sponge cake with custard

  • Delicate cake with condensed milk
  • Sponge cake "Zebra" with custard
  • Sponge cake "Mystery" with aromatic cream

Sponge cake with custard - the perfect dessert for a birthday or other celebration. Gentle air the dough rests a stone in the stomach, therefore, confine ourselves to one slice will be very difficult. But, sometimes you can pamper yourself, not counting the number of calories eaten. Give yourself and your family joy to eat tasty and light meals prepared by your hands. Create incredible masterpiece in the kitchen you can help these simple recipes. So remember and act!

Delicate cake with condensed milk

Many housewives refuse to cook cakes, believing that this is a very difficult and laborious work. Of course, the first time it will be so, probably not without mistakes and spoiled cakes. However, the practice of the oven biscuits is becoming easier. After all, the impossible does not exist, people will simply drive themselves into the framework of coming up with various excuses, but would not put any extra effort. So do not be afraid, you're a brave girl! With this recipe, you will learn to cook sweet dessert with custard as well as any professional.



  • Five chicken eggs
  • 100 grams of good margarine
  • four spoons (tablespoons) sour cream
  • 0, 5 cup of granulated sugar
  • one and a half cups of flour
  • 10 grams baking powder
  • Salt - to your taste


  • two eggs
  • 20 grams flour
  • 500 milliliters of milk
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 80 grams of condensed milk

For impregnation:

  • 200 milliliters of water
  • ¾ cans of condensed milk
  • 50 grams of high-quality brandy (can also use the home tincture or dry wine)

For decoration:

  • small tiles of milk chocolate

Cooking method:

To bake this cake, you need about half an hour. However, the time spent will be repaid with interest when you try to taste his creation and see the smiles happy family.

So, for the preparation of the dough first separate the whites from the yolks and mash with the last sugar, and the first product to whisk whisk to form a lush white foam. Then, in the egg-sugar mixture, add chopped pieces of margarine and sour cream, mix well and enter the proteins. To a well-risen cake, be sure to pre-sift the flour, and then connect it with baking powder and salt. Now your job is to beat all the ingredients into a homogeneous mass: for this to work from the bottom up a whisk until the batter is not fully absorb the flour. Get rid of all the lumps, and only then can pour the finished biscuit dough into a form that greased with butter or margarine.

The basis for the cake is baked at 180 degrees in the "hothouse" conditions, ie, in total silence. It is not recommended to look into the oven without the need to otherwise settle your creation, and the dish will be ruined. According to the smell and color you will see that it is ready, and then you can gently pierce it with a match. If the tree will dry the dishes, you can take out of the oven. When this happens, remove the cake from the mold, carefully cut the edges and let it cool slightly. Then cut the product into three equal height cake and smash the remaining dough into small pieces.

On the basis for the cake is finished, and now enjoy a gentle cooking custard. To do this, add the egg into the flour and mix well with a spoon, then pour the fourth part of the recipe of milk and whisk until smooth. A dairy product, connect the remaining sugar and place on low heat. When the liquid begins to boil, remove it from the plate and enter into the egg mixture. The resulting cream cook at low flame burners to full thickening, do not forget to stir regularly, then cool and whisk a few more times with the help of the corolla.
To the cake turned out school, to do for him impregnation. It is very easy: simply combine all the necessary ingredients, ie condensed milk (take only a quarter of the specified amount of milk in the recipe), brandy or liqueur (depending on what you use) with lukewarm water.

Can you rejoice, you come to the final stage - assembling the cake. Therefore, to shift the bottom cake on a large flat plate and saturate it, then distributed evenly, apply a thick layer of cream. Cover all of the second biscuit, which also should be treated with alcohol-milk mixture, the remnants of condensed milk and custard weight. Top with third cake and act in the same way. Use all the products to the end. By the way, do not forget the edges and top of cake oil cream, too. On the product side lay out the slices of sponge cake. Sprinkle the dish with milk chocolate, grated.

