The optimal set of kitchen appliances

, Miele is one of the oldest manufacturers of household appliances. Open once as a family business, it has always produced high quality products in the category of premium. Starting with oil separators for whipping, today it has a range of almost all major household appliances and professional equipment for canteens, restaurants and cafes. The company's products have repeatedly won prizes in the category of best products of the year. And today, many forms set of household appliances in the kitchen is using the company's products Miele.

The company produces both stand-alone appliances and embedded patterns that can be placed comfortably in the kitchen of any size. When selecting the oven should pay attention to models Miele 5040, which is equipped with an additional microwave mode, which reduces cooking time dishes almost doubled. Interior enamel is easy to clean, without resorting to the use of abrasive materials.

The model provides three levels of trays, which together with the accompanying book of recipes make it possible to cook tasty and healthy food. The control system is very convenient oven is provided with safety functions and a display that shows information about the cooking process.

A good addition to the oven is a microwave oven, made in the same style with the oven. Model Miele 8260-2 BK is also available in built form, leaving visible a beautiful black front panels, which are conveniently located on the electronic control system.

The inner surface of the chamber is made of stainless steel, which makes it very easy to take care of her effortlessly. The model provides audio notification, lights inside the chamber and blocking unauthorized inclusion of children. Modes allow you to automatically defrost, reheat and cook foods.

A successful completion of the formation of the kitchen space in the fridge will be the same brand. Two-chamber models Miele 14923 is a fine example of refrigeration equipment with separate compartments freezing and cooling. The volume of the freezer rather roomy and is 89 liters. Fridge volume - 275 liters, which makes the refrigerator very easy to use even in a large family.

All the products of the German manufacturer, thanks to impeccable quality, has always differed durability and ease of operation and maintenance. Shaping your kitchen space from these appliances, you can forget about buying new equipment, thanks to the fact that the company's engineers have always gone ahead of technological progress.

 The optimal set of kitchen appliances

 Natural Cosmetics own hands


  • Hair cosmetics: give the hair in order
  • Homemade Face
  • Look after their handles
  • Precautions for the use of home cooking and cosmetics

Every woman wants to be beautiful, but, unfortunately, not always enough money for it. Creams, balms, lipsticks, shadows, gloss and other cosmetics is not cheap. Plus, some means comprises a number of various additives (colorants, flavors, stabilizers) that the usefulness of these products, you can start to doubt strongly. No wonder that one in three of the fair sex after applying makeup or hair washing are allergic.

Do not be upset, because the natural cosmetics with their hands and preparing at home. Previously, it was done by our mothers and grandmothers, and now it is time we adopt their experience. As you know, before there was a professional shops, salons. And yet, women are at all times looked beautiful, well-groomed. Plus, the cost of these funds is much lower. Just pay attention to some of the ingredients that you just hitherto seemed unnecessary. And it succeeds, you just want to!

 Natural Cosmetics own hands prescriptions

Hair cosmetics: give the hair in order

If you read the composition of the modern shampoo or balm, can be terrified. Then there just will not find. SLS alone, which firefighters rust from cars washed, which alone is worth. And the fair sex all rubbed into the scalp! Of course, some manufacturers produce safe products, but it is so small that not every store will meet the appropriate option. Therefore, we offer simple recipes cosmetics to cooking that you do not take a long time.

  • Mustard Shampoo

Dilute a tablespoon of mustard two liters of filtered or mineral water. The resulting solution was thoroughly wash your hair. Note: This option is suitable for women with oily hair, as fine mustard shampoo removes fat from the hair.

  • Shampoo nettle

The pharmacy buy a pack of dried nettle. Do not worry, there is such a fee is not expensive. Per 100 g of dry grass - 1 liter of water make the broth. Boil the liquid for 20 minutes, then add the vinegar (0, 5 l). Filtered received funds through cheesecloth, folded in several layers. You can also take a sieve. If you do not, then have to comb dried leaf pieces of hair.

Use shampoo should be no more than 2 times a week. How to use: 400 g of the liquid was added to a basin of water, and then in a solution of my head. At the end of the hair rinse. The remaining funds can be poured into a glass fluid. Store in the refrigerator for no longer than a week.

  • Mask to fight dandruff

It consists of jojoba oil - 1 tablespoon tea tree - 4-5 drops. Mix the ingredients in a glass container (with a tight lid). Apply the mixture to a pre-wetted hair. Then wrap the hair with a towel for 2 hours. At the end of this time, rinse your head with plenty of water.

Please note: this mask is best applied only in those days when you do not need to go anywhere. The oil is difficult to rinse at a time, so the hair will look as if you did not wash your head a week. So the weekend - the best time to bring myself up.

  • Hair Mask

This is perhaps the most simple tool that will help return painted, burnt through and split ends to its former beauty. But we need you for one procedure only jojoba oil - 3 tbsp. Before you decide to make a mask, wash your hair with shampoo.

Now proceed to the application of funds. Starting from the end to the top of hair to rub warm oil. The main thing - do not overdo it with the temperature so as not to get burned. Within an hour, to keep his head wrapped in a towel. Then rinse shampoo. The procedure is repeated once a week.

  • Hair conditioner

You need purified water - three-quarters cup, kombu (Japanese seaweed) - 2 strips. Important: these recipes you should not make changes. If you specify a particular ingredient, or have to buy it at a pharmacy (you can search through the Internet), or to refuse to prepare. Otherwise, there will be no benefit and harm - more than enough.

