proper development of the child in 7 months


  • Calendar of physical development of a seven-month baby
  • Mental, emotional and mental development of the baby
  • My daily routine for children in seven months, food and sleep
  •   Educational games and training a child of seven months
  • How to determine the extent of the child's development in seven months?

At the age of seven months, the baby is just beginning to explore the world, but it does have very active. He can understand the meaning of certain words, carry traffic safety handles for balance, place small items in large, gestural play various games, such as "Ladushki." In addition, he was well-kept head, lying on his stomach; It raises the body, based on arm's length and shifting the center of gravity from one to another; easily rolls over on his back with the abdomen and back, and is confident about the support crosses, begins to learn on their own to sit and crawl. And I must say that at this age, children have a strong emotional attachment to the mother and the fear at parting with her.
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Calendar of physical development of a seven-month baby

Child development in 7 months is accompanied by an increased risk of getting them all sorts of injuries. This is explained by the fact that during this period he seeks to expand the boundaries of already known to him the world and learn about it as much as possible.

It was seven months, children begin to actively explore the surrounding objects, view them, groping, trying to taste and test the strength.

No need to keep it, but be sure to take care of that in the hands of your baby did not come across dangerous items that can harm him.

In the seventh month of life the child adds about 600 grams in weight and 1-2 cm in height. Now these figures are, on average, from 7, 6 to 8, 1 kg and 68-72 cm. Also, half a centimeter increased head circumference and chest. Mothers recommended, since the first months after the birth of his child, to have a special calendar where they will celebrate the main indicators of physical development. This calendar does not only help you remember what was your crumbs son or daughter, but also to see to it that your child's development was gradual and the way that it should.

In seven months the children become strong neck and back muscles, as a consequence, increase mobility. Now the child has to be watched closely, especially when he is on the bed or changing table, as it can easily tip over and fall. Strengthen and leg muscles. Take the baby under the arms and put on the floor. So he will learn to be confident and take its first steps. Thanks to develop coordination of movements of hands, a child can easily learn how to capture the whole palm small objects. This is called palmar grip.

At the same age are beginning to cut milk teeth. Prior to the first year of life the baby, as a rule, already has four slotted tooth. But do not worry, if you notice that they are in no hurry to appear. The delay of six months or less, it is natural and does not lead to tragic consequences. Besides, the boys begin to cut teeth later than girls.

 baby food in 7 months
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Mental, emotional and mental development of the baby

Calendar development shows that in the first seven months of the child already responds to other sounds, noise, own name. Sam begins to imitate some sounds may make some sounds on the exhale, understands the voice guidance, supported by gestures, emotes. The appearance of someone from the family makes him smile, babble. The child is trying to say separate syllables "ma", "pa", "ba", "de".

An important change in the development of seven-month child - the emergence of long-term memory. They begin to distinguish between familiar objects, relatives and strangers. It is often possible to observe the fear of strangers. The child simply does not know what to expect from them, and frightened. But it is worth it to see that mom or dad arranged for a friendly stranger, as he immediately forgets about his initial reaction.

Kid explores his body, finds himself in the mirror. But the picture of any other child can take for their own. He learns to focus, is interested in little things, the details. All his actions are sufficiently meaningful. Even if a child seems to be a knock on the wall or a toy, in fact, he tries to remember the sound and learn the consequences of their actions.

At the age of seven months may notice the first manifestation of anger. The child will scream, demanding to pick him up, or to get the desired toy. He also begins to act up, if it will take the hands of the wrong person to whom he asks, or if it will not, that he expected to receive. To indulge his whims is not necessary. The child is already able to distinguish between "possible" and "impossible", and if you aim to make your child more docile in the future, then this is the perfect time to develop his submission before the ban. Do not shout or raise his voice, talking quietly but surely and firmly.
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My daily routine for children in seven months, food and sleep

The daily routine of each child can be individual and depend on its own biorhythm and feeding. Most baby food depends on its sleep mode. The total number of hours devoted to sleep a child of seven months, ranging from 14 to 15 per day, and children usually do not sleep longer than seven hours. Observance of permanent sleep is necessary for proper sleep regulation skills. At night, sleep should last 10-11 hours, in the afternoon - 3 x 1, 5 hours. Try to sleep and feeding of the child took place daily at the same time. This would deprive him of problems like sleep and digestion.

