Remove yourself or hire professionals?

Sooner or later, even the most carefully operated home or office has to do the cleaning. It seems that cleaning is no big deal and you can run it on their own. However, a deeper study of the problem is that it is not so.

In fact, already in the first stages of cleaning can be difficult. The fact that the decoration of modern offices and homes are often used proprietary materials and coatings that require very careful care. Typically, the owners of houses and offices are unaware of this and as a result the standard of cleaning and cleaning detergents can easily spoil the interior. Hence arise on items of furniture, walls and floor all sorts of multi-colored stains, scratches and other defects are immediately apparent. And then it does not matter whether you was started cleaning houses and apartments or commercial premises - in any case have to make cosmetic repairs, which is subject to expensive materials can fly a lot of money.

To avoid this, it is recommended to use the services of cleaning companies. Of course, these organizations are not very many in our country and the market is not as developed as in the west, but today almost every small town you can find several active cleaning companies. Typically, these firms are focused on corporate clients and engaged in cleaning of offices, retail space and industrial premises. But if you want you can call them in your country cottage or city apartment. Any cleaning company serves primarily the desire of the client and, therefore, will leave for cleaning wherever necessary for you regardless of the type premises.

Benefits of cleaning companies are obvious. The most obvious advantage is that the cleaning will be used with professional equipment and soft, customized for each specific case means. This completely eliminates the risk of damage to property. But even if for any reason your furniture or branded wallpaper will be spoiled after harvest (though a good cleaning company itself such will never allow), the damage will be fully refunded. Another important advantage - during the harvest, you can go about your business or even go for a visit. Thus, you will save a lot of time and energy focusing on themselves instead of being engaged in dirty business.

All you need to do - call the cleaning company, call the team of cleaners and show them the work front.

 Remove yourself or hire professionals?

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When making the bedroom designers carefully think through every detail, beginning and ending with the lighting arrangement of furniture. And also observe one important rule: Do not clutter.

You want to have your bedroom become comfortable for sleeping and resting? Then update your bedroom today, following the advice of well-known designers.

  • Lighting

Put in the bedroom floor mat lampshade light shades. Dark looks spectacular, but worse illuminate the room.

Wall sconces save space, but they must be installed in such a way that they were easy to reach. If there is no opportunity to lead wall sconces, lamps to replace them with a flexible foot.

  • Color solution

On the advice of an interior designer is to awaken all five senses. Changes in the direction of harmony can start to change cushions, curtains and blinds.

Keep in mind that the soothing tones in the bedroom, for example, pale pink or pale lilac, set the appropriate mood.

Just remember that the room in which a lot of natural light, it seems longer. Therefore, we recommend you do not hang the window dark and sophisticated tailoring of curtains.

  • Bed

Whatever it was the original master bedroom and comfortable, but without the chaotic bright spots, bedding should be of calm textured fabric with decorative elements.

Visually increase the space in the room to help veil dropped down almost to the floor.

  • Free space

Nothing should interfere with you when you get out of bed. So leave at least 0, 5 m around it.

  • Bedside tables and chest of drawers

The bedside table or dresser must be order. For this very convenient to use special sectors of the division.

If the plans to buy new tables, then look for a model with multiple drawers for storage inside.

  • Flooring

Bed in the bedroom rug, spot of color will give your bedroom individuality. Note that the color of the carpet and floor coverings should be in harmony with the color of the walls and curtains.

  • Mirrors

Designers like mirrors in small spaces because they are visually increase the room. Want to make your bedroom more spacious? Hang a mirror.

In addition to increasing the space mirror will allow you to brush up not only in the bathroom but in the bedroom.

Online shop bed linen

 Secrets of a cozy bedroom

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 How to choose a chandelier


  • Terms chandelier based lighting
  • Choose the type of bulbs for chandeliers
  • Choose a chandelier, depending on the type of attachment
  • What tells us the glow of chandeliers
  • Chandelier with shade: Is it worth it to her to choose
  • How to choose a chandelier in the bedroom or hall
  • Chandeliers in your kitchen

Every family dreams that sooner or later, but it will still be living in your own comfortable apartment. And now comes the long-awaited moment when the dream of your own apartment becomes a reality. And at this point it becomes clear that to the desired comfort is still quite far away. It is worth noting that even after being selected and pokleit wallpaper, painted ceilings and floors are made, is to buy a chandelier. This is where the problems arise. The question of how to choose a chandelier as a rough idea you have, but to find the best option becomes quite difficult.

Remember that when choosing lamps or any other lighting device it is to rely on your taste, their choice and their desire to make your home brighter, more comfortable and more beautiful. Only you can create a unique atmosphere of beauty and comfort, to transform a house in an extraordinary place, where you want to come back every time.

Today, there are quite a lot of advice, what to buy a chandelier, but they are often not enough. There is a lack of full and qualitative information on the selection of stylish light sources. We will fill this gap: we offer you the most simple and convenient algorithm on what to choose a chandelier. And remember, unique in its kind chandelier - and not necessarily a good quality and unpretentious - is not always easy. The question of how best to choose a chandelier, for you will no longer be insoluble, as with our scheme of choice of lighting devices raznoyarusnogo light you can easily find the most interesting and the most acceptable option.

