasure, because children - the flowers of life. They are the most precious thing we have!

 Baby 5 months: food, care and development

 the development of a baby in 2 months


  • In 2 months of trying all tastes
  • Tactile sensations and "self-massage"
  • The development of the child's fingers
  • The development of the auditory activity
  • Some more exercises

When the baby two months, my mother already fully understands his child why the baby is crying, he wants to bring a squeak or when the legs jerk; What if it's hot or cold; He knows how he asks to eat. Himself pipsqueak already fully adapted to the world around him; it gradually takes possession of the main universal means of communication - a smile; Now a little gladly bestows her mom and dad; in it - trust and the joy of seeing beloved parents.

The means of communication in two months and still crying, but now it is the social meaning (asking to have the handles and showed the world or play with him). When the crumb in a good mood, he trains in the mastery of vowels, with attention to listen to yourself and freezes, to reiterate, first unusual combination: a y-o-uh-ah-oh. This is the forerunner to the formation of words. To develop the baby was faster repeat syllables with him, the dialogue-Gulen trains its articulation and speech aids.

The second month of life - a time when his vision improved; sight becomes directional; baby can already follow the subject and focus, do not lose sight of him, when he suddenly stopped. Favorite thing to your children of this period - to look at all sorts of items found on his two feet; do leisure baby fun, hang over the crib rattles and toys. In 2 months begins to form and coordinate the "hand-eye"; a child tries to grab everything that is a meter away from him; toes nearly all the time compressed into a cam (so pipsqueak just drumming on things), and if I had one bent, then immediately pulled in her mouth. Now let's list what the kid knows how to its second small birthday:

  1. Endows all his charm and radiant smile.
  2. Visually focus and keep an eye moving and staying subjects.
  3. Turn your head to the sound source, to seek his eyes.
  4. Lying on his stomach, trying to hold his head.
  5. Noises while exercising on the vowels.
  6. Turns from side to back.

 child nutrition in 2 months

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In 2 months of trying all tastes

Kid pulling in his mouth all the things that he sees? This is understandable. This method of learning about the world accustomed to crumbs since the womb; do not worry, it is so saturated with saliva enzymes that the baby is safe. Of course, mom still need to regularly take care of cleanliness in the house. Child development is successful, and now he was beginning to understand the difference between a chest mother of blankets. When the crumb is hungry, he will realize that he needed was a mom or a bottle, and it would not otherwise agree.

In two months, when the baby is awake, he is almost always doing something, but not always, he gets control of movement; it tends to head in one direction and then the other side, take off the handle, and the back bends. Favorite position crumbs in a dream - pose a fencer; if put on the flank, then he will be able to roll over on his back, as if the tummy - will try to raise the head (usually the eighth week of life the baby can already hold it for about 10 seconds). Tired, baby closes his eyes and turns where there is for him no "irritants." Back to contents

Tactile sensations and "self-massage"

You have already mastered and done the usual massage his 2 weeks - it's time to acquaint their crumbs with new tactile sensations! For this case, you will need Push Along items: pencils, nuts, small balls, sticks smooth. If your "unit" a little, then ironed them all the body, if large - only the back. It is useful to organize the child and the conditions for "self-massage."

Spread the diaper on the table and pour cereal, put the kid. If a pipsqueak aktivnichaet much, then change position - lying on his back, he could not afford the grains to stick to the nose or mouth. Baby crawling on the rump, get new tactile sensations; at the same time they can diversify, changing the "filler" (you can start with millet, buckwheat continue, rice, round peas, beans). Duration of a small kid should not get tired and feel uncomfortable.

If a child suddenly disappeared tone hands and feet, and he actively moves them, make for better muscle development it dumbbells (tiny, baby). To do this in a small bottle (for example, from the "Actimel" or "Marshmallow Froot Loops") pour a little water, close them well, and then attach the handles or legs of the child - it will to practice lifting weights; when the initial weight is mastered, add a little more water (and so on until half-capacity).

 Massage for the child's development
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The development of the child's fingers

In children 2 months it is time to train your fingers (the impact on the active points which are associated with the brain, accelerate its development). After the eighth week of the life of a child is a "switch" the center of the tactile analyzer cerebral hemispheres. Engage with kids using the grasping reflex. That is one of the exercises: invest in an open palm a ball (diameter - 2 cm, it is possible, by the way, do little things with their hands from the fabric and thread), achieving this reflex setting.

You can do similar exercises with sticks (ideal diameter section - 1, 5 cm, and length - about 25 cm). You can use round, ribbed and smooth elements; well liners to give crumbs, small rolls of oilcloth, chintz and terry cloth; they stimulate the movement of the arms (squeezing and grasping), develop a sensitivity palm. Described is a passive exercise, but, despite this, the child's development will be incomplete without them. Back to contents

The development of the auditory activity

In 2 months you can start to exercise for the development of hearing. For the game "Where is ringing? "You need a bell height of 7 cm. Place the child on the back, holding the bell is not in sight crumbs and tinkled softly; making three bells, let your child figure out where the sound; Repeat the approaching daze. Classes are recommended 2 times a day for a month.

 proper development of the child in 2 months
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Some more exercises

Child development will be faster if the 2 months of his life, you will start to do the following manipulations:

  1. Maintain a dialogue with the child, to reply to it. Scarce watching you to see how you put the sponge, uttering syllables, starts to imitate you - so it will be easier to learn to speak.
  2. Teach your child to put out a small language. This will be the forerunner of articulation exercises, you will learn about later.
  3. Try to teach the child other combinations of sounds, "agy" "Yeah."
  4. Draw your little what sounds animals emit: pomyaukayte, porychite, Paul. This "concert" for the child - the first small step in the development of speech of attention; In addition, the "performance" simply amuse your baby.
  5. Lie on your back, put her child on her stomach. Grasp it and lift. Looking into each other's eyes, tilt the child's right and left.
  6. Extend palette of sounds! Give a listen to the music box, tap wooden spoons or simply demonstrate how bag rustling. Most sing lullabies, poems read with expression.
  7. Stroking handle small baby fabric (velvet, silk, canvas) strips.
  8. In 2 months the baby still strongly sharpened instincts, this fact can be used in developing exercises. Place the child on the flank, swipe up from the bottom with your fingers along the spine, the child in response to sag back. Put the legs to the soles (in prone position) hand, will try to push the kid and maybe a few centimeters crawl itself.
  9. Shows the child a simple black and white pictures (geometric figures or animals).

Child development is not in place! Scarce for eight weeks, and the wandering of his sleepy eyes gave way to deliberate, and smooth movements began to appear (actions are not as chaotic as before). Your child is growing, and this is just a small list of his achievements. Do not assume that your child is too small, go in with him, play, perform some simple uprazhneniya.Razvitie baby in 2 months: games and exercises

 Exercises for development of the child in two months