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Homemade roses - a small copy of the large garden of his relatives - had long since gained immense popularity. Their delicate little buds can decorate even the poor interior, bringing joy to the owners of the house. How to properly care for a rose, this moody beauty, at home? What you need to do in order to make it as long as possible happy with you and feel good? His secrets share with readers specialists - to synchronize your care flower with their advice.

At home you can grow only dwarf varieties of roses as bush garden roses are too long, the roots - a place in the pot they simply will not suffice. Care rose assumes a number of conditions. Plants should be placed in a sunny, bright, well-ventilated place. In the summer it is better to keep on the balcony, but in winter - away from radiators, preferably at a temperature of 10-12 °. Watering should be regularly home rose, but moderately. The water should not stagnate. In winter, watering should be cut roses, and in summer twice a month to make fertilizer. Withered flowers on it should be removed immediately.

Growing roses in the room conditions are always very much that they are regularly formed buds and bloom. And every woman wants to know how to care for roses home to achieve this. The main condition for this - they need to be grown in a cool room. But for the formation of buds they need a lot of light. To do this, you need to keep the room rose in a well-lit areas.

Roses can be grown in a warm room, but then you have to change care: you must be frequently sprayed with water. Moreover, the water should be a few degrees above room temperature. If a rose sprayed with cold water can cause her disease powdery mildew. It is not fatal to the plant, but it is very spoils the appearance, so it is best to choose the right water temperature.

In the summer flowers are better placed in the balcony. If possible, transplant them into the ground, where it can be done directly in pots. At this time in the development and growth of roses beneficial care, which includes morning and evening spraying water. It will not only wash away the dust and freshen up the plant, but also to prevent the appearance of pests. This should be done only on sunny days, because in cloudy weather spraying stops the growth of plants. Potted roses can be kept outdoors until frost, after which they again returned to the house and resume routine care.

You can not in any case be allowed to com land, and with it the roots dry. Watering should be home rose in the morning and evening, until full saturation of the soil. But in any case not in the sun. We can not and pereuvlazhnyat earthen room. The water temperature should be between 20 ° C. In order to escape the wood better ripening to late summer watering is gradually reduced. In order to suspend the growth of the pots with plants in late autumn removed from the soil. Late buds cut.

Land for potted roses growing in pots should be nutritious. A good substrate is made of two parts of a mixture of sand and clay mixed with pulverized bird droppings, and the two parts of the greenhouse humus. Very good for the earth rose, taken from the nettle. The reason is simple - always nettles growing on nutrient-rich soils.

 Rose care home

Pests and diseases of roses

Home-Queen of flowers, as well as their relatives garden, are not immune, unfortunately, from pests and diseases. They can create aphids, spider mites and rose sawfly. To save the plant by aphids, wash it with soapy water. Such care should be repeated every week and a half. Good results are obtained and processing household roses pyrethrum. To 200g of this powder pyrethrum infused for twelve hours in ten liters of water. Next, ten liters of water was dissolved 50 mL of solution and 50 g of soap.

In the fight against spider mites, aphids and other pests is very effective aqueous extract of garlic. For this purpose, 50g pounded garlic pour a glass of cold water. Fifteen minutes later a mass need to strain and add water to the total volume of one liter. A bucket of water take half cup of this solution and in cloudy weather or in the evening wash plant.

For prevention advise against spider mites and mildew to use granite dust. It is mixed with the soil in the spring, summer and fall. With the same purpose, sprinkled soil and plant ash.

Transplanting Roses

To get the potting rose planting it in pots of soil must be done in August. Then transplanted roses have time to take root before winter and by spring of next year they will bloom. If the transplant done in the spring, they will take root throughout the summer and bloom until the following year.

For planting roses take home small pots because the soil in large pots dries more slowly and may sour. From this the roots may rot. In addition, in large pots home rose "zhiruet": gives a little color and a lot of leaves. Try to grow flowers in small pots, transplanting them into the most nutritious mixture and feeding fertilizers.

Transplanting home rose in the period of growth, careful not to break the earthen room in order not to damage the root system. So Rose can be transplanted throughout the summer. In order to better rooted plant, its five to seven days, put in the shade and watered sparingly.

 how to care for the home rose

Pruning roses

Pruning roses home doing to improve the flowering and the formation of a bush. This should be done as follows:

  • First, cut out small, underdeveloped, weak, intertwining branches;
  • Leave a bush four or five of the strongest shoots, which have an average growth and normal development; if the wood they are well matured, their cut, while leaving to each shoot three to six holes;
  • On the shoots of moderate forces left four or five holes;
  • On slaboroslyh shoots left two or three buds.

Multi-colored flowers dwarf with large buds cut better in three to five buds in spring. Melkotsvetnye dwarf roses provide abundant flowering, when they cut into two or three buds. With few interruptions they bloom until the end of the growing season.

After cutting the flowers immediately introduced into the room with a temperature of 10-12 ° C. This is to ensure that the eyes have evolved slowly. After the first leaves of the plant should be moved to a sunny window. All new shoots should be cut to the ground, so they are not taken away from the bush nutrients and suspended its development. In this case, develop powerful shoots and large buds.