Terms chandelier based lighting

It is necessary to determine for themselves about the price range in which you choose the options. Today it ranges from $ 20 forums used things (although the proposal can be chandelier in excellent condition) to $ 600 in the elite store fixtures. Even more expensive to pay for an exclusive version of the chandelier with elements of forging and inlays.

If you have a dilemma what to choose chandeliers, you are just about to determine for themselves the power of light that will bathe or the entire room, or part of it. If you have not decided, it is advisable to choose a chandelier with several modes of light or the ability to mute the intensity. A good solution might be an option "Chandelier + wall sconces." This combination will create a two-level lighting in the apartment. It can be used all at once or separately.

Always keep in mind that the lighting in the room - perhaps the most important factor in creating an atmosphere. This has been proved by many scientists. In the dim and poorly lit room a person on a subconscious level, there is a feeling of fear and fatigue. In the bright and unnatural lit room one quickly begins to feel uncomfortable and catch myself wishing to get away from an environment that is wrong and adversely affect the eyesight.

 How to choose a chandelier

Choose the type of bulbs for chandeliers

When asked how to choose a chandelier, it is necessary to pay attention to those kinds of lamps, which is equipped with a chandelier, and their total capacity. It is from these two characteristics and will depend on your lighting. Everyone knows that the total capacity of chandeliers calculated by summing all the lamps that are used in it.

So as of now, not all manufacturers indicate the luminous flux directly to the lamps is approximately calculate the amount of light required to maintain comfortable indoor conditions. For example, bathroom and small room, for example, storage, enough light output to 80-110 Watts. For a small or medium-sized kitchen enough 130-170 watts. For other rooms not expect the power alone. It all depends on the height of the ceiling, from the design and colors of the room and so on. Average setting - 250 watts.

Because of the wide variety offered in the chandeliers lamps need to determine exactly with the type that will suit you. Manufacturers chandeliers offer different models or entire model series of lighting fixtures, which can be equipped with almost the entire apartment. Lamps in them can be of three types - incandescent, fluorescent and halogen.

  • It is believed that the classic and reliable option - Tungsten. Ins can assume its low cost and availability of various options (different types of cap, surface, shape, power, etc.). The downside - a rather low efficiency (efficiency). In addition, if improperly calculating power screwed into your chandelier lamp chandelier can oplavitsya, crack and the like.
  • Halogen lamps made use when necessary, clear and powerful illumination, as the flow of light emitted powerful and bright. About how to choose a halogen chandelier, it is worth considering seriously enough, because when saving on replacement lamps and long life of their operation, you can bring into the house uncomfortable.
  • Fluorescent tubes use in chandeliers made if necessary bright and even illumination, for example in the kitchen. When the merits of which are as large capacity, good efficiency and long service life, there are also disadvantages. The disadvantage is that the light from a lamp can quickly tire the eyes because of its smoothness and coldness. In addition, the tangible and the cost of such a lamp.

Once you have decided on all the above parameters, you can safely proceed to the selection of chandeliers. And only after all of this you can get an idea of ​​how to choose a chandelier for the decoration of the apartments, houses, cottages and so on. It should be borne in mind that all recommendations are general in nature. Whatever you like, you have to relate themselves with the style and design of the room.

Choose a chandelier, depending on the type of attachment

You can give preference to the suspension or ceiling model. The first fixture is considered a classic, and is usually done with twisted horns. She looks graceful and elegant, impressive and noticeable, gives the interior a refined sophistication. But remember, choose a chandelier can be suspended only in the large room with a high ceiling. And all because of its size rather impressive - thanks to beautiful horns, it takes a lot of space. And because of the suspension (chains, decorative rod or spring), it is located relatively far from the ceiling. In a small room hanging chandelier will take prohibitively large space and thereby reduce the space visually. Therefore, it is better to opt for the spacious living room or great hall, but not for a cozy bedroom and a practical kitchen.

For small rooms are the best solution for ceiling chandeliers. They are small ceiling, plates, lamps, which are adjacent to the ceiling rather than hang on a chain or spring. These chandeliers take up little space and therefore does not reduce the room. One of them can be hung in the bedroom or children's room of your home. By the way, very fashionable today, the decision is a domed ceiling: its elegant shape subtly highlights your taste, and its serious design fits perfectly into the environment of modern apartment. The upward light that gives the ceiling, works for the interior comfort. But, choosing a lamp, remember that the darker the color, the worse it transmits light.

 How to choose a chandelier in the room

What tells us the glow of chandeliers?

Today it is possible to give preference to the chandelier, made do in any color, even in very bright and bold. But how will look your lamp that it will be a stand for what he would say to your guests? Let's see what features, according to the unanimous opinion of psychologists, optometrists and interior designers, has a particular glow of chandeliers.

