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In anticipation of the upcoming holidays to every woman gets up-to-date question - what to cook for New Year's table? Surely you have already left their tried-and-tested recipes for main dishes, salads, cakes and snacks. Whatever it was, but to regale visitors each year by the same dishes are not worth it, because to be some variety. Today we propose to study several ways to prepare a delicious dessert - Jelly gelatine.

Jelly "Slastena" sour cream with gelatin

Preparation of jelly at first glance may seem complicated, but it is a false impression. Even if you do not have outstanding culinary skills guarantee cook this dish you will be able to do. The recipe is very simple and consists of a set of products available to everyone. The only negative dessert "Slastena" is that you need a lot of time to wait for the solidification of layers of jelly, which all three. But the effort spent on the preparation of meals, pay off handsomely - all guests will be satisfied!


  • one sachet of gelatine
  • half cup of plain water
  • two 300-gram package of sour cream
  • sugar - half cup
  • 100 grams of homemade jams (we used a raspberry, but you can take any more)
  • 10 grams of cocoa powder,
  • vanilla and citric acid, put on your own taste
  • Coffee (required soluble) - 1/3 tsp
  • Two chicken eggs

Cooking method:

This jelly, consisting of three different colors and layers of taste - the perfect festive dessert. He especially like the kids who just love sweets.

Cooking starts with the fact that gelatin, pour into a bowl and fill it with cool boiled water (you will need about half a cup). Let him stand up for about an hour, and when the swell, put the dishes on low heat and cook stirring constantly. Gelatin must be dissolved - only then remove it from the heat and pour into three different cups. Each of them cover, so that the mass is not frozen, as it must remain in a liquid state.

The next step - preparing a first layer dessert. Note that according to the recipe you need 600 grams of sour cream, that is 200 for each "floor" of jelly, so do not just use the whole product. So, pour into a deep bowl half cup of sugar and lay out here as sour cream, after all thoroughly mix until uniform. Then add the cocoa and vanilla and citric acid, to your taste. 1/3 small spoonful of coffee, dilute with warm water and enter the previous ingredients. Until a few times to mix things up here and pour a portion of the gelatin. Beat products with a fork, and then pour the finished weight of ice-cream bowls. Put jellies on the top shelf in the refrigerator and wait until it hardens. It takes about 40 minutes.

Now you need to prepare a second layer dessert. Here the principle of action is the same as in the first case, the only difference is that a slightly different composition of the required products. 200 grams of sour cream combine with 1/2 cup sugar, and when it dissolves, enter the pre-whipped egg whisk. Citric acid and vanillin are added to the dish, focusing on the taste. Pour the gelatin from the second glass all the ingredients and mix them uniformly. The resulting mass is spread over the ice-cream bowls, but check first to see if there is enough coffee frozen layer of jelly. Then place the dessert in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Preparation dessert coming to the final stage, in which you will need to make the third "floor" dishes. Take the remains of sugar and mix it with sour cream, this time, vanilla and citric acid to add is not necessary. As for the jam, then you only need a sweet syrup, so if it has berries, get rid of them. Now connect it with sour cream, gelatin, enter the last cup and carefully mix everything, pour on top of the third layer of jelly. Send dessert in the refrigerator, but despite the fact that he grabbed about 30 minutes, keep it there for at least one and a half hours. Since only the top is jelly tight and remain in the liquid.

This dish looks very nice in the clear kremanki by colorful layers, however, it has no such it can be done in a deep salad bowl. To remove the gel, simply omit the bottom of the dishes in hot water, cover it with the top plate. After dessert, turn and cut into portions. Note that he quickly melts!

Another bit of advice about making jelly. If you have not found the jam, do not worry. Take the last layer in the same way as the first, i.e. from the same products. Only coffee and cocoa replace two tablespoons of beet juice, which will give bright colorful jelly color.

 jelly gelatin

Bulgarian recipe jelly with gelatin

This jelly on the Bulgarian recipe you can prepare for a friendly party or a romantic encounter with a lover. Babies fed a dish is not necessary, because it contains alcohol.


  • Packaging of instant gelatin
  • 125 milliliters of water unheated
  • natural yogurt with no additives - two liters
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • a little rum (brandy can be used)
  • half a small lemon

Cooking method:

We recommend using instant gelatin, since it does not need to heat and boil thoroughly, which significantly saves time. So, pour the product in a bowl and cover with water, stir well, and after fifteen minutes, strain and pour over boiling water (only two tablespoons). Then put on a steam bath, natural yoghurt, add sugar and rub it well. When finished, connect the mass of gelatin and enter it on a fine grater grated lemon zest and fifteen milliliters of rum or brandy. Stir a few times a whisk all ingredients and pour the mixture on the forms that are pre-rinse with cool water. Before serving, decorate the dessert can pour chocolate or a special syrup.

As you can see, quite easy to prepare a meal, you are strongly advised to do it, the more that will soon be a reason - upcoming holidays.

Cottage cheese - yoghurt jelly

This is another recipe for jelly yogurt with gelatin and cream cheese. The dish turns out extremely tender and delicious, and cook it - it is ten minutes.


  • 40 grams of gelatin
  • 100 milliliters of not too fat sour cream
  • cottage cheese - 200 grams
  • two cups of yogurt
  • Three spoons (more) sugar

Cooking method:

First, pour the gelatin not cold water and let it brew for a bit. When put on a small fire, and cook until the state is sparsely glue, not forgetting to stir constantly. When the mixture begins to boil, set aside to cool it.

Meanwhile, cottage cheese with sugar rub into fine crumbs, then pour the prepared gelatin, sour cream and natural yoghurt. Stir the mixture until smooth, so there was no lump. To do this, we recommend using a mixer or blender. Spread jelly cups, ice-cream bowls or other forms and send in the refrigerator, but in any case not in the freezer, otherwise you will just spoil the dish. Three hours later, you can safely start the meal!

 preparation of gelatin jelly

Sour cream jelly with plums

Surely this dessert as prunes stuffed with walnuts, drizzled with sour cream whipped with sugar, known to many. We suggest using these same products in combination with other ingredients to make jelly. Cooking dishes - a pleasure, as it takes less time and requires no special talents.


  • 1000 milliliters sour cream (take the average fat content)
  • a handful of prunes (can put more or less, depending on your wishes)
  • ½ cup sugar
  • instant gelatin - one bag

Cooking method:

To prune was not hard and too dry for the start rinse it, and then pour boiling water. Gelatin pour into a deep bowl, then add the water is not too cold. The product swells in fifteen minutes, but if you want to speed up the process, place the dish in the microwave for a few seconds. Voila, now everything is ready!

Sugar mash with sour cream with a fork, of course, better to use the blender - then the weight will perfectly homogeneous and very airy. Enter her gelatin and mix well. As for the prune, then with his Drain and cut into middle-sized pieces of the product, and then lay on the forms. Pour into ice-cream bowls of jelly and put it to freeze on the balcony or in the refrigerator. If you are cooking a dish for the holiday feast, it is recommended to decorate. For this fit leaves of fresh mint, chocolate, special cream or, for example, crushed walnuts, which you can sprinkle a dessert.

Now you do not have to puzzle over how to cook the sweet dish for the holidays! Use these recipes, and your guests will be satisfied!

 How to cook the jelly of gelatin: recipes for the holiday table

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