We told you how to care for roses at home. If you correctly follow all these tips, your favorite flowers will delight you long flowering luxury. It only remains to add that if you were given or you purchased potting rose in the store, do not rush her transplant. Let the plant in a couple of weeks to get used to the new for him microclimate.

 If you have a rose home: caring for the queen of flowers

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 florarium own hands

Magnificent any decor will florarium - a small corner of nature behind glass. It's kind of a tiny room Teplička, which feel good miniature bromeliads, orchids, Selaginella, dwarf ferns and rubber plants ground covers, arrowroot, Fitton, peperomiya. Sometimes it's beautiful compositions made of flowers and moss, decorated with seashells, bright beautiful stones, twigs, dry plants and so on. Florariumy used to decorate the home or office. Moreover, they fit into any interior.

They are big and small, floor, table and even a wall. Today, many flower shops offer a wide variety of compositions in the glass, but you can make florarium hands. It is an interesting exercise, not only for the amateur grower, but also for anyone wishing to express their creative personality and original design the interior of your own home.

 how to make your own hands florarium

What you need to florariuma?

Create such beauty is quite able to anyone. To make florarium, you need a clear vase of any shape and size. It can be round or square tank, a large glass bottle, etc. The next step is to select one or more small plants and prepare moss. The last thing you will need to complete the composition - is a variety of accessories: seashells, colored stones, crystals, beads, unusual forms and other branches.

Here, everything is limited only by your imagination. If you wish, you can make florarium no living plants, which in the interior will look just as good. You can make a miniature "rock garden" or rural landscape, erecting a house of matches or a toy windmill.

Thus, the materials chosen. It's time to talk about how to make florarium hands. Mini-garden behind the glass in a fully transparent closed containers implies a special microclimate. This means that not every plant can become an inhabitant florariuma.

In a closed container formed its own ecosystem, which is high humidity, temperature and internal gas exchange. With this plant in florariume can easily do for a long time without watering. The limited volume makes it possible to grow in florariume only slow-growing specimens. It should be remembered that such a composition, though will decorate your interior for a long time, but still temporarily - a plant sooner or later have to replant in a pot.

First you need to decide where it will be florarium. And if you're going to put him against the wall, its elements must be positioned so that the back was high, and in front of the small details. If he will stand in the center of the table, the decorative elements should be placed so that the beautiful view opens on all sides. That is the biggest and highest elements should be placed in the center of the composition.

 florarium open in the apartment with his hands

Plants florariuma

Then, select a plant that will be the basis of the composition of your florariuma. The most suitable candidates for the creation of this masterpiece - a bromeliad, some flowering species requiring high humidity and tropical exotics. Perfect for such compositions ferns. The most commonly used for florariuma plant - a miniature violets (Saintpaulia), beautiful blooming orchids, Fitton, arrowroot, bromeliads, allokazii, azaleas, Selaginella, cyclamen, ivy and ferns, episcia, dieffenbachia, and p cereal and others. Cacti are not very cozy feel themselves in sealed containers, but with a special wish, you can make out of the garden and succulents. Only in this case it is not worth implanting them moisture-loving plants. It looks wonderful florarium based miniature violets with variegated foliage.

Having defined the plants that live in your florariume, pick a suitable ground for them. Pour the bottom of a glass container little soil (its amount depends on the size of the vessel). Above ground close moss to create a beautiful background. You can place the plants in small pots - plastic cups, which should also impose moss. Or just try to wrap a cup with green moss and place it in the interior florariuma. Then, without breaking composition, at any time you can replace the plant if it is lost or outgrown views. Besides, it's more convenient to take care of the plant.

Still, keep in mind that the small garden with plants of different species, planted in the common ground, it looks much nicer than the collection of pots. But then you need to carefully select plants suitable for the conditions of detention. Because the flowers that need a dry rest period (a rare watering or even lack thereof) will not be able to exist in a soil with plants that can not survive without irrigation. Therefore, when creating a composition of these plants, they need to share on this basis, providing each group its "soil space." It is not easy, so his first florarium start with the same type of plant.

 florarium home with their own hands

Decorate florarium

Making outdoor florarium in the apartment with his hands, prepare for its jewelry shells, twigs, unusual stones, any items that you can find, and that you like. They must meet the following conditions: be a bright accent, or have an unusual shape to complement the overall picture of, or overlap with other elements of color for what would be their shade. Now you can create a composition such as your imagination tells you. We offer a little advice on the design: it is desirable that in florariume present some semantic accent - an unusual shell, bright stone, a flowering plant or something like that. This will make your garden more harmonious and complete.

If you do your composition using living plants, it is desirable to put florarium closer to a window or provide him with additional illumination. That is why you can use florariuma aquariums of various forms, because they are provided with a cover with light. In this capacity you will create a closed ecosystem and the plants will feel great there.

Florariumy you can do a variety. They may be thematic, for example, in the form of a sea coast or rainforest. The main thing is to choose the right to their own interior. And then this song will serve as a wonderful decoration of your, pleasing you and your guests.

 Garden in glass: florarium own hands

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