  1. Yellow - a classic, albeit simple, ordinary and something even tiresome, but for optimum eye. Such illumination pupil is the least tiring and even mildly stimulates it.
  2. White (it usually gives the fluorescent lamp in clear bubble) - is very similar to daylight. With it increases efficiency, but over time it strains your eyes with its brightness.
  3. Red - stimulates, increases the pressure. It will be a good option for the bedrooms, for nights of love and passion, if you do not keep too long chandelier enabled.
  4. Blue - calms the nervous system, lowers blood pressure and respiratory rate. This glow is suitable for the bedroom, where I want to first of all have a good rest.
  5. Green - pleasing to the eye, not too tiring pupil, calms the nerves, but not excessively, helping to organize his thoughts. Chandelier with this glow is perfect for a home office, children's room, or all the same bedroom.
  6. Orange - accelerates the heart rate, stimulates the appetite. Chandelier with glow will be a wonderful option for the kitchen.
  7. Blue and purple - with prolonged action inhibits, inhibits the (first) or irritating (second) nervous system. Choosing such luminescence to be very careful, as if the light in a room with a chandelier lights up often, and do better to give preference to other options.

Chandelier with shade: Is it worth it to her to choose?

Modernity has accustomed us to the reliability of the metal, to the practicality of plastic to the cold glitter of glass. But there is also a chandelier made of cloth - with shades, such as silk. Yes, they are not as durable as metal, and theoretically even more flammable. But in practice fire lampshade easy to prevent or stop, and self-respecting manufacturers operate the model so that the cloth could not have contact with the bulbs.

Let's think about how to be beautiful chandeliers with shades. That this accessory is able to make a simple lighting device elegant and refined, it is able to radically change its appearance. Besides shades can be changed, thus placing new accents and refreshing interior. The lamp in beautiful fabric "dress" - it is a practical option, the purchase of which is also worth considering.

How to choose a good chandelier with shade? On what colors and patterns stay? Quite simply, in this situation, the same rules apply as when selecting the ceiling. Red lampshade gives a stimulating nerves glow green - adjusts to a positive, blue - soothes and cools even emotions, yellow - simply illuminates the room, focusing on other furnishings.

What should be the size of the lamp shade? Much depends on the chandeliers. The easiest way, when a suspended ceiling is chosen not need long to think about how to choose a good luster, you can just focus on the size and scale of the room. If the room is large, the lampshade can be very broad (if only he looked appropriate compared to the lamp itself). In small rooms large lampshade as well as a luxurious chandelier will reduce space, remember this. If the lamps on the chandelier several shades to choose such an extent that they do not touch each other.

How to choose a chandelier in the bedroom or hall

Determine with the options in the first place, consider the functionality, which carries the room. For a cozy bedroom ceiling miniature chandelier hanging appropriately luxurious horns. For the white glow of the hospitable halls will be better romance saturated red. Kids definitely more like a positive green light and easy execution than gothic chandelier, glowing blue.

Also pay attention to the character of the interior design and the main colors of the situation, and try to choose a chandelier it "in tune." You can play on contrasts, but it should not be too harsh. And remember about the size of premises: the smaller they are, the smaller the diameter and height of the suspension should be your light fixture. Focusing on these simple rules, you'll know exactly how to choose a chandelier in each situation. Following these little tricks, you can stop at the optimal variant for the lamp room, bedroom, children's room.

 choose a chandelier

Chandeliers in your kitchen

If you decide what to choose a chandelier for the kitchen, pay attention to the combined coverage. Apart from the main chandelier, you should consider all options for additional coverage. As a rule, the kitchen is the lighting should be used on a common dining table, over the stove and cabinets above (if you have). It is because of the need for additional lighting is important for themselves to decide how to choose a chandelier for the kitchen.

You can stop at one of the two types. The first - a classic suspension design, suitable large and high rooms. It should be borne in mind that such lamps visually lower the ceiling and make the space a little bit broken (if the model is long and heavy). In addition, they will occupy most of the space. The second type of chandeliers - Ceiling - more comfortable. They are located a short distance from the ceiling, visually not reduce or aggravate it, and can spread the luminous flux on the entire room.

Before you choose a chandelier in the kitchen, especially with halogen lamps, need to calculate the area and height of the room, the number of light levels, places the greatest illumination light output. If you have already decided on the above parameters, but in front of you is still the question of what to choose a chandelier for the kitchen, it is logical to buy it is one that fits perfectly into your interior.

There are a few general tips and recommendations. When used in interior or chandeliers with colored glass shades in the kitchen will be colored lighting. This lighting affects not only the eye-color perception of the room, but also on the vision. It is not necessary to install lamps (whether they ceiling or classic), which will give shadows and highlights in the kitchen. When using easy-to-handle plastic lampshades is not necessary to equip them with powerful lamps, as lamps can easily melt.

If you use lamps with glass shades or glass parts, be sure to follow the safety instructions for their operation. As for the design, it all depends on your desires and your fancy. Remember that a chandelier - is not just a decoration of the room or the kitchen, and functional significance of the luminaire.

 How to choose a chandelier: organize lighting in his home

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