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The living room is rightly considered a person or a business card of the house. It can perform a variety of functions: it is a place of recreation and communication joint family, a place of reception, place a cup of coffee get-togethers, the place watching TV, listening to music, etc. In short, in this room, apartment or house owners spend a lot of time. The interior living area is most clearly reflects the personality, artistic tastes and financial capabilities of the inhabitants of the house.

And the living room should be in any apartment, even the smallest. Of course, an exception to this rule are one-bedroom apartments. But even in the bedroom - it is necessary. Of course, the interior of living in a small apartment will be slightly different from living in a spacious country house. But here, the design can be very, very original.

Options for everything living can be very diverse, there is no compulsory elements. In this room you can do whatever you want. The interior of the living realization of a range of functional, planning and other features the highest, in contrast to the other rooms of the apartment.

When designing the interior design of the living room, you can realize your most unusual ideas and dreams, it's gorgeous golf various experiments. There will be no more than the diversity of design and architectural forms that need to be subject to a single style.

All elements of interior room - from furniture and textiles to a useful and pleasant things in the form of souvenirs, antiques, napkins, must be made in a single harmonious scheme. These elements should emphasize not only the interior of the living room as a whole, but also the uniqueness and dignity of each other, forming in the room warm and cozy home.

Interior living in different styles

Consider several styles, you can create an interior living room.

Classic, nice and always fashionable design interior room suggests respectability and a healthy conservatism. The furniture in the living room so noble and majestic, is a reminder of the castles of the English aristocracy. The wood from which it is made, my dear, it is treated in a special way: cherry, stained oak, walnut. For inlays used the rarest varieties of red and black wood, bronze lining, mother of pearl, gilding.

Currently, classic wooden furniture is transformed into the modern versions. It is still expensive wood, but the proportions, appearance and decor emphasizes modernity: more severe forms, straight lines, brass trim and matte nickel. It now looks so respectable classical interior room.

For the young and energetic fans of daring experiments, and radical change is right for the interior design of modern living style technologism. In this room there is furniture from the transparent icy or bright plastic, which is combined with metal, a lot of glass here. For example, the function of the walls of sliding glass partitions operate in which area the living room, hall and kitchen can be combined into one large space. It is very important for small apartments.

For lovers of culture in East and Southeast Asia, interior design living room, you can create an exotic Asian style. This style is quiet, sleek, timeless over time, tending to minimalism. This interior design living room furniture should be present in wood or rattan, which radiates heat and also animates the living space.

The Asian-style does not use the traditional carpets, they are replaced by woven mats made of sisal. And on the windows instead of curtains of heavy set of bamboo blinds with no less visual impact - the room looks much more spacious.

An indispensable element in the Asian interior design living are sources of clean water. The best option here is an aquarium, simulating the natural conditions. It must be installed in a prominent place of honor, because water is a symbol of family happiness, well-being and health. Given that living small aquarium also needs to be not particularly great.

If your intention is to change the interior of the living room, photos of various styles will greatly simplify the process of selecting the future situation in the main room of your house.

 interior room photos

Furniture in the interior of a small living room

Depending on the style of the interior room in the space may be a large variety of furniture. It has long been left in the past a standard set of furniture walls, a pair of armchairs, sofa, coffee table, lamp and TV. In today's world the main criteria for the living room is the taste, style and convenience. Original, aesthetic furniture should incorporate all the elements within the interior of the living room, and, at the same time, harmoniously fit into it.

One of the necessary, but not necessarily a piece of furniture in the living room is a table. The best option - it is a sliding table, which as needed can be transformed. By the different styles of interior design living room, you can choose several types of countertop: wood, inlaid, glass or stone. However, they must be small - small living room design dictates the conditions.

Upholstered furniture can also be attributed to the necessary items in the living room. Here, even more different variations: design, construction and upholstery materials allow you to select the furniture, ideally suited to the selected interior design living room.

Another important element of furniture within the interior of the living room is furnished for audio, video equipment. Currently, these items are presented with all sorts of tables, desks and stands of different designs. The materials from which they are made include wood, glass, plastic or metal.

 interior design living room

Compact Living

The living room should be in every apartment, even in small-sized "kopeck piece." The difference of the interior design of the living room is her versatility. Comfortable, practical furniture and appearance of the room will make the best tiny room spacious and comfortable, and design - an original.

Concurrently, living in such apartments is usually more bedroom and a family member, so the main piece of furniture in the interior of the living room is a sofa-transformer. Another essential object here is closet with mirrored panels that easily fit into any projection or corner. This takes a bit of wardrobe space and mirror panels visually increase the room. The rest of the furniture, such as tables and chairs, interior design living room a small area can be folding or sliding.

