cheesecake with cherry


  • Cake "Cherry" with cottage cheese and fresh berries
  • Chocolate cheesecake "Tenderness" with cherries

What brings joy to people? Certainly, love, kids, family, hobbies, travel and more - everyone has their own preferences. But there's another way to cheer yourself up - eat some sweetness. Experts have long shown that chocolate, cakes - in general, all products containing sugar - not only that they are a sort of "energizers", so also produce serotonin - the so-called hormone of happiness. You may have already noticed that the candy bar or can make life a little happier. All this "handiwork" of endorphins, which are produced by the body during the sugary treats.

These products are fast carbohydrates, they give an extra boost of energy and help to cope with the emerging occasionally stressful situations. Therefore, if the window is gray overcast weather, and the soul scratching cats, treat yourself to a cup of hot chocolate, tasty cookies or a delicious cake. And soon you notice how the mood itself will be much better! Of course, the main thing - do not overdo it, because eating sweet and starchy foods in excessive amounts can lead not only to loss of shape, but also health problems.

But for those who love not only to eat, but also to cook, we have a little surprise. We propose to consider a number of interesting and simple recipes for easy cake cherries on the basis of cottage cheese dough. The dish turns out very soft, airy and looks great on a festive table. Optionally you can use several kinds of berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and more.

 cheese cake with cherries

Cake "Cherry" with cottage cheese and fresh berries

Cottage cheese and cherry cake - dessert, which is suitable for absolutely any holiday. Of course, no children's birthday is complete without sweets, so this recipe is certainly useful for young mothers. However, from such delicacies will not be able to give not only the kids, but also adults. If you're expecting guests, surprise them with an easy and incredibly delicious dish with a delicious name "Cherry".



  • 200 grams of sifted flour (be sure to take the product only top grade)
  • 100 grams of butter
  • half cup sugar
  • one egg yolk
  • Salt - to your taste


  • 200 grams of small, not too fat cottage cheese
  • 100 ml fresh cream
  • 200 grams of powdered sugar
  • two whole eggs, and one protein
  • two glasses of fresh cherries (do not forget to get rid of the pre-seed)
  • tablespoon of starch

Cooking method:

If you have never engaged in baking, it's time to start! The recipe is not too difficult, so it is suitable even for beginners and a complete ignoramus in the field of cooking. Be prepared for the fact that the cake may first come out is not the same as you would like. However, despair not worth ahead of time - a little practice, skill, and soon will be able to cook a dessert as well as any pastry.

Thus, in the first step is to make a dough. To do this in a large bowl, sift flour, then here is enter a little salt, pour the sugar and put the softened, cut into medium-sized pieces of butter. Now, carefully rub the products into small crumbs using a conventional plug. If you have a blender - that's just fine: it whisk all the ingredients, including chicken and one yolk. Just take your time to get rid of protein - it is useful later for the preparation of the filling.

It should be noted that instead of sugar can take a powder, it is only necessary to add a little more. As for butter, it is recommended in advance - at least for 40 minutes - Remove from the refrigerator, so that it is slightly melted, then knead the dough will be much easier. Once cope with the task, brush the inside edges of the form in which plan to bake the product, butter or oil, and place it in the resulting mass. Note that it should be a medium consistency - not too tight, but also not very liquid.

Well flatten future cake with the help of a rubber or wooden blades and send it in the oven. Cook at a temperature of 180 to 200 degrees for about 20 minutes. The formulation indicates the approximate time since in this case it depends on the heat capacity and specific furnaces. The main thing - watch and occasionally look over his creation, otherwise the risk to burn. If you notice that the dough too quickly darkens, it becomes an orange-golden, reduce temperature.

While the delicate cake browns, get stuffed. To begin with, get rid of stones, while trying not to damage the cherries. You can use pins or other materials at hand, for example, a fork or a pin. Then shift the berries in a deep bowl and sprinkle starch. In a separate bowl, combine sour cream and cottage cheese, rubbed them until a fine homogeneous mass.

Feel free to skip to the next step: another piala whisk whisk two eggs and powdered sugar, and the mixture enter the previous ingredients. Mix products. Now it was the turn of protein: stir it with a fork into a stable white fluffy foam and here is one spoonful gradually add cottage cheese and sour cream a lot, not stopping to work utensils. If you want to achieve perfect uniformity, beat the stuffing mixer. After sprinkle the cherries and stir again all.

Just at this time the dough should already be prepared. So remove it from the oven without removing it from the mold. When it has cooled, pour inside the cottage cheese and protein mass, which should be leveled. Again, send the product in the oven. Note that in this case the temperature should not exceed 180 degrees. After 45 minutes you can get cake and set the table.

