Flowers on the balcony

We are so accustomed to the balcony that has hardly imagine a modern home without it. It is sometimes referred to as the face of the apartment. Rather, home. But perhaps this comparison is not entirely correct. Balcony - is the soul of the house, its image and essence.

We're not talking about the architectural jewels balcony. But without a balcony five-story building could look like, what they zalyubueshsya. It all depends on how and what to decorate it. Of course, you can decorate differently. But we'll talk about the flowers on the balcony - about the little extras that the presence of taste, some skill and hard work and gives the charm of this architectural element, breathing into him a living soul.

Instead of having to arrange on the balcony of the branch dump useless things, you can, with a little effort, create a garden where so nice to go barefoot sunny summer morning, or where you can have a cup of tea, sitting among the flowers on the balcony quiet warm evening. Private oasis in the noise and dust of the big city. Happy Garden of Dreams. We are talking now not about winter garden in a closed loggia and a flourishing corner of nature in their own homes under the open sky.

So you want to impress friends and acquaintances gorgeous riot of colors of flowers on the balcony, carried all the trash and even purchased a pair of wicker chairs and folding chairs. But you know perfectly well that it's not. Well, not everything. What next?

And now begin to prepare for decorating their balconies with flowers. First of all, look carefully where and what kind of flowers on the balcony and in which containers can be placed. The containers we call any container for growing plants. They can be made of wood, metal, plastic, clay or concrete. Loading of containers depends on the design of the balcony and the floor on which the apartment is located.

If you have a lattice fence, the containers are put on the floor or place them at the bottom of the outside of the grid. Or mounted on the grille itself with the help of special holders or ordinary strong wire. In continuous fence - brick or concrete - container can be simply put on top, but in this case you must be firmly convinced that accidentally hitting the elbow, not to drop it down.

If you dream of hanging flower arrangements on the balcony, and your balcony is located above the fifth or sixth floor and besides, open on all sides, then the maximum that you can afford - hanging container with a flat back surface, which is attached directly to the wall. Various hanging baskets and other devices, "floating" in the air, alas, not for you - you will probably hurt the wind.

Another thing, if you have a balcony in an apartment instead of a loggia. It is less susceptible to wind, because only open on one side. Selection of containers in this case, of course, wider. But on the balcony hanging containers are better placed in its depth.


The easiest and most familiar container - ordinary balcony boxes. Now they have a trade in various forms - any length, color and shape, with or without pallets. As a rule, they are made of cold-resistant plastic and are easy to handle - they are light, well washed. Their only drawback - the impact they may crack. But if you do not drop your box, it will last you a decade or even longer.

Wooden boxes for flowers on the balcony can be made independently of pine boards 2 cm thick. The board should be well dried and coated with varnish - it will protect it from rotting. Outside the box can handle any wood preservatives or paint the usual oil paint. Wood - a material short-lived. In order to extend the term of the box, put it on the two bars.

Ceramic containers for flowers on a balcony may vary in size from conventional flowerpot 10-15-liter capacity. Before you fill the earth clay container, immerse it completely in the water, it is good to be fed with water.

 what flowers are grown on the balcony

Support for climbing plants

If you plan to grow vines in advance take care of the supports for them. Depending on the tasks - shading windows of the bright sun, the desire to dissociate itself from its neighbors, the creation of a green arbor - the size and type of support will be different. In most cases, to support a common approach rope, not too thick and not monofilament. Many plants refuse to curl the smooth rope or wire. The easiest option - to stick a peg in the ground and tied him thread to lend it in the right direction. Various wooden supports for the boxes are made of slats.

Alternatively, vertical gardening recall the mossy walls which have long been known, but have not won a special popularity, probably because of the complexity in the manufacture and exploitation. Moss wall is a construction made of wood, metal or plastic, fitted by coarse mesh. The space inside the grid is filled with peat moss mixed with, and then there are planted plants.

Before you begin planting balcony or loggia, evaluate the conditions in which to grow your flowers. And for this we define the following questions:

  • On which side of the light leave your balcony or loggia.
  • Do not obscure the landing place of the future canopy trees standing close, neighboring houses.
  • It is the seat from rain and sun.