We now turn to how to make hair conditioner, as well as how to apply it. At first immersed in water for 30 minutes kombu. Then remove the seaweed and washed obtained infusion head. Then massaging the skin and again washed. No additional funds do not apply.

Homemade Face

As once was said, if a woman is ugly 15 it - too young. If 25-30, then - she is stupid. Indeed, with the help of cosmetics can be quickly and easily hide all the flaws of the face, and in some cases turn them into advantages. The main thing - the desire and good recipes.

  • Lip Gloss "Mint sponge"

This brilliance will not only make your lips volume and attractive, but also will give a breath of light mint flavor. To do this, prepare peppermint oil - 3 drops, jelly - 1 tablespoon. All the mix. And the resulting liquid is used either as a supplement to lipstick or as a moisturizing lip gloss.

  • Cleanser

Prepare fresh lemon juice - 1 ½ teaspoon of yogurt (without filler) - half the pot, sunflower oil - 1 tbsp. Mix all ingredients until a smooth slurry. You can even use a mixer. Store in a closed form, preferably in a glass container. And, of course, only in the refrigerator. Use to cleanse your face morning and night (1 teaspoon). Suitable for all skin types.

  • Lotion for oily and oily skin

To make a good lotion, you will need distilled water - a quarter cup, tea tree oil - a few drops. Preparation: Mix everything carefully and place in a sealed container. Must be shaken before use, since oil generally popup upward, and the water falls down.

Treat acne with a cotton swab soaked in a mixture, or put on your face gauze bandage for 10-15 minutes. This solution is a good tonic for problem skin. If you have a combined type, wipe only the fatty areas. Usually it - nasolabial folds, chin, forehead.

  • Beauty Mask for normal and combination skin

It consists of an egg - one piece, vodka - one tablespoon lemon juice, skimmed milk - 25 grams. Pour the ingredients in the enamel bowl, thoroughly mix all, to get a homogeneous cream-like mass. The mixture was stored in a refrigerator. The composition is applied to the entire face except the eyes. After drying, remove with a damp cloth. Making a similar procedure once a week.

  • The mask for dry and sensitive skin

The ingredients and method of preparation corresponds to the above recipe. Only instead of protein, take the yolk. It has long been known for its excellent nourishing and moisturizing properties. It is often used young ladies and young girls who want to get rid of pimples and blackheads on the face.

  • Mask for oily skin

In this facility should not add the yolk, because it is contraindicated oily skin. Therefore, we separate the protein, carefully stir with a mixer, then add the vodka, lemon juice and milk. First, we treat the problem areas with lotion, cooking method which has been specified above, and then do the mask.

 how to make natural cosmetics

Look after their handles

As you remember, the woman's age issue is arms. It is the most delicate skin, which loses its elasticity and smoothness to 40-50 years, and even earlier. Unless, of course, you do not care for her. High-quality cosmetics, which you can do at home to help preserve the beauty and youthfulness of your pen for a long time.

  • Soften and nourish means to nail cuticle

You do not have to mess with the preparation of a complex recipe, something to heat or cook, mix or whisk. Enough to get vitamin E oil (sold in bottles). Every day, after a bath or shower should wipe the skin means that the hands and feet.

  • Hand cream with cocoa

So, in the nearest store or pharmacy buy cocoa butter, almond and beeswax. We take an enamel bowl, pour back 4 tablespoons melt the wax and its simmered. Please note: only stirring a wooden spatula. Plastic or steel is not suitable!

Once the contents of the pan becomes liquid, pour 4 tablespoons to these oils. All carefully mixed to form a homogeneous mass (otherwise the wax will take lumps). The resulting funds are used in the same way as a normal hand cream.

Precautions for the use of home cooking and cosmetics

Often, the fair sex forget that cosmetics and home cooked their pens can deteriorate or be harmful to health. Therefore, you should always take precautions, so you do not treat the allergy, which arose due to negligence.

What would simply not have recipes, after their preparation is required to test your receipt of funds at a single site skin. Usually applied to a couple of drops in the crook of the elbow, wait a couple of minutes. If a rash, itching, redness and other symptoms do not appear, then you can safely use such cosmetics.

Do not forget that these recipes are suitable for a certain category of people. And if you, for example, are suffering because of oily skin, prepare a mask or lotion just for this type. Otherwise, you will only hurt yourself, thus causing side effects.

And last but not least! At any makeup, whether homemade or store, has a shelf life. Do not get too long to keep the bubbles and jars of creams and masks, as over time they begin to deteriorate, while stressing the toxins. The same applies to the place where you are saving all that stuff. Ideal for such purposes is the refrigerator. But on the bedside table or the window to put these funds is not necessary.

By the way, even if you follow all the rules, cosmetics could still deteriorate. Thus, if you notice some unpleasant odor, and color of cream or balm with the changed makeup dispose missing. You should not feel sorry for her, hoping that nothing bad will happen. Dermatitis - not the worst thing that can happen here.

If you follow these rules, nothing bad will happen. As you have seen, in the home of cosmetology there are a great many wonderful recipes to help care for themselves and maintain youth and beauty. For you have been given only a few of them, but believe me - the most effective and useful. Try and stay always beautiful!

 Natural Cosmetics own hands: homemade beauty recipes

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