Today at all on hearing fashionable and not quite understandable word "townhouse". This is a new for the domestic real estate market term. And not everyone knows what it is. Let's see what is the townhouses. What is housing, as it is convenient and affordable, designed for anyone, and if he has its advantages and disadvantages?

Historical background and overview

If you watched the Harry Potter movies, you can already imagine the look of these very townhouses. Yew alley, where he lived Harry just was built such houses. And Harry himself and his foster family lived in a typical UK town house.

It was in the UK for the first time they appeared in the XIX century, and from there moved to other European countries and the United States. Active demand for this kind of housing began in the mid XX century. By the way, the Soviet Union built something similar. The so-called Finnish houses: House on multiple hosts. In many cities of the former Soviet Union are Finnish houses still make a decent part of the housing of the private sector.

Regarding the history of the town houses is no exact data. But according to one version, they appear as a "family home". Instead of buying a new home for grown-up children and their families, parents simply do an extension to his house. It was convenient and cheap. So any townhouses, which became a salvation for the European cities with the local shortage of land and its high cost.

Today in the West, these houses are very popular among the "middle class." Since there are relatively inexpensive, and economical to operate, too. We have the same (as well as all new), they are gaining popularity very slowly. And one of the reasons for this - a strange form of housing.

 townhouse projects

Cottage or apartment?

For the townhouse is not suitable neither the first nor the second definition. Because it did not own the house, but not flat in its usual sense. This two in one. Unusual, is not it? It can be called the house and the city (actually since this word is translated), and suburban apartment. Official notion of "town house" does not exist. In the documents it is referred to as individual interlocked house, and a house in it - flat individually semi-detached house.

Usually townhouses - it's residential complexes in a protected area with its own infrastructure. Such complexes built and urban areas, and close to the city. Every owner of property in the town house has its own small plot of land (you can and flowers to plant, and a children's playground or alpine garden to arrange). In addition to the availability of land from the apartment and it features a large area, and the autonomous communication system, and a separate entrance from the street, and several floors. Unlike a cottage house has common walls with neighboring home ownership (ie, it consists of blocks belonging to different owners) and a relatively small plot of land (one to four acres). From suburban garden it features the possibility of permanent residence registration and decorated with the official status of housing. Check the property of this kind of property can be and how the apartment, and like the house.

Architecture and interior design

Against the background of our housing estates look like a sort of townhouses foreign guests: smart, neat and fashionable dandy. There is no pretentiousness in their domestic houses or dull monotony of apartment buildings.

It is often a two- or three-storey buildings consisting of several sections (two sections of the town house is called duplexing). Each section has a separate entrance and its own local area to the front garden and driveway to the garage.

As a building material for the town houses are most often used brick, monolith-brick and concrete blocks. Wood for the construction of such houses is not widely applied. Also, these houses are built on the Canadian technology, and "sandwich" (frame house). In the modern town house (from the integrity of the builder) obligatory presence of all necessary communications (not excluding the Internet and cable television).

Townhouse standard layout has a vertical character. On the first floor, often located for a car garage, laundry room with boiler and hallway. On the upper floors there are living rooms (living rooms, bedrooms, offices), several bathrooms and a kitchen. Sometimes planning involves placing the kitchen and living room on the first floor. Perhaps more unusual townhouse: projects such housing provides more basement, attic or porch. These additional areas are usually satisfied with the rooms, pool, saunas, winter gardens or lounges.

 townhouse economy class

Pros and cons

First, the benefits to the apartment or cottage.

Firstly, it should be noted its efficiency. This applies to both the purchase of ready housing, as shared construction. Compared to the individual building construction townhouse it is much cheaper (and it is a centralized communications eyeliner, and purchase materials). If you buy ready-made housing, its cost is much lower in a townhouse price for the cottage. Even apartment in the city center will often cost more than a house. These homes are economical and service.

The second (which is not unimportant), a distinct advantage in front of the townhouse kvartiroy- a homogeneous social environment. Typically, interest, lifestyle, wealth and social status of all the neighbors are the same (which does not happen in apartment buildings). And he, in contrast to the apartment has a garage and land, and living rooms there are more spacious.

And, thirdly, it is very often these houses are sold with free planning. This means that their owners could arrange accommodation according to your taste and to realize any design fantasies.

Minus at this property a little bit, but they are. Compared with the apartment, it is more expensive in the tinning (to pay for heat and water will have on the counter). And a full-fledged suburban housing (compared to the cottage) it also will not name: the land plot is still too small.

And yet, such "public houses" are becoming increasingly popular type of housing. Why is that?

Q preferences

Townhouse combines the comfort of a city apartment, and all the joy of living in a large country house. Residential complexes are often built far from the city, surrounded by forests and near water where there is no noise of urban transport, dust and smog. A built in urban areas the houses are kind of an island country living in a large metropolis or the regional center.

Living in a town house instead of an apartment usually prefers the one who seeks to live in a spacious house with separate bathrooms, a garage and land. And instead of a cottage he chooses the one who wants to combine the charm of life in the suburbs with the proximity of a city dweller accustomed to shops, schools, nurseries and leisure centers. Therefore, town house - a happy medium between city and country house apartment. A townhouse economy class - generally an excellent solution if you want to move to the house and the lack of funds for its purchase or construction.

So, when choosing a new home or apartment, do not leave without attention and a new type of accommodation for us as the town house. Perhaps this is the option that is right for you.

 What is a semi-detached house?

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 Ideas for home

Home Sweet Home. How much we are investing in this concept! And strive to make it comfortable and cozy. And, of course, beautiful and unique. And perfection is known, there is no limit. Therefore, swarming ideas for the house in our heads, like bees in a hive. And we are restless, rush between Furniture and hardware stores in a bid to implement all of these ideas.

