• Tokyo - the heart of Japanese culture
  • Modern Tokyo
  • Ginza - concentration of trade in Tokyo
  • "Things of the second day"

The capital of Japan - quite a young city, whose age is 400 years. During this time, he has repeatedly been subjected to wars, earthquakes, fires, changed his name and appearance.

Today, Tokyo - a modern metropolis, which spread to the neighboring city of Yokohama with him and Kawasaki.

The capital of Japan - a city of contrasts, combining Eastern and European culture, modern skyscrapers and ancient temples. Sightseeing tour of Tokyo are known all over the world. The most famous of these include:

  • The Imperial Palace and Gardens. This attraction is the earliest building in Tokyo. The first buildings appeared on the site of the modern palace of the Emperor of Japan in the 16th century. Today the palace is the residence of the rulers of the country, its territory has a division into two parts - a closed and open to the public. That part of the building, in which there are apartments of the emperor, his family and entourage, is closed to tourists, while the eastern part of the building with a garden and defensive structures is freely available for those who want to touch the majestic spirit of ancient Japan. This architectural monument is an entity that falls under state protection, and property all over the country;
  • Tokyo Tower - Tower with an observation deck. It is a symbol of the city, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris. At the time of construction in 1958, Tokyo Tower was the highest tower in the world. Visiting viewing platforms buildings, you can enjoy views of Tokyo Bay;
  • Species area Roppongi Hills, which was established in 2003, includes a whole range of facilities such as restaurants, shops, hotels, cinemas, offices, companies, TV studio and concert hall. The platform can compete with Tokyo Tower as a viewing platform, which offers a magnificent view of the city from a bird's eye view.

 Tokyo Museum of Fine Arts

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Tokyo - the heart of Japanese culture

The sights of the capital of Japan, which is worth a look to get an idea of ​​the culture of the country, include:

  • Garden Happoen, which allows you to get acquainted with the peculiarities of garden art and a Japanese tea ceremony. Tea ceremony can be included in the compulsory program of visits to the garden. Despite the fact that the tea ceremony lasts only 20 minutes, it is able to make a lasting impression on all participants;
  • Meiji Shrine, named after the famous Meiji Emperor of Japan, who pulled the country out of the Middle Ages and brought her to a number of leading world powers, affects its splendor. It was built in honor of the emperor and his wife;
  • Asakusa - Buddhist temple, which is occupied by the main place among the most ancient temples in Tokyo. It is a temple complex, which is visiting, you can touch the history of Japan.

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Modern Tokyo

  • Harajuku Omonte and Sandy are the centers of Tokyo's art design and fashion industry. Omonte Sand has long been compared with the world famous Champs Elysees. In this area there are branches of all the world's leading manufacturers of fashion apparel and accessories, and commodity prices will please its availability.
  • Shinjuku - an area of ​​skyscrapers, which is the focal point of all the administrative and commercial structures of Tokyo. Attraction of the area is the building of Municipality of Tokyo, which has the observation platform on the 45th floor.
  • Sumidagava River and its 13 bridges are one of the main attractions of Tokyo. Take a cruise on the river can be directly from the Asakusa temple. Across the river deployed 13 bridges, each of which has its own individual story building.

The most famous sights of Tokyo is also a man-made island of Odaiba, which is located in Tokyo Bay. A fascinating journey along the river Sumidagava from the Asakusa Buddhist temple ends here. On the island there are showrooms such famous Japanese manufacturers like Toyota and Panasonic. Views on the night of Tokyo hit its picturesque and Tokyo Bay decorated boats floating restaurants and lighted torches, the island looks just great.

 Rainbow Bridge
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Ginza - concentration of trade in Tokyo

The best restaurants in the Japanese capital and fashionable shops are located in the Ginza district. By visiting it, you can pay tribute to Japanese restaurants, which are also included in the list of attractions. Tourists should visit the largest market in Tokyo - Tsukiji market. The market being the most ambitious trade in Tokyo, vegetables and fish.

