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Leather animals are constantly being updated. This exfoliate dead skin flakes of the epidermis, forming the coat characteristic white flakes. This is a completely normal physiological process, if it is not accompanied by itching and anxiety pet. In numerous traces of hair on the floor of the apartment you can always understand that a pet is a process of molting In Season. During this period more rapidly updated and the upper layer of the skin. If your animal is healthy, then during this period you will not see dandruff. Since cats are very clean and a lot of time to devote to a good lick, white flakes in a small amount quickly removed from the wool.

But it happens, and so that the cat dander becomes suddenly very noticeable and even a thorough daily toilet does not help get rid of it. This phenomenon indicates that the epidermal cells are updated with the obvious pathology that is too fast. Often with white flakes in the animal there is a strong hair loss and the formation of bald patches on the skin are visible redness, sometimes it thickens, showing signs of dermatitis.

In the event that your cat has a large amount of dandruff you as a caring hostess, is seriously concerned about the state of her health. After all, the unusual behavior of skin cells indicates the presence of a malfunction of the animal. Serious or not? It can only tell the vet, after inspection and testing. In some cases the correct diagnosis takes a long time to determine the true reason because it is very difficult.

Why do cats dandruff occurs?

Attentive hostess lot of time to the beloved cat, always be able to notice the changes taking place with him. If your pet's coat suddenly lost its characteristic luster and the animal exhibits visible signs of anxiety, often licking and scratching, so worth a closer look to whether his hair an excessive amount of white flakes and other anomalies of the epidermis. Factors causing dandruff occurrence of the representatives of the cat family, very much. The main are the following:

  • poorly balanced diet, in which a lot of carbohydrates
  • beriberi (mainly deficiency of vitamins A and B)
  • allergic reactions from the liver to the finished feed
  • allergic skin reactions on zookosmetiku
  • appearance of insects parasitic on the skin and fur of an animal
  • skin diseases (dermatofiloz, dermatitis, folliculitis, and so forth)
  • bacterial infections of the skin
  • disorders of the immune and endocrine systems
  • disruption of the gastrointestinal tract
  • recent myocardial stress
  • dry indoor air (in this case, cracks appear on the paws)
  • helminthiasis.

On a visit to the clinic is not to delay, because you can not always determine exactly at what time it is leather pet supplies signals for help. For example, the cat dander having light color, it is possible to detect not immediately, because often the hostess neglected his daily brushing procedure. And only at the coal-black hair pet excessive number of white flakes, you can see at an early stage of the disease process. Therefore, the sooner you see a specialist sooner be set to the correct diagnosis and treatment.

If you value the health of your cat, there is no will treat lightly the appearance of her dandruff. In animals, this is often a cosmetic problem only "the tip of the iceberg" and in fact the situation is much more serious. Behind banal peeling of the skin may be hiding a terrible disease, treatment success is your Kitten can only guarantee a specialist.

 the cat dander

Treatment of dandruff in cats

If you for some reason is not possible to directly apply to the veterinary clinic, it's something you can take before the visit there. For a start, change eating habits favorite. It concerns first of all those cats and dogs that are exclusively prepared special food. It is possible your pet dandruff is caused by disruptions in the liver, because the preservatives and chemical additives that are in excess of the advertised cat food, can adversely affect the organs and systems of animals.

Therefore, carefully study the composition of purchased feed, and it is best to replace the more expensive and high-quality analog, made of natural ingredients, including grains, herbs, vitamins and minerals. This finished eating, you need to add only the meat and vegetables. So you will provide your cat the correct and balanced diet.

Fight dandruff would be effective if the body of your pet will always be a sufficient amount of fatty amino acids are responsible for healthy skin and fur animals. You can buy them in specialized veterinary pharmacies, and the dosage indicated on the label of the drug. Not superfluous and would be taking vitamin A, as it helps in the fight against inflammation of the skin, and therefore is effective against dandruff. The correct dosage for your pet is to choose a veterinarian.

If you see that the cat is suffering from itching, it is necessary to eliminate this unpleasant feeling to avoid further scratching and sores. Try before washing rub into the skin of the pet burdock or olive oil, after adding the vitamins A and E (fat-based). If this method does not improve the condition of the cat, then without a visit to the vet can not do as prescribe the right remedy can only be a specialist practitioner.

Experts recommend to be sure to wash off the dead skin flakes. To do this you need to buy cat shampoo, which will reduce the number of white flakes on the hair of the animal for a short time will remove itching. According to veterinarians, most effective against this problem means which includes salicylic acid and zinc. These substances microscopic lesions heal epidermis.

