how to paint the walls in the apartment

The beauty and comfort of your own home road every woman. And yet they are more expensive, the more of their own labor invested in them. But if we divide pillows on a sofa and coffee table to decorate a vase with fruit is possible without some training and knowledge, then paint the walls in the apartment at random - just pointless. This will "bear the labor", which will have to redo. But if you take into account the necessary nuances and try to grasp the essence of the case, the result may be different.

How to paint the walls in the apartment: Recommendations

Painted walls in the apartment attract attention because their area is significant on the scale of the existing dwelling. If the work was done "haphazardly", the cracks, the villi of the brush, stains and smears are unsightly looming before his eyes. To achieve a good result, it is necessary to comply with a certain sequence.

Before paint the wall in the room, they should be prepared. The easiest way to a situation where "experimental" plane is not subjected to the previous painting. In this case, with plastered surfaces Carefully remove all dust and dirt. It should be checked for cracks, potholes, bumps, and other blemishes that require removal. Existing deficiencies are corrected putty, and then clean off any dirt and dust. Otherwise, the ink layer will form unevenly, leading subsequently to cracking and peeling.

If your walls have been painted or wallpaper paste over, we must act differently. The original should be removed, and very carefully, the previous coat of paint or wallpaper, clean the surface of the wallpaper paste. How to paint the walls in the apartment, if the old wallpaper is pretty hard to keep? We can not say that this method is often practiced, but still, you can paint the walls without clearing. To do this, the pre-primed surface primer alkyd paint, spreading it on a 1/3 white spirit.

How to paint the walls in the room, if you find an old cracked, fungus, oil stains, etc.? Affected place necessarily treated with alkaline or acidic compounds, acidic mixture isolated or removed mechanically. Chunks of plaster was removed bad, they should be replaced by a new coating. Available cracked a little at first increase, and then sealed: shallow "heal" alabaster, and large - with the addition of a solution of alabaster or PVA glue.

Making sure that the walls are ready for further work, the primer is applied. Getting into the pores of the surface soil strengthens it improves the adhesion of applied layers of different paints and putties.

To achieve a smooth paint on the walls need to handle fine sandpaper otshpaklevannuyu surface and apply a second coat of primer. Apply paint only after the complete drying of surfaces. Do this in several layers, the latter of which is applied in the direction of light rays.

How to paint the walls: the application of paint

 some paint to paint the walls

After preparing the space for the activities of a logical question arises: how to paint the walls. Without knowing the specifics, one false smear - and all the work will be spoiled.

  • The paint is applied evenly. First, should move in one direction, and after that - the direction perpendicular to the first movement. You should not be lazy shade, otherwise the surface is uniformly colored, a little later the excess paint will not shade the surface drain and gain an impartial view. For the same reason, do not use too much liquid paint or the paint in several thick layers.
  • The last movement of the brush should be done from the top down.
  • If used in the drying oil paint, the light at the end of smoothing movements lead perpendicular to the direction of the previous movement. It is recommended to choose a hair brush.

To properly paint the walls of large areas, they must first be divided into smaller sections that can be limited to bars or seams. Drying oil paint on the door leaf can be painted completely, but using oil enamel, the best result is achievable when dividing the entire area on certain small areas.

Complicated relief surfaces with grooves different plan need not bear much paint because it will start to flow and pucker, and will dry much longer.

How exactly paint the wall if there is no additional guidance? Use self-adhesive tape, which is adhered to a pre-beaten off with a cord or a plumb line.

What paint to paint the walls?

What paint to paint the walls of various buildings, which should take into account when choosing a particular and what to pay attention? Questions reasons. Indeed, in the kitchens and bathrooms there is high humidity, and living room drier. And if the conditions are different, hence the paint for them must be different. Or is it possible to find a universal option?

Experts say that the best water-based paint is paint the walls of premises. This choice is justified by a number of features:

  • No toxic components;
  • No characteristic odor;
  • Fire safety (due to the absence of organic solvents).
  • The product is environmentally friendly.

You can find the name of the water-dispersion paint. This is due to the fact that the paint may consist of different binders based on an aqueous dispersion of polyvinyl acetate, styrene copolymers, polyacrylates and pigments. The components are not soluble in water and are there in suspension. After the ink and the evaporation of water on the surface of the film created.

When painted the walls with latex paint and gave them to dry thoroughly, then dry film forms a water-resistant coating. We conclude that the use of such paint can and humid.

Paint the walls of latex paint can be brick, wood, concrete, plaster surfaces and drywall construction. It is not necessary to apply them on the plane of the metal products, and because the presence in the water can lead to rust.

How to paint the walls with latex paint? Is it easy? Special complexities, in any case, should not cause. Exceptions may reach the surface of the already deposited a glossy finish. But in the water-dispersion layer can be applied to any sort of paint.

