figures for the garden with his own hands


  • Crafts from car tires
  • Crafts from plastic bottles
  • Garden insects

What we mean fruit and vegetable garden? First of all - this is a piece of land that requires constant treatment, weeding and watering. The land on which the care is always pleased their masters abundant harvest. But sometimes you want a break from all the fuss, sitting down with your favorite book in a cozy corner of the garden. And a place to rest each settles on its own. Someone plant flowers, someone equips alpine gardens and gazebos, well, someone makes decorative pieces for the garden with his own hands and thus receives a lot of positive emotions.

Decorative sculptures can be made from the simplest of materials: old tires, plastic foam, plastic bottles. Even shoes and released from use pots and pans can be useful for work. Figures for the garden with his own hands will be able to make any man, receiving a maximum of pleasure and spend a minimum of means. Do you want to learn? Then pay attention to this article. It will be discussed is an exclusive decor, which will transform your garden beyond recognition.

Crafts from car tires

To make decorative sculptures from old tires, you need the help of men. Reach to the creation of her husband, because he, too, would be happy to rest in his own created a fantastic corner.

Graceful Swan

  • Take an old tire, it is desirable to "bald", and do it on the layout. To do this, hold the white marker line along the contour of the two tires, one of the very top, the other - along the ground;
  • Now, with a sharp knife cut a tire on the lines, but not completely;
  • We call her husband to help cut the top of the tire. This place will not succumb to the knife, then needed a Bulgarian;
  • As a result, you will have a figure, vaguely resembling a bird. Cut along the lines - the wings. Upper cut - head and tail;
  • Now you need to take a metal plate, arched her neck in the form of bird and fasten the rubber base;
  • Paint swan white latex paint and a red beak do.

That's it, graceful and proud bird settled in your garden.


It's all very simple. You will need: 4 tires, green, yellow and blue paint, metal plate and two covers of paint cans.

  • Dropwise tires so that they were close to each other, but at different levels. That we've got caterpillar body;
  • All stained green;
  • Now you need to bend the plate-shaped antennae and fix her up the front tires. Antennae yellow paint;
  • From metal lids do eye. Pupils were isolated by blue paint.

Bear of tires

This cute bear will love both children and adults. To create the sculpture needed: 2 tires of different sizes (one for the body of a bear, the other - for the head), paint, thick tires and plywood.

  • To connect the beginning of the body and head with a metal pipe. For this it is necessary to cut holes in tires. Knife will not do this work, so ask her husband to cut a hole grinder;
  • We fix our bears, placing it vertically;
  • Plywood doing (with the help of her husband, too) round billet and close their tires from two sides: the snout and body. Plywood fastened to the rim of the wheel screws;
  • Paws and ears cut out of thick rubber and glue them to the wheels with special glue;
  • Bear stained colors for the exterior. Here you can give free rein to imagination and paint a figure as possible.

 figures for the garden with his own hands

Crafts from plastic bottles

Such decorative sculptures, and you can do yourself. Their design does not imply the use of traditional men's tools.

Swans for decoration of the reservoir

You will need: aluminum wire, 5-liter plastic bottle, the substrate for linoleum (izolon) and plastic tape, of 150 microns.

  • Poultry carcass manufacture of wire and bottles. The latter will play the role of the body. The bottle can put something heavy for the balance;
  • Now swathes swan izolona, ​​pre-cut into strips. On top of all of the fastening tape;
  • Take the film, cut it into thin strips, and the strips - on the fringe:
  • Starting with the tail wrapped with a swan, in some places, burning through the film with a screwdriver, the heated gas. It is necessary for structural strength;
  • The bill is painted with vermilion.

Swan wings are made separately and attached to the torso. But even without them, the bird will be a great decoration for your pond.


You will need: 2-liter plastic bottle, gray and black acrylic paint, blank eye (you can use the buttons), old pieces of cloth and small fir cones.

  • The bottle is painted in light gray. The cover (nozzle future hedgehog) - black;
  • Attach the eyes, buttons just above the neck of the bottle;
  • The trunk is wrapped with cloth to give volume;
  • Sticking to the fabric echinoid bumps.

Put a hedgehog near the flower beds and admire the creations of their hands!

Scarecrow garden

To create scarecrows can attract children, they certainly enjoy this activity! You need to prepare: two wooden sticks of different lengths, an old pillowcase, unnecessary clothes (shirt, pants, scarf, hat). As well as a hammer and nails, wire, straw and permanent marker.

  • First we need to make the frame. Connect sticks crosswise, knocking down their nails;
  • Bury frame into the ground at a depth of 25-30 cm;
  • In the picture the pillow fun a face. Top pillowcases fasten wire and put the straw. So that it fills about half of the volume;
  • Put on your "head" on his stick and firmly secure the rope. Sew hat;
  • Now our scarecrow must be made up. Take the pants, tight trousers tie wire and tamp them with straw;
  • The loop at the waist pants thick thread the rope and tie it tightly around the support, always grasping the connection sticks;
  • Now it is small - to make the body. To do this, put the cross-support and fill out a shirt of the same straw. The ends of the sleeves tie, fasten all the buttons;
  • Nabroste bogey on his neck a bright scarf - ready to guard the territory.

Scarecrow can be put in the garden, so that it fulfills its intended purpose. And you can put anywhere in the garden, just for a good mood!

 a sculpture garden with his own hands

Garden insects

Decorative sculpture in the form of dragonflies can be hung on the branches of trees or plant at a pond. Schemes manufacturing insects are similar, but different material used for the wings.

Fabric wings

  • We make a wire frame. If you are going to hang dragonflies, leave the back loop for rope;
  • Take the old colored scarf (not wool) and cut strips from it;
  • Cushioning material wings, pre-lubricated wire glue. For greater reliability, sheathed with wings on a contour thread;
  • Carefully cut the excess fabric;
  • Now the winding body dragonfly future, using the same pieces of material;
  • Top pulls a strong thread and tight associate;
  • Eyes make of beads or buttons.

Wings of nonwoven

  • We produce the same frame as in the first embodiment;
  • Preparations for making the wings of the nonwoven fabric and glue them to the wire;
  • When the adhesive sets, trim excess material;
  • The body dragonfly legalize same as in the previous case.

Wicker wings

  • Make a frame sculpture. Only in this case does not leave hollow wings and around the perimeter of the winding wire;
  • Take a woolen thread and tied the body;
  • Toning figure golden or silver color, using acrylic paints;
  • Fasten beady eyes.

These are pretty dragonflies we have. In the manufacture of each of them it will take no more than 45 minutes.

You can decorate anything. Rusty drums turn into merry men, need only cover them bright paint and draw a funny face. Old shoes will serve as the original for the petunia pots and pan transformed into a bed of pansies and snapdragons. And to make the figures for the garden with his own hands, you will complete the natural beauty of their area stylish and exclusive decorations. Want to live in a fairy tale? So live! Believe me, you are able to realize any dream, most importantly, very want it!

 Figures for the garden with his own hands. How to MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE?

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