Cake with jelly and fruit

  • Cake with canned peaches
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One of the most tender and juicy dessert - cake with jelly and fruit. It is suitable for all events: corporate, children, anniversaries and so on. This dish is prepared from an air test, which is great harmony with fresh strawberries, different berries and mandarins, apples and kiwi. And so it goes on. Of course, if the summer to find the necessary ingredients will not be difficult, in winter this can cause minor problems. In this case, you can always buy frozen fruit or such that are sold all year round, such as oranges or bananas. We will share with you a few recipes, having mastered that, you can create your own sweet masterpiece!

Cake with canned peaches

This fruit cake can be prepared, no matter what month the calendar. Fresh strawberries or raspberries in the fall and winter is almost impossible to find, and what is sold in stores, to taste a little like the natural fruit. Therefore, we offer a prescription product, which consists of canned peaches, jelly and tender dough with light hints of vanilla. You probably already wanted to try a dish? Then do not delay the fun and start making!


For the dough:

  • 2/3 cup flour
  • egg - three pieces
  • ½ cup sugar normal
  • vegetable oil - a few spoonfuls
  • baking powder - a teaspoon
  • three pinches of vanilla sugar

For a layer of jelly:

  • canned peaches - one bank
  • One pack of instant gelatin
  • peach syrup - 300 ml
  • half a small lemon (you need its juice)
  • two teaspoons of sugar

Cooking method:

Start doing cake dough for the cake. To do this, whisk whisk one egg with the usual sugar and vanilla until smooth air. After a small handfuls add flour, which had previously been necessary to sift through, do not forget to enter the baking powder. Now, mix well with a spoon the resulting mixture, and knead the dough elastic. If it goes too runny, add more flour. Then lubricate the plant (if you wish, the cream) butter sides and bottom of the form and place the dough. Cover it with a piece of foil and send in the oven. In fact, to the cake evenly propeksya from all sides, will take about thirty minutes. The temperature of the oven should not exceed 180 degrees. Then remove the product and remove it from the top of a knife, and remove from the middle of the crumb. Be careful, try not to damage the wall of the cake.

Now you need to cook the jelly. To do this, pour instant gelatin in a small bowl and pour the fruit syrup (we used peach), and canned fruits grind in a blender, leaving a couple of pieces for decoration. This also add sugar, squeeze lemon juice and stir. Place the bowl with the gelatin to low heat and cook until dissolved, then the resulting mixture was combined with peach puree and whisk together.

Inside sponge cake ready to pour the jelly on top and cover with the tip cut off earlier. If you still have a bit of peach pulp, lubricate it with a cake on all sides and garnish with fruit, chopped into small pieces. Put the product in the refrigerator to harden. Serve the hot sweet tea or coffee. Bon Appetit!

 fruit cake with jelly

Jelly Cake "Assorted fruits"

This fruit dessert cooked very easy, you do not even need to cook jelly, because in this case, the instant product is used in tea bags. As for fruits, the need to buy those specified in the recipe. You can put in your favorite cake. Turn on the imagination!


  • Two cups sifted flour
  • half cup sugar
  • four eggs
  • one banana
  • kiwi, orange and big apple - all on one piece
  • 100 grams of walnuts
  • a few spoonfuls of condensed milk
  • vanilla - at your discretion
  • a small piece of fresh butter to grease the form

Cooking method:

Beat with a mixer four chicken eggs and specified in the recipe of sugar, after not stopping the hamper, add the flour, sifted in advance, and vanilla. Now grease a baking tin with butter and place it in a dough. Cook in the oven at 200 degrees. By the time it will take approximately 40 minutes. Then remove the product and let it cool.

With a banana peel, remove, clean and orange, kiwi and apple. From the latter you need to get the center and bones. Now slice the fruit into small cubes and grind peeled walnuts by hand or with a knife. As for the jelly, then all is simple. Read the instructions on the package and follow its precepts. Usually it is sufficient to fill the finished powder boiled hot water, stir well and pour all of the forms, then send in the refrigerator. However, you must leave one portion at room temperature.

When the cake has cooled, cut it into two parts, one of them soaked with the liquid jelly (use only half). Then, the same stratum of the middle layer of thick brush with condensed milk, sprinkle with nuts and cover with the second part of the product. After a dry cake pour the remaining jelly impregnation and condensed milk, lay on top of pieces of fruit. Remove frozen sweet jelly from the refrigerator and place it on the cake. Put the product in the cold. After six to eight hours it will be fully prepared.

