Cake pigeon's milk at home


  • "Bird's milk" in the semolina
  • "Bird's milk" is almost GOST
  • Recipe from the book "Soviet and cakes"

Another legacy of the recent Soviet past - the cake "Bird's milk". And if in that wonderful country called the Soviet Union was dominated by the same laws as in capitalist society, the inventors of this cake would become billionaires. But, alas! They did not become a billionaire, even though the patent for the invention is received. And they invented the cake is still a legend of Soviet cuisine (along with the cake "Prague" and "Kiev"). It should be noted that for the legend this cake is not so old: it came up in the late seventies of the last century in a candy store "laboratory" Moscow restaurant "Prague". "Bird's milk" made a splash as a new confectionary invention wishing to buy it lined kilometer queue.

Naturally, this culinary masterpiece and tried to play on their home kitchens. However, to repeat what could create professionals able to not all. As a result of these attempts was born everywhere (in the USSR), the famous cake recipe "Bird's milk" in the semolina. Strictly speaking, it is the recipe for this cake and it became home to do this. However, to understand the principle of preparing mouth-watering cream-souffle some housewives still could. So they turned and cook almost real cake "Bird's milk" in the home.

Then the secret of the legendary cake was declassified famous confectioner Alexander Seleznev in his book with the recipes of the Soviet and cakes and, in general, has ceased to be a secret. Today housewives cook virtually indistinguishable from the Gostovskaya "Bird's milk", and generously share recipes on various forums and in social networks. We invite you to join in wishing to recreate the legend of the Soviet past and the pastry to bake a cake famous "Bird's milk" in the home.

"Bird's milk" in the semolina

It is for this (or similar) recipe baked homemade "Bird's milk" mothers and grandmothers Soviet schoolgirls. So even if the trot and is far from the original, it is still known and popular as the "cake from childhood."


  • A glass of flour;
  • Cup sugar (for the test);
  • One and a half cups of sugar (cream);
  • 3 tablespoons sugar (for glaze);
  • 150 g butter (for testing);
  • 300 g butter (cream);
  • 2 cups milk;
  • 3 eggs;
  • A teaspoon of hydrated soda;
  • 3 tablespoons semolina;
  • 3 teaspoons of cocoa powder (for the test);
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa (for glaze);
  • 2 tablespoons of sour cream.


Melt the butter in a skillet, cool slightly and rub with the sugar. Then add this mixture to the eggs and carefully all vzobem mixer. Then a teaspoon of baking soda to put out two tablespoons of water, acidified with vinegar or pineapple and Spill into the mixture. Again, all mixed up and, continuing to stir, gradually vsyplem cup flour.

Now we need to divide the resulting dough into two parts and one of them, add the cocoa powder. Next smazhem baking dish with vegetable oil, prisyplem flour or breadcrumbs and bake the cake in turn two. In the baking of each we need about ten minutes. When the cakes have cooled, cut the half and their promazhem cream.

Cream of cake cook on the ladle, which brew a glass of fresh-milk and three tablespoons of semolina. When the porridge has cooled, it is necessary to add half grated on a fine grater or minced lemon in a blender and blend porridge mixer. Then you need to grind with sugar soft butter, add it to porridge and once again drive a good cream.

Now, prepare the glaze, which polem cake top. Two tablespoons of sour cream spread in a saucepan, add the cocoa powder and sugar. All mix thoroughly, put on fire and give a boil. After that, put in a tablespoon of frosting butter and boil some more until the glaze starts to thicken.

So, ready to collect cakes in the cake, alternating layers of chocolate and white and cream promazyvaya them. The top of the cake with cream does not smear, but it is still warm pour glaze. Then remove the cake in the fridge, but after a couple of hours enjoying the forgotten taste of homemade cake "Bird's milk".

 Delicious Cake pigeon's milk at home

"Bird's milk" is almost GOST

Cake, as close as possible in composition, appearance and taste to this "bird's milk", which was and queues. For the preparation of this cake at home you will need a round sectional shape for baking and the following ingredients:

  • A glass of flour;
  • Cup sugar (for the test);
  • 2 cups sugar (cream);
  • Half cup sugar (for glaze)
  • 4 eggs (for the test);
  • 10 eggs (cream);
  • A glass of milk (cream);
  • 3 tablespoons milk (for glaze);
  • 300 g butter;
  • 40 g of gelatin;
  • 5 tablespoons of cocoa powder;
  • Sachet vanilla.


