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  • Draperies and curtains
  • Carpets
  • Decorate the interior

The house should be such that the whole family would like him to come back after a hard day's work. Some housewives understand this definition in its own way and set the task a lot and cook. But not a single food hungry people. Any of us, after a delicious dinner will want to fall apart in a warm chair. And if on the contrary will be the TV, so this is a beauty. Add to that the control of a satellite dish in their hands, and understand that happiness may be complete. And only then you need - comfort in the home and the maximum reasonableness of the situation.

In addition, in a beautiful house and live more enjoyable. No wonder the construction markets inundated with an insane amount of different wallpaper, carpet and other materials everything for the home. Meanwhile, the appearance of your apartment depends not only on the layout and arrangement of furniture, but also on the decorative finish, choice of curtains, lighting and more. Intrigued? Then let's learn how to direct comfort in the home without the help of professional designers.

Draperies and curtains

The curtains on the windows are one of the most important elements of home decoration. They can mitigate disadvantages of windows, extend or expand them as needed. For example, if you want to visually expand the window, the curtains need to hang on either side, taking part of the wall to the right or left. If you need to visually narrow the window, the curtains hung on the eaves, the corresponding value of the window opening, and the length of the curtain is brought to the floor.

Any curtains look very nice when they are draped voluminous pleats or gathers. For this purpose the width of the cloth to be half as long as the width of the window opening.

If the walls are painted or papered with colored wallpaper without pattern, for curtains that can (and should) use a cloth with a pattern, the pattern itself or the background fabric should match the color of the walls, that is, I was with them the same color but a different hue. For rooms where the wallpaper have a pattern used for curtains or melkouzorchatye smooth fabric.

Straight and narrow with no drapery curtains of thick fabric give the room a rigorous and sedate appearance. Lush assembly of thin fabric will give the room light and airy. Keep in mind that shiny silk or viscose fabrics for curtains, hung in a modest room will look too smart.

 a nice cozy home


Today it is considered fashionable to lay on the floor carpet around the perimeter of the room, or stir on the floor very large carpets. They increase the visual area of ​​the room, especially if they are small patterns or are monochromatic. Carpets small size put around the table, a sofa or chairs. Their task - to visually divide the room into several zones.

Avoid placement in the same room several small mats, or tracks, especially if they vary in color and style. Bright multi-colored carpets look good in a room with solid walls.

If your room is long and narrow and you want to visually divided into two parts, you can put two of the carpet in different groups of furniture. The same effect can be achieved by putting carpeting in the room of two or more colors, but, again, with plain walls.

If you have a carpet that covers the entire area, or almost the whole room, the wall, use one of the main colors of the carpet, but a lighter shade.


Decorate the interior

If you want to decorate your house with pictures, remember that a good painting should be hung in the rooms lit area and not to devalue its proximity to other decorative objects.

When decorating a room, whose walls are patterned, note that the picture should be sufficiently broad frame. Particularly impressive picture look at a blank wall. But you must admit that wallpaper glue for even the most beautiful paintings - it is silly.

Now for the location of the paintings. Hang a picture should be at eye level or slightly below. Oil paintings and large format on canvas usually hung a little higher and with a slope.

Surely with a homey feel, a cup of tea or a glass of good wine, many associated fireplace. Tales of Hans Christian Andersen and the legend of Santa Claus made an integral part of the cozy fireplace at home. So why not move a fantastic atmosphere in your apartment in the city? Of course, a real fireplace in the apartment equip difficult, but it is quite possible to put an electric version. He also will warm you on cold winter evenings and bring a touch of romance and coziness in your home.

But in fact, the beauty and comfort of home depends not only on the color of your walls or curtains, both decorated your apartment, but also from the residents themselves, who live in it. If the house could be heard swearing and shouting, and there will never be warm and cozy. So it depends on you "Weather in the house."

 Comfort in the house: the weather is the most important thing in the house

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 The dazzling white in the interior of your home

Commercials products aimed at family consumption, show their characters in an environment dominated by white. This allows to idealize advertising character: it is perfectly clean white house, striking white clothing and dazzling white teeth smile. These videos seemed imbued with purity and innocence, family values ​​and happiness. One can not help envying the heroes begin ads!

