bird's milk jelly recipe


  • Sour cream jelly bird's milk
  • Puff jelly bird's milk
  • Cream-gel bird's milk

Talk about desserts? Sweet Tooth certainly happily perceive this subject. However, there are among our readers and those who believe that self-indulgence is a dessert, which, however, requires a lot of time and attention, but because they did not consider it necessary to bother about it. In such houses even festive meal ends with the banal to the purchase tea party cake. Agree, it's boring.

By the way, haute cuisine involves obligatory presence in the dining dessert menu and attaches high priority to this issue. However, in the kitchen there is a high detail, it is important to all.

We do not consider myself a guru who knows all the secrets of pastry, and does not encourage you to go immediately to the creation of sophisticated desserts that require uncommon training. Populate your culinary notebook at least one recipe (preferably all). They are fairly simple, but prepared in accordance with, the desserts will appreciate and pets, and visitors.

It's simple, but yet very tasty!

Sour cream jelly bird's milk


  • 500 ml of cream
  • sachet of gelatine
  • tablespoon of vanilla sugar
  • cup sugar
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa
  • tablespoon butter
  • 3-4 tablespoons milk or cream


Two-thirds of the gelatin is dissolved in water in the steam bath. Sour cream, sugar and vanilla sugar to whip in a blender, add the gelatin and stir until smooth.

Fill kremanki obtained white cream and put in the refrigerator

The remaining gelatin is dissolved in water (about half a cup). 3 tablespoons sugar, 3 tablespoons of cocoa butter and milk and beat well to mix with the dissolved gelatin.

Add the white chocolate cream layer and place in refrigerator for freezing. Jelly bird's milk is ready.

 bird's milk jelly recipe

Puff jelly bird's milk


  • a liter of milk
  • 2 tablespoons gelatin
  • 3-4 tablespoons of cocoa
  • 5 tablespoons of sugar


Milk divide in half. Each pan add a spoonful of gelatine, half of the claimed sugar in the recipe, and mix everything well. In one of the pan add the cocoa. Prepare a mixture of both over medium heat, all the while carefully mixing the contents.

The resulting cream should be cool, pour a little into the appropriate ice-cream bowls or glasses and refrigerate. When the mass hardens, pour the next layer, alternating white and chocolate cream. Jelly bird's milk is ready.

 bird's milk jelly recipe

Cream-gel bird's milk


  • a glass of milk
  • cup sugar
  • 200 ml water
  • 10 eggs
  • tablespoon of starch
  • pack of butter
  • sachet of gelatine


Gelatin fill with water and allow it to swell. Yolks separated from the protein (in the refrigerator), add sugar and grind the mass-hot, then pour the milk, add the starch, mix everything well and put in a water bath. The weight of all the time stirring to the yolks are not curled. When harvesting jelly bird's milk has cooled, add the softened butter and beat.

Gelatin put a few seconds in the microwave. Protein shake up in the cool foam and add the gelatine solution and mix. Connect with yolk cream and mix again, arrange for dessert ice-cream bowls and refrigerate for several hours.

Jelly bird's milk can be served with fruit or chocolate sauce.

We hope that at least one recipe from the total number of offered your attention will win your attention. Be sure to try to cook it tender and tasty treats - jelly bird's milk.

Bon Appetit!

 Jelly bird's milk: recipe for delight

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 How to cook a cake anthill


  • Prepare the dough
  • Cooking Cream
  • Bake and assemble the cake
  • Secrets and nuances

Cake Anthill - one of the most famous home-made cakes. Many call it the cake from childhood, which is not surprising, because the cake that was extremely popular in the illustrious era of the legendary Soviet Union, and for many, many girls (now grown up), he became the first cooking, or rather, confectionery experience.

Cake "Anthill" is preparing easy, nezateyliv appearance, taste pleasant, is satisfying and versatile for its intended purpose. Since the cake that you can do just because tasty want, you can cook it on the occasion of any celebration (also go "bang") or familiarity girls' gatherings (as well as to discuss those present and how it prepares). That's just about it - how to cook the cake "Anthill" - we'll talk.

Unsophisticated process of preparing such a wonderful cake can be divided into stages, with each of these stages hides some secrets and nuances. So, prepare cake nostalgia, cake "for any case", a cake at all times - a cake Anthill.

Prepare the dough

First, of course, like any other cake, will prepare the dough. Usually a cake Anthill made of dough, which is prepared on their own. However, some are not zealous housewives do not bother to kneading and baking semi-Cake "Anthill", and ready to take the crumbly biscuit. This, incidentally, is one of the nuances of this stage: that is, the dough can be no cooking, and use the production of confectioneries.

However, for this cake "Anthill" (which - "like a child") you need to cook the dough. And for that we need these ingredients:

  • 3, 5 cups flour;
  • Half cup of sugar;
  • 200 g (cup) sour cream;
  • 200 g (pack) margarine or butter, or spread;
  • A pinch of salt;
  • Half a teaspoon of baking powder.


White flour is sifted through a fine sieve. By the way, if you do not practice this technique in their culinary activities, the risk of getting poor-quality or tasteless pastries. Not only is sifted flour enriched with oxygen (and this fact also affects the excellent quality of baking), so still and all kinds of debris (grains, villi, lumps) remains in the sieve and not roamed from the package with the flour in the dough.

Thus, sieved flour, and then adding thereto the softened margarine, sour cream, sugar, salt and baking powder. By the way, never give up such ingredients as salt sweet pastries. In similar products of their own taste of salt does not pass the test, but "works" as a flavor enhancer. That is, for example, you can bake a cake without salt, but you can add a pinch when whipping egg. In the second case, a biscuit will be more intense and "bright" taste.

