Serving New Year's table

New Year's on the doorstep! We all look forward with fascination of this magical celebration. And, of course, actively prepared for it! To restore order in the house, buying gifts, think over the New Year's feast menu and try to decorate the house in accordance with established traditions.

One of the most important stages of the preparation for the New Year - New Year's table serving. This is perhaps the final and very important stage. Therefore, to serving New Year's table should be approached creatively. There are rules of table etiquette, but the place has creative ideas here! A New Year, perhaps the most appropriate occasion to demonstrate their culinary talents and designer.

In addition, every new year has its own symbols (on the eastern calendar). And it allows us to combine tradition and innovative ideas in the design and the New Year's table serving. So how do you arrange a celebratory table New Year 2012, the year of Black Water Dragon? Let's look at the options of serving the home New Year's table.

General rules Serving New Year's table in 2012

If you focus on the eastern symbolism, the meeting is Year of the Dragon, consider its color and element. Dragon loves anything that sparkles, shimmers and shines. Therefore, sparkling and shiny tinsel Christmas balls will not be superfluous on the holiday table. Use them in the central New Year's composition in a Christmas wreath or garland for the table.

Traditional colors Year of the Dragon - yellow, black and green. It would be appropriate to present these colors on the dishes, napkins and tablecloths. Elements of the Dragon - Fire (traditional) and water (for 2012). Because lighted candles on the festive table also like dragons, as well as water decorative compositions. For example, a head of fresh flowers or Christmas balls floating in a wide vase. And burning floating candles - ideal for all year Water Dragon.

Classic colors in the design of the New Year table - white, red and blue. They can also be used for serving (tablecloths, napkins and utensils). There have always been and remain relevant christmas christmas pictures - snowflakes, bells, bows, pine twigs, snowmen, frost, Santas and so on. The easiest way to find napkins with such drawings. But if you want this symbolism can be decorated with a tablecloth or napkins made of cloth, for example, to do embroidery or applique.

And, of course, the basic rules of serving any holiday table (including New Year) has not been canceled. They say that for the solemn laying requires that the table was covered with a cloth only (no tablecloths, even very beautiful!) To crockery and cutlery were designed in one style and color combined with a tablecloth and napkins.

 Christmas table setting

Serving New Year's table for a great family holiday

Great family holiday - it's usually a lot of people, a long and joyful feast. Therefore, you need to organize a New Year's table so that all the guests and members of the household was, above all, comfortable. The table for a family feast is served in the most spacious room of the house, placing it in the center, enveloping a beautiful tablecloth. The tablecloth should hang evenly from the table (40 to 25 cm). To obtain a New Year's table, you can use two tablecloths, matching or contrasting color. Particularly striking is the combination will look on a round or oval table.

For each sitting at the table give the dining room a shallow plate, and on it - a snackbar (Pyrozhkov) .  The distance between adjacent plates should not be less than 50 cm .  The knife is placed to the right of the plate, turning to her tip .  Fork - left, prongs up .  Dessert spoon placed next to a knife (to his right) .  If the serving of table knives and spoons are not provided, the fork to the right of the plates (simple home version) .  Glasses, glasses and glasses behind a plate (closer to the center of the table) .  Cloth put on a plate on top .  They need to carefully folded (a ship, fan, house) or just roll into a tube and tie a colored ribbon or herringbone rain (tinsel) .  Textile wipes can also be put under the plate or the right of it .  In the case where a plane is folded napkin on a plate next to it, on top of the napkin can put all the cutlery: forks, knives, spoons .  Paper napkins put in Tissue .  Serving home festive table is permissible as big beautiful paper napkins lay beside his plate each guest .

Common meals (salads, meat and cheese cuts, sandwiches) are arranged so that all the guests were comfortable taking them. For a large table and a large number of visitors every dish is desirable to duplicate, so as not to transfer the plates from one end of the table to the other. Fruit on the festive table are arranged in vases. Grapes are divided into small brush, clean tangerines and break into slices, cut into slices oranges, apples and pears - slices. Alcoholic drinks, juices, lemonade and mineral water are placed at both ends of the table or at a separate table.

 Serving New Year's table at home

Table setting for a youth Christmas party

For youth Christmas party will be the very best one serving buffet tables (Swedish buffet table). This is just one option that is assumed to be a normal meal and an evening of dancing, games and other entertainment. In this case, all the guests have complete freedom and mobility, and communication. In addition, the buffet tables frees the owner from a variety of duties, as the buffet involves self, and takes up much less space.

How to serve a buffet table? Such a table set against the wall or window covering his broad and long tablecloth almost to the floor. For the convenience of buffet tables satisfied tiers, using the stable boxes, shelves or boxes, which are also covered with a cloth.