Please make biscuit dough for the cake. Divide the eggs in a bowl, pour back the sugar and carefully stir it all with a mixer for at least ten minutes. Then add the flour, stir, pour the batter into a greased and floured form and bake for about half an hour. Willingness to check the dry match. Ready to give biscuit to cool completely and divide it into two cakes for our cake.

Then proceed to the preparation of the cream. Cream, I must say, this cake is really extraordinary! And he is preparing in several stages.

  1. Fill gelatin with warm water (part-time cup) and leave it to swell. Separate the egg whites from the yolks and remove them in the refrigerator. The yolks are mixed with a glass of sugar and beat with a mixer or blender in a white fluffy mass to the sugar is completely dissolved in the yolks. Now in a saucepan with the eggnog pour milk and put it in a water bath. Stir the cream, wait until the appearance of bubbles and increase in volume. Let cool brew foundation cream and proceed to the second stage.
  2. Soft butter with a mixer and whisk lightly, continuing to whisk, gradually begin to add to it brew basis. Custard in the oil literally pour a tablespoon, wait until the blade mixer mix it well with butter, and only add a new batch. In general, once all the custard, mixed with oil, we get tender and delicious buttery cream. Even in this form it will transform any cake into a masterpiece. But we will do this cream soufflé - the proverbial bird's milk.
  3. Gelatin is put in a water bath and heated to transparency. Pay attention! Do not allow to boil gelatin, otherwise it will lose its gelling properties. Leave to cool down and enjoy a gelatin proteins. Beat them first in a solid foam, and then gradually podsypaya sugar, whisk meringue (until stiff peaks). Now carefully pour in the cooled gelatin proteins and mix everything well.
  4. It remains only to connect the oil cream and meringue with gelatin. Add the butter cream in proteins (and in any case, not vice versa) parts, each time whisking until smooth soufflé. The cream is ready!

Place the first sponge cake back into the split mold (already washed and dried), lightly moisten it with sugar syrup with rum or brandy and cream spread on it. On top put another cake, gently pressed, clean in the refrigerator and wait until the complete solidification cream soufflé. After that, take out the cake and pour it with warm glaze. For the glaze, mix the sugar with the cocoa, pour the milk and boil in water bath until the sugar is completely dissolved.

 Cake pigeon's milk at home recipe

Recipe from the book "Soviet and cakes"

The author of this book - the famous Russian pastry chef and Alexander Seleznev. So we will consider this cake recipe "Bird's milk" a recipe for domestic designer from a high culinary fashion.


  • 140 g of sifted flour;
  • 105 g butter;
  • Eighteen eggs;
  • A teaspoon of vanilla sugar.

For the cream:

  • 308 g of sugar;
  • 20 g of gelatin;
  • 200 g butter;
  • 95 g of condensed milk;
  • 2 egg whites;
  • 3 g vanillin;
  • 2 g of citric acid.

For the glaze:

  • 10 grams of vegetable oil;
  • 100 g of chocolate.


Beat butter with sugar. Divide the eggs into a bowl and add them to the vanilla, then mix the eggs with the oil-sugar mass and stir all twenty minutes. Then add this mixture to the flour and knead the dough, which is then forming two balls for cakes. Bake cakes in the form of alternately with removable bumpers (the temperature of the oven - 220 ° C).

Now proceed to the preparation of a cream-souffle. To do this, first the gelatin soaked in cold water for half an hour, and then heat it in a water bath, not allowing to boil. After that, beat butter with condensed milk and egg whites with sugar. Then add the beaten egg whites into the cooled gelatin and whipped butter with condensed milk. The form with the bumpers (pre-washed and dried) put a cake, cover it half cream soufflé, put the second cake on top and spread the remaining cream on it. Is spread over the surface of the souffle cake and remove everything in the refrigerator.

Having waited until the souffle hardens, cook the icing. To do this, melt the chocolate in a water bath and mixed with vegetable oil. The cake is taken out of the refrigerator, remove skirting shape and fill it with cooled glaze. Again, we remove our "bird's milk" in the refrigerator to frozen chocolate glaze.

Here are ways you can prepare the legendary Soviet cake at home. And let it not be exactly the same as those scarce cakes, which were sold in cooking stores and the Soviet Union, but it will still be the same cake. Try yourself in the role of guardian of the legends: cake recipe "Bird's milk" you do this will definitely help!

 Cake Pigeon milk at home - in the footsteps of legends

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