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Bedroom - a special place in the house. This room gives us privacy, peace and a feeling of complete security. Here we drop the mask and become themselves, you can take a break from everyday worries and restore vitality. That is why the bedroom should be cozy and soothing.

How to make a cozy bedroom? After all, this concept for each means something different, special. Let's look at some examples of design bedrooms, which are created on the basis of their character and preferences of women. And you will only choose to perfectly meet your requirements.

Bedroom for Amazon

For girls, different strong-willed and unrestrained character, preferring always to rely only on themselves, may well remind bedroom home naughty robber. It is in this environment it will be comfortable to most. To create this interior give preference to beige and brown shades, as well as coral and terracotta. Here are perfect soft, pleasant to the touch fabric.

Curtains and blankets have to be a pattern imitating skins of wild animals. On the bedroom floor it is desirable to lay a carpet of artificial fur. Spotlights on the ceiling are ideal for the lighting of the room. A bra-shaped torches particularly good complement the interior of the housing of the Amazon.

The walls decorate with unusual masks and decorative feathers everywhere arrange bizarre shapes vases and statues of African deities. For registration can also be used indoor plants, reminiscent of a palm tree, for example, pineapple, bamboo and dracaena.

And finally, do not forget to put on the bed a few drops of your favorite perfume. Aromas of wild jungle make for a bedroom is not only comfortable, but fill it with a special atmosphere. In such a situation you can do entirely without clothes, except a loincloth would be appropriate here.

 bedroom apartment


That means a comfortable bedroom for the girls who prefer the bright and glamorous things? Most likely, their room will be framed on the basis of a dollhouse. To obtain such an interior preferred to use bright saturated colors that will go perfectly with the decorative elements of a dark rich colors. As upholstery and decoration of the room preferred silky smooth material. As for the design of windows, there is a better fit translucent fabric.

The main decorative elements a bedroom should be, of course, soft toys, beautiful casket bright, colorful ribbons, small pads in the shape of hearts, as well as fresh flowers. Soft light lamp, fruit flavors and colors will help create a romantic atmosphere in the doll's bedroom.

Royal Boudoir

If you are a leader and an organizer by nature, easy to move up the career ladder, confidently go to the goal, and the most comfortable and expensive things, then you will approach a bedroom, more like the royal boudoir.

To create comfort, choose saturated colors: red, emerald green, dark blue and burgundy, which will be combined perfectly with the decorative elements, decorated with "golden." In a bedroom should prevail chic fabrics: silk, velvet. Heavy, beautifully draped curtains - the best option for the decoration of the windows of the royal boudoir. The bed must necessarily be broad and massive. In the frame of lace canopy she will look just fine.

Decorate the bedroom, boudoir help original statues, books in beautiful bindings, patterned paintings in massive frames, and fresh flowers in beautiful vases. As the lighting, you can choose a large crystal chandelier, which is suitable for such an interior best. A good supplement can be in the form of candle sconces.

Antique Hall

The bedroom in antique style - an excellent choice for calm, balanced women who are alien to the hustle and bustle. Having bedroom white or very light colors, you surround yourself with space and light. To obtain a room in antique style using light and thin fabric. It is also appropriate fur, well-chosen under the overall color scheme. It would be the best light fleecy carpet.

The original vase, Greek amphora and, of course, white delicate flowers can be a great decorative addition to a bedroom. As lighting sconces can be used in the form of colors, which perfectly fit into the interior. Goddess in translucent nightgown to toe, is able not only to dazzle and delight a man of his heart, and drive him crazy. It remains only to add a little flavor: marine, citrus or floral.

 how to make a bedroom cozy

Country comfort

Bedroom country-style suit for the curious, sensitive and loving journey ladies. For registration of the bedroom it is recommended to use only natural materials beige, blue, green, sand, cream and milky white. Fabrics "under the matting", as well as cotton and linen with hand embroidery will look great in the interior and create additional comfort.

Lace lampshades woven lamps, straw mats and baskets of fruit and vases of flowers - all this will complement the interior, featuring provincial simplicity. Prefer natural flavors: the smell of honey, wood and dried herbs.

As you can see, to create comfort in the bedroom, you must only come from their own preferences. And then you created the atmosphere will be not only comfortable, but also intimate. What man could resist the ancient goddess, domineering queen Amazon or passionate?

 A cozy bedroom. What will you choose?

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 Why is it important time to get rid of stuff

The basic rule cozy home - less trash, but how to learn in time to get rid of unnecessary things? In the category of junk falls not only waste, but also things that you do not use for a long time, obsolete, or just unwanted items. They occupy the space that collects dust on himself, and take time to harvest and your vitality. The sooner these things leave your house, the better.

To deal with trash is easy, just need to understand that these things are completely unnecessary, and to find the strength to throw them away. This is not to regret the discarded things as freeing space from the debris, you cleanse your inner world.

When you first decide to get rid of the trash, it's hard not to get tired of the process, and because for each call get rid of the 27 unnecessary things. Ask yourself a few questions before you send the item in a garbage bag. Road Do you like this article, and you use it at least once in the past year? Do you have a similar thing better, and whether you need two identical items? What emotions is this thing. After checking, leave only those things that are dear to your heart, but that is not capable of causing even smile, feel free to submit a garbage bag.

Thus, the trash could be anywhere. But start with a favorite, what could be in your room, beautician and what you need to get rid of: the old cosmetics, last year's sun-protection cream, empty bottles, old tights and stockings, stretched underwear, unnecessary sunglasses, pens, which are no longer write books that nobody reads.

In the kitchen, hiding the most useless things, first of all, clean the fridge from overdue and malosedobnyh products and semi-finished products. Then send in the package cookbooks, utensils or dishes with cracks, which is hateful to you, it can be the pan that are older than you or glasses that are inconvenient to wash and even some complicated device that you do not like. In the case in the package to submit kitchen stuff and a cover of the cup, for which there is a pair of empty bottles, jars and remnants of candy from the holidays - there too. Under the sink often accumulate empty cans, and kitchen cabinets expired products.

In the kitchen you can also find empty cans of whipped cream and a bucket of ice cream and a fast-food, as well as toys from restaurants and dried spices in individual bags. Waste paper and plastic bags, old towels and rags should be disposed in the same way as the empty glass or plastic bottles and dried flowers.

In the office and hallway are also quite junk: old telephone directories, newspapers, catalogs and brochures, broken wheels and boxes from under them, programs that are obsolete and guidance to them; old batteries and cinders out of candles, vases, which has long nobody uses any broken things have to leave your home.

In the bag with trash mercilessly submit worn shoes, calendars and posters, jars of dried paint and mortars, live Christmas tree and unwanted toys to her left with a holiday, clothes that can not be repaired and all the things that you think must be discarded.

 Why is it important time to get rid of stuff