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Miracle in our life there is always room. Sometimes miracles happen, where they least expect. So, for example, will suddenly blossom and money tree, which is generally considered to be decorative foliage pet. And if such a miracle happened, then this is definitely money. And to the surprise and considerable money. While many of the owner of the tree of money are not even aware that it can bloom. Other florists years and even decades care and cherish, in general, unpretentious Jade, and flowers on it and do not see.

Therefore there is a legitimate question. And whether it blooms money tree? Or is this just another myth? And if the blooms, the way it is? And if not, why not? We will dispel your doubts! Money tree blooms! However, rare. But there are tricks that will help to achieve its flowering. So, let's try together to figure out the puzzle of flowering money tree.

Flowering money tree

In fact, flowers - is a natural process for Jade. However, as with many succulents, it is a rare flowering plants. And the reason is as follows. In his homeland, in the tropics of South Africa, there is no such short days, in our climates. Therefore, all succulents grow well and flourish only if the abundance of sunshine throughout the year. We have the same autumn and winter days are short and the weather is often overcast. Togo sunlight that the plant receives during the warmer months, it is not enough to bloom. Nevertheless, money tree and flowers in room conditions.

Of course, enchanting bloom Jade will not name. Very rarely it happens that all the flowers showered crown. More often than not on a flowering tree money can observe individual florets. But if abundant flowering, the whole krone if shrouded in a translucent haze. After all, the money tree flowers are very delicate, small and fluffy collected in inflorescence. Typically, flowers have a light color - from pure white to yellow-cream. There are also items from the white-green and white-pink flowers. But the species of flowers blue or red color is very small, although there are some.

Jade inflorescences come in the form of panicles, umbrellas and brushes. Flowers in every inflorescence quite a lot, but they are so small that it is taking over the flower inflorescence. Much rarer species with solitary axillary flowers. Themselves flowers are bell-shaped five-pointed and curved back petals and five stamens. Flowering Crassula exudes a wonderful sweet aroma, and the taste of sweet flowers. However, it is not necessary to take a sample, such as the wine is fraught with poisoning by arsenic contained in colors.

 money tree blooms

Flowering of feng shui

No, make money tree blossom, observing the rules of feng shui, it is impossible. However, between blooming Crassula and these ancient teachings there is a direct link. Money tree, according to the rules of feng shui is a very powerful talisman of wealth. And to strengthen the area responsible for the financial well-being, it is possible with the help of this talisman. The mere presence in the house money tree promises you increase revenues, and if it will bloom ...

If money tree suddenly bloomed, it means that you can expect a quick, tangible and above all unplanned money. Because, according to the teachings of feng shui, flower money tree has special magical powers. In fact, this is a more or less rational explanation. Any plant in the flowering period has a powerful energy, since it is in the apogee of its vitality. And if money tree itself can affect the financial well-being, the blooming Crassula general can perform miracles.

It is said that if you make a wish at the time of flowering money tree, it will certainly come true. However, this, too, is the explanation. The thought is material! And the idea, multiplied by the faith, materialized with a vengeance and speed. Do not we have invented it, and we can not give an explanation for this phenomenon. And if you want to, at least temporarily multiply the effect of its green mascot money, try to help them bloom.

 Does money tree blooms

Terms of flowering

Jade is considered to be unpretentious and undemanding to care houseplants. Therefore, caring for it is often reduced only to timely watering, fertilizing and periodical transplant grows. With such little maintenance to achieve flowering money tree indoors is very problematic. However, some flower growers succeed. Therefore, we should heed the advice of these successful experimenters. And what secrets they kindly share with us.

  • If money tree transplanted in early spring, you can greatly increase the chances of the appearance of colors. This measure is related to the transplant coincidence with the beginning of the growing season - a period of active growth.
  • Flowering is more likely if the warm season (from early spring to late autumn) to make Jade fresh air. You can set the plants on the balcony or on the veranda or at the time of his move to the garden.
  • In winter, it is desirable to have a money tree in a fairly cool room where the temperature is kept within the range of ten to fifteen degrees.
  • At any time, it is recommended that Jade as possible bright but diffused light. In winter, a tree can also highlight fluorescent lighting.