On a flat buffet table serves a sector (meat, fruit, fish, vegetables, dessert). In longline buffet tables from top to give sweets and fruit, and the lower tier, vegetable, fish and meat snacks. On the buffet table should be only those meals that you can take a fork (no knife): tartlets, cutting, toasts, canapés. Serving buffet table not far behind in their usual solemnity, if the dishes are beautifully decorate and arrange. At both ends of the table is placed a stack of plates, glasses and forks. Also on the edges of the table and put saucers instruments and spices.

Drinks put on buffet in open bottles or poured into pitchers and carafes. Also on the buffet tables should be left free space where guests could put their filled plates.

Another version of the buffet - a number of different tables. On a large table are arranged only snacks, the second - the drinks, the third - the crockery and cutlery. And it is important not to forget about a separate table (bedside table with a tray), on which guests could put the used dishes.

This Christmas table setting does not preclude the festive decoration. You can also use the traditional colors for tablecloths and napkins, you can decorate the table Christmas songs. By the way, unpretentious young people is quite suitable disposable dishes, a variety of colors that can also be successfully used for festive surroundings.

In a word, no matter what option you choose, remember that New Year's table serving home - a task no less responsible than the compilation of festive menus and preparing meals and snacks. Come to this creative process, display their design talents and then the holiday will fully meet the magical atmosphere of New Year's Eve and waiting for a miracle!

 Serving New Year's table

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 Artificial Christmas trees

Your decision to buy an artificial Christmas tree is very commendable. No matter which led to its adoption - practical or humane considerations. It is important that artificial Christmas trees in our homes - is a contribution to the preservation of the forest (about the sound!). And, considering the appearance of modern synthetic trees, you probably have nothing to lose by giving up buying a live tree. On the contrary, such an acquisition will relieve you of the annual additional costs of at least 10-15 years. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the choice of this traditional symbol of the new year.

Such acquisition should be spontaneous, based only on emotions. By choosing an artificial Christmas tree should be treated thoroughly, given that it will serve you for many years. In fact, the selection criteria tree is not so much (but not enough). Guided by the rules of all three choices, you can buy not only beautiful and high-quality Christmas tree, but also one that is most suitable for your home.

Rule one, size and spatial

Choosing a Christmas tree, do not be tempted by the highest and broad instances. Remember that you are buying a home for the Christmas tree, Christmas tree and that which the trading floor does not look very big, in fact, could take almost the half of the living room. Therefore, think in advance about where you will be installing a Christmas tree. For standard apartments are best suited artificial Christmas trees in height from a half to two meters.

If the ceiling in your home are high, it is possible to buy the Christmas tree and higher. Just to start, measure the distance from floor to ceiling at the spot where the tree will stand, as well as the area of ​​the place. Calculate the distance between the doorways, furniture and walls to determine how wide should be the new tree.

The fact that some artificial tree have a standard size, others - are narrower, and others - more diffuse. Therefore, the size of trees without significance for its harmonious placement in the house.

 Artificial Christmas trees

The second rule, qualitative and constructive

The quality of trees and its design - the second important condition of your choice. High-quality artificial Christmas trees necessarily have a certificate. In addition, information about the presence or absence of harmful impurities should be on the package.

But even if all the formal attributes of quality are present, should carefully examine and evaluate the tree. Soft needles on it should not wring and easily straightened and rigid - not crumble. Another important factor is the Christmas tree and fire. Good artificial Christmas tree made with the addition of flame retardants (substances that prevent fire). What should be indicated on the packaging.

Artificial Christmas trees impregnated paper look natural, but they are short-lived. Christmas trees made of PVC, also look believable and they are also safe enough. Cast plastic Christmas trees are the safest, but they are also the most expensive.

Different synthetic tree and design. Most often they are made, or folding teams. Prefabricated trees collected with the help of hooks or joints. Folding tree has a structure similar to an umbrella. Therefore, choosing a tree, consider the structure, which determines not only the convenience of its assembly, but the method of storage. The most convenient way to store the tree in the package or in a special bag for storage.

Rule three, visual aesthetic

This rule is your personal preference. And the main thing in it - choose the one that actually likes you.

Decorative artificial Christmas tree can be any holiday (but for trees unreal) colors - white, pink, gold, silver ... If you like a vanguard solution, feel free to buy unusual Christmas tree. But if you stick to traditional views, the choice can be much more complicated.

Artificial fir-trees - no means implausible. They mimic the real spruce, pine, fir and other conifers. Therefore, the color of the needles they can be from light green to almost black. The shape, thickness and length of the needle also varies greatly. Different can be fluffy and design branches.

So, buy an artificial Christmas tree - not a problem, the problem - choose. Keep in mind all the rules of a successful choice and rush to buy and decorate the Christmas tree. And how could it be otherwise? New Year's on the doorstep!

 Artificial Christmas trees. Three rules for a successful choice