Meanwhile, our preobrazovatelsky itching is quite possible to meet less costly ways than buying new furniture or another (and so troublesome) repair. Let's put aside all their revolutionary plans and see what interesting ideas for the house with their own hands can be realized already today, though. Here is the promised Quartet ideas.

The idea first. Furniture

 interesting ideas for the house with their own hands

It can rightly be called a soloist our quartet. That furniture casts a critical glance we hoping to see the reasons for their design initiatives. But buying new furniture - it's too easy solution. But we are not looking for easy ways! We choose creative.

Upholstered furniture, for example, can be dressed in new clothes. And it is not necessary for this drag. You can make capes and veils. And it can be done from any tissue or even of its residues. If you are familiar with the technique of patchwork (if not, be sure to check!). Make curtains of small patches or larger quilted pieces.

Gorgeous cape to the sofa and chairs can be made from a single piece of fabric. To do this you need two paintings: one lies along the couch, the other across. The first covers the sofa covered from floor to floor via the armrests and seat. Transverse web width should equal the width of the sofa, the length - to cover the top of the back of the sofa to the floor. Use for this cape fabric in different colors and textures - and you get almost a new soft furnishings.

And, you can link the new clothes to furniture. You can make it convenient for the cushions and ottomans. In general, the dress up, add the brightness and freshness.

A cabinet furniture (all kinds of cabinets, shelves, tables) can be well updated with decoupage. Use the secrets of the tissue of painting to transform their furniture. If you master the technique of decoupage difficult, fit and wallpaper, and self-adhesive film which can also update and decorate furniture.

The idea of ​​a second. Light

 Ideas of your house with your own hands

Not exactly light itself and its surroundings. More precisely, the lamp. You agree that exclusive lamps - it's a good idea, which is also easy to implement. You can make new lampshades and diffusers. And you can decorate the old - unfashionable and uninteresting.

Materials for decorating lampshades can use the most unexpected: fur, feathers, artificial flowers, and even cocktail straws and old film. Look for master classes on decorating lamps, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of creative ideas and ease of execution.

But decorating lampshades of old ideas are not limited to home! You can make new fixtures. The first is to think about the resuscitation of overage lampshades. And on the basis of their skeletons to construct downright masterpieces of design art. For these lampshades masters used not only traditional fabrics (silk, satin, cotton), but also felt, lace, crocheted lace, and even wallpaper.

For lampshades and covers without a skeleton in the course are (just do not be surprised!) Bottoms of plastic bottles, wooden clothespins, disposable plastic spoons and glasses, rings made of polypropylene pipes and a lot more then the other. And such interesting things get!

Here's another non-standard implementation of the idea for the house in the field of lighting design. An empty bottle or can (preferably a beautiful form) Christmas garlands and decorative ornament (flowers, bows, etc.). At the bottom of the bottle (the side near the bottom of) drilled hole for electrical wires, garland is placed in a bottle, decorated with taste and voila! Your miracle lamp is ready!

The idea of ​​a third. Walls

 Stylish ideas for the home

It would seem, well, what can be done with the walls, except for how to change the wallpaper or plaster. And this is - again repair! Do not despair! Do not repair it sets out a large, wall, too, can transform.

First, the remnants of wallpaper, you can decorate the wall by the method of patchwork. Unleash your imagination and collect on the wall of an unusual pattern or a regular geometric pattern and pieces of wallpaper. You can thus paste over the wall (one!) From the floor to the ceiling. You can stick the pieces of contrasting wallpaper and put them in the frame.

What else will transform the walls in your home? For example, the wall pictures. More photos from the family album, to make mats and hang them on the wall. I do not like the pictures? Instead of using photos printed reproductions of paintings and landscape photography or other image. They can also decorate the walls. The main thing - to choose the correct setting and well (in terms of design) to place on the wall.

If you have children, then surely there is a children's drawings. They also can arrange wall. Moreover, not only children, but also in any other room. And you can make Japanese Tokon (decorative niche with the only decoration). Carve out some wallpaper large flower or a bird, choose a suitable background and is ready tokonoma. All of the most laconic and stylish!

The idea of ​​the fourth. Stylish things

 original and interesting ideas for the house with their own hands

This idea, perhaps, the "dimensionless". Because any creative trifle can be called Sweet Home Alabama. That such things are fundamental to any ideas for the home. Such things make your home cozy. They emphasize your individuality.

Most importantly, these features are unique and, preferably, made with his own hands. What could it be?

All kinds of panels, made in different techniques of needlework (eg kviling). Related or stitched tablecloths and napkins. Decorated vases, boxes and clocks. Or, for example, an ornamental tree.

 unusual ideas of your house with your own hands

Such a tree is called the tree of happiness. For its production, you will need a flower pot (or other container), branch (stick, pipe and so on.) For the trunk, newspapers and decorative coating for the crown, glue and thread. From crumpled paper, create a tight ball (15-20 cm in diameter). For the strength of the thread and wrap it obmazhte PVA glue - a crone. Make a hole in the ball and insert branch (pre-coated with varnish or paint). The trunk of a crown in a pot with a secure means of plaster or cement. And now the most important thing - obkleyte crown decorative coating. For him, you can use coffee beans, dry peas and lentils, paper and silk flowers, shells and beads ... In short everything that you can paste over the ball so that it resembled a round crown of trees. Zadekoriruyte cement in the pot and the pot itself (if necessary) and place your tree of honor, and a prominent place!

These are the ideas of your house with your own hands. And this is only a small fraction of those ideas that you can adopt. Surely, you yourself can come up with something to make your home cozy and unique. You love him and care about him, and then the life in your home would take place in peace and harmony.

 Ideas for the house - a quartet of ideas in the interior

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