ponds in the garden with his own hands


  • Construction of the reservoir
  • Possible errors in the construction of the reservoir
  • Caring for an artificial pond

More and more suburban areas of the gardens transformed into wonderful man-made landscapes. This is understandable. An urgent need for vegetable plantations, our compatriots will not suffer, but to try yourself in the role of landscape designers, many do not mind. Therefore replace the garden beds come flowerbeds, lawns, rock gardens and, of course, all kinds of vodoyemchiki and fountains. However, if with flowerbeds and lawns, we still somehow cope, the arrangement of artificial ponds in the garden often causes some difficulties.

The most common cause of failures is sufficiently small area reserved for these reservoirs. After all, pure artificial pond needs very impressive dimensions of the plot - only in a pond formed an autonomous ecosystem. A small ponds require constant care. In addition, surprisingly, but it is difficult to write a small pond in the landscape suburban area. It is important not only its size, but the shape, as well as a decorative frame.

Unfortunately, not all vacationers have an innate sense of taste, and not every homegrown builder and designer knows how to put into practice the knowledge gleaned. So how do you build in his garden artificial reservoir? What mistakes should try to avoid? How to care for the man-made pond in the country? Let's try to understand.

Construction of the reservoir

If the area of ​​your site allows, it is better to do a large pond, which eventually turn into a full-fledged body of water with a closed ecosystem. However, such a construction would have to use the services of specialists. After all, you will need to dig a big pit, to strengthen its bottom and walls of reinforced concrete, and then about making the waterproofing materials. However, if desired, reserve forces and time and the availability of funds so the pond in the garden can be built and personally.

But there is an easier way - the use of special tanks for ponds. Such containers can be purchased at garden stores, and a variety of shapes and sizes will translate your wildest fantasies. That this method of arrangement of the pond, and we'll look at in more detail.

The whole process of creating such a pond in the garden is laid in a simple scheme:

  • dug a hole in the form of finished container;
  • It is set with the level of capacity for the pond;
  • sand filled the space between the walls of the pit and the container;
  • Beach decorated and planted plants;
  • Pond filled with water.

In practice, this scheme is implemented so. To choose and buy container pond and deliver it to the site. Then choose a place in the pond. It is important that nearby there were no large trees, because the roots will prevent digging the pit, and falling from the crown leaves and fruits are subsequently pollute the pond. So, place the container in a selected area, and then with the help of pegs and ropes "outlines" the future of the pond contour shape of the tank.

Now we start to dig a pit, stepping out of ten centimeters from the designated path. By the way, the depth of excavation should also be ten to twenty centimeters longer than the height of the tank. Very often the reservoir walls have a stepped shape. Exactly the same form and should have a wall of the pit. When the pit is ready, its bottom is necessary to pour desyatisantimetrovyh sandy base that will facilitate shrinkage of the tank filled with water.

And now we set the shape dug a hole and align it with the level. Having the ideal position of the tank, fill it with a third volume of water. All voids between the walls of the container and fill the hole with wet sand that is carefully rammed. In parallel with these works gradually fill the tank with water. When the installation is finished, decorate the stone and the soil of our pond shore and land plants.

Please disembark ornamental aquatic plants, which will be located at the deepest area of ​​the pond. Then, moving to the coast, planting other plants, and in the last decorate himself ashore.

That's the whole simple process of creating an artificial pond with his hands. But not so easy as it seems. Often, even made with love and all the rules of the pond does not look perfect, and eventually turns into a generally unattractive deep puddle of muddy water. And it happens because of mistakes made during construction.

 a pond in the garden with his own hands

Possible errors in the construction of the reservoir

The errors that we assume in the construction of the pond in the garden with his own hands, too, can be classified as:

  • the wrong choice of location for the reservoir;
  • properly choose the size and shape of the pond;
  • Errors in the selection of plants;
  • lack of care or otsustvie;
  • excessive decorations.

Selecting a location

If your summer cottage is located at an angle, or a natural hill or lowland, then consider it a relief when choosing a place for a pond. If you place the pond at the top of a garden plot, it is hard to see. Pond, located on the hill, as well as surrounded by an earthen embankment, will look very unnatural.

If you build a pond in the valley, then it can drain melt water, and the exact same Soaked land or water when watering. And together with the water in the pond can get all sorts of garden chemicals and fertilizers. Therefore, the pond should be chosen smooth, highly visible site, protected from the rain and meltwater. It is important that in the vicinity of the pond did not grow large fruit trees. But on a completely open area to the sun also can not have a reservoir. If the pond will be in the sun for more than four hours a day, the water is quickly blossom.

The choice of form

When choosing the form of a reservoir created by their own hands, the importance and size of the suburban area, and its style and location of the water body. The coastline is a small body of water should not be very rugged. First, you will be hard to dig a pit in such form, and secondly, such a pond forms will look very unnatural. If you are going to arrange a pond in the midst of paved areas, it is best to give preference to regular geometric shape.

