garden with his own hands


  • We mark up the site and determines with style
  • Planted plants
  • To constantly blooming flower beds
  • How to be a pond

Owning your own vacation home - this is happiness. And create a cozy area and a beautiful garden - double happiness. And to this garden to rejoice and cheer up, you need to work hard on his arrangement. Create a beautiful garden with their hands - it's like to raise a child. You have to explore all his weaknesses and be able to resist diseases. Loving every blade of grass and taking care of each flower. Only in this way can make a real paradise, which will be the subject of your pride. So, where do you need to start homestead lands?

We mark up the site and determines with style

Landscape design - it's pretty hard work. It is necessary to provide all the little things: future paths, bushes along the fence, flowers around the fountain, garden furniture. If you do not want to invite specialists, remember a few basic rules:

  • If you have a heterogeneous terrain (there are bumps or hills), consider creating an alpine slide;
  • The design of the garden looks wonderful natural stone;
  • In the presence of low areas (depressions) should consider the drainage system. Otherwise, the vegetation will suffer from an overabundance of moisture;
  • Along the fence should be placed low-growing shrubs. It is better to take those who have enough dense foliage. Subsequently, they can be figured cut. Suitable for this purpose kolovidnye apple trees - and decorated, and harvest;
  • It is advisable to purchase a metal garden benches. They will serve you for a long time, because very rarely need replacement and repair;
  • Be sure to pick up a small swing with a visor - like a hammock. Convenience and proper rest are guaranteed.

My future garden need to think in advance. For example, you like Japanese direction, then - prepare the place for a small gazebo, set special arches for climbing roses, vines and ivy. Japanese style involves minimalism - no tall trees, all tiny and modest. Line tracks should be clear, relevant here is rounded shape.

It will be pertinent, and a small lake with a fountain. According to the philosophy of Japanese water is a strong sedative. Garden furniture - open and transparent, with light curtains, installed inside the low table. Add to this environment lights made in vintage style, and a sense of complete rest you provided.

If you prefer oriental culture, the aromas of spices and rich colors, it is possible to issue a Moorish-style garden: bushes with bright colors, with a neatly trimmed trees crowns, violent combination of colors in the flowerbeds. Oriental will look and vegetable pyramid, decorated with frescoes. Do not do this in the garden and without spices: cumin, coriander, bergamot, pink pepper. Arbor also can be arranged in an oriental style, providing it with a small low sofas and lots of soft pillows.

 beautiful garden with his own hands

Planted plants

Today is especially important mixborders (mixed border). It is a wide strip planted with different colors. There may be "live" and perennials and low shrubs, and annuals. Plant mixborders best in the far corner of the recreation area. If the bed is designed to frame the vast areas with greenery, ambushes its extremely low-growing plants such as marigolds and colorful rugs.

Mixborders can vary verbena and echinacea, dahlias and even Chinese roses, forget-me-and nasturtium, bright daisies and cornflowers. The choice is huge, and it will have to do for you. The corners of the garden can be issued high perennials. Will look amazing arrangement of gladioli, phlox and majors. They go perfectly with tulips and peonies. Do not admire such compositions is difficult because they are so clearly stand out.

To constantly blooming flower beds

Unfortunately, many of the plants rather quickly pass the flowering stage. But both want to fragrant buds pleasing to the eye constantly, until the first frost. This can be achieved, if you pick a plant, flowering at different times. Or draw in the garden of the rose garden, landed various grades queen of flowers. Here are some tips on design constantly blooming flowerbeds.

  • Pick plants that need the same watering and lighting. Otherwise, some colors will feel great, and others - to die;
  • Consider the timing and frequency of flowering. Let the background, and on the front bud bloom constantly;
  • Remember, marigolds (quite popular flowers for the flower beds) begin to bloom in early June and ends close to the cold. Special care they require, the main thing - time to weed the weeds;
  • But tulips are "maturing" of color - please us just a couple of weeks of April;
  • Even if the bed is in the shaded area with high humidity, do not despair. And there is no place matching colors. Plant ferns, fuchsias, foxglove, columbine, Volzhanka.

 cozy garden with his own hands

How to be a pond

It is hard to imagine a beautiful garden without a pond. A quiet murmur of water, green grass, colorful flowers, and ... silence. The dream? Not at all! Stop dreaming, it's time to realize your desires.

  • Buy ready-made body of water

It looks like a plastic bowl, can be of different sizes and shapes. You can install it yourself, you need to dig a hole on the bowl-shaped, container and place to fill with water. Be sure to take care of the water filter, otherwise it will quickly become overgrown with slime. Such a pond can be decorated with electric fountain and even run to small fish;

  • Concrete pond

Future reservoir cup molded from concrete. This is a fairly time-consuming, expensive and lengthy process. Without the help of professionals can not do. But such an ornamental pond will please you for a long time. He virtually timeless;

  • Pond with his hands

The cheapest way - to buy PVC film and use their own hands. What to do? Pull up the pit, lining it with foil, fix the earth and tiles. Fill with water and enjoy! Do not forget to install a filter.