Thus, adding to the flour all other ingredients, kneading the dough. You can, of course, to take advantage of this mixer and nozzles with helical blades, you can mix a tablespoon of dough, but this is best done hands (clean of course!). Experienced cooks say that the dough is capable of absorbing the energy of the world around him, including the power of human hands. Oh, how this fact affects the quality and taste of baking - we do not understand, but that this fact takes place - check!

So, knead the dough until you get a uniform, dense, smooth and pleasant to the touch a lot that will not stick to hands, and the walls of the bowl. If in the process of kneading you realize that the flour is not enough, then backfill it a little more: the amount of flour can vary depending on the fat content and the density of sour cream. Knead the dough, remove it in the refrigerator and begin to prepare for our cream cake.

 how to prepare an anthill

Cooking Cream

Cream Cake "Anthill" - also a product solely of Soviet reality. This delicacy is boiled condensed milk, it was very popular in those days of shortages, besides cook boiled condensed milk is very simple. So it is an oil cream with condensed milk and became the second major component of the cake "Anthill". And for him, we need these ingredients:

  • 1 can of boiled condensed milk;
  • 1 packet of butter.


If you are going to cook a real cake "Anthill", the cream and the products also have to take real. Namely, natural butter without any herbal supplements and present condensed whole milk. Therefore, buying these products, carefully read the inscriptions in the oil must contain only dairy cream, condensed milk and the bank must have the words "whole".

So, first you need to cook the condensed milk. Take the pan height greater than the height of jars with condensed milk. Put it in condensed milk (in a closed metal can) and fill with water to the bank was completely covered with water. Now we put the pot on a small fire and cook the condensed milk and a half to two hours (no less!). During cooking, watching the water, which, naturally, will boil, and periodically pour water into the pan. After the desired time the pan from the heat and remove the condensed milk cool under cold running water. If you cook the condensed milk in advance, then just leave the jar to cool at room temperature.

Important! Under no circumstances should you try to open a hot tin can with condensed milk! Condensed milk in it is under pressure, and you risk much (and painful!) Burn hot condensed milk, which the bank literally spit out as soon as you pierce its opener.
Now we will prepare itself cream. For this we take butter, which should be slightly melted and softened, and some of his vzobem mixer on medium speed (literally a few seconds). And then, continuing to whisk, add a few tricks in the oil completely chilled condensed milk. When the mass is smooth and will get a nice light brown or beige, cream can be considered ready. Remove the cream in the refrigerator and proceed to the next step, namely the sand begin to prepare cake mix for a cake and to collect himself, "Ant."

Bake and assemble the cake

Prepare cake mix will begin to prepare the dough for baking. To do this, we shall take out from the refrigerator and prepare a meat grinder from which you remove the blades and put the grille with wide openings. Baking it, cover the baking paper and (or) smazhem vegetable oil or margarine. The oven will also include advance. Now take the dough in small portions and passes it through a meat grinder, and the resulting noodles evenly dispersed on the contrary. When Skip all dough through a meat grinder, remove the baking sheet in the oven and bake the so-called cake. Bake it for about twenty minutes, until golden brown dough. Then we heed the pan from the oven and still warm, "cake" with your hands or tolkushkoy turned into crumbs. We give the resulting crumbs cool completely.

Then the cream from the refrigerator and begins to spread in the sand crumb: first half, then another two or three servings. Why not put all of the cream at once? And what do you think it would be too much? Spreading cream frequently, you can control the consistency of future cake "Anthill". Put the cream less - drier cake will be more cream - and the cake will come out juicier, but also more nutritious.

Now we have to put the resulting mass at a wide flat dish, give it the shape of the anthill and decorate on your own. Ready cake first, leave for half an hour in a warm place to shortcrust pastry cream soaked, and then another hour to clean in the refrigerator. That's the whole process of making the cake "Anthill". And now - promised nuances and secrets.

 how to cook a cake anthill

Secrets and nuances

  1. Dough Cake "Anthill" can be cooked in yogurt. Then just put the cup sour cream instead of the dough four tablespoons of yogurt and three eggs.
  2. The dough for the "cake" can not only grind in a meat grinder, but also, for example, passed through a conventional grater (only better cool before), or even to break his hands into small pieces.
  3. The cream cake "Anthill" you can add honey and used as a flavoring brandy, vanilla or lemon zest.
  4. Assemble the cake can be not only in the shape of a cone, and fashion from it any other shape: ring, heart, flower. However, even then, and the name for it will have to come up with more.
  5. Decorate this cake is also different. In the classic version it generally does not decorate, but for those who prefer to prepare not only delicious, but also beautiful cakes, we recommend the use of poppy seeds, crushed nuts or chocolate chips for topping the cake with whipped cream and chocolate icing for smearing.
  6. Special Zateinitsa you can try to "revive" the cake "Anthill". To do this, you must make (or buy) a sugar paste and fashion from her ants, as well as mushrooms, flowers and grass. In this version the cake will be spectacular decoration of children's holiday.
  7. For special occasions, try instead to take meals in the mirror frame and put it right on the "Ant." By the way, it's mirror-dish can also put rosebuds (or other fresh flowers) or put a few small candles. The effect is magical!

Now that you know how to cook the cake "Anthill". The problem, quite frankly, not the most difficult. Cook this dessert can be any hostess, even inexperienced or just starting to learn the wisdom of domestic confectionary art. So this cake can be a good and successful start: easy, fast, tasty, impressive! Cook with pleasure. And enjoy your meal!

 How to prepare a cake Anthill? Simple, fast, tasty, impressive!

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