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  • Variety of crafts
  • Modeling of salt dough

Crafts Home has always been an essential feature of a real woman. They were engaged, and representatives of the wealthy classes, and women from poor families. Ideas and secrets handed down, improve and multiply. Many of them, unfortunately, forgotten, but very handicrafts and to this day is not only alive and well, but is becoming more popular. The products created with his own hands: from pieces of fabric sewn quilts, homespun or woven from colored rags rugs, embroidered curtains and bedspreads can be seen in many of the village houses.

All the more fashionable these products have become, and in urban dwellings. Of course, they can be purchased in the store, but the thing created with his own hands, gives a lot more fun. Firstly, their own ideas are always unique, and secondly, the process of creating such a thing very pleasing, because it is directly related to this work. So, needlewoman, creating exclusive design, can give full play to their imagination.

Variety of crafts

Crafts today called buzzword hand-Maid, which involves a variety of ideas. This includes the production of new things with their own hands (eg, knitting and embroidery), and the alteration of old. The main thing - it's a good imagination and a desire to experiment. And then turn to handcraft an art and ideas embodied with it, become masterpieces.

And even if the fantasy has exhausted their resources, creating incredible things can be using any logs. Significant plus crafts in the fact that it helps to calm nerves, forget about the problems and concerns. And it is so important to our rapid, complete stressful time!

Ideas for various crafts. You can knit a sweater, embroidery paintings, decorate with beads handbag, make exclusive bookmarks for books, create collages, sculpting. Which of these ways to choose a highly individual matter. The main thing that gave maximum pleasure crafts and brings peace and joy.

 Crafts house with his own hands

Modeling of salt dough

Today we tell about a popular way to create masterpieces of their own hands - on modeling of salt dough. The technology is a bit like working with clay. However, clay products require special skills, burning, the availability of quality material. But the dough each family close at hand. Why are these products do not deteriorate, and so long maintain their appearance? The secret composition.

The composition of salt dough

The basis of any test - this meal. It is known that she is white and fluffy, and there is also peeled, interspersed with the remnants of grain and husk. For decorative products no difference in principle. The only caveat is that the components are not peeled flour will make the surface smooth shapes the future. Sol - is the second component. It is no secret that the salt - a preservative, and therefore, the dough can be stored for a long time. On top of the salt draws the liquid, thereby drying the product, making it solid. Well, and, of course, can not do without water. It will connect all of the ingredients together.

Knead the dough is not easy - it is tight and naughty. Salt and flour should be taken in equal proportions. It is better if the salt is very small. For example: 2 cups flour, 2 cups of salt and 1 cup of water. Of this amount to get a decent amount, but you should not be afraid of this. After all, it is stored in the refrigerator may be more than a month.

Thus, the head of the dough once, you can take yourself and the creativity of children for a month. Yes, and for the money it will not at all expensive. At the very least, less clay and safer to use. Mix the ingredients, proceed to the kneading. Hit and we press the dough until then, until you get an elastic substance. A small secret to facilitate the work - Mix salt with water and wait for a while, went to the dissolution process, whereas vyminat will be somewhat easier.

The process of making fake

From the dough, you can fashion almost anything. Figures may be flat and bulky, large and small, it all depends on the imagination and purpose. Consider the process of the manufacture of salt dough with your hands flat on the example of animal figures.

  • To start with ready-made templates. Cut from the usual carton blanks, as well as small items;
  • In our case it is the fish - it is solid. Separately eye - bead (for a pattern do not need). Or muzzle cat with ears. Small details - the eyes, nose, tongue;
  • Connecting parts, is not worth much to press and deform the dough just enough to moisten the place of gluing, it is best to use a PVA;
  • Some parts simply imprinted. So fish scales can squeeze a spoon, lightly touching its tip, leaving a trail.

Perform your own hands may be the product of both a homogeneous dough and pre-painted. To spray the dough is divided in advance into portions and added to them any paint such as gouache. Then again kneaded. In this case, the figures and the colored parts are obtained.

Dry goods

Dry product may be different ways - depending on their composition. Pre-painted figure is better to dry in the open air, with sufficient sunlight. This process can take anywhere from two to seven days. Those that remained in the original color can be dried in an oven at 30-degree temperature, which is much faster. In this case, the forgery was placed in a preheated oven and are complete cooking. Once they are hard - you're done.