Designers enthusiastic white since the early twenties of the last century, but its relevance is not lost direction, and until that time. Let's talk about how to design the interior of the house with a white color.

Despite the fact that the white color we often encounter in everyday life, it is not as simple as it seems. It is difficult to overestimate the beneficial qualities:

  • neutrality
  • the ability to profitably set off the bright details
  • the ability to visually "push" walls of the room

Advantages and disadvantages of white

White color is inherent symbolism.
Suffice it to recall the white dress of the bride (as a symbol of innocence), white robes of priests (as a symbol of sanctity and celebrations).
Some associate white with wealth and luxury: white yachts and luxury white limousines, blinding white covers on the furniture and table at a reception.
In politics, the white color is used as a symbol of peace and goodwill in the Middle Ages, knights stressed white characters generosity and higher will. In the East, white is designated as mourning and sorrow, and the beginning of a new path.

Of particular importance white not only in its symbolism, but also the properties of interest:

  • White is used as the best base for a wide variety of colors, because due to its addition, you can change the brightness of colors.
  • The white color blends perfectly with absolutely all the colors and serves as the perfect backdrop.
  • Shades of white are different in their properties: they can be both cold and warm.

The main disadvantage is white, which confuse those wishing to use it, is its ability to show the most slightest contamination. However, the white color in the interior benefits from black for other benefits: hides dust and handprints.
You should not limit their desire to have white furniture in the house: you can help furniture covers that can be removed and cleaned.

Positive aspects of the white of the interior:

  • It is an excellent basis for all styles.
  • Ideal for small spaces (hallway, bathroom) as visually "pushing" the wall.
  • Perfectly reflects light, and thus is suitable for dark rooms.
  • Impervious to fashion and always is popular.
  • Good looks in different materials and different surfaces.
  • It goes well with any textures and materials.

Variations in shades of white

The white color of a huge variety of shades. So before you begin to change the design of your apartment carefully pick up the tone of the furniture, walls and lighting. Otherwise, you run the risk of the effect of "ward" or just dismal situation. No need to try to paint in white all the details, as well as the contrasts add interior style.

 The dazzling white interior
 bedroom color creme brulee

Delicate white colors complement soft tissue and pastel colors.

For example, the color of ivory are good natural fabrics and materials: linen, light wood, leather, natural stone. When choosing a design, you reach a feeling of complete rest.

 The dazzling white interior
 Living in ivory

Cream - a variation of white with a yellow tinge. It creates the effect of antiquity. With him are well looked dark wood, rich brown and color of the stone. This shade like pastry and coffee shop owners, he creates a sense of comfort, warmth and not easily soiled.

 The dazzling white interior
 Bedroom cream

Bright shades of white (snow-white) belong to the cool tones and look a little aggressive. Use cool colors necessary with caution, as they can destroy the cozy atmosphere of the room.

 The dazzling white interior
 snow-white living room with bright accents

To create a harmonious and elegant personal style experiment with a combination of white and silver. Male interior style will help create options for the composition of white steel and glass details.

 The dazzling white interior
 men's bedroom: a combination of white and gray

Playing on the contrast of black and white like a chessboard or a zebra. This combination looks very strict and increasingly used in offices and other public areas.

However, there are fans of this combination is that it is associated with a history of little Alice in Wonderland. In this case it is necessary to mitigate the severity of the abundance of live plants, fluffy and soft fabrics that will pour life into ascetic decorated house.

 The dazzling white interior
 black and white interior

Add energy and drive to help the interior bright accents that can be safely used to create an elevated mood. This trick is used when creating the situation in the ethnic and youth style, and enjoyed great success in Europe.

 The dazzling white interior
 dining room with bright accents

White House fills the interior beauty and refinement. It seems that in this room becomes easier to breathe and could not help the mood rises. Be bold and create your own ideas to help make the room beautiful and memorable!

 The dazzling white in the interior of your home