Kitchen in the style of Provence

Provence (la Provence) - interior style, born in the rural expanses of sunny South of France. It is always popular thanks to the combination of elegance and unassuming, charming simplicity and easy elegance. It is very similar to the style of country music, but differs from it in the famous French charm. Therefore, the kitchen in the style of Provence look both warm and inviting, light and household, while retaining the charm of rural pastoral and refined French style.

Provence is ideal for kitchen design cottage or villa, but in a city apartment this light French style demand, embody and appropriate. What distinguishes la Provence from other interior styles? What are the signs? How are the kitchen in the style of Provence? Let's find out.

Signs of style la Provence

In general, any interior in the style of Provence (including kitchen) looks quite common. This room, which is dominated by pastel colors and floral patterns on the walls, textiles and furniture. It is forced by an elegant light furniture. Light curtain curtained windows, floors are painted in a light color. On the windowsills, tables and shelves of many fresh flowers, porcelain and ceramic knickknacks. In the decoration used ruffles, embroidery and cutwork embroidery.

Around here and should look like kitchen la Provence. Now let's take a closer look some elements of style and design techniques for interior decoration in the style of cuisine.

 Kitchen in the style of Provence

Finish in style la Provence

Let's start (traditionally) with finishing materials for floors, walls and ceiling. Firstly, they must be natural wood, ceramics, natural stone. It is also possible to use synthetic materials that imitate natural analogues. What can be used to finishing kitchen la Provence? Massive board, glazed brick, mosaic, painted ceramic tiles, decorative plaster non-woven wallpaper with textured surface, ceramic granite.

Please note that the predominant colors of finishing materials for the walls, ceiling and floor must be white, beige, cream, sand, gray, light brown. The predominant texture - roughness and relief. In short, the kitchen in the style of Provence should arise a feeling of closeness to nature. But not to the wild and exotic, and by cultivated and domesticated nature of the French countryside. The emergence of this feeling should help all other elements of this style.

Furniture in the style of la Provence

In the modern sense of the kitchen - a single piece of furniture, which includes not only tables, cabinets and shelves, but the sink, stove and kitchen appliances. A Provence style was formed in accordance with the way of life of the farmers of the old France, when in the course were cupboards, cabinets, chests, chests of drawers. And about appliances when nobody heard. Therefore, the kitchen should be a la Provence furniture made of wood (or similar to such) and integrated (hidden) appliances.

For stylistic authenticity of the furniture in the style of Provence may have small scuffs and cracks (their best imitation), and painted floral patterns. Besides vintage note to your kitchen, you can enhance the scattered layout - free-standing cupboards, chests of drawers and cupboards open.

 Furniture in the style of Provence

Window style la Provence

Style la Provence - a rural style of Southern France, which assumes the open window overlooking the sunny courtyard or the green garden. Therefore, blinds or thick curtains in the kitchen in the style of Provence are not allowed.

There are appropriate light translucent curtains or thick, but very light curtains butter, cream, pastel blue. If you choose curtains with a pattern, then it must be a small pastoral flower or cell. By the way, an indispensable element of the windows in the style of Provence - potted plants on the window sill (preferably blooming: violet, fuchsia, cyclamen, geranium).

Ware-style la Provence

Open kitchen utensils - another characteristic element of this style. After all, he was born and developed in the small spaces of rural houses. Therefore, the kitchen in the style of Provence different variety of household items arranged on open shelves and hung on a special board. This technique gives a special charm to the space of the kitchen and even in the modern and spacious apartments willingly used. Thus, dishes become part of the decor in the kitchen la Provence.

 modern kitchen in the style of Provence

The decor in the style of la Provence

Additional elements of the decor style la Provence - embroidered and crocheted napkins, vases with flowers, porcelain figurines, ceramics, glass bottles and various other trinkets. They should be in harmony with the main decorative elements: motifs paintings (decoupage) furniture and patterned curtains on the window.

As a bright decorative element la Provence cuisine can be a brass or copper lamp on the ceiling.

As you can see, the style of Provence makes it possible means available to make the kitchen a truly cozy. For example, the furniture in the style of Provence are not necessarily ready to buy. It is possible to decorate and stylize their own. Inexpensive finishing materials that mimic natural wood or stone today is also quite. And many elements of style of Provence generally no financial cost would not require (well, except that just a little). And now all the rage this style - the charm of the French one, and never did not leave indifferent. And unless your kitchen may not be fashionable, stylish and charming at the same time?

 Kitchen in the style of Provence - the charm of the sunny French

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 bathroom interior

When it comes to repairs in the bathroom, the flight of our design ideas is often short-lived. This idea, having flown in close quarters bathroom, runs into walls and corners and brings us into a stupor. Where here to turn not just a flight of fancy, but even ourselves?

And so you want to make a bathroom and a beautiful and comfortable at the same time. How, for example, plan bathroom interior in Khrushchev or WC in a small apartment? Talk about optimizing a small bathroom space.

Selecting plumbing

When planning a small room bathroom think it really necessary in her own bathtub? In order to save space on the bath can be abandoned.

Instead, install the shower or shower cabin. If you choose the right size of the cabin, it will save a lot of space. Few large shower, but still less than a bath, shower box - a cross between a shower and bathtub. And another version of your "pomyvochnaya" - shower niche with a sealed door.

Do not want to completely give up the bathroom? Do not give up! Just pick up a small bath size or irregular shape. In short bath (150 to 120 cm) set in the corner along one of the walls will be a free place to put anything else. Bath irregular shapes may also be adjusted to save space and place.

With the toilet anything hard to come up - without a joint bathroom can not do, and a bidet hardly fit in a small bathroom. If you need this thing still exists, install a toilet, also serves as a bidet.

Washbasin. In the small bathroom is better to be limited to one sink. Most will save space mini sink. Or your choice on the hinged shell. But the best option would be the shell of a washing machine (new market plumbing!). This option would allow even very small bathroom to put the washing machine.

 interior bathroom and toilet photo

Choosing furniture

It is clear that the furniture in the bathroom downright eats up all available space. Therefore, for the small bathroom it is necessary to use to a minimum.

Instead of cabinets to household chemicals, cosmetics and bath accessories hang open shelves on the walls. They can be placed around the perimeter of the bathroom near the ceiling. You can hang a single horizontal shelf that visually push the wall. A vertical glass shelf make room above.

Make the most of all the angles in close bathroom. Corner shelves (as well as the rest of the angular fittings) they save space and are ideal for storing many things.

Design methods of expansion of space

In addition to optimal selection of plumbing and furniture, you can use optical techniques to increase the space bathroom.

  1. Finishing tiles. Small format tile visually expand the space. The same effect creates the longitudinal laying tiles, and walls with mosaic panels.
  2. Light. Bathroom will look bigger in daylight. If the bathroom has a window, the curtain the curtain it easy to clear, allowing the natural light. If the window is not present, then place in a bathroom fluorescent lights and spotlights.
  3. Mirrors. For an optical expansion of space is used not only hinged mirrors, but mirrored cabinet doors and shelves. Especially in the corners of the bathroom.

Well-designed interior bathroom and toilet + Photo ready design projects. Here, perhaps, and everything you need for your own bathroom design. A little imagination, lateral thinking - and a little cramped bathroom will become a cozy and tidy bathroom.

 Interior bathroom minimum sizes

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