If you are distinguished by a special endurance, then you should definitely visit the auction for the sale of tuna, which start at 5 am and at 6 o'clock you can visit the sushi bar, where you will prepare sushi just bought at the fish market. Before you visit the market on their own, you must be sure to familiarize yourself with the map, so find a place of bargaining is not so simple. To familiarize with the rules of necessary and tourists visiting the market.
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"Things of the second day"

Tokyo is famous not only because of its major attractions, but also so-called "attractions of the second day." These include:

  • Sumo wrestling,
  • Stock Exchange
  • Gardens of the capital, who performed in traditional Japanese style,
  • Museum of samurai swords.

For entertainment attractions include Tokyo Disneyland, which is a theme park and covers an area of ​​over 47 hectares.

By the favorite entertainment of tourists from around the world is a visit to the tea ceremony, which introduces the spirit of Japan. If you want to dive into their inner feelings and experience the harmony, you should have dinner at Geisha playing music, a massage shiatsu lessons to possess a samurai sword or walk through Tokyo in a kimono, which can be rented.

If you aspire to the gastronomic pleasures, you should visit such an event as Kaiseki dinner. All the food is served in small portions in a unique ceramic ware, and the ceremony takes place in a separate room, which offers great views of the garden. Kaiseki Dinner allows you to fully focus on the sense of taste.

In addition to traditional sushi, beloved residents of different parts of the world, in Tokyo and you can try specialties such as sushi "o-toro" and the land of China. Sushi "o-toro" - a sushi made with tuna. One small piece will cost 6-8 dollars, and a tuna sold at auction Tsukiji market about 20 thousand dollars.

If you want to touch the lives of the average citizen of Japan, you can visit the landmark Tokyo as onsen. Onsen - a public bath, which offers its visitors to plunge into the hot tub with mineral water. The bath can be experienced, and these types of spa treatments as sand bath, massage, peeling, Garra Rufa fish and a variety of beauty treatments. Visitors onsena offers a variety of traditional Japanese dishes and drinks.

To see all the sights of Tokyo, you will need at least four days.   The first day is best to visit a sightseeing tour of the capital of Japan. It is taught in English. On the second day to explore places that are included in the list of "attractions of the second day." The third day you need to plan in such a way to visit the auction for the sale of tuna at the Tsukiji fish market, as well as to touch the culture of Japan. You can do this in several ways: by visiting a traditional tea ceremony, or acquainted with the traditions of Japanese samurai fearless. The fourth day should be devoted to the unique beauty and spa treatments that will deliver untold pleasure.

These attractions of Tokyo, will enjoy the beautiful half of humanity and surprise men. This day is to go for a massage, shiatsu or visit onsen. Take the time to be sure and gastronomic pleasures. Japanese cuisine is capable to surprise even worldly-wise tourists and whale sushi or sushi "o-toro" you can taste only in Japan.

 Landmarks of the Japanese capital

 Scone Palace


  • Residences and military castles
  • Mystical and religious buildings
  • National Parks and Reserves

Scotland - an autonomous territory of the UK, located in the north of the British Isles. In the past, this region was an independent kingdom with a rich tradition and history.

Currently Scotland attractions are visited by tourists from different countries, as there remains a lot of medieval castles and picturesque nature wins the hearts of romantics.

Once this hilly country with a northern climate and brave inhabitants constantly at war with their neighbors - the English, repeatedly invaded Scotland. No wonder the motto of the Scottish crown in Latin sounds like "No one touches me with impunity." And, as the history of the Scottish people, this slogan was never empty words.

 Folkerkskoe wheel
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Residences and military castles

Among the most visited places include Edinburgh Castle, which is located in the city center at the top of Castle Hill. It is an ancient palace with a thousand-year history, for many years it was the seat of Scottish kings. Edinburgh Castle, which can be seen for many kilometers in all directions, attracts large numbers of tourists. The royal treasury, located in the castle, the royal regalia are kept former rulers of Scotland - a sword, a scepter and a golden crown, reminiscent of the former independence of this country. There is a museum of the armed forces of Scotland, where you can see brilliant examples of medieval weapons.