Of course, this cake can serve immediately on the table, but it is better let it soak for a while - then you get an incredibly delicious and juicy dessert. For its decoration recommend the use of crushed walnuts, whipped cream, coconut and more. Each family to this individual approach, so proceed at its own discretion.

 Sponge cake with custard

Sponge cake "Zebra" with custard

We offer master one simple recipe for black-and-white cake with custard. Ingredients:

Dough (products designed for the preparation of a cake):

  • two tablespoons of cocoa powder (for the second biscuit)
  • one cup of sugar
  • Eggs - three of them
  • vegetable oil - for greasing form
  • one cup flour


  • Three chicken eggs
  • 800 milliliters of pasteurized milk
  • Flour - three tablespoons
  • 200 grams of fresh butter

Cooking method:

To make this cake, you will need to bake two cakes: white and dark. For the preparation of the first products whisk whisk eggs, sugar, when the mixture is smooth, gradually enter the flour, stirring with a spoon. The second cake prepared according to the same technology and of the same product, but with the addition of cocoa.

Baking dish with small quantities of oil and pour the batter into it for the first biscuit. Then put in a preheated 180 degree oven and keep for half an hour. When the product is browned, remove it and cook in the same way the second cake. Once they have cooled, cut each in two rounds. As a result, you should have chetyrёhyarusny cake.

To prepare the cream in a bowl beat the eggs, pour the sugar and rub well all the ingredients. Then enter here the flour and heat the milk - as soon as bubbles begin to appear, pour it into the egg mixture. All products whisk whisk until smooth and cook over very low heat, without forgetting periodically stir until the mixture thickens. Cream cool slightly and then tell him butter, cut into cubes, and beat with a mixer. When ready, each cake, superimposing one another, promazhte custard weight and thus assemble the cake.

We will offer you a regular version of the dessert for each day. But if you want to add "flavor" to his creation, put between layers of sponge cake toasted walnuts. However, they must be previously ground. The refrigerator is orange, kiwi or banana? Decorate their product. In general, the experiment at your leisure!

 biscuit cake cream

Sponge cake "Mystery" with aromatic cream

At this time, the custard will not do milk, and fatty cream. Try this recipe and sponge cake. Lemon juice and zest gives it an incredibly fresh fruit aroma and special taste. Simply delicious!


For the sponge:

  • 150 grams of flour
  • Seven eggs
  • breadcrumbs
  • 150 grams of sugar
  • half a lemon (juice and you will need to peel)
  • butter for greasing the dishes

For the cream:

  • 100 ml cream
  • small pack of butter
  • Three yolks
  • sugar - 150 grams
  • a little vanilla
  • teaspoon flour

Cooking method:

Mash the yolks with the sugar, and whip the whites in a separate piala until thick fluffy foam. Then combine all the above ingredients and add them to the flour, emptying it in small handfuls, grated zest and lemon juice. Knead the dough is not too thick, whisk working from the bottom up, and pour it into a greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs dishes. Recommended baked product in the oven, whose temperature does not exceed 200 degrees. Approximately one hour gently pierce the dough wooden match and, if it remains dry, remove the form from the oven. When the cake has cooled, cut it into two layers of equal height.

Another few minutes, and with the preparation of the cake is finished. You have to do a cream, and then connect to such ingredients: cream, sugar, flour. Mix well with a spoon all the products to avoid unnecessary lumps, and place on a quiet fire. When the mass thickens slightly, add the butter, pounded with a tablespoon of sugar. Hold for a few seconds on the stove, and then set it aside and carefully whisk the cream with a mixer or a whisk. At the end do not forget to throw a couple of pinches of vanilla.

On a plate, place the bottom cake, lubricate it with flavored cream and cover with a second biscuit. The remaining custard mixture treat the sides and top of the product and send it in the fridge. Hooray, you make a cake, biscuit-cream! This dessert is eaten within a few minutes, you'll see. After all, to abandon such delicious dishes is simply impossible.

We picked up some simple recipes that can master every woman, even if she never did like the dish. But why the same should be started. The main thing - do not doubt in their abilities, try, try, and you will succeed!

 Sponge cake with custard: sweet treat

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