Home fragrances

World odor to humans is not less important than the world of sounds and visual images. Smells affect our health and mood, relations with other people and even attitude. Scents accompany us everywhere: on the street, in public transport, at home. By the way, home scents create a unique atmosphere of the house, making it cozy and loved. Of course, every house (and everyone) has its own smell. But we can simulate the aura of their living space, using a variety of fragrances for the home. Fumigation fragrant smoke unfolding odorous herbs and other methods used for this, our ancestors. Modern man is no exception. We also strive to make your home better with odors. However, sometimes we forget that the flavors of home are different.

Types of fragrances

  1. Refreshing aromas cheer up and give cheerfulness. These fragrances have citrus fruits and conifers, and vanilla. These scents quite suitable for the hall, as the right "to the threshold" will create a positive attitude for everyone entering the building.
  2. Warm and cozy, it smells - it aromas of bergamot, mint, grapefruit, lemon, vanilla and rosewood. It should smell of the main room in the house. For the living room will also work smells of cinnamon, fresh wood and verbena.
  3. Soothing scents should be in the bedroom. Suitable flavors in this room will remove the nervousness and irritation, and create an environment for a nice rest and sleep. Is the best suited for this purpose scents of lavender, anise, jasmine, rose, sandalwood.
  4. Stimulating scents set up a working mood, focus attention and stimulate "a thought." These odors are appropriate, of course, in the office. Therefore, a study should smell of coffee, cinnamon, lemon, rosemary, sage.
  5. Holiday scents create an atmosphere of solemnity. They have oranges, tangerines, rosewood. These scents can be used, so to speak, "on the occasion" and be used in any room of your home.
  6. Aphrodisiacs - love fragrances. Create a playful, sexy and passionate mood can even scents of sandalwood, myrrh, ginger, clove, geranium, patchouli.

As you can see, it is very important than the smell of the house: the flavors of your home will help to create the right atmosphere for both the general mood and for a specific event. They can be used for its intended purpose for each room, and you can create true scent of the entire living space.

 What smells like home fragrances your home

Methods for aromatizing

The oldest (and most eco-friendly) method of flavoring your home - the use of dried herbs and flower petals. Naturally, hung on the house herbal bundles are no longer relevant. Therefore, herbs fill sachets (aromatic pillows). These pads, by the way, is very easy to make yourself. And it is possible to acquire not only the finished sachet in the form of pads, but in the form of decorative balloons.

To fill the sachet is also used oils. They are added to the salt and clay, they are impregnated paper and skin. Essential oils as fragrances for home use and special aromatic lamps. And as express flavoring can put a few drops of the oil on the conventional light bulbs in the lamp. While heating oil flavor will spread throughout the room.

Another popular and affordable way - scented candles. By the way, they also can be made with their own hands, using essential oils and candles ready. And the easiest way to flavoring - it sprays (air fresheners). Candles are useful for aromatherapy (eg in the bathroom). And sprays are more suited to neutralize odors than to create a fragrant atmosphere.

But, using all sorts of flavors, do not forget about a fragrance house, like the smell of baking. We perceive it as a genetically aroma of comfort. As the famous saying goes, not red hut corners and red pie. In general, whatever the flavor of the house, the main thing that it was the smell of joy, pleasure and happiness!

 Scents for the home or Interior perfume

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 New ideas for decorating homes

No, not air, but most real Christmas. Gold, silver, red, blue, yellow, green, white ... all colors, with pictures or without pictures, glossy and matte. The same balls that we decorate the Christmas tree, are also very suitable element for the New Year's interior decoration. Who was first born New ideas for home decoration Christmas balls - it is unknown. But it seems that these ideas are simply hover in the air New Year's Eve, and encourage us to decorate the Christmas balls and balls of all sizes and colors, not only the tree, but the walls, ceiling, doors and even the New Year's table. And what comes out of it?

Christmas balls in the interior

The space of the living room is large enough to decorate her entire Christmas balls (it's still not tree). Therefore, Christmas decoration apartment using Christmas balls involves their use, especially in the accessories of traditional Christmas and New Year: Christmas wreath and garland.

 Christmas decoration apartment

Christmas wreath is usually hung on the door or put up in the middle of a festive New Year's table. Christmas balls (because of its bulk form) are more suitable for vertical Christmas wreath. One that should hang on the front door and notify all of that in this house all ready (or actively preparing) for the New Year. Christmas wreath of Christmas balls is going as well as the usual wreath of pine twigs. Only instead of twigs attached to the frame wreath Christmas balls.

You can make it colorful, like a kaleidoscope, can withstand a certain colors, such as blue-green or reddish-pink. The wreath can be made only of gold or silver balls. Very solemn and traditional looks combination of colors like red and gold, blue and silver. Christmas wreaths made of colored balls, usually do not need additional ornaments. But the products are designed in a more modest color scheme can be further decorate with bright ribbons and bows.

In addition to (or instead of) a Christmas wreath of Christmas balls can be collected and a small garland. This garland good fit in the New Year's interior, if it is placed above the entrance door, above the window, above the mirror in the hallway.

 Christmas table decoration ideas

In the bedroom or children's room at the time of the Christmas holidays, you can hang the "music of the wind" of Christmas balls. To do this, just need a suitable frame (arc, disc, ring) hung Christmas balls on ribbons of different lengths. What balls, and how many hang - your business. Focus on your taste and the general festive decoration of the room.

Another option of using Christmas balls Christmas decoration in the apartments - a tree of happiness. Small ball (plastic, foam or newspaper), pasted over small Christmas balls, set up on a solid inner barrel and interfere in pots. Additional decoration for the Christmas tree this happiness can be colored ribbon and tinsel and pine cones and twigs needles. It is a tree of happiness can be done and the center of the Christmas holiday table composition. Can Christmas balls decorate the table in another way.

Christmas balls on the festive table

 Unusual Christmas ideas for decorating homes

For example, the center of the New Year's table you can put a crystal bowl or a tall vase for fruits or any other suitable dishes filled with colored (or monochrome) balls. And imagine if a dish pour a little water and to put on it to float freely Christmas balls and floating candles. Magically, very in the New Year - is not it?

Or here's another idea. Serve an a table, put a plate each guest a large Christmas ball. This table decorate (especially if intelligently combine color balls, plates, napkins and tablecloths) and a small souvenir for each guest will be waiting for its owner. And if the same balls and pine garland decorate the middle of the table or put the balls in the tall candle holders, placed on a table, then you get right after New Year's design composition.

These are the ideas of the New Year table decoration and interior design can be used for festive decoration of your home. And the need for this is only Christmas balls, and your desire to Christmas mood (and it probably already is). Try it!

 New ideas for decorating homes