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New Year's Eve we dive into the special atmosphere of the pre-bustle, this exciting expectations and truly fabulous. And even if by virtue of the vagaries of the weather outside slushy and snow-free, New Year still occur, and to celebrate we are definitely going. Of course, the main festive mood in the New Year's Eve creates a sparkling Christmas tree lights. However, New Year's home decor alone is not limited to the Christmas tree! You can contact to make a Christmas tree wall or tabletop Christmas composition, make a real Christmas wreath, used to decorate Christmas decorations, tinsel, homemade snowflakes and garlands. However, let's learn some of the features Christmas decorations for the home.

Wall composition of conifer twigs

Pine branches, which can be purchased on the same Christmas tree market, where live Christmas tree will be a great foundation wall Christmas composition. Save freshness branches help a little trick: refresh slices with sharp scissors or a knife diagonally and let them stand in the water for about a day. Thereafter sections cover the molten wax. And then proceed as follows.

From small branches weave wreaths or design bouquets, fixing composition with a wire. For the Christmas wreath, use as a frame wire ring and attach the branches of the same wire, tape or thread. Now fluffy pine legs can be decorated: suitable tape, small figurines and toys attached wire or with glue and staples. You can also decorate a Christmas wreath Christmas decorations and tinsel, dried (orange circles) or fresh (apple, mountain ash brush) fruits and berries, artificial and fresh flowers.

Traditional Christmas wreath hanging on the front door just below the eye. In the West, a wreath is placed outside the door. But if you accept the possibility that your Christmas wreath decoration suddenly become someone else's home, then hang it on the door in the hallway, away from the eyes of unwanted visitors. The elegant look of the house and a good mood of the guests will be provided to you in any way!

 Christmas decorations with their own hands

Ikebana for Christmas and New Year

So, on a wall or a door you can hang a nice Christmas wreath. But it is not only suitable for the surface decoration of the New Year at home. We still have plenty of all sorts of horizontal surfaces, and therefore the tables and shelves, chests of drawers and trellis can be decorated with compositions in baskets, flat dishes and pots. In short, we try to make a New Year's ikebana.

For the basics of such a composition suitable thick piece of styrofoam or floral foam. You can enroll in another way: pour into a transparent low vase decorative sand or salt, which perfectly mimics the snow, and have them stick a sprig of pine, spruce or fir. Or just put a song in a vase. These branches can embellish any white paint (aerosol, acrylic or gouache) to simulate frosty needles. You can also sprinkle the crumb foam branch or artificial snow, pre-lubricated, or sprinkle them with glue hairspray.

In random order on the branches of pine nuts and place cones, Christmas decorations, bows of ribbons, streamers. The remarkable decor of flower arrangement will be "snow-covered" branches with some great Christmas-tree ball or without any additional ornaments. Perfectly fit into a similar composition Christmas angels, which can be made of paper or made from fabric or felt, Christmas gift boots and striped candy canes. And New Year's ikebana can decorate this Christmas ginger cookies, painted icing. Magnificent flavor such edible decor creates a corresponding feast perfume and good mood.

By the way, Christmas wreath can be placed not only on the door and on the wall, but also become the central composition of the festive table. Only in this case, a wreath made more lush and tall, but complement similar decoration candles.

Natural flowers

Ironically, in the Western tradition of the Christmas decor is mandatory and there are fresh flowers. And if we like decoration recently been very unusual, but today they are understandable and even a traditional element of New Year's home decor. There are several kinds of potted plants that are closely associated with Christmas and the New Year because of the bright leaves, flowers or berries: mistletoe, puansetiya (Christmas star), nightshade. New Year's Eve in flower shops you can buy a plant already blossoming flower, or a synthetic copy.

And, you can advance (about a month before the New Year) sprout bulbs of daffodils, tulips and freesias. Sprouted onions are left in small pots in a wet substrate, complement their Christmas composition or used as a living bouquet on the holiday table. Or, for example, near a park (in his garden, afforestation) cut the little branches with strong kidneys. After standing in the warm home for several days, they will delight the eyes of young greens for the holidays already. Quickly give young foliage branches of lilac, apricot and poplar.

Christmas decorations in the interior

Tinsel has been and remains remarkably convenient material for the New Year's decor. Decorate the walls and furniture tinsel Christmas tree by hanging it in the form of garlands, or made using an adhesive tape (pins) outline the image of Christmas trees, snowflakes, stars and congratulatory inscription "Happy New Year! ". Incidentally, the tinsel on the basis of a wire can take any shape and looks great in the compositions.

Garlands, bright balls and other ornaments sparkle effectively if they are mounted on the chandeliers and floor lamps. From the mirror in the hallway come mysterious fairy portal, if you make it to a frame from tinsel and toys. Christmas balls in a large clear vase can decorate the Christmas table as a Christmas wreath, a bouquet of fresh flowers or ikebana. Because the balls can even make a whole garland, good today sold safe plastic balls, which, incidentally, are much cheaper than glass.

 beautiful Christmas decorations

Magic Window

More recently, we have painted windows diluted in water toothpaste. Today it is no longer fashionable. Unfortunately. But this retro decor still out of time and fashion, because man-made fairy tale has a right to exist in any form. And if you like this way of decorating the windows, then spit on the fashion and razrisuy windows, as it did as a child! Or cut paper stencils with snowflakes, or other Christmas symbols and already use them, apply artificial frost on the glass or drop New Year's wish.

As in the recent past, we are pleased to continue to decorate the windows with electric Christmas lights. Take a walk one evening on the eve of the new year on the street and look at the windows of houses: two dozen windows framed by colored lights, you certainly count. And the magic will make the window candle evening, the candles, placed on the window sill, beautifully reflected in the glass windows and illuminates the fabulous warm light.

Holiday in the country

If you intend to celebrate the New Year in the country or live in your own home, then you have an excellent opportunity for the New Year of exterior decor. In the West, in general satisfied with the enchanting illumination of electric garlands. If your funds allow such luxury, you can follow the Western tradition. However, you will have to invest significantly once, but each next new year, you can decorate your house so magically.

But there are other options for the external decoration of the New Year at home. Small candle-pill decorate the porch railing or step. The comfortable, open to review the parts you can put lanterns for candles. Doors and windows of the house from the outside and can be decorated with garlands and tinsel. And if your site grow Christmas trees, they can usually dress up toys - let there be not one, but a lot of Christmas trees in the garden!

Safety measures

Christmas and New Year time, not only for the magical holiday, but also for special care. Unfortunately, it is a fabulous time of the possibility of fire has not been canceled. The candles, a cozy and magical, able to dampen any holiday. So be careful and follow safety rules. Let it sounds corny and very much in Office, but your vigilance and care will help prevent small and big trouble.

Pets - a cause for special attention. Cats, for example, love to play with hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree. So place the tree at the bottom unbreakable toys. Young kittens are able to confuse even a Christmas tree with the usual wood and can easily begin to climb it. So the tree should be stable. Many pets love to chew rain shiny foil. Instead, you can use the paper streamers of bright colors - the effect will be worse.

Toys and other decorations must be securely fastened and high enough, if your house lives a cat or dog. It is the creation of interesting, having the instinct of research and playful disposition. By the way, the same quality and characteristic of young children. Therefore, festive decoration of the house to be safe.

However, Christmas decorations with their own hands will allow you to decorate the house with caution. After all, who does not like you to know the habits of their pets and small children naughty character. Let your home for the Christmas holidays sparkles fairy ornament, and it reigns in the magical atmosphere of the most beloved, most of the home and a wonderful holiday. Good luck!

 Christmas decor of your home

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