This little tricks that may help money tree blossom. However, putting a goal to achieve flowering Jade, you have to make some effort and ensure that the plant diligent care.

Water the money tree is necessary as drying earthen clod, in any case, not waterlogged soil. To avoid going stagnant water in a pot, it is necessary to put its bottom drainage and after irrigation is required to wipe dry the bottom of the pot and pan. In the summer and spring, the plant abundantly watered once a day or two, while in winter reduce watering to a minimum. Fertilizing is preferably carried out by special fertilizers for succulent plants about once a week and only during the growing season. In winter and autumn feeding should be discontinued.

Jade is growing fast enough, so it requires periodic transplant. Transplanted plants as they grow, changing to a larger pot size. Transplant spend way handling plant, fully preserving earthen room and without disturbing the roots. At the bottom of the pot necessarily stack drainage layer of expanded clay, and the space between the old clod of earth and the walls of the pot is filled with a mixture of garden soil with sand. Instead of this Peat mixture can use a special soil for succulents.

All these recommendations will certainly contribute money flowering tree. Unfortunately, all your efforts may prove to be futile. Still need to hope for a miracle. Perhaps your money tree pokapriznichat-pokapriznichat, and decide to bloom. Good luck!

 As a money tree in bloom? It is interesting!

 phalaenopsis orchid breeding


  • Orchid Propagation via seeds
  • Breeding processes
  • How to stimulate the appearance of children on a spike?
  • Alternative methods of breeding
  • How is rooting?

It is believed that the best time for breeding phalaenopsis orchid is spring. During this period the plant is gradually coming out of sleep and begin to develop a new force. The most common breeding orchids is done by dividing the parent plant apart. Sometimes stalks from dormant buds may appear in children, which will eventually become independent plants.

Any reproduction should be carried out only by using disinfected instruments. Pay particular attention should be taken to the root system of orchids, because every awkward movement leads to its damage. All seats must be disinfected and slices sprinkled with powdered charcoal. After transplantation phalaenopsis contain a light, well-ventilated area.

The procedure will be successful only if the parent orchid is absolutely healthy and contain it in the right conditions: enough light, heat and moisture. In the wild Phalaenopsis propagated spikes that appear after flowering and seed. A distinctive feature of this plant is the absence of pseudobulbs, which enables the propagation of Phalaenopsis by a simple division of rhizomes. Therefore, this orchid this method is not suitable.

Orchid Propagation via seeds

Propagation by seed - a long and complex process which is rarely successful. Orchid seeds are very small, more like dust. They absolutely no nutritive tissue. If you decide to propagate Phalaenopsis in a way, you need to choose a breeding ground for seeds.

The nature of the role is the root sponge or a special gribokoren, which supplies all the necessary seeds for growth. Seeds germinate from 3 to 9 months, they need sterile conditions, which can be achieved only in a special laboratory. To shoot, get out of the seed, to prepare for the transplant, you need about two years. And so he became a full-fledged plant - will have to wait for four years.

 how to propagate Phalaenopsis orchid

Breeding processes

Given that planting seeds have a lot of difficulties, let's look at a simple way - reproduction processes. After the phalaenopsis orchid bud, comes the very time when it is ready to give the baby. High temperature and humidity will contribute to the awakening of dormant buds, but not the guarantor of the event.

Sometimes, kids on a spike multiply without any effort, but most of the plant should be encouraged. If you are lucky and your orchid released Babe spike, leave it in place before the advent of aerial roots.

Once they reach tral size and leaves acquire, process can be separated from the peduncle. It should be noted that the emergence and development of the children could be detrimental to the mother plant, so in this period Phalaenopsis needs careful handling.

How to stimulate the appearance of children on a spike?

With dormant buds gently remove the protective scale. It must be done very carefully so as not to injure the plant. Disclosed kidney should be treated special cytokinin paste that contains hormonal substances that contribute to the rapid development of the offspring.

