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Gone are the happy times when in the garden near her house grew assorted flower and a pair of lilac bushes, and the rest of the area was planted with stunted bushes of tomatoes, cucumbers and dull lashes potatoes. Today, amateur gardeners tend to decorate your house building European standard, combining it with a decorative garden landscape gardening. But landscaping the garden with his hands on six acres requires some knowledge.

We try to understand the councils of experts on this issue, and to suggest some ideas garden decoration. For the decoration of your garden, the garden can be not only a variety of ornamental shrubs, trees, vines and flower beds. Ideas garden decoration much wider! For its decoration can make your own hands interesting artifacts, ranging from sculptures and ending fences. You can organize a mini-pond or dry creek, and you can build a fake and a well. Let's begin to embody the idea of ​​...

Distribution area

If you choose a new and modern requirements pereobustroit its suburban area and develop its design, experts advise to start to prepare the master plan. It should display the boundaries of the site with an indication of the cardinal points, the location of the dachas, entry and green areas, as well as track mark on it. In developing the design project of allotment gardens should adhere to the basic rules, which take into account a lot of knowledge and experience.

  • Near the main facade should not be planted tall trees, because in 5-7 years, growing up, they will block access to your home world. The easiest and best option would be to break at this point a big flower bed. Plants should choose to provide continuous bloom.
  • When planning the location of the orchard, it is necessary to place it on the side or behind the house, away from the dusty road and parking machines. It is desirable that the garden was well lit and protected from the wind. Avoid placing the garden in the northern part of the area or in the shade of a house. Shrubs and trees should not be planted closer than 1, 5-2 meters from the house.
  • For the suburban area of ​​planting is recommended perimeter thick bushes, which not only turns green frame suburban area, but also protects the owners from prying eyes.
  • High beds should organize around the fence, which will also look good and the rock garden. In this case, it should be noted that the ground cover plants, mosses and succulents need good lighting, so it can only be placed on the sunny side.
  • In the patio, garden paths, gazebos and lawn edges is arranged flower beds and flower borders.
  • To garden is necessary to select an open sunny site. But from prying eyes, it is desirable to hide the garden. In general, the design of modern landscape design not only allows for, but also welcomes the neighborhood fruit and vegetable crops with ornamental plants.

Thus, the design of your garden, the garden should begin with a planning area. And then you can go directly to the fruit and vegetable garden plants, and ready to use for decoration or sculpture crafts made with his own hands.

 crafts for the garden with his own hands

Making garden

Now we can talk about how to build a garden and a vegetable garden in a small summer cottage. The preference here should be given to only those elements, without which we can do nothing. Parking, for example, can generally arrange off-site, thus freeing up space for the recreation area.

Ideas clearance area is not too small, but their implementation should take into account the laws of the style on which to base any landscape design. In a small space in the garden is better to arrange the landscape style. Shrub group, lined along the arc of a retaining wall, a round lawn and winding paths visually expand the size of the garden.

On a small summer cottage should not be too much larger shrubs and trees. Because fruit trees are best suited dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties. A place in the lawn or flower bed can be released by planting trees and shrubs in a checkerboard pattern. Landscape designers believe that if the foreground planted plants bright colors, and the back focus cold and dark shades, it is possible to visually push the boundaries garden plot.

Drinking fruit garden in recent years has also undergone significant changes. Laying the garden, consider not only the functionality, but the future of design. Today, a host of new ornamental crops, and fruit trees and bushes is also actively used in the design of suburban areas. As an example, columnar dwarf cherry or apple.

Ideas of planning and garden design are not limited only in the choice of plants and laying of the garden. The modern garden design, and be sure to include destinations such as gazebos or open area. By the way, if the gazebo to buy expensive and difficult to make your own, here's a modern playground with his own hands to rest - it is a feasible idea.

Try to avoid when you make a suburban area of ​​some common mistakes. Some gardeners gardeners on a small plot of land tend to fit all the elements of landscape design, which have seen on television or found in a colorful journal, and arches and pergolas and fountain, and a barbecue, and slides, and a pond with a stream, not to mention of gypsum figurines. From this abundance of decorative elements, gathered in one place, my head is spinning. Neither of which taste and comfort at this country house and can not speak.