Around the pond you can put garden lanterns solar-powered, which illuminate the dark water surface, will create a cozy and romantic mood.

  • During leaf fall cover the surface of a pond fishing net. Leaves will not rot, and spread an unpleasant odor;
  • Landed duckweed or water lilies - they decorate the pond and become natural cleaners;
  • If you have settled the fish, be sure to not only the presence of the filter, but also a special heater.

The nuances in registration area there are many. The main thing to remember is that you personally are laying next rest area. Making the garden with his own hands, put it in the creation of not only skill, but also a piece of his soul. Do not be afraid of fantasy and experimentation. Only in this way you create a fabulous place from which just do not want to leave!

 The garden with his own hands: a dream come true

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 puansetiya fall leaves


  • Natural causes
  • Errors care and maintenance
  • Pests

Today it has become fashionable to give a live potted plants. And, on every holiday enterprising flower sellers offer us to make, so to speak, in the subject of purchase. For example, on Christmas Eve and New Year adorn the shelves of flower shops puansetiya fairest, which is popularly known as the Christmas star. And if you were presented with a gorgeous flower, by the beginning of spring, and then soon after receiving the gift may suddenly discover that your beautiful puansetiya dropped leaves.

But even if it does not happen all of a sudden, the improper care and conditions of detention, as well as pests of indoor plants may lead to the fact that puansetiya drops leaves. Let's learn about the causes of such adverse events as well as how to prevent it and how to fix it.

 puansetiya clears leaves

Natural causes

In favorable conditions for themselves puansetiya will long to please you with their unusual colors. However puansetii characterized by a period of rest, coming immediately after flowering. At this time, the plant drops leaves, which is a completely normal process. Therefore, if at the end of February or in early spring your puansetiya dropped leaves, do not panic.

It is necessary to cut the stems puansetii exactly half and rearranged with a flower pot in a cool place with dim lighting. But do not be deprived of light plants, like to forget about watering. The temperature in the temporary shelter sleeping puansetii should not fall below ten degrees, and the earthen room in any case should not be dry. In this state, the plant will be approximately one and a half months. And by the beginning of the last month of your spring begins to wake up sleeping beauty.

Transplant into a new flower pot will make it a warm, bright room and start intensively watered and fed regularly. Awakened flower usually gives a lot of young shoots, but leave only need four or five of the strongest shoots.

Errors care and maintenance

Reasons for puansetiya clears leaves, may lie in the care and maintenance of error:

  • a sharp temperature drop;
  • waterlogging and drying earthen clod;
  • lack of lighting;
  • air dry.

As you can see, the reasons for the banal. And if in an active period for the plant to water it at the time, keep warm and bright room, regularly feed and spray, the flower will feel quite comfortable. However, some errors can cause withdrawal not only the falling of leaves, but the death of the flower.

If you freeze puansetiyu, such as transportation, to revive the flower will be impossible. In the first place it has falling leaves, roots and then die. If excessive watering from puansetii also begin to rot the roots and the leaves are falling. And save a flower, too, will be very difficult. But minor transport of persistent drought puansetiya. And even if it flushes the reason leaves, it can be quickly returned to form, just observing the correct mode of irrigation.

Dry indoor air flower also reacts badly as in drafts or low temperature. But, in addition, dry air can contribute to the defeat of plant pests. And then also resets puansetiya leaves.

 why puansetii fall leaves


Puansetiya lose their leaves, affected spider mites. It's small red spiders, which settle on the underside of leaves and puansetii overlying thin white cobwebs. Get rid of this pest will help wash the leaf tobacco extract and pollinate ground sulfur. In addition, you can use special insecticides for indoor plants.

In addition to spider mite pests threatening puansetii are Jose scale and mealybug. Mealybugs and scale insects larvae feed on sap from the leaves puansetii. For this reason, the leaves wilt, turn yellow, wither and fall off. In case of defeat puansetii these pests must also be a damp sponge to wipe the leaves and stems of plants, mechanically removing the pest. First flower treated with soapy water and then thoroughly washed with pure water leaves. If these procedures do not help, use special preparations.

So, for a comfortable existence puansetii in your home it is necessary to create conditions similar to the natural:

  • mild temperatures,
  • moderate and regular watering,
  • adequate lighting in the active period;
  • sufficient humidity.

And if we take care puansetiyu from drafts and sudden temperature changes, it will flush only leaves in the dormant period. And this, as we have said, it is normal and natural process. Observe the care and maintenance of puansetii and the New Year holidays in your house shine live Christmas star. Good luck!

 Puansetiya: fall leaves. How to help the plant?

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