If you remove the flakes does not work, you can wrap all of the major kidney wet sphagnum moss and tie polyethylene, forming a spike similarity greenhouse. At this time, Phalaenopsis needs moist and warm atmosphere. Once the shoots appear on the peduncle, polyethylene can be removed, but it is desirable to keep the moss until the young shoots of the roots.

To make hormonal pasta at home need kinetin (10 milligrams) or benzaminopurin. The selected drug is dissolved in 1 ml of water and mixed with 1 g lanolin. The mixture was thoroughly mixed until a uniform white emulsion.

If you treat kidney orchids only once, you can activate the growth of lateral peduncle, especially if the room temperature is suitable from 20 to 22 degrees. To avoid this, phalaenopsis should be placed in a room with a temperature of not less than 28 degrees and 3-4 days to carry out reprocessing kidneys. But even these conditions do not guarantee that the kids instead of phalaenopsis not release the lateral stems.

Alternative methods of breeding

If the treatment of dormant buds seems too complicated and time-consuming task, it is possible to resort to another method of reproduction and phalaenopsis orchids - cuttings. After spike completely withered, it is cut at the base and is cut into several parts so that the middle of each stalk was dormant buds.

All of the cuts should be carefully processed using charcoal or activated carbon. The prepared cuttings placed on wet moss, wrapped them on top of plastic wrap. For cuttings is successful, the room temperature should be 25-28 degrees, and humidity - be higher than normal.

By the way, some very lucky phalaenopsis orchid growers propagated as follows: cut the stems and put it in the water with special fertilizers. In this case, the main thing that container appendage was in adequate lighting and a wet room. The chances for the development of dormant buds at the same time minimal. However, if you get lucky, you will get immediately a lot of new shoots.

Phalaenopsis orchids can be propagated and another way - the division of adult plants. If the flower has quite a large outlet, you can cut it with the help of the tip of a knife disinfected. The main thing that she had on a few leaves and aerial roots.

Slice necessarily sprinkled with charcoal. Then, the upper stalks planted in a separate pot, while the lower part remains in the same place where she later let lateral process. Sharing take root after some time and a couple of years will turn into a full-fledged plant that can bloom.

 as a breed of orchid phalaenopsis

How is rooting?

Sometimes the baby on the mother plant does not want to put down roots, and is powered by an adult Phalaenopsis. To perform reproduction in this case, it suffices to wait for the young leaves (in an amount of 3-4 units) and separate it from the peduncle. Places slices (and peduncle, and baby) sprinkled with powdered charcoal.

It is also recommended to dry the process throughout the day. Thereafter it is planted in the substrate with a fine fraction and wait for the appearance of roots. Do not be alarmed if the lower pair of leaves turn yellow process - this is normal - the reproduction must in any case be successful. Do not remove damaged leaves, with the advent of the roots they will disappear.

Rooting the young Phalaenopsis best in a small teplichke, where the temperature is maintained between 22 and 25 degrees. The advent of the roots - a lengthy process. Sometimes in order to speed up the breeding, used hormonal drugs, such as kornevin, IAA or Hellene. They periodically sprayed substrate, making sure that drops of solution on the leaves do not fall. Otherwise, you run the risk of provoking the growth of leaves and root development will be delayed for a long time.

You can stimulate the appearance of young shoots of the roots completely innocuous way - arrange them in close proximity to water. Take a plastic cup (preferably transparent) and a small piece of foam with a slotted hole.

Fix the recessed Babe orchids, pour into a glass of water and dip to a makeshift raft with spikes. Cover with polyethylene. So you get a moist and warm environment in which the roots will appear very quickly. Once the root system formed, a young plant can be transplanted into the ground.

If you sum up all the above, we can conclude that breeding orchids at home is complicated, but it is quite feasible. And looking at the amazing flowers Phalaenopsis, you begin to understand that no difficulty will not prevent achieve the desired result!

 Phalaenopsis Orchid: reproduction in different ways