Another common mistake is the wrong choice of plants for the garden. The apparent fascination with new varieties and species leads to excessive exhaustive search of the exotic. Given that these rare shrubs and perennials planted in one instance, such a garden design will not create a complete picture of the beautiful.

 crafts with their hands for the garden

Making vegetable garden

Garden can become as a decorative element as flower beds, lawns, garden paths and ponds. Recent trends in the country - it is a device of the decorative garden. Properly made the beds are better than a flower garden to decorate your site. If the creative and visionary approach to the creation of garden areas, the beds with spicy greens, herbs, strawberries and vegetables will look very original.

Some vegetables can be used as tapeworms and accent plants. For example, horseradish and rhubarb, whose large leaves texture immediately apparent. For the convenience of care for different vegetable crops should be planted them in different sectors, dividing the tracks. The composition is supplemented try bunk beds with openwork dill and parsley, tender green salad. Complete composition can of pepper bushes with bright lanterns fruit. As soon as the first fresh herbs, it can replace the curly leaves of carrots and red and green beet tops.

You can play with the shape of the beds, making them the square, the square. Paths between the beds with decorative should be broad enough to ensure access to care for vegetable crops. To track does not grow, they are covered with mulch materials, which may serve as gravel, granite chips, bark or painted wood chips.

If you think of the fans to grow with his hands a traditional vegetable crops, the garden is reserved for the distant land of your garden. And do not forget that the number of landings to get involved in this case is not necessary. Suppose you will grow and carrots, and tomatoes, and ogurchki, with eggplant and pepper. But even if all this is just one small beds.

If you can not hide from prying eyes so unpresentable element of landscape design, try to decorate it or even draw attention to the kitchen garden. After landing on the boundary of the garden dwarf bright annuals, sandwiched between the beds comfortable and beautiful track. This garden does not spoil the design of your garden, and even adds to it a special charm.

Decorations for suburban area with their hands

Today it became very popular crafts and decorations made of natural materials, hand made for the garden. Of course, these crafts can be purchased in specialty stores where the range is very wide. But the price of them, especially if it is handmade, very high. To decorate a section of the original objects, it is not necessary to spend money for that. All this can be done by hand. We offer you some ideas for the garden with his own hands.

From branches

Each garden after pruning shoots are shrubs and trees, branches from them, which can be used to make simple wicker accessories. You will need only a fraction of the time, desire and fantasy. What kind of crafts you can make with your own hands from the branches? Here are some ideas. For example, from flexible branches can be woven ball, forming one frame, and then it is fully braided twigs. The ball looks very impressive when he rides the wind in the garden. In such a "tumbleweed" for fun, you can put a rattle. Because of strong and thick branches can make a decorative fence or the fence is quite functional for the flower garden.

From branches can build a trellis-cone. It should make it sustainable, to go deep into the ground to the lower ends of the branches of 5-10 cm. The upper ends of the branches must be securely linked. Okoltsuyte thin rods vertical supports. You will have a coarse grating, which can be planted around the twisted and looped plants - sweet peas, morning glory, decorative beans and so on. In such designs might look nice zucchini and cucumbers. Because of the long branches can be woven and bird feeder. From the trunk of the tree can be felled with his hands to make the stand for flower pots with flowers.

From old things

If a grand crafts you have no time, then pay attention to the old things that are in excess of any country house. As stands for flowers, it is possible to adapt the old chair. Old shoes may become stylized vases for petunias. Also, try to plant flowers in the old tubs, baskets and even fiber suitcase. End-of-age of tires can not only adapt under the beds, but also make them their own hands a variety of decorative pieces. In general, the mass of ideas. Suffice it to show a little imagination, and the materials at hand, no longer desired object can be an original way to decorate your site.

From plastic bottles

Write a highlight in the design of your garden can be crafts from plastic bottles. Because of this other junk material masters manage to create with their own hands and not let masterpieces of landscape design, but quite cute and original crafts. these crafts and qualify for the title of the sculpture garden, and all kinds of accessories for the garden. Ideas are so diverse that it is pointless to offer something concrete. Nevertheless, some of the ideas we still sounded.

Curbs and flower beds - crafts that do not require special skills. Bottles simply cut and stuck into the ground around the perimeter of beds sculpted bottoms up. To make the hands of all kinds of butterflies and bees, too, do not need special skills.

Such crafts afford even to children. You just need to pick up the matching colored plastic bottles and cut details of future figures. Then connect the parts with a soft wire and place these artifacts in the form of soaring dragonflies, butterflies and bees on flowerbeds. And, of course, all kinds of flowers - those articles made of plastic bottles that will be exclusive decor of your garden.

Today the design of the garden with his own hands - it is not just a forced necessity, but very exciting hobby.

 A beautiful garden and orchard with their hands

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