cultivation of cucumber seedlings

Cucumbers come to us from India - tropical region, so they are thermophilic, hygrophilous and light-requiring, especially in the early stages of development. Of course, they grow up and lack of light, heat and moisture, but then their development very slowed down, and the harvest is greatly reduced. So if you want to get an early crop of cucumbers, should know how to grow seedlings of cucumber. The root system of vegetable crops are very vulnerable, so not to injure it with picks, cultivation of cucumber seedlings to perform better in peat-humus pots, paper or plastic cups, not potted.

The technology of growing seedlings of cucumbers same as for open ground, and for the greenhouses. They differ only in terms of planting. At the same time great importance is the composition of the soil mix. Cucumbers well suited mixture that consists of sod land, degraded peat humus manure and river sand or old sawdust in the ratio 3: 3: 3: 1. A bucket of the mixture should add three to four tablespoons of ash, one teaspoon of urea and one tablespoon of superphosphate, carefully followed all this stir.

If the old sawdust not, for the preparation of a mixture of fresh sawdust should be two to three times the pre-pour over boiling water to wash away the resinous substances. Many gardeners prefer to do more heat treatment mixture frying, steaming or dousing it with boiling water. But some experts say these methods are controversial, because along with the pathogens are destroyed and useful plants microflora.

For the growth of cucumber seedlings can be used and a good but inexpensive ground: ready soil for cucumbers "Gardener" vermicompost mixed with sawdust and stale in the ratio 2: 1: 2. Grunt "Gardener" can be replaced with other primers prepared, for example, "gardener", "Fortress," "Special 2" or "Fauna".

Before sowing the seeds of cucumbers should be required to prepare, and, to the stage of swelling, but not germination. Of course, if they germinate, they germinate quickly, but the seedlings of cucumber very brittle and fragile. Yes and store the seeds germinated, if you are not able to plant them immediately, it is difficult. And with the swollen seeds are no problems - it can be kept perfectly on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Cucumber seeds generally fraught with a lot of surprises. From experience we know that has a big impact fruiting age cucumber seeds. Seeds of last year's crop yield strong, powerful lashes with a lot of men, and therefore sterile flowers. The greatest harvest cucumbers from seed obtained after three years of storage.

In addition, the fertility of the seeds has a great influence conditions of their winter storage. Well dried out seeds stored in the winter in a dry and warm place, give a brief but very prolific whip. Seeds are well kept in a damp and cool place, then give long lashes, but with a lot of barren flowers.

 how to grow seedlings of cucumber

Preparation of seeds

But let us return to the question of preparation of seeds. First, it is desirable to warm up for 10-15 days in the sun or in the oven bag or batteries. If the seeds are kept in a cold room, they must be warmed up for at least three days at 50 ° C. Many gardeners seeds pour in a thermos with hot water and kept them there till two o'clock. This heat treatment promotes seed germination, accelerated growth and development of the lashes, subsequent increases productivity.

You can then proceed to the preparation of the seed, which begins with sorting. During the sorting is removed and the injured shriveled seeds. This is done usually in a three-percent solution of salt by soaking the seeds in it. The supernatant seeds removed, and the remaining was washed thoroughly with running water.

Decontaminated seeds in the traditional way - they are etched in a one percent solution of potassium permanganate, or the infusion of garlic for thirty minutes. After this treatment, the seeds must also be immediately thoroughly washed and then dried. Now you can use them for planting.

An effective way of disinfecting the seeds is their exposure to the aloe juice. To do this, cut aloe leaves kept in a dark room at a temperature of 20 ° C for five or six days, and then squeeze the juice from them. The undiluted juice seeds placed so that it covered it, and held there for the day. Then the seeds were washed and dried.

The next step is the preparation of seed soaking. It should start with a seed treatment such preparations stimulate growth as immunotsitofit, Appin, gumi, ideal, etc. This treatment improves the viability of the plant, accelerating the fruiting and increases productivity.

No less reliable and thus more simple way is to treat the seed extract of wood ash, which one tablespoon of ash pour a liter of water and infused for 24 hours. Most gardeners cucumber seeds were soaked in pure water slightly above room temperature. Water is better to take the melt, it is possible and out of the freezer. The water temperature is 26-28 ° C, soaking time - ten to twelve hours.

Often growers prolong soaking until the seeds sprout small, ie, germinated seeds. It usually occurs on the third day. But then they have to be immediately put to tronuvshis growth in the fetus died.

Swollen or hatched cucumber seeds often hardened, which keep them within three to five days in a refrigerator at 0 ° C on ice or snow. Can harden and variable temperatures, first hold seeds at 0 ° C for twenty hours in a refrigerator, and then four or five hours - at room temperature, repeating such cycles of two to three times. Another tip: if you already cucumber seeds hatch, and planting the seeds for some reason suddenly postponed, they should be kept at a temperature of 3-4 ° C in the lower part of the refrigerator.

 cultivation of cucumber seedlings

Sowing seeds

As the seedlings of cucumbers not tolerate transplanting, the seedlings of cucumber cultivation is carried out, as mentioned above, in plastic or paper cups and packets of milk or peat humus pots. But the best for this purpose are suitable made of paper cylinder without a bottom. To do this, the paper is folded in four and obvernuv around the bottle, fasten the edges with staples. The cylinder is removed from the bottle and fill with a mixture of soil, moisten it is not very concentrated solution of potassium permanganate, an ideal, and at worst, with warm water.

Prepared seeds are laid out in these kind of cups directly on the surface and sprinkle with a mixture of not more than one and a half centimeters, or sown in furrows at a depth of six to eight centimeters. To prolong the seeds inside, soil sprinkled with warm water, and not watered. Then the container tightly up in boxes and put in a warm greenhouse or on a south window and cover with plastic wrap. If the temperature is maintained at 25-28 ° C, then shoots will appear in three or four days. At a lower temperature, this also occurs in five to six days.

When the seedlings appear, you need to remove the film and move the seedlings in a well-lit place, and the temperature for two or three days to reduce to 17-19 ° C during the day and 13-14 ° C at night. It is necessary, so that the seedlings are not stretched. After that, the temperature was raised seedlings:

  • for greenhouse - on sunny days to 21-22 ° C, in cloudy weather - up to 19 ° C, and at night - up to 16-17 ° C;
  • for open ground, not to pamper the seedlings, the temperature drops to 1-2 ° C.

On the windowsill, unfortunately, to create such conditions is quite difficult. For example, if last long cloudy weather, cucumbers may have highly elongated podsemyadolnoe knee before the formation of true leaves. If this happens, the stem carefully placed along the wall of the pot ring in the soil before cotyledon, poured loose soil with a mixture of 1, 5-2sm and then watered. During the week, the stem take root, and the plant will become strong and low.

Seedlings during prolonged cloudy weather even on the bright windowsill better illuminate fluorescent lights for 10-12 hours a day. When the cotyledon leaves unfold, the seedlings need to be watered with warm water supernatant at about 30 ° C.

If seedlings are grown in the box, then pick only take seedlings with dark green cotyledons and good lobe roots. Half an hour before the pick, they should be watered abundantly. At the optimum temperature and good light somewhere within a week appears true leaf.

If the seedlings grown in the cylinders of the newspapers, they put into the prepared hole, which has the same depth as the cylinder and then around the paper spiked soil. Newspaper razmoknet quickly, and roots will sprout through it.

 Harvest the envy of all: the right cultivation of cucumber seedlings

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