How to paint the walls with latex paint, if you want to create a unique interior using color? In this case, first of all, decide the displacement of paint, which will need to be painted all required planes. Note that if the wrong calculation of "confusion" in the colors can not be avoided. Well, if even a small amount of ink will remain in case the wall somewhere or outline a zatrutsya children.

To make colored painted walls in the apartment, take the white paint in the right amount and just a drop of dye added to it, do not forget to carefully stir. Remember that the color of the paint on the wall and in the container will vary. Requires control smear on the wall to make sure that the range is chosen in accordance with their own wishes.

Water-based paint is best to paint the walls in several layers (2-3). For the lower layer paint may be diluted with water but not more than 10%. The following layers are applied undiluted.

How to paint the walls a roller and how to select it?

 how to paint the walls

Before you understand how to paint the walls a roller, you should understand its structure.

The composition of the device itself includes a roller (roller in the "coat" or cylinder) and the handle to the frame. They are very convenient to paint large areas, for example, concrete and plaster.

The most popular rolls, coat them by heating is applied to the roller. During cooling, it is firmly attached to the roller. The connection is reliable and durable, on its surface there are no seams, which is very important when painting.

What a roller to paint the walls depends on the chemical resistance of the material.

  • Roller of polyacrylic or nylon fabric basis. Feature strength material resistant to aggressive environments, often available in white with colored stripes. This model is suitable for epoxy, polyurethane or nitrocellulose paints.
  • Polyester velor roller and paint the walls better if used alkyd or oil paints. Polyester absorbs the paint and suede - flexible and durable, it can be selected for finishing and painting.
  • Paint the walls of the foam roller in handy when using water-based, acrylic, silicate or silicone paint.

How to paint the walls a roller, if a large area of ​​the wall? For this purpose the manufacturer has provided rolls of different sizes.

For proper roller painting the walls, should be prepared. Prepare a flat metal box in which the longitudinal walls resemble the shape of a trapezoid. Mesh, which is installed in the box should be approximately 10-20 mm. After spending over the screen roller, you remove all the excess paint, which can ruin all your hard work with their uneven strokes and drops.

Technique: On an area of ​​about 1 square. meters should be applied 3 stripes of paint, then rolled them pressed roller, ensuring uniform distribution of the paint on the surface.

How to paint the walls in a strip with a roller? How to achieve a smooth drawing lines? Nothing complicated here, just a little creativity and patience.

Prepare a narrow brush and roller, masking tape, varnish and paint. And then, proceed according to the steps below.

  1. Make pencil markings future strips on the wall. Masking tape is glued so that the pencil stripes as a result turned out to be painted over with paint. Scotch is to stick close to the plane, then the band will turn out perfectly smooth.
  2. Take a nail and a narrow brush. Varnish brush with the seam between the wall and tape. This prevents leaking under the Scotch paint. Paint should be on top of the tape, but at the edges can not go.
  3. What is the best paint to paint the wall to get the band and what color to choose? It all depends on your interior and to the premises where the repair is going to take place. But whatever the paint is chosen, the application of the scheme for all coloring agents will be the same. They should be strictly applied between the strips of adhesive tape. Allow the paint to dry well, do not rush to remove the adhesive tape. If you hurry streaks will be provided.

Paint the walls in the bar, but smaller ones, can be on the same technology. The only difference is that the wall is covered with a base color, and after the color bars are applied.

Bathroom and kitchen: how and what to do?

To paint the walls in the bathroom, it is necessary to carry out the following procedure:

  1. Priming (any waterproof primer).
  2. Putty and sandpaper treatment.
  3. Application of waterproof impregnation penetrating.
  4. The first layer of waterproof paint primer.

Now you can paint the walls in the bathroom, paint them the sea and ocean views, or what you want to see in this area.

And what is to paint the walls in the bathroom and some paint to create beautiful paintings? Choose a waterproof finish paint: paint it pretty well, in addition, we consider the high humidity of the room.

Top paint the walls in the bathroom should be colorless nail strengthening that will allow your composition to be more durable.

How to paint the walls in the kitchen and are there any features? It should take into account the presence of open flames, remember that flammable materials must not be used.

Paint the walls in the kitchen better than semi-gloss and glossy compositions, such as the surface is smoother and does not absorb dirt. Caring for a painting is very easy: just wipe with a damp cloth.

But there is his "but": the higher the gloss, the more visible irregularities in the substrate. Matte paint is able to hide defects, but it is prepared with the addition of silica, which gives the surface roughness is invisible. And it contributes to the accumulation of dirt and dust.

What to choose, you decide naturally. In any specialty store can give you good advice that pick up and what to combine it. Based on their preferences and the characteristics of the coating. Successful repair!

 How to paint the walls in the apartment right?

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