Accessories with their hands


  • Fashion necklace of buttons
  • Belt rope business
  • Fabric flowers for decoration
  • Original box from bamboo napkin

What is an accessory? That's the thing, which is something complementary, decorate, makes the image unique. And if you look around, you'll notice - modern women prefer the purchased accessories. Yes, they are beautiful, fashionable, complete the overall image. But whether they do it unique? It is unlikely, since such accessories can be purchased at any store and see on every other girl.

So why spend money on something that is not unique? Why be like everyone, if you can create a stylish, very beautiful accessories with their own hands. And to do this, just be patient, and to take the time to dream! Products made his own, will cost you much cheaper, but the attention of others, their envious glances will be provided.

So, where do we start? Which of the accessories is at the peak of popularity? Of course, beads and belts. And in vain, many think that such things can not be done alone. It's pretty simple, even banal.

Fashion necklace of buttons

In order to make this accessory, you need the conventional flat buttons of two holes. Just prepare the fishing line or strong thread, beads. The thread in length should be comparable with the two lengths of the future beads. Of course, try to trim buttons are similar in texture and color, but the size of them can be different. Selected buttons of patterns can be decorated. For example, to make them cells, stripes or speckles. Colorize a fur or a zebra. Here it all depends on your desires and fantasies.

Training details completed? So, let's start collecting our beads. Vdevaem thread or fishing line in the needle and threaded it through the buttons, alternating with beads and beaded. First, through one hole, then through the second. Clasp for these beads are not available because they are easy to put on over her head.

Optionally, you can replace a string of satin ribbon, then between buttons and beads will be room for one more decoration - nodules. Very beautiful and elegant necklace is produced from wooden buttons. They are suited to a variety of outfits, especially for clothes in black, brown and red colors. And most importantly, to work it will take no more than half an hour!

 with their hands accessories

Belt rope business

In order to make fashion accessories with their own hands, not necessarily to buy some expensive items. Now we look at how to create a fashionable and stylish belt from the usual rope, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

  • We buy the average thickness of the rope (preferably black), small hooks (those who hold the keys and key chains) and a piece of felt or leather;
  • Cooking scissors and glue;
  • One end of the rope tied in a double knot. So that in the end there is a small loop;
  • This carabiner loop insert and tighten the other end of the loop is free;
  • The same action is repeated two more times;
  • Now we take the skin or felt, cut out six strips. Their size should be such that you can wrap them around the rope;
  • Lubricate pieces of skin glue and place are wrapped around the nodules;
  • That's all, our belt is ready for use!

Fabric flowers for decoration

Create Accessories women started their own hands for a long time. And the first of these products were flowers made of fabric. This ornament is universal. It can be attached on the hair and on the belt, and a handbag, or simply give the interior comfort.

  • Take any favorite fabric;
  • Cut the fabric circles. Blanks need to do on the number of petals of a flower;
  • Each circle folded in half, then half again. And detaching the substrate using a needle and thread;
  • Thus, we collect all the petals one thread in a flower;
  • Now we need to close the hole in the center of the flower. You can put the button back, covered with a cloth or large bead or piece of cardboard;
  • On a similar principle are made and leaves.
  • It remains to find the use of your product and enjoy its ability every day!

 how to make your own hands accessories

Original box from bamboo napkin

Needlewoman such dreamer! From the most mundane and simple things they can do special and unique accessories with their own hands. All women are box for storing jewelry and small things. That's casket will be discussed below, but rather on how to make my own little thing out of the ordinary bamboo napkin.

What you will need:

  • Napkin bamboo;
  • A piece of corrugated cardboard;
  • Needle and thread;
  • Pieces of fabric for decoration boxes;
  • Melt;
  • Various small things for decoration: beads, ribbons, coins;
  • Small otrez gum;
  • Varnish and acrylic paints.

So, we start to work. Take a dense cardboard (for example, the remainder of the packaging of a household appliance). Cut from a two side of the workpiece. The size and shape will depend on how you see the future of the casket. The outer side of the fabric skin-tight workpieces. Next, you need to finish them from the inside. To do this, take a sidewall, it imposes on the fabric for interior decoration and do stitches close to the edge. We ask? Now for most cloth. To her the wrong side to be glued or sewn same cloth.

