hyacinth care at home


  • Forcing hyacinths
  • Planting in a pot
  • Features care during growth
  • Hyacinths after flowering
  • What challenges await grower

Hyacinth - young and handsome young man, the son of the king of Sparta was not inferior to the gods of Olympus neither beauty nor intelligence. He was the best friend of Apollo. Once friends competed in the discus throw and the mighty Apollo, did not calculate the forces, mortally wounded Hyacinth. When the young man died, and his soul went to Hades, Apollo remorseful decided to immortalize the memory of the other and turned it into a beautiful blood red flower.

This beautiful and sad legend of the first to tell the world of the miraculous appearance of a Mediterranean flower. For a long time, Hyacinth was a symbol of sadness and grief, he even gave the name - a flower of rain. Today Greeks consider him their talisman, which keeps them from damage and the evil eye. In Europe, these flowers have appeared in the XVI century - merchants brought their travelers.

It soon became popular hyacinths. Year after year, displayed more and more new species suitable for the maintenance of the house and are different colors and sizes bud. But the most interesting feature of this plant found Charles Darwin. He joined halves of the bulbs of different types and received in the same bush two different color, but of equal beauty of the flower.

There are about 2,000 species of plants. They are all beautiful in their own way, many are suitable for cultivation in the home. Colours range from white buds and pale yellow to red, purple and even black. Today is considered hyacinth flower of love and loyalty, and its colors can tell about the feelings of a man prepodnesshego flower. For example, white color symbolizes constancy and faithfulness, yellow - jealousy, blue - confidence.

It is not surprising that many flower growers wishing to grow this plant at home. After all, many of the species bloom in winter, when the blizzard outside and do not have enough sunlight. However, to achieve such an inopportune flowering is far from everything. And today we will tell you the secrets of growing hyacinth home, the correct conduct distillation (stimulation of flowering), and about what care requires color data at room content.

Forcing hyacinths

Hyacinth is a bulbous annual plants that thrive in the garden begin to bloom in early spring. At home, to grow this flower is also possible, important to follow some rules. We must start with a careful study of the bulb. Select the size it should be.

It is better to give preference to a bulb having a diameter of at least 5 centimeters. Because the larger the chive, the easier it will grow out of it a complete plant. Also pay attention to the appearance of its state: it should be dense, without decaying areas and mechanical damage.

To successfully forcing home hyacinth bulbs must go through several stages. Once you've dug flower (this is usually done at the end of June), it must be placed in a hot and humid place where the air temperature reaches 28-30 degrees. Keep the bulb so you need at least two weeks. Then move it to a cool place with a temperature of 22-25 degrees. And a couple of weeks to put even more cool conditions - 15-17 degrees. After all these "migrations" bulb can be planted in a pot.

Shops bulbs have passed all of the data preparation, so you will only have to save them before planting. If you want the flowers were for Christmas, they are planted in September. Later planting will delay flowering until the end of February or beginning of March.

 hyacinth Care

Planting in a pot

Capacity for planting should be broad and deep, drainage holes are required. The mixture can be bought ready-made, but you can do it yourself. To do this, mix equal parts of turf, leaf soil and compost and add some sand and peat.

At the bottom of the pot put a layer of expanded clay, then a small layer of soil. Then sprinkle the ground with fine sand and place the bulbs on it. They should be located close, but not touching each other and the edges of the container. Now gently push the bulb in the ground, and sprinkle with the remaining soil, so that the top of the left in the air.

Now the future hyacinths need to artificially create a rest period. To do this, place the pot in a very dark and cool room of your home, for example, in the cellar. Be sure to monitor the condition of the soil - it should always be moist. "Sleep" bulbs 2-2.5 months. At the end of this time, they should be well rooted.

Remember, a period required for the successful cultivation of the hyacinth at home! If you can not put flowers in the future cellar, you can put them in the refrigerator, where the temperature is not lower than 5-7 degrees Celsius.

Features care during growth

After the bulbs take root and threw on a pair of leaves, you can transfer the pot in the house. Selected rooms should be cool and light. Best of all, if the next month hyacinths will be in a room where the temperature does not exceed 15 degrees.

As soon as the flowers, plants rearranged for permanent residence, which should be protected from drafts and radiators. The most optimal temperature for a long and abundant flowering - 20 degrees Celsius. In principle, care hyacinth at home is reduced only to the correct watering. Water treatments should be regular - make sure that the ground was constantly wet. Spend watered carefully, trying not to fall on the bulbs in the axils of leaves.

To hyacinth grew smooth and beautiful bush, periodically turn it to the light of the different parties. Feeding is carried out by special fertilizers. Breed them according to instructions and incorporated into the soil every two weeks. In the evening you can arrange additional lighting the flower with the help of fluorescent lamps.

It is worth noting that the conditions described above are considered to be ideal for growing hyacinth home. However, this does not mean that the abuse of a minor he did not bloom. Just buds are smaller, leaf - less often, and the stem starts to elongate. The only prerequisite is the cold period, without the cultivation of hyacinths impossible.

 how to care for hyacinth

Hyacinths after flowering

So, you have successfully achieved flowering hyacinth, admire its beauty and enjoy the aroma. But the time has come, and Hyacinth withered. What to do next? Here the choice is yours. You can just throw the plant, and the following year to repeat the cultivation and distillation. And you can be patient and try to save the flower. So, how to take care of after flowering hyacinth?

In order to get in the future, young hyacinths faded flower stalks should be cut, and continue watering and fertilizing plants. This should be done until the leaves wither completely. During this period, the parent bulb is gaining strength and can give children bulblets - kids.

Remove the plant from the ground, remove the remains of leaves and dry bulb a couple of days. Carefully inspect it - if the child bulbs are well developed and are easily separated, disconnect them. If after the first attempt to divide the bulbs could not be set aside this procedure for the next year.

Although faded and bulbs are not suitable for re-distillation, they can successfully move into the garden. Transplant in an open ground in the autumn, and the following year you get a fragrant flower bed in the yard or at the cottage.

Garden growing hyacinth - a separate issue. I would like to just say - to get to the summer bulbs are suitable for indoor cultivation, the plant does not give the full bloom. Buds terminated by the bulb to gather strength. In autumn it dug, dried and repeat the above procedure distillation.

What challenges await grower?

Hyacinth - flower is not capricious, but some of the difficulties in its cultivation is still present. Let's look at them in more detail.

  • Selection of bulbs

The most critical part. As mentioned above, the bulbs for planting should be healthy and large. If the clove is too small, flowering can not wait. The plant will throw the leaves only. Bulbs planted in a container must be the same size, otherwise they will bloom piecemeal. Be sure to inspect the bulb for rot and other damage. And before you land, treat it with a disinfectant solution.

  • The rest period

"Dream" hyacinths should go strictly by the rules. If you break it, and to make the plant "in the light" ahead of time, it would be bad to grow and can not bloom. The same thing happens if you overdo the pot in the dark - will grow well only the leaves and buds of the emission will slow down.

  • Irrigation and lighting

These factors greatly affect the development of the flower. If they are insufficient, the plant withers, dropping leaves and tight buds. If excessive watering or moisture gets into the sinus leaves decay can occur. Buds and fall off, not having to please you with its beauty.

So we looked at what is growing hyacinths home. As you have noticed, this process is not particularly complex. Here the main thing - desire.

And, of course, a bit of patience. We hope our article will help you go through all the stages of growth of domestic hyacinths, and the New Year, you will please yourself and loved ones fragrant flowers.

 Hyacinth: care at home. What you need to know?