Power seven-month baby consists of five feedings every four hours. From 7 to 5 months into a puree, you can add ¼ boiled yolk. Accompany your meal can be 1-4 tablespoons of cottage cheese, crushed fruit smoothie or milk. Cottage cheese can be given, and when baked. Gradually let the baby try to bread, biscuits, fish sauce, cheese, meat (meat sauce). The latter contains protein and iron, which is absorbed 20% better than what is found in vegetables. Nutrition - an important part of a child's development, so give it due attention.

 child's mental development in 7 months
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Educational games and training a child of seven months

No less important aspect than food, are developing classes with the child. The more you pay this time, the more your child will develop. Do not expect that he was willing to begin training, and will repeat everything you do, but attach a maximum of perseverance and patience in order to benefit from your classes.

To do this, you can use any gestural games, developing motor skills and coordination ("The Thieving Magpie", "Ladushki"). Let the child begin to collect pyramid, to develop educational toys with buttons that move small items from one bucket to another. In seven months the children respond well to the skits, role-playing game. Lay with him toys to bed, feed them. This is clearly their names, let's characteristics (large, small, blue, circular, etc.). As much as possible communicate with the child. Say the words slowly and clearly points to the object that they represent. Describe your actions.

Engage in physical development of the child. Tricks and tricks to keep it more to move, crawl, crouch and get up. Teach him to make decisions. For example, let it in the hands of two games, one in each hand, and then offer a third. This will cause him embarrassment, because he does not understand how to take another toy when two hands are busy, but then learn to release one of them and move objects from one hand.

Do not worry if the child loses interest in the game. This means that he is tired and needs time to rest. After a short break or a dream you once again continue their studies. Allow your child to observe their peers and other children to join their game. Shows him the bright pictures of animals, birds, household items, toys.

If you notice that the child stopped at the mirror and busy studying himself, to join him. Let him consider you show him a toy that he compared her present and her reflection. Babies interesting to learn all that they see and find what is hidden from them. Turn musical toy and hide it under the pillow or blanket. The child will certainly try to find her.

Play with your child can be even during usual daily activities. For example, while bathing give him an unbreakable cup, which he was able to scoop water and drink it. So he gradually learn to drink from a cup without spilling liquid on himself. And throw in some bath toys, and every time the child will take one of them, called her and tells him a story about this character. Do not worry, he's still you do not understand fully and focuses on your words. It is in any case, would do him good. Begin reading to a child a fairy tale, attach it to this occupation. Let him see picture, touch the page flips them.

 physical development of the child in 7 months
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How to determine the extent of the child's development in seven months?

There are some simple exercises that will help to understand how skills development of your baby. Start by asking him where mum, dad, brother, bear, duck. The child has to turn his head toward you specified object, unless, of course, he is well familiar to him. Ask him to touch your nose, mouth and eyes. If it is poorly distinguish parts of the face, which is quite normal, tell him, pointing the finger at the right. Place your baby on his stomach and his head nabroste diaper or shawl. In normal development, it is rapidly cleared from it, without changing his position.

If you notice that your child is interested in some object, take it and keep at arm's length from him. Kid tries to reach out to this subject, and to get it, smile or show joyful emotions. Take the child in his arms and slowly circled colorful toys or the screen with the included cartoons. He will try not to let the image of the form and try to follow him look.

Become his crib, but do not react to a child, avoid meeting him eye contact or verbal. Then he tries to draw attention to himself, to reach out to you, talk to you through sounds. By the way, if he has a habit to throw out all the beds with toys and objects, it is also a sign of normal development.

And finally, remember that all children are unique and show their personality from an early age. Do not worry if your child is not able to do what others are doing seven-month babies. It is better to take a look, maybe he's doing something that is not able to rest. And when you see that your child has something wrong, be patient, it is required to learn it, and you, in turn, can help it.

 Calendar of the development in the age of seven months