Then start collecting box. You can glue it, but you can sew, here at your discretion. We connect the sides and wipe gently bending the latter in the desired shape. Make a small hole where the buckle is and decorate the surface of the box with rhinestones, beads, braid. No matter what will be the pattern. Something abstract, bouquet of flowers, the muzzle of the animal, as long as you like! Beads for shine covered with acrylic paint.

Loop fastener make of gum or elastic tape, also covered with paint. Top products varnish to further make it easier to clean. Stash ready! Get great storage for jewelry or accessories for needlework. On a similar principle can be made and a small handbag. It is only necessary to slightly change the shape of the side pieces.

As you can see, with their own hands accessories can make any, even the unsophisticated girl in needlework. Firstly, they are unique, and secondly, do not need much cash outlay, well and thirdly - it's so exciting to create original things yourself! In addition, these accessories can be a great gift idea for a friend, mother or sister. After all, the thing made with their own hands - this is the best gift for a loved one, which is sure to be appreciated!

 Trendy and stylish accessories with their own hands

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 jeans shorts with his hands

Dreaming of a sexy short shorts, and a wardrobe packed with bored old jeans are long out of fashion? Do not rush to your favorite clothing store, spend the money, you still have time. With our tips you may well be able to give your shabby old jeans a second life (who knows, maybe it will be much longer and happier than the first!). So why not do shorts jeans with his hands, especially if the stock you have imagination, patience and creativity.

Surely many of us have not really pleasant experience creating jeans shorts with his hands. If you are not a seamstress or tailor, and has resolved on a similar experiment before, the result would, most likely, is not very encouraging: the latter-day shorts jeans that are often crooked or too short. However, this is not a reason to give up, the more that we will give you some practical advice to shorts, the creation of jeans with his hands, turned out just perfect on the first try.

 Beautiful jeans shorts with his hands

Jeans shorts: Six Steps to Success

All we need for the future masterpiece - a jeans and a pair of scissors. If you wish to the list, you can add a bit of fabric on the cuffs, iron rivets and adhesive for attaching them. So, we proceed to the magic:

  1. Before cutting the fabric, put on his jeans and mark the length of the shorts of your dream. Mark the desired length is possible by means of chalk, a piece of light soap (dry course) or conventional safety pins. If you plan to make small lapels on his shorts, then add to the length of about three to four centimeters.
  2. Do not cut the entire length of the right, do it a little bit. First cut jeans to his knees, then remove even by several centimeters, not forgetting to try each new length. Who knows, maybe you will fall on the shorts is perfect, not having to shorten your mark?
  3. As much as you may do in a hurry to finish jeans shorts with his hands, not cut both trouser legs at once, it is better to do one - otherwise it is likely that the shorts are obtained curves. Remember the rule: Measure twice, cut once!
  4. If you prefer the classics, then your option - overlozhennye edge or stitched lapels. If you want your jeans look in youth, just slightly fan the edges. No less interesting to look at themselves worn shorts, making them very easy. For this you need a large sandpaper (buy number four). By choosing the right place, just rub the cloth as long as the longitudinal fibers do not wear out, leaving only the white cross strings. Such worn look very fashionable and natural.
  5. Some girls just love a hole in the denim shorts. In order to make a hole in his creation, use the following tools: scissors (be careful, they can be overdone and holes are obtained too large); nail file (using it you have to pierce denim); stationery knife; Shaver (can do incredible artistic incisions). In any case, follow a few rules: gin must be wet, and leg need to invest some hard object - in order to avoid unnecessary punctures.
  6. Finally, you can decorate your shorts as your heart desires. Anything goes: iron rivets, rhinestones, elderberry applications.

Of course, do not apply to your brand new shorts all jewelry at once: scrapes, holes, studs and rhinestones on the same garment can create not too aesthetic image. Although rules exist only to be broken! Since you are a designer (as well as a master making) these wonderful short, try to make them really exclusive. Who knows, maybe it's not just the new shorts, you made of your own jeans, and the awakening of your design genius. Who knows?

 Shorts jeans with his hands: a snap!

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