Cake with jelly cream with fruit

Sour cream gives not only the jelly, and other desserts are very delicate flavor. Therefore, it is used for preparation of many dishes. And we are no exception. We offer easy to make fruit cake, which will decorate any holiday table.



  • Three chicken eggs
  • cup sugar
  • one cup of sour cream (can be replaced with yogurt)
  • one tea (without top) baking soda
  • half cup flour
  • a little vinegar

For the cream:

  • one package of ready jelly (take any flavor)
  • One large banana
  • two oranges
  • 500 ml cream
  • cup granulated sugar
  • 20 grams of gelatin

Cooking method:

Let's start with the basics for the cake - cake dough. To prepare it, whisk whisk or electric mixer special chicken eggs, then pour the sugar and stir until completely sweet ingredient is dissolved. Extinguish vinegar and baking soda with flour, which does not forget to sift through a sieve, and enter the sour cream into the egg mixture. Stir the dough, because it should have a few more dense than that which you do for pancakes. Cover the baking tin with parchment, pour it into the mix and send it in the oven for half an hour. When the product will be ready and browned, remove it, cool and cut into large rectangular pieces.

Now turn to jelly. To make it, fill it with water, instant gelatin and leave until it swells, it takes ten to fifteen minutes. A bowl with this mixture put on fire, and keep, without boiling, until the product has dissolved. Whisk with a fork or whisk the cream and sugar and ready to enter here as gelatin, mix well all. As for the fruit jelly, which you bought in the store, do it according to the manufacturer's instructions on the package, but add 80 milliliters of water is less than that stated in the instructions.

The form in which you bake the cake, wash and dry, then Cover the special paper and place a layer of orange and banana, pre-peeled and cut into slices. Now gently pour the jelly and put it in the refrigerator. When it hardens, the top pour half received a portion of sour cream mixture, and again expose the cold. Then lay out the last two layers, which consist of pieces of cake remaining jelly and sour cream. The product should be refrigerated at least five hours.

When cake is completely ready, dip the form with him in hot water and soak a few minutes - after you can easily remove the dessert. Now turn the bowl upside down and place the dish on a large plate. Optionally you can decorate it with whipped cream and fresh berries.

 Fruit cake with jelly

Chocolate cake with cream and fruit jelly

This is a simple recipe for a delicious cake dough is prepared with the addition of cocoa. Therefore, the dish has the aroma of chocolate, jelly and cream with sour cream and fresh fruit gives it a special taste.


For the dough:

  • four eggs
  • one cup of sugar
  • three large tablespoons of cocoa
  • flour - one glass
  • butter - to lubricate ware

For the cream:

  • fresh cream - 500 grams
  • 150 grams of sugar
  • 30 grams of gelatin
  • one glass of milk

Fruit filling:

  • three medium kiwis
  • banana - two pieces
  • the same number of apples
  • one orange

Cooking method:

At the beginning of the test we suggest pay attention. So, eggs and sugar beat with a mixer, if it is not, use an ordinary whisk or fork. Then add the cocoa and gradually, in small handfuls of the mound, type of wheat flour. Mix everything until smooth to avoid unnecessary lumps. The form in which the product will be the oven, heat a little, then lubricate its inner edges and the bottom of a small amount of butter and pour the batter. Set the oven temperature to 200 degrees and cook cake for about 30 minutes. After it has cooled, cut it mean squares.

Now the fruits: they need to peel and remove the apples and cut unnecessary middle of all cubes. Then place them in random or in a pattern on the bottom of the mold, to leave a little further cooking.

Put the quiet fire of milk, cream and sugar and whisk until the air mass. When the very first ingredient starts to boil, connect it to the gelatin and stir until the product has dissolved. When the mixture thickens slightly, insert it in a bowl with sour cream and mix well.

Now we have to assemble the cake. To do this in the form in which already sliced ​​apples, oranges, kiwi and bananas, put the pieces of the cake, and in between - the remaining fruit on top of sour cream and pour jelly mixture. Send the product in the refrigerator, and when it hardens, in the same way make the second layer of cake.

This dessert has to stand in the cold eight hours only then it can be served to the guests. So if you have planned a holiday, it is better to prepare a meal the night before. As the use of chocolate decorations - rub it on a grater and sprinkle the product.

Whatever dessert you do, as long as the products were fresh, light arms and excellent mood! We wish you success in the culinary arts!

 Cake with jelly and fruit: prepare yourself

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