Not far from Edinburgh Castle, at the other end of the main street of Edinburgh, which is called the Royal Mile, it is such a tourist attraction in Scotland, as the Palace of Holyroodhouse. This building is the official residence of the Queen of Great Britain, there are official receptions and state ceremonies. In the palace you can see the exquisite vintage halls times Scottish and British kings, the main decoration of Holyroodhouse - the private quarters of the Scottish queen Mary Stuart, which are stored antique works of art, paintings and tapestries. Incidentally, in the Palace of Holyroodhouse is the famous art gallery, which exhibits more than one hundred portraits of Scottish monarchs.

Stirling Castle because of its strategic importance was named the key to Scotland. It is located on top of the mountain is an extinct volcano, and it is called the most spectacular castle in the country. On three sides it is surrounded by steep cliffs, making its defensive power increases dramatically. There was a lot of battles and sieges, one of which lasted for four months, until the last of the 30 dead soldiers, to keep the defense of the castle.

Stirling Castle has a unique architecture, as it was reconstructed several times over the centuries of its existence. Beautiful rooms, the medieval statues and antique guns - is only part of the splendor, which you can see here. Also, tourists enjoy visiting the regimental museum or walk around the castle walls, which offer wonderful views of the adjacent hilly plains.

 Eilean Donan Castle
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Mystical and religious buildings

If we talk about Glamis Castle, no one other historic sights in Scotland is not surrounded by so many mysterious stories and legends. With this lock associated mystical stories about monsters and ghosts, and one of the legends says that a Scottish Earl of playing cards here with the devil on his soul and lost. Glamis Castle is surrounded by parks and gardens, which covers an area of ​​several square kilometers. There is a real open-air museum, which collects trees from all over the world. Fine rooms and apartments of the castle, a small medieval chapel, the clock tower and the other magnificent architectural ensemble of elements give a unique charm Glamis castle with a mystical tinge.

From religious monuments should be noted the landmark, as the Cathedral of Saint Giles, who is also in Edinburgh on the Royal Mile. This building, built in ancient times, dates back almost a thousand years. Inside the cathedral is the Chapel of the Order of the Thistle, the ancient order of knights founded hundreds of years ago. Once a year, the monarch comes to Edinburgh specifically to hold a dedication ceremony in the chapel of the new knights and ladies of the Order.

The interior of the Cathedral are still preserved medieval jewelry including heraldic carving, memorials and objects of religious content. Cathedral of St Giles, as before, is an active temple Scottish Presbyterian Church, so visitors have the opportunity to take part in religious services held here.

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National Parks and Reserves

Scotland and is known for its natural landscapes. Attractions such as the Scottish national parks "Cairngorm" and "Loch Lomond and Trossahs" has long been under state protection. They attract tourists not only for its picturesque scenery, but also the opportunity for outdoor activities, knowledge of Scottish history and culture, especially the lives of local people.   Particular attention should be paid to the National Reserve of Scotland, an area of ​​about 95 hectares.

They are specially designed to protect the unique landscape and rare species of plants, birds and animals that live in these territories. However, these reserves are open to tourists, and learn about local flora and fauna can be anyone, walk along the predetermined routes. Also in Scotland, there are protected areas, which include the coastal and mountain areas, forests, rocks, lakes and three biosphere reserves created to preserve in its original form unique ecosystems.

Enumerating the attractions of the region, not to mention the famous Loch Ness, famous not primarily for its natural features and the mythical Loch Ness monster, allegedly living in its depths. Direct evidence for the existence of the lake at the bottom of a giant monster is not, so many people think that the legend simply use the owners of local hotels to attract tourists. But this does not prevent visitors enjoy visiting these places, plunge into the mysterious atmosphere of the ancient myth.

 The historical and natural attractions of Scotland