When you choose which flowers can be planted on the balcony, be sure to consider these factors, or in the first year you can comprehend failure that permanently discourage any desire to grow flowers on the balcony.

Requirements for light

All plants are divided into light-loving and shade-tolerant. These names speak for themselves. Light-requiring, and the majority of them develop better and live in a well-lit area. In turn, they can be divided into fans of the bright sun and prefer places where there is only a mild evening and the morning sun.

Shade tolerance, too, love the light, but can successfully grow in the shade and in the sun, but only in those places where you do not fall into the midday sun's rays, for example, on the west or east side.

Some plants feel well in shade and in the sun. Therefore it is impossible to distinguish between these groups once and for all determine each plant its place under the sun. This is all the more impossible to make the conditions in each case will be different.


Terms and define such an important time, as the watering. On the south side of the temperature is generally higher, and therefore leaves evaporate moisture intensely, and the substrate in the container dries faster. Here, the plants should be watered every day, and some moisture-loving - two or even three times a day.

In the shadow of the north side is no such problem, but there is another: because of the low temperature evaporation is not as intense, and the container can happen stagnant water. This sometimes leads to death of the plant, especially if it does not like waterlogged.

Flowering time

Most annuals maximum flowering occurs in July-August. But if you land viola, primrose or daisy, overwintered indoors, then in early June, you can get a nice composition, which was then when primrose daisy ottsvetut, will be replaced by other annuals.

 what flowers can be planted on the balcony

Plant height

Plants can be divided into high-, medium- and low-growing and ampelnye - hanging and climbing - climbing the pole. When you create compositions based on plant height will be optimal option, in which the foreground planted ampelnye form - lobelia, nasturtium, hang-downing pelargonium or stunted - alyssum. Behind them sredneroslye - Salvia petunia, tagetes. In the next row are planted tall - dahlias, gladiolus, chrysanthemums. And now go curly - Morning Glory, beans.

Of course, in the standard drawer width 13-15 cm plants of all forms of growth will not be able to imagine, but this is not necessary, is sufficient to consider one or two. For example, the first row - ampelnye second - sredneroslye. Or the first row - undersized, the second - curling. You can combine drawers. One plant is completely stunted plants, and behind him to place a box with tall and whether curly.

The choice of colors

This color has the strongest impact on the audience with flower decoration balcony. What colors or a combination you choose depends on you, your tastes and preferences. If you are a novice grower, do not seek directly to a wide range. Take for a start two or three species of plants that do not require special care, but the lush and long flowering, such as alyssum, nasturtium, petunia, tagetes, lobelia. Can you arrange all of balcony with only one petunia, using different combinations of its kind. For example, place the plant in a box with flowers of different colors or striped boxes planted with flowers Petunia one color.

For experienced gardeners can offer to create a monochrome composition of different plants - the whole issue balcony in a range of, for example, yellow, red or blue, use the five or six or even more plant species.

Floor height

In the selection of flower assortment is necessary to consider the height of the floor. For landscaping balconies of the upper floors, exposed to wind, recommended plants with strong, well-developed shoots or undersized species with highly branched aboveground part, for example, dahlia, tagetes, lobelia, alyssum, petunia, salvia, and others. For the tall plants in this case would have use the garter.

At the Lodge, in contrast to the balconies, no such limitations, since they are almost completely protected from the wind. But another problem to the loggia. Since they are closed on three sides by walls, there may be a certain lack of light. Therefore, when choosing colors for the loggias, consider this feature - you'll have to choose shade tolerance.

Wondering what kind of flowers are grown on the balcony, try to take into account all these factors, experiment with an assortment of plants, colors, learn how to behave in different plants on your balcony. But your reward will be a balcony in a beautiful flower frame, to which all passers-by will pay attention. Yes, and you are happy to be spending time there with a book, or even at work, which is surrounded by such beauty you will not find it boring.

 Decorate the front of the house: the flowers on the balcony

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