When designing the interior of the living room, her style, color scheme, furniture, must take into account the views of all residents of the house as a living room - a place where their paths intersect. So you need to think about the comfort of each one. It is particularly difficult to do this if a small living room.

 Interior living in a small apartment

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 room for teen girls

Grown kids deliver a lot of hassle. For them easy to pick shoes, clothes, and arrange a room for a teenager - it is generally not a task for the faint of heart. Teens are sincerely convinced that have grown up and become independent, so they can reject any suggestions of parents.

The task of the parents can not be called easy, because they need to find a compromise solution that would satisfy both sides. And this applies not only to interior solutions for the room teenager. Sooner or later the time comes - fold volitional decisions and learn to listen to your own child.

Room for grown up girls

 Room for a teenager

If one day the daughter says that's not going to live in a room Barbie and does not tolerate pink and frills that surround it - it should not be a shock to the mothers and fathers. Just the girl grew, changed her tastes and interests. Why not help her smooth transition from childhood to adolescence to help decorating tools.

Only the parents should keep in mind that this is likely not the last this categorical statement maturing man, and perhaps a couple of years, the girl had to say that she was tired of acid colors and patterns reckless, and she wants a small boudoir.

By creating an interior room teen, parents should immediately tune, not the monumental repair using expensive finishing materials, but rather, to create a modern interior of the most interesting, but easily updatable decorative funds.

It is also important to understand what room for teen girls to be different from the children? Of course, its design must be agreed with the tastes of the child, but to give it fully design and arrangement of the power of violent fantasies can not be a teenager. Therefore, parents are advised to sit down at the negotiating table and to listen carefully to all the proposals of his favorite child.

After that, taking into account the child's views, stylish design, but at the same time practical project areas. Reflecting on the design, we must always remember the most important moments in the room. It certainly must be equipped with a comfortable place to sleep, and for the many things a teenager need spacious closets, shelves, racks. Then the parents will have a chance to see the relative order.

The workplace should be well thought out so that it was comfortable to deal with. It should take care of its good light at any time of the day.

Room boy

 interior room teen

Exactly the metamorphosis taking place and the boys who suddenly cease to play with toy soldiers, cars endlessly roll on the floor and say they want to see in your room, a fitness room or a room to rehearse the future of the famous rock band.

In this case, the search for compromise will help to avoid conflicts and problems. Parents must remember that the interior of a child's room - it is a reflection of his inner world, diverse and vibrant, unique to him.

No need to convince a child that the wallpaper with classic pattern go out of fashion for a long time, he did not appreciate this practical approach. It is better to build on its world interests and create an empty brief on deadline, but a cozy corner for him. Naturally, it is necessary to use all the wisdom and diplomacy, to avoid radical solutions, such as black in the room, or the horrific pictures on the walls.

It is not necessary to rush provided by the child's ideas about what to paste over the room with posters or on one of the walls to put graffiti. All you can beat, so that such elements fit into the interior, and the room for the teenager will look stylish and interesting.

If the room to the teenager often visit friends, then do not ignore this point, or the bed will become a place for parties and endless scolding will not solve the problem.

The more that modern designers offer a great solution to the problem: colorful ottomans, pillows and armchairs in the form of bags. All of this - great seats, which can, if necessary, clean, and if friends come to lay on the floor.

Search for a compromise

 cozy room for teen girls

Before entering the room interior teen parents should familiarize themselves with the fact that the offer designers for such facilities, then it will be easier to help your child is beautiful and tastefully arrange his room.

The general color scheme of the interior it is desirable to allow the teenager to choose, and if necessary to correct it. If parents believe that his chosen wall color is too dark or saturated, it is always possible to visually balance the lighter and lighter shades of textile or furniture.

Fashion designers in this case, offer to do one of the walls a bright color, and the rest may be the same, but less saturated color. Thus, parents can keep the situation under control with color and find the option that called and "wolves are fed and the sheep are safe."

Similarly, choosing furniture and other objects, inscribing them in an interior room of a teenager. There can be no categorical "no" if the child has a bold idea about their own corner in the apartment. Perhaps the parents have to do without standard solutions and highlight of the room for a dance floor, podium or a model area for the skillful hands.

It's great when a child has a hobby and creating an interior room, it is necessary to take this into account. Worse, when there is little interest, but in this case, if you try, you can find an idea that accurately reflect his inner world.

Who knows, maybe such prosaic thing as repairs in the room, will help parents and children find a common language and, finally, to make friends. And perhaps with parents interior decoration will help the teenager to open up and decide his future, find their own way in life.

 Modern interior room teen

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