Use shampoo to properly and regularly. Once you saw that was a lot of dandruff, apply it on the skin and coat of the animal and leave for ten minutes to impact. After a specified time, rinse the shampoo, carefully remove its remnants. But remember that the use of a cleanser is recommended no more than once a week, otherwise you will only worsen the situation.

Since dandruff on the coat of your pet may result mikroinfektsy (bacteria, Pseudomonas, stafilokkok) is a good way to deal with them is an ordinary household vinegar. They should not diluting watering the animal's hair for one minute. However, vinegar has an unpleasant pungent smell, which is not exactly like a cat. In this case, look for a shampoo in veterinary pharmacies, which he enters.

Try also another safe and proven way to combat skin problems, which usually recommend all babies - broth succession. To do this, fill two or three tablespoons of herbs a liter of water, bring to a boil and let it brew for a couple hours. After bathing, rinse your hair this broth cat. If water treatment is not included in your plans, you can simply treat the wool sponge soaked in a series.

If you have tried the whole arsenal to combat dandruff in your cat, but her condition has not improved or positive trend is weak, then without a visit to the vet just do not get along. Probably, white flakes on the hair appeared on more serious reasons related to infections, parasites and so on. Here we will focus on those diseases of cats, who can diagnose and treat only a specialist.

Why dandruff - it so seriously?

Often the appearance of an excess of white flakes on cat fur hides seborrhea. In this case, change the amount of sebum and begins actinic epidermis. The disease occurs because of metabolic disorders, hormonal dysfunctions of the animal, as well as problems with the liver and other digestive organs. To diagnose the causes of the seborrhea, can be achieved by passing the required tests and physician assessment of their results. Depending on the severity of the disease the vet will recommend a balanced diet, advise appropriate feed supplement, shampoo against seborrhea prescribe or prescribe treatment hormonal preparations.

Skilled and familiar with such dangerous diseases as "wandering dandruff" or heyletiellez. It is caused by parasites of a special kind of the same name, living on the surface of the epidermis. The disease is highly contagious and is easily transmitted from one animal to another. Infection may be exposed and people. The main symptoms are itching in cats of moderate to severe intensity and the large number of dandruff in the hair along the back. The progress of the disease leads to the emergence of foci combing to hair loss, redness and papules.

To diagnose heyletiellez need to take scrapings from the skin in areas that the cat can not lick. Often the results of the first analysis is not informative, so they come again. Treatment of the disease is in the treatment of local and systemic anti-parasitic drugs. Correctly pick them up will help the veterinarian. It also will recommend a disinfectant for the treatment room where the cat lives. But it should be done with caution, as the animal may be poisoned.

If you have dandruff your pet carefully inspect his hair, because it can harbor lice, lice and fleas. No less dangerous, and bacterial, viral, fungal infections, which cause various diseases of the representatives of the cat family and are accompanied by one of the main symptoms - the emergence of a large number of white skin flakes. All of them are a direct threat to the health and well-shaped pet, therefore require timely and effective treatment.

 the cat dandruff treatment

Prevention of dandruff in cats

Make sure that the air in the room where your pet lives, has a normal moisture percentage. After all, his dry - it is not only uncomfortable for the human skin, but also animals. Therefore, be sure to buy a humidifier and always use them if necessary. Make sure that your home is always a favorite of fluffy free access to fresh drinking water, because otherwise his body may have a moisture deficit.

Your cat likes to sit in the sun for a long time? Ultraviolet light also can cause dandruff, damaging and drying the top layer of the epidermis. Watch for animals, and if the white flakes appear mainly in summer when it is very hot and sunny, temporarily limit the period of stay under the scorching cat ultraviolet radiation and release it on the balcony in the early morning or late afternoon.

As one of the causes of dandruff in cats experts called the wrong animal grooming and frequent water treatment with the use of aggressive shampoos, then adjust these moments it is in your power. Do not bathe pets in too hot water and do not use cheap zookosmetikoy unknown origin. Remember, and that hygiene such as bathing, it is not necessary to carry out more frequently than once a month. But cats need to comb hair every day and this is not only an indispensable part of good care for the animals. So you will always be able to notice the first signs of undesirable changes related to its skin.

If you are sure that there was a cat dander due to their suffering severe stress or nervous shock associated with changes in the usual conditions of life, try to compensate for this extra attention and affection. Make sure to have your pet always been a comfortable place to relax. Do not let other family members hurt him, do not leave the cat alone for a long time.

Prophylaxis to prevent the occurrence of dandruff in cats as a result of viruses, infections and parasites includes measures to prevent contact with the courtyard pets brethren. If this is not possible, try to regularly sanitize pet special means. Watch out for the general state of your cat or cats, try to provide them with comfortable living conditions and time to check with the experts, if you want your pet always pleased you a luxurious appearance, shiny hair and cheerful mood.

 What if the cat dander?

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