No need to fear that the drying is completed in full, the time to correct this nuance. Home get a quality billet for further processing. Sometimes the product is required to dry quickly and give it a special drawing - glazing. For example, you can make our Siamese cat. To this figure we put in a cold oven and gradually bringing the temperature up to 180 degrees. Glazing is very fast. To our cat has got "zazharinki" in the right places, wetting them with water periodically. Within 15 minutes of his mustache, ears, turn brown, and the head itself remains bright.

Painting and varnishing

Ready to paint figures can be in any color. For this fit acrylic paint, watercolor or gouache. We will make goldfish. To do this, paint it orange and yellow paint, and go through the ribs almost dry brush with white paint. Kitty, you can paint in a peach color. In conjunction with the markings, such a design would look great.

Shut down and keep the product from external influence will help the varnish. You can use any designed for breathable products: parquet, wood, acrylic or artistic. The main thing is that it is water-based. After coating lacquer drying occurs naturally.

Use these figures can be anywhere. The fine can be part of the bracelet, clip or rim. Those that are slightly larger, are used in the home as an interior decoration. Volume will look the same as a work of art.

Fashion a few seals and fish can decorate the kitchen interior, namely ceramic kitchen apron. Mounted figures for any glue. Better, of course, use a rubber, because it holds fast in a moist environment. And when removing its remnants are easily removed with acetone.

Ideas for home crafts - it's a chance to show their best side. In addition, you are given the opportunity to spend time with the child, because of all the problems and concerns to the attention of the children takes a back seat. Look for a hidden talents, is not afraid to experiment, home decoration things created with their own hands. And then your home will be really cozy, comfortable and warm-hearted.

 Crafts house - great to express yourself

 crochet toys


  • Toys with his hands in the old days and today
  • Chest needlewoman: materials for the manufacture of toys

Knitting by hand as a hook, and the spokes - one of the oldest crafts of needlework. With it you can create rather quickly refined exclusive thing, whether it's a sweater, dress, hat or coat. The woman owns this art will always be able to dress their loved ones in a beautiful and bright warm clothes or decorate any outfit skilful lace weaving.

Now the world of fashion prefers knitted-wool products, wool and synthetic yarns. Things connected from it follow a pattern look very presentable and stylish. Crafts can promote and uniquely decorated home interior: crocheted curtains and cushion covers for pillows, napkins and stuff look very original. Ability to crochet and knitting needles often helps young mothers, who can not only without significant cost to dress their kids in an exclusive high quality stuff, but also to knit them interesting, very fun toy. However, quite time consuming knitting is quite possible to replace the production of articles on knitting machines, which today has become widespread.

Industrial knitted items are in great demand, because they are not much inferior to the quality of products connected manually. However, such a thing is still available in fairly large quantities, while the knitting to create a unique thing, quite different from those that already exist. Knits have one feature: they almost always correspond to the bandwagon. And that was associated with ten years ago, today, remains entirely relevant. Therefore, old magazines on knitting are always accepted, regardless of styles, which are presented and the structure of patterns.

Learn to knit, if desired, may be every woman. Lessons knitting allow master this science is quite fast and good. A school Crochet makes it possible to learn how to create beautiful lace products that can beautify and appearance of the owner, and her home. Another significant plus the ability to bind and Knitting, crocheting, and - the ability to fairly good earnings. Such things are valued quite highly, and who want to buy them is always a lot. As a result, skilled knitter will not only significantly save the family budget, creating clothes with their own hands, but to exaggerate it, doing work to order. In short, the ability to knit - it's a big plus for women, and to learn this handicraft is each of us.

 children's toys crochet

Toys with his hands in the old days and today

Toys came into use in humans for a long time. It is now on the shelves are a wide of variety of fun for the kids, ranging from plastic cubes, rubber ball, soft little animals and ending with real masterpieces in the form of miniature railways, small copies of cars and the like. Buy for your baby toy - not a problem, as long as the money. However, in ancient times the kids entertained than they: Fathers were making sopelki of wood, carved fairy-tale characters, moms do birds out of clay. In the course were all available materials: soft stone, mammoth tusks, leather and so on.

On the territory of ancient settlements - Kolomna, Kiev, Novgorod and Moscow - archaeologists have found toys that date back to the X-XV centuries. The main characters of those times were horses, bears, rabbits and other animals. Also was popular military themes: children gave figures of riders, the military and others. A feature of folk art of the time we can assume that the features of real heroes - prototypes of toys - not copied. Masters only emphasizes their most striking features.

