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  • What soil is needed orchids?
  • How to transplant the orchid: practical tips

Orchid is a fairly demanding plant. That is why novice growers are often faced with the death of a flower immediately after flowering. So how do you avoid this trouble? How to extend the life of this wonderful flower? The first step is to select the appropriate primer. In this article we will try to elaborate on how to choose the right soil for orchids, what he should be and how the composition of the transplant does not harm the plant.

What soil is needed orchids?

Buying orchid in the store, we buy Phalaenopsis Cymbidium or who are outstanding representatives of plants elefitov. And surprisingly, the growth and activity of such plants do not need soil as such. In their homeland they have to live in difficult circumstances. Tropical forests are composed of trees with very thick foliage and elefity located directly on the trees themselves, to be as close to the sun.

Criss-crossing the roots of the tree trunk, flower eats the remains of vegetation in the cracks of the bark and consume the moisture from the environment, the benefit of very humid tropical climate. That is why the aerial roots of orchids are very important, they help gather food literally out of thin air.

But for home cultivation of the soil is still necessary, because we can not give the flower the conditions to which he was accustomed to at home. Of course, it is best to buy the necessary ground in the store. But if you want to cook it yourself, let's look at what the soil can meet overseas beauty.

Bark, moss, charcoal, peat and roots of ferns - those components that are essential for the preparation of the soil. They contain almost all the necessary nutrients for normal growth and development of the flower. Moss is particularly important if the orchid is still very young.

As the main substrate is better to take pine bark, the tree should ideally have recently lost, then a crust will be low tar content. The bark is ground using a conventional mincer (without knives and nozzles) and disinfected, provarivaya in a water bath for thirty minutes. Before using the bark should be well dried.

It is worth noting that the crust low hygroscopicity - over time it accumulates in itself the excess moisture that can adversely affect the root system of orchids. To prevent this problem, in the center of the pot can be set large bark pieces. Depending on the type of orchid bark size may vary. If the plant needs a large air exchange, the pieces should be at least two centimeters.

Peat must have a stable base and a coarse contain a small amount of salt. The milled peat is not recommended. Charcoal increases soil pH is excellent and best of all regulates the water regime. However, it also has a negative side - over time it accumulates salt, which leads to a violation of the salt balance when watering. Therefore, add charcoal very carefully. And if in the future you plan to frequently feed the plant - and at undesirable.

 ground orchid composition

How to transplant the orchid: practical tips

  • When transplanting plants in any case can not be hurt aerial roots;
  • The best pot for orchids is a transparent plastic container;
  • For the underground roots of the need to ensure good drainage and air circulation. To this end, the bottom of the pot coated with a layer of expanded clay, and bark from top to fall asleep;
  • Rotten roots when transplanting removed with scissors, and the cut with disinfectant solution fundazol (for its preparation you need 2 grams of fungicide and diluted in a liter of water). The resulting solution was placed on the plant 40-45 minutes;
  • The bark for soil is best to buy ready-made;
  • Withered stems not cut! Soon Orchid again to release the buds;
  • To transplant the plant, it is not necessary to water it immediately. This can be done only after six days;
  • But it is possible to spray the plant.

Before preparing a composition for transplanting, be sure to consult with a knowledgeable person. This will help you avoid mistakes. We hope that our recommendations will bring only benefits and orchid give you many exciting new colors!

 Ground for orchids: preparing the plant to transplant

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 Money Tree


  • Propagation and planting
  • Care money tree
  • Formation of crown
  • Money Tree and Feng Shui
  • Blossoms whether money tree?

What kind of flowers to choose for your home? This question is no single answer. Someone prefers plenty of flowering plants in the apartment and creates a miniature scented garden. Someone is interested only in growing cacti, considering them the most unpretentious. But some species are selected on the basis of the people's will. Each flower has its own energy field that affects people and their surroundings. For example, geranium, is considered to be a peace-loving plant, eliminating all the family strife. Cacti protect the house from thieves and dracaena helps successfully complete any started.

But the most popular herb that has an impact on a person's life - or is Crassula money tree (as it is popularly called). As the name suggests, you can understand that this flower helps to improve the financial position of the family. That is why it strives to grow many of us. In this article we will talk about all the features of the plant and learn how to take care of the money tree to keep it healthy and beautiful for a long time.

Propagation and planting

To indoor tree house attracted finance, you must grow it yourself, why has the option of buying an adult plant is completely eliminated. Reproduction Jade is not difficult: it is enough to break off a small twig, having 2-3 leaflets, the adult flower, wait for it to start up roots and planted in the right soil. If you want to speed up the process, you can buy in the store a special blend - kornevin. Dilute it in water according to the instructions and put the process.

As soon as the roots, consider that the reproduction is completed - a plant can be planted. Pick up for him a low pot, better ceramic. Just bought container should be washed with soapy water and rinse well to avoid contamination of the flower. At the bottom of the pot, place the drainage (concrete block). It is necessary for the settlement of humidity. If the capacity of a flower has a hole for drainage, it is enough to cm layer of drainage. If not - layer should be thicker, about 3-5 centimeters.

