Interior nursery for teenage girls


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Any repair akin to a war when you can not find the necessary when the whole life is turned upside down, and you do not know when this is all over. But at the same time to change the interior of the room - it's incredibly nice. Especially if you do not try for yourself and for your beloved teenager who has grown out of these walls with naive dwarfs and become a close-bed machines.

But do not hurry to rejoice. Here are all the furniture safely taken out and cleaned the walls of old wallpaper. What's next? It depends on whose room we remodel. Boy or girl? Despite the fact that teenage boys are considered problematic, they usually do not find fault with the new repair a child's room (though what it baby, if you had to install quite a grown-up sofa for his madcap!) Pokleit wallpaper blue? Great. Green? Nothing too. But girls are more capricious. They are far from indifferent interior room in which they will lead girlfriends. Therefore, before buying a lemon paint, talk with his daughter. And while you're persuading a teenager not to hang canopy over the bed, let me give you some advice about how best to change the appearance of the child's room.


Yes, those same walls, from which you carefully tore off the remnants of old wallpaper. It begins with their children's interior for a teenager. It is their color and texture will set the basic character of the room. And if the color you need to decide on a pair of her daughter, the choice of the basic material is better to do it yourself. First of all, keep in mind that girls, though boys be careful, but stain the walls of no worse than their peers. Therefore, if you want pokleit wallpaper, it is better to choose an option for painting, light brush stroke to return to its former interior freshness.

 Interior children's room for teen girls


We decided to lay flooring in the nursery? Are you in vain. The child is not likely to abide by 33 caution care so moody material. Much easier to throw on the floor warmed linoleum, which is extremely easy to clean. Of course, you can replace the linoleum carpet. But this is only if you are convinced that it will not be a week to determine the diet of the teenager in the last 7 days. And do not say that your daughter eats only in the kitchen. Then from there on the table empty packs of crackers and a bottle of Coke? Not themselves fly out the window?


This is a very important aspect of any interior, whether it is the children's room of a teenager or your master bedroom. Certainly lighting main and auxiliary. Main, as you yourself have already realized - this is the usual chandelier that illuminates the room in good faith. Auxiliary we include sconces, nightlights on the bedside tables and lamps on the desk. Especially take care of the last paragraph in our listing as each teenager still has homework that has to perform from time to time. So watch out girls eyesight since childhood so that she would not have ordered glasses in adulthood.

 beautiful interior nursery for teenage girls


What furniture is best to fit the interior of a child's room? The one that is most useful to your daughter in everyday life.

  1. Desk

    He has to stand by the window or have a lamp with a fluorescent light. I mean your child does not have half an hour to disassemble one single line in the book. In addition, the desk of every modern girl should have the functions of a computer table. Therefore, think over in advance, which will be the favorite laptop or computer your child.

  2. Bed

    But it is better to remove away from the window. Firstly, in order to avoid curious glances from passers-by, and secondly, because of the notorious draft, which is famous for our windows.

  3. Mirror

    For a teenager it is very important to know that it looks good. To do this, the last hours of a child is ready to spin around the mirror, trying on outfits and trying to impose its first makeup. By the way, about the makeup is better if you buy a child lipstick on their own, what will forbid her to be painted. You stopped a lot of parental prohibitions in adolescence? So why do you think that for the modern girl will be your words more convincing?

  4. Cupboard

    Neither interior nursery is complete without this cumbersome piece of furniture. In order not to miss with a choice of cabinet, see what kind of things in the locker room is dominated by a teenager. Maybe your daughter loves dresses of silk? Then the main part of the cabinet should be given a place of endless hangers on which will rest the girls outfits. If your beauty a lot of shoes, then you need to take care of their storage in advance. And do not forget the compact lockers under the small things. In general, this is considered to be the salvation of the 21st century wardrobe, which is able to hide even the chronic disorder for its mirrored doors. So look for this model special attention to the selection of furniture. By the way, well-chosen design wardrobe can decorate any interior nursery.


No, we're not talking about you. Wink its essence must itself teenager, which was to start a repair. We are sure that your girl has a lot of ideas about her room. I do not need authority to impose their views. In the end, in this room you will not live, and your daughter. So let her choose a shade curtains and carpet. Do you agree?

 Child's room for a teenager - girls

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 decorations for the kitchen

Kitchen - is the heart of every home. This inviolable territory of each family. This is her patrimony. And, of course, we all strive to make the kitchen a comfortable and cozy. And that creates a cozy atmosphere? That's right - two different things and lovely trinkets decorating the kitchen space.

Jewellery Kitchen brings to life an element of celebration. They are pleasing to the eye and improve mood. They transform the most modest kitchen and enliven the most pompous. In every kitchen there is a place for gizmos that will be a good decoration or additional necessary (but beautiful) accessory.

And if you make a decoration for the kitchen with his hands, then they will constantly be reminded about what you did the skilled worker and clever! This fact, and it raises self-esteem and affect the excellent quality of dishes prepared such a wonderful hostess.

Decorative elements of the interior of the kitchen can be divided into groups:

  1. Textiles,
  2. dishes,
  3. decorative compositions.

Jewellery made of cloth

Special chic will give your kitchen a properly fitted curtains. They define the general direction of the decor. When choosing window curtains, you define a style that is closer to you, romantic, classical or modern. A functional items such as towels, stool covers, table linen must simply comply with the chosen style.

Decorate the kitchen and lampshades made of fabric. You can buy ready-made, but you can make it yourself. And if your hands are not crooks, but quite the contrary, it overpower you and a set consisting of curtains, tablecloths and lampshade. And not mastered - no problem. It offers all kinds of studios and studio of textile design.

And how much charm lies in the kitchen napkins on a table or shelf, and with dishes! If you are such crafts like knitting and embroidery, the Romantic style - that is the case. That they are widely used embroidery and knitted items.

And if we're talking about these styles, it is necessary to say about the dish, which was also to decorate the interior.

 decorations for the kitchen with his hands

Utensils as an element of decor

Lined up rows of plates on the special long shelf. Hanging in a row on the cup hooks. And low - ladles, skimmers, knives, spatula, frying pan. And now before us a picture of a typical kitchen of the old England.

If you like this arrangement cookware you a fan of the Old English style. But it is not necessary to put all the dishes on display. Stay on something one.

It fits well in a kitchen interior and ceramic tableware. Jars, pots, kettles, Krynki - it's elements of style "country" or "chalet". Try it in your kitchen. Perhaps this is you, and not enough to create a harmonious look of your patrimony.

But glassware, arranged for the transparent doors of the kitchen cabinet, takes us back to the times of the Soviet Union. You like? Do! And let only say that it is not fashionable ... This stylish! And he made in accordance with the style of "retro".

Decorative compositions

They will create a special atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Such compositions can be bouquets and panels of plaster casts of fruits and vegetables, dried grasses and flowers. Or the transparent capacitance layer by layer filled with colored cereals. A can and fresh fruit, berries, citrus fruits, beans, vegetables, canned in decorative bottles (also fashionable).

If you believe in people's signs, then place in the kitchen guardian for the house - he will protect and beautify your home. Figurine brownie too will feel great on the kitchen shelf. And the classic kettle on Baba certainly find a place in your kitchen.

You can also make a mural of puff pastry. You can hang decorative plates on the wall. You can also place a still life (painting or photo). You can experiment with wallpaper or tiles ... a lot more then you can!

Give only the will of their own imagination and grasp the decoration cuisine with his own hands - and all you get!

 Decorations for the kitchen - a fashion trend or a passion?

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