By the way, for his cooking approach both fresh and frozen berries. Furthermore, they do not necessarily added directly to the cream. After ispechёtsya basis for future courses, that is, the cake, put on the bottom of the cherries, sprinkling them on top of curd. If you want to decorate the dish, buy a special cream, which are often sold in cans. Before applying the last few times, shake and apply a white foam on the product in the form of a pattern or make a "roof" of the cake, berries laying on him. For lack of time simply sprinkle with powdered sugar dessert. In general, fantasize for fun. Hopefully, this dish will win the hearts of your guests! We wish you successful experiments!

 cake with cream cheese and cherry

Chocolate cheesecake "Tenderness" with cherries

You do not know what a tender, if not tried this cake. Its taste, aroma, soft crumbly dough and juicy filling truly created to give pleasure. The dish will certainly taste not only a real sweet tooth, but also to those who belong to the indifferent desserts. Believe me, having prepared a chocolate-curd dish with cherries in this recipe, you can melt even the icy heart. Well, ready for culinary experiments? Then go ahead!


For gentle dough:

  • three home or store eggs
  • half cup sugar
  • -ounce package cream
  • sifted white flour - two glasses
  • Ten grams of baking powder
  • grated almonds - to taste
  • 300 grams of fresh cherries, pitted
  • three tablespoons of cocoa powder

For the cream:

  • 500 grams of fat cottage cheese increased
  • three tablespoons of sour cream
  • 100 grams of powdered sugar

For decoration:

  • pastry cream
  • several cherries - about 20 pieces
  • chocolate chips - on request

Cooking method:

As written in the book Julia Child - one of the gurus of culinary art, which once turned upside down all the views of Americans about the food - "everyone is able to learn how to cook, we need only carry detailed instructions and to follow it." No wonder they say that everything is perfect easy! Therefore, even without being a great pastry chef, but having the desire and perseverance, you can easily bake a delicious cake. Thanks to cheese-based dish turns out very tender, and sour cream, combined with cherries give it a special and juicy at the same time the fresh taste.

Start with the fact that the break in the blender bowl the eggs and mix them several times so as to form a thick white fluffy foam. After type in the sugar, cocoa powder, and sour cream and whisk everything several times. If your house is no above-mentioned instrument or mixer, do not worry - you can use the usual whisk. Only work with an effort quite a long time - five to seven minutes - so you will be able to get rid of lumps and to achieve perfect uniformity.

At the end of the resulting mass should add almonds. Note that it is first necessary to crush wrapped product in a clean kitchen towel and beating on it with a rolling pin or meat mallet to. There is another option: to turn almonds into powder to help all the same faithful assistant each family - a blender. By the way, if you choose to change a little cake recipe, for example, buying walnuts. Just keep in mind that it is recommended to dry them in a hot frying pan without oil and then later added to the dish.

For the dough has risen well then, do not be lazy and sift the flour. Then, pour into it the above stated number of baking powder and the resulting dry mixture to enter the sour cream and the egg mass. Mix all ingredients well and pay little attention to Vishnu. When the roll them in the flour (only two or three tablespoons), add berries to the batter. Attention! Do not forget to pre-remove the seeds, or any of the guests could choke.

You are almost done cooking: bakeware or other form that is suitable for baking, Cover the parchment. Lubricate it with oil is not necessary, there's every woman acts in its sole discretion. Now carefully lay out the dough, smooth it with silicone spatula. Send the product to a pre-heated oven, the optimal temperature is 180 degrees. Before the cake properly propechetsya browned and will be held from 40 to 60 minutes. To test his willingness to use the popular method - prick the dough with a match. If it stays dry, then it is time to remove the dish.

As a basis for the cake has cooled slightly, cut it into three equal parts and enjoy a filling. Magazinny curd often quite small, but if you use a home, which usually consists of large lumps, mash it with a fork. Then add sugar, or powdered, here is pour the sour cream and a few more ingredients mix blender, whisk or electric mixer.

You're a little soon be able to enjoy a truly great taste of his creation. So, the remaining cherries, remove the seeds, then rinse them well and dry, wrapped in a paper towel. Excess liquid will only spoil the dish, so wait until the fruit is completely dry. Then, lubricate each cake curd cream, cherry on top of spread out. Now fasten together the three parts of the future of the cake, lightly press down their arms, and the remnants of the sweet weight of the finished product on the top and sides. Remember, the thicker the layer of cream, the juicy dish, so do not be stingy!

Decorating a dish can be different, and if it does not have the time, you can get around and do this procedure a party. Otherwise, there are several options: rub half a chocolate bar in the middle and sprinkle with grated cheese cake with cherries. If you decide to buy the cream, do not grease the top of the cream product, and treating it only on the sides, top, apply a sweet white foam and arrange fresh berries. Bon Appetit!

Each recipe is unique and good in their own way, so before you decide what kind of dish is suitable for you personally - to taste, process of its preparation and so on - will have to try out "for yourself" is not a single dish. Perhaps the experience will not always be the best - it will burn the cake, the dough does not rise or, for example, the cream will not turn. But as you know, patience and hard work ... So good luck and new achievements in the culinary business!

 Curd cake with cherries: sweet holiday every day

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