With the passage of time and the development of civilization naturally changed and approaches to folk art. Gradually improved methods of manufacture of toys, there were more new materials and develop local traditions. In Russia, the craftsmen often turned to the yarn, and flax straw. Solid wood products, bone, clay and stone with time lost its relevance, because, firstly, these toys kid could easily get hurt, and secondly, they are not of particular interest to children. Today, these products are likely to souvenirs.

Modern women are increasingly began to turn to folk art, has opened a lot of clubs for lovers of crafts, where you can learn to sew, embroider, make jewelry with your own hands. One of the new-fangled trends - crochet toys. To master the technology of their production is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Possess it - not a problem, the main thing - to have the desire and, of course, buy the necessary materials.

The process of creating toys is very interesting, so those who first decided to try to do just one or two products, then so addicted that they become real pros in this business. In addition, such an innocent hobby can become your additional earnings, because today things made with your own hands - whether it's jewelry, shawls, scarves, sweaters, greeting cards and other branches of hand-Maida - are very popular. There are different knitting techniques, from the simple to the more complex, on the needles or hook. Typically, for the manufacture of small toys used a simple way binding - without bars nakida or, say, the front surface. The most difficult is to impart the desired shape creation as well as the proper finish.

 beautiful crochet toys

Chest needlewoman: materials for the manufacture of toys

Naturally, those who have never picked up knitting needles or hook, think that to make a toy with their hands is incredibly difficult. But it is not - you just need to learn the theory and boldly go to practice. From the first time the product may not be possible, but that is no reason to be upset, because, as you know, "patience and work ...". Not that these things have a special charm, warmth, embedded in personal creation needlework - they are also extremely useful for kids. Relief surface knitted toys help develop fine motor skills crumbs, it can help to teach your child to distinguish colors, shapes and sizes of objects. You can also spend great family evenings, staging puppet shows.

Teddy bear, bunny, or, for example, a fairy-tale hero, crocheted or spokes - a great gift for a close friend or a buddy at work. The benefit schemes manufacture of toys, there are many, there are plenty to choose from. And if you're seriously addicted needlework, no harm will visit the workshop or take specialized courses. This will improve your skills in the future to create more complex and unique things. Now we give a few tips novice needle women about the necessary materials:

  • In this case, you can not do without needles. They come in different sizes, which are designated by numbers, beginning and ending with №1 №12. The number indicates the thickness of the needle - the higher it is, so, consequently, larger needle. Note, however, that the thickness between the two neighboring rooms are the same, but the length is different. If you use a thick cloth for toys, then run a thin needle will be uncomfortable.
  • For the manufacture of soft products - pillows or small animals - like fake fur suit with a long and a short nap on a knitted basis. Silk, flowing fabrics to be used for sewing dresses and other items of clothing. Sometimes masters combine several techniques: for example, knit torso and small parts - arms, legs, head, beak - is made from a different material. In this case, the ideal is felt, because it does not fall off, and cut edges do not need to process.
  • Wool fabrics are perfect for decoration of toys. Of them can make the hair, tail, embroidered details of hospitality: the mouth, eyes and nose. For these purposes some use Lurex, sewing worsted or colored silk. These threads can be finished with small animals clothing - a jacket, a cap, dress, apron - or other small items.
  • As for printing, it is recommended to use cotton wool, foam, padding polyester or sintepuh. Better, of course, prefer synthetic materials, since they are lightweight, bulky, and do not stray form lumps. And in order to make the framework for future toys, suitable copper wire thickness of 2-2, 5 mm.
  • Do not forget about the bright accessories - beads, glass beads, ribbons, buttons, fur, lace, rhinestones and so on - by which your toy will become more expressive and interesting. These materials give the product completeness and finally form an image, giving it personality.

Today is a very popular steel amigurumi - charming miniature toys in the form of amusing animals. Their distinctive features are a big head, funny paws, tails and dark eyes wide. Very often, these souvenirs made in the form of trinkets, strapped to a backpack, hang on a mobile phone, they are decorated with flowerpots and the boldest attach them to the fields of a hat. Crochet amigurumi came to us from Japan, originally they were the prototypes of the heroes there the cartoons. However, today many of them have the image of an animal, a stylized man and even inanimate objects endowed with the filing of the author's soul - for example, the incredibly popular toys in the form of a "cake" with a funny little face. And all this can be linked, so experiment.

 Toys hook: handicrafts at home

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