Round, oval or rectangular pond, ideal for the garden landscape, decorated in the regular style. But for landscape garden suitable irregular shape of the pond with curvy coastline. As for the future of the depth of the pond, choose a container with a maximum height of which does not exceed one meter. The depth of two-thirds of your future pond should be no more than sixty centimeters.

Making coast

The most common mistake when decorating the reservoir created by the hands, - failure masking edges containers or film, which was covered pit. And the sloping edge of the reservoir, and the film is in any case should not just lie on the ground. Once the water level in the pond decreases (e.g., during an elementary evaporation), the edges of the film or container immediately naked. This appears, at least not aesthetically pleasing.

Therefore, the perimeter of the upper edge of the pond must be done terrace desyatisantimetrovyh width. And on this terrace have decorative stones, to arrange dumping dirt and planted plants. If it is difficult to purchase suitable for decorating stones, the mask edge of the pond, made with their own hands, can be artificial or natural flat stone, designed for paving.

If you dekoriruete coastline round or oval boulders, then select stones of different sizes, in order to avoid the effect of the beads. Note that when the different sizes texture and color stones for decoration should be the same. Beach is not made only with stones - it also looks unnatural. Part of the shore can pour gravel, planted ground cover plants or, conversely, high bushy flowers (such as lilies or irises).


Excess of various decorations (gathered around the pond garden sculptures, lanterns, waterfalls and fountains) - a sign of bad taste. Of course, to decorate the pond, made by hand, it is necessary, but it must be done correctly. Stop the choice on any one element of the decor, the maximum - on two. Let it be, for example, standing near a fountain and a pond figure gnome (birds, little animals).

If the fountain itself presented a sculptural composition, all additional figures are already redundant. In this case, it is best to arrange for a backlight or place the fountain in the pond or near the lovely lanterns. Waterfall (as decor elements) - completely self-contained reservoir decoration made with their own hands. No other decorations such decor is not tolerated. In general, remember that the best - the enemy of the good. Sometimes, beautiful plants, which planted the waterfront, made with his own hands, is quite enough.

Choosing plants

Another error in the regeneration of the man-made body of water in the garden - the wrong choice of plants. The first thing you should consider when selecting a green decor of your pond - the local climate. Whatever may seem attractive plants in the bright pictures, you need to choose only those that are appropriate for your region. Otherwise, the means and forces, and time will be wasted - the plant simply can not take root.

Very important is the size of the plants. For example, landed on the shore of a small pond or a large sprawling plants visually make it even less. This effect will create and large trees growing near a small pond made with their own hands. But if the pond has impressive size, feel free to plant the taller plants or specimens with large leaves and flowers.

Aquatic plants tend to grow very quickly and may eventually cover the entire surface of the pond. By the way, selecting aquatic plants for your pond holiday, stop at only one or two species. And do not forget that some aquatic plants are the real aggressors and may simply displace any neighbors.

If you are setting up a film reservoir, then do not put it near the bushes and trees, giving the underground shoots and cereals with sharp roots. If you take the plants from natural bodies of water, be sure to disinfect them before resettlement. And remember that the stores often sell aquatic plants to overwinter only in the greenhouse conditions and not suitable for open water, made with his own hands at their summer cottage.

 lovely ponds in the garden with his own hands

Caring for an artificial pond

To make sure your artificial pond looked naturally and effectively, you need to take care of him. The care is not only needed by large ponds, which forms a closed ecosystem. A pond water inevitably small size blooms, which can result in death and decay of plants. To minimize the prospect of flowering water pond possible need shade. It is also possible to land in the pond plant-oxygenators, producing oxygen. It will help in the fight for the purity of the pond and water filtration system, as well as special chemicals.

In summer, be sure to add water in a small pond, made by the hands. If the pond is planted with plants, you need to follow them, and by omitting the dead specimens and removing the rotten parts of the plants. It is also necessary to clean the surface of the water from all sorts of extraneous garbage - fallen leaves and fruits, dead insects, dry grass and twigs.

In the fall of an artificial pond, made by hand, cleaned of silt, and on the eve of winter relocated from it's not wintering plants. Waters from the plastic mold half emptied, and its bottom is placed a few plastic bottles, half filled with water. This prevents Lopin in the tank during the winter cold. If the pond is set to any technical equipment for the winter it is definitely clean.

With the onset of spring pond topped up with water, planted it overwintered or new plants and return to the place of pumps and filters. A typical summer resume caring for an artificial pond.

If you are not willing to devote sufficient time to their man-made pond, it is better not to equip the pond on his summer cottage. It's fun, unfortunately, is not free. Without proper care of your pond will turn into a muddy puddle unattractive appearance, which, moreover, may stink.

But a careful and thoughtful care of even the smallest body of water will be a real decoration of the garden. Imagine ... A quiet murmur of the water in the fountain, the cool spray, sun glare on the surface of the pond, the rustling leaves, chirping of grasshoppers - a paradise in your garden. Tempting? Well, all in your hands. Good luck!

 Reservoirs in the garden with his own hands, or all of the rules