Money tree unpretentious to the ground. It can be planted in ordinary soil mixed with sand in a ratio of 4: 1. Or buy a universal primer in the store. It is necessary to add a few words about the fertilizer for plants. This procedure is carried out from April to September, no more than once a month. To feed the best to take the universal mixture or a mixture of cactus. The fertilizer produced on the wet ground, immediately after watering.

 Money Tree How to Care

Care money tree

So, how to take care of the money tree? How often it needs to be watered and how to transplant? There are some nuances that need to know the beginner gardeners. Let's look at them in more detail. Since this indoor plant native to Africa, it is very fond of sunlight. He did not hurt either high temperatures or dry air. However, bringing the plant outside in hot weather, try to place the pot in a place where there is no direct sunlight. Otherwise, the leaves "burn": will turn yellow and fall off.

In spring and summer the plant must be watered quite frequently - 2-3 times a week. It all depends on the air temperature. Before watering a money tree, check the soil for moisture. To do this, take a wooden stick and pierce the ground. If it will remain wet footprints should hold off on watering. Otherwise, you will flood the plant, and it will die. In winter, watering is reduced to once every two weeks. Money tree like "swimming", especially in the hot season. Spray the leaves with water from a spray defended. Watering is best to take rainwater or melt water.

Transplanting plants produce no more than once a year, preferably in the spring. The new pot should be slightly wider and deeper than the previous one. Ideally, the width of the pot should match the width of the crown of the tree. Too deep pot to choose is not recommended because the root will pull down, and the plant itself is fixed up. That will give him ugly and elongated shape.

Place in a pot drainage layer, carefully remove the tree from the old soil and without clearing the roots of an earthen clod, put it in a new pot. Too ram the soil is not necessary, just after the time to pour fresh soil. And once a month, always "pushite" ground, using the old fork or knife.

Formation of crown

To your home tree was beautiful form, it is necessary to periodically pinch crown. How to do it? Wait until the branch will 3-4 pairs of leaflets and between the last pair will "eggshell" the new branch. That's it and you want to delete - vyschipnut fingers or tweezers. Time will pass and you will see that in place of a remote process there are two or even three new. This means that the beginning of your tree branches. If you see only one new kidney, repeat the above procedure.

If one of the branches beat out from the crowd (stretched up), it can be cut and sprinkle ashes on the cut. In no case is not contracted by the crown of a wire or a rope! So you will only hurt the plant. And the form will not be better: all the branches begin to grow in the same direction. Lower leaves that grow directly on the trunk, it is not necessary to tear. They themselves will disappear with time.

 Crassula money tree

Money Tree and Feng Shui

According to the teachings of feng shui money tree can not only bring in the House finance, but also emit positive energy. In order to channel this energy in the right direction, you must choose the right place for the plant. The ideal option would be a window sill of the window overlooking the south-east. According to feng shui, this trend stimulates the emergence of positive energy in the house. By the way, a little bit to spur the process, tie on a tree trunk red ribbon. This will help to achieve the desired result in a shorter time.

There are a few tricks that "work" to attract funds. Before planting, place the pot in a small coin, sprinkle a little ground, and then put to the plant itself. In the New Year's Eve decorate a money tree with coins of different values. Also it can be used to decorate chocolate money in shiny wrappers. They were tied with red and yellow ribbons and hang on the plant.

Blossoms whether money tree?

The question of the bloom probably the most popular among the people, growing houseplants. All we used to see only in Jade green, and yet she is able to give their owners the extraordinary colors! Money tree emits a lot of small little white buds, similar delicate snowflakes. However, not every grower can achieve such a result. What is the secret? Like all houseplants of this type (succulents) Crassula chooses to release buds autumn-winter period. Colours may not appear before the plant reaches 5-6 years of age.

In order to increase the chances of bloom, try to limit the tree from extreme temperatures. If the plant all summer to stand on the open air, it is not necessary at the first cold snap bring it into the house. No harm will not bring cold air - a flower may be on the street until the first frost. A poised in his room, find the coolest place - the corridor or veranda fit perfectly. It was only with the onset of severe frosts, indoor tree can be brought into a warm room.

Here are some simple tips to help those you achieve flowering Jade. However, too much to hope for a positive result it is not necessary. As mentioned above, the money tree blooms in the home environment is very, very rare. But in greenhouses (next to other plants) can often be found strewn with delicate flowers Crassula since there for her ideal conditions for development and growth.

As you can see, taking care of the money tree is not particularly difficult. Still want to add - this flower is growing quite rapidly. After a couple of years on your windowsill will show off a miniature tree with a tree trunk and a lot of bright green fleshy leaves, the number of which will necessarily affect the welfare of the family budget. The main thing is to believe in miracles!

 We grow a money tree - engage in home finance

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